The Eveshambles saga has now reached the stage where it deserves a page of its own.

Below is a list of posts on the piss-artists formerly known as Evesham …

As well as the above, Eveshambles has been discussed elsewhere on the internet.  Some of the more entertaining and/or useful ones are listed below …

  • PC Pro – Comments: Evesham takeover: Q&A
    Evesham’s last director, responsible for putting the company into administration whilst setting up a new company to take over the business without the debts and after sacking most of their staff, answers questions on the takeover and the involvement of two former directors of Time Computers which also went into administration a few years ago.
  • Geemore.com
    A former employee takes the geemore.com domain from under the new company’s nose and sets up a self-help group for ex-employees, some of which were sacked by text message

If you have any Evesham-related stories then please get in touch.  Your anonymity will be guaranteed at all times.


  1. carl (2 comments) says:

    I am writing this reply on an Evesham computer, now 7 or 8 years old. It has had quite a few replacement parts on site replaced without quibble. All the dealings that I have had with the customer helpline have been very helpful, a huge difference to the other computer manufacturers with which I have had dealings. I was so impressed at the helpfulness of Evesham that I bought both my daughters Evesham laptops, delivery was annoyingly slow in one case but neither has had any problems. Unless things have changed radically in the last twelve months I would recommend them, based on my own experience and also in discussing the experiences of colleaguse in dealing with other manufacturers. I suppose the last time that I needed to ring the helpline for advice the man was a bit shirty but it was by then quite a few years out of warranty.

  2. Mingo (1 comments) says:

    Even though you think you know the reason for the decline of the British Empire, I bet you’re only half right at best. If your major achievement is whining like a girl what do you expect? To build a better country through whinging words that no longer exist when the power is pulled?

    Realise and accept every company gets it wrong, only seriously serial offenders like Servis need to be avoided. And find a better use of your time.

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