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Evesham’s in-house repairs

As previously revealed, if you send an Evesham laptop back to Eveshambles for repair, they are no longer sent to Micronano who previously did their repairs for them.

Thanks to another dissatisfied customer and a Micronano insider, I now know why – Eveshambles ordered 250 laptop keyboards from Micronano days before going into voluntary administration and the new not-Evesham-if-you’ve-got-a-bill-that-needs-paying-but-is-Evesham-if you-want-to-buy-something company haven’t paid the bill.

It is for this reason, and not cost-cutting measures, that Eveshambles are now carrying out sub-standard repairs in-house using stock that Micronano haven’t been paid for!

The question now is what are Eveshambles going to do when the stock they got from Micronano runs out?  They don’t have a contract with Mitac, the company who made the laptops, any more because they haven’t paid them either.

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How many technicians does it take to provide a service?

Nope, it’s not a joke – Eveshambles now have 8 first-line technicians working on repairs when they had 200 prior to going into administration.

I guess Evesham Mk2 won’t be getting an award for customer service from PC Pro again this year.

My colleague’s Evesham laptop has now been with Eveshambles for 2 weeks and it still hasn’t been sent for repair.

The Eveshambles saga continues …

Remember how the keyboard on my Evesham laptop broke a few weeks ago?  Not long after, my colleague’s Evesham laptop developed the same fault.  Geemore, the company that Evesham’s sole remaining director set up to take over the Evesham business (but not the debts), collected the laptop 10 days ago with the standard quoted repair time of 5-10 working days.

Today he phoned for an update to be told that it hadn’t even been sent for repair.  Why?  Because they’ve only just signed an agreement with the repair company (presumably Micronano again) and even though the agreement has been signed, they still haven’t paid them.  Rather helpfully, they don’t have a clue when they might be able to send laptops off for repair or how long it will be until they get them back again.

So much for Geemore honouring Evesham warranties.

Eveshambles go bust

Eveshambles have finally gone into administration after much prevaricating and assurances from the last surviving director that all was well.

The news is hardly a surprise thanks to the Evesham employees who have been spilling the beans on Evesham in the comments on this blog.  People spending their hard-earned cash with Evesham might have been better warned if PC Pro magazine had taken my warning seriously weeks ago when I told them what had been said but Evesham managed to convince them that it wasn’t going to happen.  As it happens, people have found themselves waiting for deliveries from a company that is now in administration.

It’s not a straightforward case of a company going into administration though.  Eveshambles has gone into administration but in the meantime, the sole director of Evesham set up a new business with two former directors of the old TIME Computers that went bankrupt a few years ago.  This new company has come to an agreement with the Administrator to take over the Evesham name and continue trading in the future using the Evesham name.  The new company intends to start shipping stock from Evesham Technology to customers of Evesham Technology and will be honouring the existing warranties.

This is a very strange deal that’s been done with the Administrator.

Eveshambles Part 3

I phoned Evesham yesterday to find out the progress of the repair on my Evesham laptop. “It’s repaired but it’s not been shipped yet”. Brilliant, it’s round the corner, I’ll go and fetch it. “I don’t think you can do that sir” …

I’ll cut out the disagreement that ensued, you can fill in the blanks, but we left it with the young lady emailing Micro Nano (the repairers) to ask if I could pick it up. Still no phone call today from Eveshambles but Mrs Sane rang to say it had arrived and she’d tried it and the keyboard works.

Brilliant – I’ve got loads to do that I’ve been waiting on my laptop for and I’ve been asked to write an article for a newspaper sometime between now and … erm, now! Small problem – the wireless card on the new motherboard they’ve allegedly put in my laptop is shit and the signal strength is so low that I gave up trying to open the Microsoft Update website after about 30 minutes.

China, my arse

Eveshambles told me my Evesham laptop was going to China to be repaired and that’s why their engineer couldn’t pick up a new motherboard from the Mitac factory down the road from my house and repair my laptop on-site even though I have one of their worthless on-site warranties?

I couldn’t guarantee I’d be in the office for the courier to pick up the laptop this afternoon as I had to pick the kids up from school so I arranged to drop it off at the Business Post depot. I drove from my house, past the junction for Mitac and over to the other side of town to Business Post only to find that my laptop, now in the safe hands of Business Post, would be delivered on Monday to the Mitac factory I’d just driven past!

Lying bastards.