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The left shows its true colours once again

201 people were arrested during the TUC’s protest in London on Saturday.  All 201 of them were still in custody today according to the BBC.

The protest was meant to be about opposing public sector cuts but as usually the case whenever you get more than a handful of left wingers, it descended into a riot with damage to both public and private property and attacks on the police.

Class war? First Class war more like.Sadly the left is pretty much economically illiterate which is why we have this boom and bust economic cycle where socialists get into government and bankrupt the country and then capitalists spend the next few years getting us out of trouble.  I’m generalising a bit by calling Labour socialists when they’re more accurately described as social democrats (with less emphasis on the “democrat” bit) and calling the Conservatives capitalist when they’re more accurately described as social market capitalists but they still adhere to socialist and capitalist ideologies.

The simple reality is that the UK is insolvent – more money is being spent than is being paid in taxes.  National debt is over a trillion pounds (£1,000,000,000,000) and will realistically never, ever be paid off.  The “cuts” that the economically illiterate left are opposing are reductions in the increase in spending, not real cuts.  But the “cuts” aren’t enough, we really have to cut spending in real terms and quite savagely.  This doesn’t have to result in swingeing cuts to services though, or at least not to essential services.  Spending on health and education can continue as it is or even increase.  Spending on roads and social care can continue as it is or even increase.  What we need is to start all over again with state income and expenditure.  There are so many taxes and public expenditures that it’s just a complete mess and countless billions are spent on merely administering this behemoth.  We need to go back to basics and simplify and cut back the whole public sector and tax system.

The tax handbook produced by HMRC every year which details all the tax rules is now over 10,000 pages long and comes in seven volumes.  Inordinate amounts of money are spent on administering the tax system and trying to find out whether people are evading tax, let alone trying to make them pay what they owe.  The tax credit system is the very worst of  a tax system that has been allowed to grow out of all proportion – in what alternate reality does it make sense to spend money collecting tax off people and them spend even more money giving it back to them rather than just not taxing them in the first place?  The tax system needs scrapping and starting again.

Public services also need cutting back.  There is too much bureaucracy in the public sector wasting money that should be spent delivering services.  You need management in the public sector just as much as you do in the private sector but you need management that can do things, not just talk about them and a lot less management is needed.  People are assets but they’re also liabilities – the private sector understands this better than the public sector which is why private sector organisations are a lot leaner than comparable public sector organisations.  The public sector needs to be run more like a charity (a proper charity, not one of the taxpayer-funded lobby groups that call themselves charities like Common Purpose or ASH) with a constant eye on value for money and an over-riding goal of providing services to people who need them.  Public sector organisations go too far one way or the other – they’re either run as profit-making companies or they spend money like it’s going out of fashion.

The left are wrong to be campaigning for no “cuts” and maintaining the status quo in the public sector.  The only way to keep spending at the current rate is to put up taxes and that’s not a sustainable way to run the economy because the economy needs people to have disposable income to stimulate growth and without growth you have recession and then you enter the economic doom cycle of people having less money to spend which send the economy deeper into recession.

So, back to Saturday’s protests.  What were they actually about?  It was supposed to be a march and rally against “cuts” organised by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) but I saw more banners and placards for completely irrelevant issues.  There were gay pride flags, religious placards, anti-capitalists, anarchists, banker-haters, CND flags, environmentalists, anti-Tory slogans, Palestinian flags, anti-Trident posters, “class war” placards, anti-tax avoidance posters and those are just the ones I remember seeing.  The TUC are claiming it as the biggest protest since the second world war but at the upper end of their 250-500k attendees (you can’t get much more vague than a 100% margin of error) it’s about the same as the 400k+ who descended on London to protest against the ban on fox hunting and all of those 400k were protesting against the hunting ban whereas a sizeable proportion of those in London yesterday were protesting about all sorts of things.

The TUC and the media tried to play down the violence and attacks on the police yesterday, saying it was a small group of about 125 people who weren’t there for the TUC protest.  As 201 people have been arrested so far, the 125 people is obviously wrong.  I will accept that the so-called anarchists (another form of socialism) weren’t there for the protest against the “cuts” but were there to cause trouble but you have to ask yourself why it is that they only ever turn up to left wing demonstrations and not, for instance, EDL marches?  The answer is that they are they are the true representatives of the views of the left, the only difference between one of the far left extremists attacking police officers and breaking into banks and businesses and the middle aged teachers and council workers and street football co-ordinators is that they have the balls to go out on the rampage.

I have often said that we need to be more like the French (how that sticks in my throat) and learn to protest better when we don’t get our own way but these people go too far.  The like of the EDL and the Countryside Alliance protested for change in policy, these “anarchists” are protesting against society.  I don’t want a communitarian society like these left wing nutjobs.  I want a society where things get made that I can buy, where stuff happens and I don’t have to worry about it and where I can come home and look at all the shiny things I’ve got and think “yes, it was worth going out to work for all this”.  If I wanted to live in a society where everyone ignored the law and things only worked when people could be bothered I’d move to France or Spain or Greece.

There is a certain amount of irony in these protests.  The unions paid for first class train tickets for their class war warriors and the cost of cleaning up and making good the damage caused by rampaging anti-“cuts” terrorists will take even more money away from the services they supposedly want to protect.  And the money companies like Top Shop, Santander and Fortnum & Mason’s spend cleaning up and repairing their buildings after they were attacked by people demanding they stop legally avoiding paying some of their taxes can be set off against their tax liabilities.  Well done lefties, way to score an own goal.

I am sick to death of the workshy, hypocritical left demanding more and more of my money to fund their addiction to the state and the state’s addiction to my money.  I want less tax, less government and more cuts.

Equality for all (women)

She'll make someone a lovely wife one day

Today isn’t just Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday as it’s occasionally known), more importantly it’s International Women’s Day.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, the British government’s two Ministers for Women & Equality (both women of course, the position isn’t open to men to ensure equality) have announced a number of official events involving British government ministers:

  • Launch of Violence against Women and Girls Action Plan (only women and girls are subjected to violence)
  • Strengthening Women’s Voices (because women need listening to while the rest of us are ignored)
  • House of Lords International Women’s Day debate (hosted by a Baroness of course, a man couldn’t be trusted)
  • International Women’s Day Newsletter (telling “women’s organisations” what the British government is doing)
  • A new strategic vision for girls and women: stopping poverty before it starts (how the Department for International Development is spending English men’s taxes on women abroad)

I have complained before about the institutional discrimination in the Ministry for “Equality” which shows no signs of abating.  There is no International Men’s Day and there isn’t and never will be a Minister for Men in the Ministry for Inequality.  The only men’s rights group that ever came into existence was Fathers 4 Justice and they were quickly ground into the dirt by the establishment.  I didn’t support Fathers 4 Justice based on my own experiences but the reason they were infiltrated and undermined by the state was because they were a men’s group.

Looking for concensus

Very shortly the 2011 Census forms will drop through my letterbox and I’m in a bit of a quandry.

I want to take the opportunity to define myself as English now that the census form finally deigns to ask people if they are English after decades of recording other ethnicities and nationalities.  I also fancy putting something daft in religion just to mess up the statistics.  But I don’t like the idea of the state compiling huge databases of personal information about people, especially me.

I fully understand the justifications for recording census information and on the whole they are perfectly reasonable and genuine.  How can local budgets be set and services prioritised if demographics aren’t known?  But it comes down to a question of trust: do you trust this government with the information and do you trust future governments with the information?  I don’t trust the current British government with all my personal details and I certainly can’t trust a future government because I don’t know who’s going to be in it or what they’re going to be like.

Some of the questions in the census go far beyond the statistical information required to provide services.  Why does the state need to know my religious beliefs?  Why does the state need to know what nationality I consider myself to be?  Why does the state need to know how many bathrooms I have in my house?  The state knows I am married because I was required to obtain the state’s permission to do so and the state knows I am still married because I would have required the state’s permission to dissolve it.  The state knows all about my education because the state controls the education system.  The state knows my ethnic background because the state required my parents to register my birth just like it did of their parents and their parents before them.  The state knows what rooms I have in my house because the state required a plan of my home before it granted permission for it to be built.

The British government already has all this information about me, my wife, my kids and my home.  They may not have it all in one place but they have it already.  So why should I fill in a census form just to give it all to them again in a handy single source of information?

So I am undecided what to do with this year’s census.  Shall I ignore it and risk a fine (a £1,000 fine and criminal conviction is the punishment for not informing the state of your personal information)?  Shall I fill in the bits I want to answer and leave out the bits I don’t (again risking a fine and criminal conviction)?  Or should I provide false information (risking a fine once again)?  I object very strongly to the idea that the state has a right to my personal information and to demand it from me at will with menaces.  I object equally as strongly to the idea that the British government intends to hand over the personal information they are demanding from me with menaces to the EU.

Update: I wrote this post this morning but forgot to publish it.  In the meantime I was sent a link to this article – White and English but not white-English: how to deal with the discriminatory Census for England and Wales – which you should read.  The 2011 census allows people to identify themselves as Black-British or Asian-British but not Black-English or Asian-English.  According to the 2011 census you can only be ethnically English if you’re white but you can be Black or Asian and ethnically British.  In other words, the questions on ethnicity and identity are loaded to ensure they get the “right” answer.

British government stealing English money to redistribute to Scots and Welsh

The British government is planning to steal money out of “dormant” bank accounts in England to fund the Big Society Bank which will then distribute funds throughout the whole of the UK.

If you’re not sitting at your keyboard with a confused look on your face saying “what the fuck?” then read that first paragraph again.

English bank accounts are being emptied by the British government to fund “charity” not only in England but in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland even though their money isn’t being stolen and even though the “Big Society” only applies to England.

Frances Maud, the British Cabinet Office minister responsible for the legalised theft of English money, has called for the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish governments to put money they intend to steal from bank accounts in their own countries into the British English Big Society Bank but the Scots and Welsh have already said they’re going to spend it their own way in their own countries.  So the Scots and Welsh (and probably the Northern Irish as well) will be getting a share of English money stolen from English bank accounts by the British government as well as the proceeds of the legalised theft of money from Scottish and Welsh bank accounts.

This is fucking lunacy.

Free prescriptions for Scots and increases for England on April Fool’s Day

On the 1st of April, the British Department of English Health is putting prescriptions charges up to £7.40 per item.

On the 1st of April, the Scottish government is abolishing prescription charges.

The Welsh and Northern Irish already get free prescriptions so from April Fool’s Day, the English will be the only people in the UK who have to pay for prescriptions.  Not only will we pay for our own prescriptions, but we’re also paying for the free prescriptions the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish get by way of the £20bn a year Barnett bribe.

According to the British Department of English Health, it would cost £450m to give free prescriptions to English people and after giving all our money away to the Scots, Welsh, Northern Irish and the EU we apparently can’t afford it.  Two and a half days of EU membership fees would cover the cost of free prescriptions in England.  I know what I’d rather the money was spent on and it isn’t Greek sewers, Albanian roads, French farmers and Spanish fishermen.

More powers for Welsh government

Wales had its second devolution referendum yesterday, this time on whether the Welsh government should be able to pass laws on devolved areas without involving the British government.

The Welsh have had their second referendum, the Scots are due for their third soon on increased powers recommended by the Calman Commission and I don’t even know how many the Northern Irish have had but it’s a fair few.  The English, however, are still refused a referendum on devolution by the British government.

Last night I predicted that the result would be around 70% in favour give or take 5% with about a 50% turnout.  The turnout is looking low with 600k votes from 18 of the 22 electoral districts.  With approximately 2.26m registered voters in  Wales, turnout is going to be about 35% so I was a bit out on the turnout but so far it’s looking like about 62% in favour of increased powers so I wasn’t that far out!

I am genuinely pleased for the Welsh in gaining extra powers from the British government, I just hope it makes more English people site up and take notice of the fact that the Brits refuse to give us equal rights in this so-called “United” Kingdom.

It’s a good day to be a UKIPper

Labour 14,724 60.8%
UKIP 2,953 12.2%
Conservative 1,999 8.3%
BNP 1,463 6.0%%
Independent (Tony Devoy) 1,266 5.2%
Lib Dem 1,012 4.2%
Eng Dem 544 2.2%
Monster Raving Loony Party 198 0.8%
Independent (Michael Val Davies) 60 0.2%

Thank you Barnsley for making my day.