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We’re a nation of fools

Prescriptions charges go up from £8.60 to £8.80 on April 1st

Defending England on the BBC

Rugby Union World Cup 2003 Final England -v- AustraliaWe’ve had a double-dose of England-bashing in the last couple of days with former Scottish rugby coach Jim Telfer declaring the English team arrogant and French journalist Jean Jaffe (probably spelt that wrong) said that the English are arrogant and think they’re the centre of the world.

BBC Radio Five Live phoned me up this morning asking if I would go on their morning show and “defend the English”.  They bumped me even though I’d told them I was delaying going out to do the interview and then didn’t bother calling me back which was a bit rude!  But BBC Radio WM called me at lunchtime and asked me if I’d do an interview on their show instead which I did.

The interview was so well received the producer called me afterwards to tell me that they’d had so much positive feedback, including one person who sent in a text saying that I should be in charge of the country because I talk a lot of common sense.

This is what the French journalist said:

I don’t think the French are very taken you know with Beckham’s brands. You know, I’ve never seen many ads with Beckham in France in magazines or on the Paris Metro. Apparently his wife was a bit snooty and she didn’t want to come to Paris, it was not good enough for her career. Most of the English people you think you are the centre of the world and that we have to care about what happens in your country and we have to love you English and I don’t say the British, the English.

I think I defended the English and represented the normal, tolerant side of English nationalism quite well.  You can hear the interview on YouTube …

How you can help to get cabinet devolution minutes released

The SNP have asked the British government for the minutes of the 1997 cabinet meeting on devolution in which it was decided that the Scots and Welsh would be allowed self government whilst England would not.

This important document has been requested a number of times under the Freedom of Information Act and blocked every time.  The Information Commissioner has ruled that release of the minutes is in the public interest and ordered their release but they were blocked by the Attorney General, Dominic Grieve.

1997 Cabinet

What are these traitors so desperate to hide?

Vetoing FOI requests requires the unanimous agreement of the cabinet.  When Jack Straw and Dominic Grieve vetoed their release in 2009 and 2012, these people conspired to keep the minutes secret:

Jack Straw Dominic Grieve
The Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP The Rt Hon. David Cameron MP
The Rt Hon Harriet Harman QC MP The Rt Hon. Nick Clegg MP
The Rt Hon The Lord Mandelson PC The Rt Hon. William Hague MP
The Rt Hon Alistair Darling MP The Rt Hon. George Osborne MP
The Rt Hon David Miliband MP The Rt Hon. Kenneth Clarke QC MP
The Rt Hon Jack Straw MP The Rt Hon. Theresa May MP
The Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP The Rt Hon. Dr Liam Fox MP
The Rt Hon Hilary Benn MP The Rt Hon. Philip Hammond MP
The Rt Hon Douglas Alexander MP The Rt Hon. Dr Vince Cable MP
The Rt Hon John Denham MP The Rt Hon. Iain Duncan Smith MP
The Rt Hon Ed Balls MP The Rt Hon. Chris Huhne MP
The Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP The Rt Hon. Edward Davey MP
The Rt Hon Andy Burnham MP The Rt Hon. Andrew Lansley CBE MP
The Rt Hon Shaun Woodward MP The Rt Hon. Michael Gove MP
The Rt Hon The Baroness Royall of Blaisdon PC The Rt Hon. Eric Pickles MP
The Rt Hon Tessa Jowell MP The Rt Hon. Philip Hammond MP
The Rt Hon Jim Murphy MP The Rt Hon. Justine Greening MP
The Rt Hon Yvette Cooper MP The Rt Hon. Caroline Spelman MP
The Rt Hon Liam Byrne MP The Rt Hon. Andrew Mitchell MP
The Rt Hon Peter Hain MP The Rt Hon. Owen Paterson MP
The Rt Hon Bob Ainsworth MP The Rt Hon. Danny Alexander MP
The Rt Hon The Lord Adonis MP The Rt Hon. Michael Moore MP
The Rt Hon Ben Bradshaw MP The Rt Hon. Cheryl Gillan MP
The Rt Hon Nick Brown MP The Rt Hon. Jeremy Hunt MP
The Rt Hon The Lord Malloch-Brown KCMG PC The Rt Hon. David Laws MP
The Rt Hon John Healey MP The Rt Hon. Danny Alexander MP
The Rt Hon Pat McFadden MP The Rt Hon. The Lord Strathclyde PC
The Rt Hon The Lord Drayson PC The Rt Hon. The Baroness Warsi PC
The Rt Hon Jim Knight MP The Rt Hon. Francis Maude MP
The Rt Hon The Baroness Scotland of Asthal PC QC The Rt Hon. Oliver Letwin MP
The Rt Hon Dawn Primarolo MP The Rt Hon. David Willetts MP
The Rt Hon Rosie Winterton MP The Rt Hon. Sir George Young Bt MP
The Rt Hon Sadiq Khan MP The Rt Hon. Patrick McLoughlin MP
The Rt Hon. Dominic Grieve QC MP

The minutes are really of more interest to the English than the Scots as they got what they wanted and we got shafted so we shouldn’t be leaving it to the Scots to get these minutes into the public domain.  If every English person interested in seeing what decisions were made at the cabinet meeting that have resulted in over 15 years of institutional discrimination against the English made a Freedom of Information request for the minute, it would be extremely damaging to the British government if they tried to block their release to hundreds or thousands of people.

If you want to help force the release of these minutes, you need to send an FOI request for them to  My request is as follows:

Under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act, I am requesting a copy of the minutes of the 1997 Cabinet meetings on devolution. I am also requesting a copy of the Terms of Reference for the cabinet committee headed by Lord Irvine that the minutes relate to and any legal or departmental advice provided to the cabinet in relation to these meetings.

Kev has started an e-Petition on the British government’s website.

See also:

Man beaten to within 5″ of his life in Wales for being English

A 27 year old Englishman has been beaten to a pulp and left for dead in Wales for being English.

Paul Meehan was born in London, grew up in Cardiff but now lives in Birmingham.  He was waiting at a taxi rank when he was attacked after the group heard the brummie twang in his accent.  Doctors had to remove a 5″ section of his skull to relieve the pressure on his brain.

Increasing anglophobia over the last decade or so has been recognised but the bulk of the increase in racially motivated attacks against English people has been in Scotland where a 2003 survey found that a quarter of English people living in Scotland had experienced racially motivated harassment or discrimination.  There are a number of prominent examples of that latent anglophobia translating into physical violence in the disabled Englishman who was dragged out of his car and beaten up in Scotland, the half English/half Scottish boy punched in the face in a park in Scotland for wearing an England football shirt, the English carer for a Scottish friend who had his windows smashed and was assaulted for being English.  But the most damning indictment was probably when the head of once of the Scottish police forces said that anti-English attacks had reached epidemic proportions in his force’s area.

However, that violent anglophobia has tended not to manifest itself so much in Wales.  In fact, the worst thing that I recall happening in Wales wasn’t even an assault on a person, it was a horse being slashed a few years ago.  Hopefully this racist attack isn’t the start of a souring of Anglo-Welsh relations.

Man attacked in Cardiff for being English (c) The Sun

Choose your charity carefully

Remembrance Day is coming up and the poppy hawkers are out already.  Normally I would buy a poppy almost as soon as they went on sale but this year I won’t be buying one, not because I don’t think they collect for a good cause but because of an objection to the way they treat England.

The Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal merged with Poppyscotland this year in a deal which will see “substantial additional investment” in Poppyscotland paid out of money donated in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to the Poppy Appeal while “the Poppyscotland brand will continue unchanged and the Scottish Poppy and Scottish Poppy Appeal will remain in place, with funds raised from the campaign being used exclusively to support the Armed Forces and veterans’ community in Scotland“.

The British Legion are certainly not the only culprits where this sort of thing is concerned though.  Age Concern and Help the Aged also merged this year to become Age Scotland, Age Cymru, Age NI and Age UK.  Not Age England, Age UK.

I know there are lots of organisations that do this (eg. the British Medical Association, the FA, the RFU) so I had a look at some of the bigger, well known charities to see how they organise themselves and here’s what I found:

Amnesty  International organises itself as Amnesty International Scotland, Amnesty International Wales, Amnesty International NI and Amnesty International.  The British Heart Foundation is BHF Scotland the BHF.  Christian Aid is Christian Aid Scotland, Christian Aid Wales and Christian Aid.  There is a Citizens Advice Scotland and plain old Citizens Advice.  There is a MIND Cymru and just MIND that only operates in England.  There is a National Trust Scotland and the National Trust.  Oxfam has an Oxfam Scotland, Oxfam Wales and plain old Oxfam.  The YMCA is organised as YMCA Scotland, YMCA Wales, YMCA NI and the YMCA.

This poses a bit of a dilemma.  Charities (genuine charities, not taxpayer-funded lobbyists) perform a very important function, providing services that would otherwise be out of reach of vulnerable people and financially supporting those in need.  But there’s an important matter of principle at stake here – the deliberate and insulting ignorance of England.  I mean, in what alternative reality is it acceptable for the Poppy Appeal to merge with Poppyscotland, give them a share of the money they collect in England and allow Poppyscotland to keep all the money they collect in Scotland?

I won’t be buying a poppy this year – I’ll make a donation to Help for Heroes instead if I see one of their collectors out and about.  I won’t be donating to any of the charities named above either if I see their collectors (although I wouldn’t have donated to the religious ones anyway).  It might seem harsh but if charities want English money then they should stop insulting English people.

Fuck you Ian Paisley

Ian Paisley, the MP for North Antrim in Northern Ireland, has warned the British Conservatives not to give in to English demands for equality which he says would create a Parliament “of little Englanders”.

Ian Paisley - wanker


I appeal to my Conservative friends…they should recognise they should not play party politics with constitution of this nation.

We will have a House of little Englanders.

That does not serve this nation.

You have a responsibility to lead the people of England into believing passionately in the union as I do.

You only do that by not encouraging this view that we need another Parliament for the English only.

I have one thing to say to Ian Paisley: fuck you.  I’d rather be a little Englander that a racist, bigoted, hypocritical big Britisher.

Police force EDP to remove English flags

The English Democrats Party, campaigning in Henley, have been forced by the Police to remove a table bedecked with red and white bunting, citing a local by-law that they have so far failed to provide any details of.  As the English flag is their logo, this makes it understandably difficult for them to go about their business.

This mysterious by-law banning the use of the English flag doesn’t seem to apply to the local CofE church though, the table the EDP had set up was in full view of the church proudly flying the English flag.

It also apparently doesn’t apply to the “butcher’s apron” – red, white and blue bunting is apparently all over the town.

The full story is in the Brussels Journal:

English Democrats Harassed by Police for Flying the Flag

From the desk of A. Millar on Fri, 2008-06-27 17:10

Threats of prosecution or fines for flying the England flag in England is not new, and perhaps it should come as no surprise, then, that the English Democrats party – which uses the flag in its promotional material – is reporting that it has become a target of such intimidation. Yet it is different for one very significant reason: that there has been a longstanding, unspoken rule that political parties in Britain should not be harassed by the police, particularly when campaigning. We accustom such behavior with dictatorship, not democracy.

The incident occurred when candidate Derek Allpass and his team were out campaigning on June 21, for the Henley by-election (held June 26). They had set up a table with promotional material, and strung bunting sporting the red cross of St. George around it. However, the team was soon approached by the police and the Town Clerk, the latter of whom allegedly told Allpass, “we don’t want that flag here in Henley.” Darren Riley, the Party’s Kent Chairman, responded by pointing a church that was close by, and likewise flying the England flag (because it was under the denomination of the Church of England), and remarked, “if you don’t want England’s flag flying in Henley you had better take this up with the Vicar too.”

Nevertheless, the authorities claimed that the display of the flag by the English Democrats breached a by-law, and instructed them to remove both the table and bunting. The by-law in question has yet to be shown to the party, though as the town was also strewn with red, white, and blue bunting (signifying the United Kingdom, as opposed to England), one can only wonder how peculiarly specific it must be. There were several witnesses, and the party intends to issue the Town Clerk with a Section 65 Race Relations Act Questionnaire if the by-law does not state what was claimed.

The English Democrats team complied with the request – though not before taking photographs of the display – and continuing their campaigning. Henley is a Conservative safe seat, and was held by Boris Johnson until recently, who prompted the election when he resigned to concentrate on his position as London Mayor.

And the British foreign minister, David Milliband, has the nerve to appear in front of TV cameras and criticise the Zimbabwean tyrant, Robert Mugabe, when agents of the British state are harassing an English political party for displaying the English flag?

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BBC Wales’ anti-English slur

Tonight’s episode of Dr Who, broadcast on BBC1, had a scene which portrayed the English as racists, likening them to the Nazi’s.

The scene in question shows an Italian family being loaded into the back of a truck to be taken to a forced labour camp.  The Italian man says “you know how it is, England for the English” and one of the other characters then made a reference to Nazi forced labour camps.

Dr Who is made by BBC Wales and the actor playing Dr Who is a Scot.  Throughout the series and in previous series, they have been consistent in their use of “Britain” and “British”.  I don’t recall hearing “England” or “English” used once in this series.  If they were consistent they would have said “Britain for the British” but they didn’t so it is reasonable, I think, to assume that it was a deliberate slur on the English by BBC Wales.

I have sent the following complaint to the BBC:

I watched Dr Who tonight and was disgusted by the portrayal of the English as racists, likening us to the Nazi’s.

The scene I refer to is where the Italian (?) man is being taken away to a labour camp and says “you know how it is, England for the English”.

If Dr Who wasn’t consistent in it’s use of “Britain” and “British” throughout every series then I might have let it pass but I think this is the first time I’ve heard the word “England” or “English” in this series of Dr Who and its use was entirely derogatory and offensive.

The fact that Dr Who is made by BBC Wales and its main star (although not in this episode) is Scottish only makes it worse.  Do you have an anti-English racism problem in the BBC?  It certainly seems so.

If you would like to make a similar complaint, you can do so by clicking this link.

Anti-English attack injures horse

How can these English-hating Celts justify attacking a defenceless animal? Will we see any politicians apologising for the actions of these scum? Don’t hold your breath.

Anti-English attack injures horse

A horse’s face was slashed and anti-English graffiti daubed on a stables owned by a Cardiff woman who had moved to a village in west Wales.

Alison Hayes, who was born in the Welsh capital, found her seven-month-old pony with a 4in (10cm) wound on its face.

As she helped the animal at her land in Tegryn, near Crymych, Pembrokeshire, she also noticed graffiti written in slang Welsh saying “English out”.

Dyfed-Powys Police are investigating the attack.

Mrs Hayes and her husband moved to the area last year with the intention of opening a riding stables.

But she was shocked when she discovered their pony, Hope, with a bleeding wound on her nose.

“It is awful, she is very frightened,” she explained.

“She has a 4in piece of flesh hanging of her face.
Graffiti was sprayed on the stables

“I just can’t understand it – I’m from Cardiff, I was born there. My mother and father are both Welsh – what’s going on?

“This is a Welsh-speaking area and they might have mistaken our Cardiff accents for English, that is all I can think,” she added.

“This was an incredibly cruel thing to do. Hope is a beautiful, friendly animal and she was slashed across the face and mouth.

“The motivation of these people was ridiculous and to take it out on an innocent horse was wicked.

“Hope loved being around people but now I can’t get near her. She is terrified.”

A few Welshies are of the considered opinion that because the Welsh phrase sprayed on the wall wasn’t proper Welsh, rather some nonsense generated by a translation website, that it can’t be Welsh nationalists that did it. In fact, a comment on one website said it must be ultra right wing English nationalists to blame because it was duff Welsh. Indeed, so convinced are they of this argument that Smiling under the Buses thinks I must be an anti-Welsh blogger (despite being part Welsh myself!) and one commentator on the CEP blog, where this was cross-posted, asked if the post was going to be edited because the facts had been thrown in doubt!

I’m an English nationalists – quite a committed one I hope you’d agree – but I don’t speak Anglo Saxon. You don’t have to speak Anglo Saxon to be an English nationalist and you don’t have to speak Welsh to be a Welsh nationalist. The fact that the Welsh graffiti is probably duff (it was suggested by locals that it was very old Welsh) doesn’t mean it wasn’t the work of English-hating Welsh nationalists, it just means that it was probably the work of English-hating Welsh nationalists that don’t speak Welsh.

Update 2:
Smiling under the Buses is a Wrexham fan which means that I’m duty bound to loath and detest him and wish him a fiery eternity in the depths of Hades.

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No, no, no

No Mandate Brown is appealing to “middle England” to support more devolution for Scotland and support the union.

The One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan says that the UK is “the world’s most successful multi-national state” but that the union isn’t “a contract of convenience that can be renegotiated”. Multi-national or multi-regional? Remember, as far as Liebour is concerned there is no such thing as England.

Also today, Jack Straw is going to set out a “statement of British values” that define British citizenship and press the non-existent case for a British Bill of Rights and Responsibilities. There’s that word again – responsibilities. It’s no longer enough that you live here, work here, pay your taxes here or were even born here – you must have some good old British responsibilities for the British good.

The Demon Headmaster will be pressing for more power at local, regional and national level with more power for city governments. The national level is, of course, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (which isn’t even a nation). The regional level, obviously, is England which must never be given any form of acknowledgment as a national entity. City government (aka City Regions – the EU’s favoured form of “local” government) will only apply to England … sorry, the English Regions … because local government is devolved.

Apparently, today is the first day of Jack Straw’s consultation on Britishness, British values and a British Bill of Rights. Has anyone English been invited to take part in this “consultation”? If Jack Straw and Gordon Brown get away with what they’re trying to do right now then that’s the end of England forever.

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Flying the flag

No Mandate Brown is grinning and giggling to himself over a report that says all British government buildings should be encouraged to fly the British flag to promote Britishness.

The British government is responsible for a relatively small number of public buildings in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but most belong to their devolved assemblies, particularly in Scotland.  Predictably, the Scottish government instantly denounced the daft idea and once again confirmed that the Scottish flag will fly from Scottish government buildings.

The report also makes provision for the English flag to be flown more often but the idea is to promote Britishness Brown’s British Britishness so don’t hold your breath.  The British government orders public buildings to fly the British flag on certain days and in the name of Britishness and preserving their cushy British jobs, British MPs will support the British government’s decision to force all British public buildings in England to fly the British flag.

Quite why Britishness Brown thinks Scottishness and Welshness are to be encouraged but Englishness is the work of the devil, I don’t know.  He supported the “sovereign” right of the Scottish people to determine the best form of government for themselves and he pledged to put their interests “first and foremost in all [his] acts and deliberations” when he signed the Scottish Claim of Right.  Perhaps it’s because destroying the English national identity will keep the union artificially alive and the English serfs will continue to pay their taxes to their celtic lords, thereby fulfilling his pledge to put Scotland’s interests before those of England.  Or perhaps he just hates England and English people.

Whatever the reason, the Cross of St George is the only flag that will fly at my house and every public building in my town that flies the butchers apron will get complaint after complaint until it’s taken down.

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Institutional Anglophobia in the Police

For years ethnic minority groups have accused the Police of institutional discrimination – now it’s the turn of the majority to make the same accusation.

Former soldier, Craig Briggs, has wanted to join the Police since he was a child and joined the army to get some experience before applying. After serving 4 and a half years in the army he’s about to leave any day now and has applied to Greater Manchester Police. However, he’s been turned down before even getting an interview because he has the word “England” tattooed on his arm.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said “A family who aren’t of English origin who see England on your arm could feel you might discriminate against them. We live in a diverse society and try to ensure we give everybody equality.”

But not if you’re English though, that would just be too offensive wouldn’t it? If a “family who aren’t of English origin” living in England are offended by the word “England” then they really chose the wrong place to live. This is nothing short of racial discrimination – I very much doubt that people “who aren’t of English origin” would find themselves barred from joining the Police if they had a tattoo bearing the name of their country and the very idea of banning potential recruits from joining the English Police force because they have the name of their country tattooed on their arm is not only deeply offensive but absolutely outrageous. A complaint will be winging its way to the Equality and Human Rights Commission shortly.


Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to make a complaint about racial discrimination.

In today’s the Sun newspaper is a story about a soldier who has been refused an interview for Greater Manchester Police because he has the word “England” tattooed on his arm. Apparently this could be considered offensive to people who are not of English origin.

This is outrageous – why should the word “England” tattooed on the arm of an English policeman in England be considered offensive to anybody, regardless of their origin? Would this rule be extended to the same people who are not of English origin if they had the name of their own country tattooed on their arm? I very much doubt this is the case.

To show pride in your country of birth is not something to be ashamed of and this rule – which apparently emanated from the Home Office – is clearly discriminatory towards English people.

Stuart Parr

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Tory Turncoat

A lot of people I talk to were of the opinion that Camoron would ditch the proposed English Votes on English Matters/English Grand Committee idea once they got into power.  How wrong they were.

David Cameron is poised to draw back from proposing to slap an all-out ban on Scottish MPs debating and voting on so-called English-only legislation in a “compromise” move, according to a well-placed senior party source.


Mr Cameron will reject the so-called East Lothian Answer proposed by Sir Malcolm Rifkind, the former Scottish Secretary, involving the setting up of a stand-alone English grand committee.


But the senior party source claimed Mr Cameron supported the method of an English-only bill being debated exclusively by English MPs at just its key committee stage. While Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs could debate and vote on the legislation at the later stages of a bill, they would not vote against what English MPs had overwhelmingly decided at the scrutiny stage of an English-only bill.

This solution, he added, would enable all MPs to have a say and a vote on a matter.

And how exactly does this address the West Lothian Question?  How does it attempt to bring any semblance of fairness, equality or democratic accountability to the governance of England?  It doesn’t of course because for some unknown reason David the fucking moron can’t get it through his thick poncy skull that SCOTLAND DOESN’T VOTE CONSWERVATIVE.  It is in England that the Conswervatives will get elected and it is English people that they need to concentrate their efforts on.

Camoron is a liability, an absolute fucking cretin.  Every time he opens his stupid mouth the Conswervatives drop god knows how many points in the popularity charts.  His only saving grace was that he appeared to recognise that the West Lothian Question is morally and democratically wrong.  Whether he still thinks it’s wrong or not I don’t know but if he does then he’s not interested in sorting it out.  For too long the English have been treated as voting fodder for the Brit-Scot Nationalists.  David “I’ve got Scottish blood coursing through my veins” Camoron is no different.  To be honest, I’d rather Liebour got back into power than that lying, turncoat piece of shit Camoron – at least when Liebour refuse to allow England parity with the rest of the UK, we can point at them and say “but that’s not fair, you gave it to Scotland”.  If the Conswervatives get in they’ll just go on about how Liebour left them in this mess and there’s no workable solution and ever so sorry but we’ll have to continue to treat you like third class citizens in your own country at the mercy of the anglophobic whims of foreign politicians because that’s good for Britain.

Britain, Britain, Britain.  Fuck Britain, I want out.

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No longer acceptable to be proud to be English?

According to that last bastion of objective reporting, the Sun, school children are being punished for wearing clothes with England flags on them or even for being dropped off at school in cars with England flags on them.

Normally I’d take anything the Sun says with a pinch sack of salt but in this case it seems to be genuine.

A lefty think tank, Counterpoint Research, has produced a report called the Childhood Wellbeing report highlighting the racial discrimination against English children iin school – a place where they are supposed to feel safe and happy.  There is no indication that non-English children have been punished for displaying a national flag.

Ed Balls, the Liebour Childrens Secretary, said that “The general perception among parents was that it was no longer acceptable to be proud to be English”.

On what does he base this ridiculous assertion?  Where was the research carried out?  Was it in an area that was predominantly white English or an area that had a large immigrant population?  It certainly wasn’t anywhere around here – white, black and asian children alike wear England football shirts and the English flag can be seen hanging from windows and on stickers in car windows everywhere.  There’s a large number of Ghanaian immigrants living in flats nearby whose children wear England football shirts – some of them don’t even speak English!

The Department for Children, Schools & Education is sending me a copy of the report so I can see how Ed Balls comes to this conclusion.

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Government to ban prison officers from striking …

but only in England and Wales.

The Scottish Executive have ruled out a ban on Scottish prison officers going on strike saying that they have an agreement for binding arbitration in the event of a dispute with prison officers.

Jack Straw intends to ban prison officers in England and Wales from striking if a voluntary arbitration agreement can’t be reached.  The Commons debate on removing prison officers’ rights totalled only 58 minutes.

The amendment to the Criminal Justice Bill has been criticised by a Liebour MP who says that it could be used to ban strikes by other public sector workers.

The Tories introduced the ban on prison officers in 1994, opposed by Liebour who said that they would repeal the ban when they got elected.  They eventually did it in 2005 – six years after getting into power – and less than 3 years later are reintroducing it.

Why did both sides agree to binding arbitration in Scotland both only voluntary in England?  Simple – the British government can’t be trusted by the English.  Binding arbitration was ignored to cut English nurses pay rises in early 2007 and again in late 2007 with English police.  The Scottish government, meanwhile, has honoured its obligations on both nurses and police pay and awarded them the pay deal that the arbitration panel ruled.  If the British government ignores binding arbitration then what hope is there for police officers with only a voluntary agreement?

Yet another example of anti-English discrimination by the Brit-Scot Liebour government.

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Cameron for Scotland

David Camoron gave a speech in Edinburgh yesterday in which he extolled the virtues of the union and dashed any hopes that England under the Conswervatives might ever achieve equality.

Camoron is a tit.  A complete and utter fucking idiot.  The Tories will never be elected in Scotland yet at every possible opportunity, Camoron treks up to Scotland to tell them how great the union is and how shit the English are.  Get it through your thick skull Camoron, only England votes Conswervative.

The following statement by Camoron confirms that England will always be bottom of the Tories’ list of priorities:


This is where I stand, here in this great and beautiful capital, an English politician in a Scottish city saying clearly today and for all time that Britain comes first.

Britain comes first.  The shitty, pointless, unwanted union comes before English people being treated as equals with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  It comes before all those people who go blind because so much English money goes into subsidising the celtic fringe that there’s not enough left for the NHS in England to give the same treatment to English people that they’re paying for Scots and Welsh to receive.  It comes before all those people who needlessly die of cancer because there’s not enough money in England to pay for the cancer drugs that English people are paying for Scots to have.

And in every part of these islands I want people to hear me when I say this.

That if it should ever come to a choice between constitutional perfection and the preservation of our nation, I choose our United Kingdom.

Constitutional perfection?  Constitutional frigging perfection?  You mean English people getting treated as equals in the union?  You mean English people getting a devolved government of their own the same as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have?  Not at the expense of the union though, eh?  And anything that doesn’t keep English people unrepresented, discriminated against and continually out of pocket is a threat to the union isn’t it?

That is because being British is one of the most successful examples of inclusive civic nationalism in the world. We are a shining example of what a multi-ethnic, multi-faith and multi-national society can and should be.

What?  What the fuck?  What is so great about a union in which 85% of the population have no national government whilst the remaining 15% have 3 between them?  What is so great about a union that can only function whilst the nationality of 85% of the population has to be abolished and suppressed for it to survive?  What is so great about a union where 15% of the population are financially insolvent and have to live off hand-outs from the other 85%?  What is so great about a union where 85% of the population are racially discriminated against by the state just to preserve the union?  And what is so great about a union that NOBODY EXCEPT POLITICIANS WANT?

That means saying loudly and proudly: together, we are stronger.
Britain is one of only five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

We have a seat at the top table and are listened to in a way that other countries can only dream of.
So yes, together we are stronger.

And you know that England won’t inherit the seat on the UN Security Council do you Camoron?  No you don’t because nobody knows.  Most people in foreign countries don’t know there’s a difference between England and Britain anyway you muppet.

The City of London overtaking New York as a global powerhouse……Edinburgh’s role as a great financial centre.

Yeah, Edinburgh.  Well know international financial centre.  It’s got the Royal Bank of Scotland and … erm … yeah, Edinburgh.  London is in England Camoron, they subsidise the rest of the UK by an enormous amount.  London would benefit more from the end of the union than any other part of England.

The NHS is the best of British……created by a Welshman and benefiting from the skills of doctors trained in the great medical schools of Scotland.

Yes and if you live in England you will receive inferior medical treatment to the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish and you will pay for their superior health service.  The NHS practices medical apartheid, it’s hardly something to be proud of of and there are four national health services – one for each nation – not a single British NHS.

Britishness is also about institutions, attachment to our monarchy, admiration for our armed forces, understanding of our history, recognising that our liberty is rooted in the rule of law and respect for parliament.

Our institutions, most of which have been split up into two or more national versions.  Most institutions have seperate Scottish versions.  Is that what Camoron means?  And our history?  Who knows about our history?  Our history is being written out of history books.  Anything between the Battle of Hastings and World War 1 is out of bounds in schools now.  We even have fucking retards like No Mandate Brown claiming Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights as great British achievements.

So, to those in England who are angry about rising council tax, angry about the rising cost of living, and angry when they look across the border and hear about no prescription charges and free social care, I say this.

Don’t blame the Scots.
Don’t blame the Union.

It’s not because of the Union that your aspirations are not being met.
It’s not because Scotland is taking and not giving.
It’s because your Government is failing and not delivering.

It’s the Scottish government that have introduced all these things.  It’s the Scottish-British government that has allowed them to do this by giving them home rule and billions of pounds of English taxes to pay for it all.  We even paid for their bloody parliament building.  It is because of the union that our aspirations are not being met – it is because of the union that the British establishment won’t give us our own parliament so that we can give ourselves what the Scots have got.  We can’t afford to have what the Scots have got at the moment because they get what they want first and we get what’s left.  It’s not our government that’s failing, it’s your government Camoron.  You and your British chums are just as bad – you will not give England parity with the rest of the UK and that is why we are unhappy and that is why the union will be dead within a decade.

So yes we will take part enthusiastically in the Constitutional Commission, and I applaud Annabel Goldie for her courage and determination to do that.

So you’ll take part in the second Scottish Constitutional Convention but not in the first English Constitutional Convention?  Fucking hypocrite.

We have not leapt on the Barnett formula bandwagon.
We have not sought to exploit these matters to foster a sense of English nationalism.

And we never will, because we believe in the Union and we will never do anything to put it at risk.


Consider all our Party’s history, not just the recent past.
It was a Conservative Prime Minister, Lord Salisbury, who set up the Scottish Office.
It was a Conservative Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin, who elevated the Scottish Secretary to full Cabinet rank.

And it was the Conservative Party after the war that stood up for Scotland’s identity, and the life of Scottish businesses, against the attempts at nationalisation and centralisation by Labour.

And they still don’t vote Conservative.  And they never will vote Conservative.  What is this obsession with Scotland?

Stronger together; weaker apart.
Stronger together: let us keep that precious idea forever in our hearts.

Fuck off Camoron, just fuck off.  You are a turncoat, you are a traitor, you are a disaster.  I will never vote for your Conswervative Party and if I ever see your grinning face in my vacinity I will spit in it.  If you love Scotland so much, buy a house up there and move out of London.  We don’t want you and we don’t want your union.

How can any English person support this party?

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Now the Police are missing out

English police are on the receiving end of the same racist treatment as English nurses when it comes to pay increases.

Earlier this year, our nurses were told that they would be getting the same percentage pay rise as Scottish nurses but rather than a single pay increase like in Scotland, their pay increase was to be staged meaning they were getting less.  English police officers have now fallen foul of the same discriminatory policy – they are to reveive the same 2.5% pay rise as Scottish officers but it won’t come into effect until January whilst in Scotland the pay rise is immediate, in full and backdated to September when the British government and the Police entered arbitration over the pay deal.

The emergency services are being treated like pawns in this game of robbing from the English to pay for the Scots.  This isn’t a game, peoples’ lives are at risk if nurses and police officers decide that they don’t want to do their job any more because of this racist, discriminatory decision.

Racial discrimination against the English: just another service New Liebour provide.

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English Grand Committee

The media has been awash with stories of the Conswervatives “new” radical plan to save the union and solve the West Lothian Question.

It’s not a new idea though, they’ve been talking about it for a couple of years at least and even then it’s not an original idea – someone told me that it first reared its ugly head in the 1800’s!

Anyway, this is all by the by – English Votes on English Matters or an English Grand Committee (they’re basically the same thing) will not solve the West Lothian Question, will not save the union and will not make England equal within the union.  What it will do is fail miserably and expose the extent to which party politics has made an utter sham of democracy.

If the Conswervatives introduce a bill for an English Grand Committee and somehow manage to get it through Parliament, Liebour will do everything in their power to make it fail.  That’s assuming they get it through, of course, because Liebour MPs will be whipped until they’re sore to make sure that their Scottish MPs can still vote on English matters because without them they don’t have a working majority in England.

There is a marked difference in the attitudes of MPs from Liebour and the Conswervatives in response to the English Grand Committee idea.  Tories are coming out and saying something has to be done to make the system fairer because it’s not right that MPs elected in Scotland have a say on health and education in England but not in their own constituencies.  Liebour, on the other hand, are rolling out minister and after incompetent, discredited minister to say that the idea is unworkable and will lead to the breakup of the union.  They’re right but what do they propose as an alternative?  They don’t because they don’t have one.  They know that the only way to make governemnt fair in England is to give us our own parliament but that’s bad for the party so they won’t entertain the idea.  In short, the party is more important than the people and that’s the root of all the problems with the sham of a democracy in this country.

There are many problems with the idea of an English Grand Committee is that it doesn’t create a seperate English Executive.  The MPs sitting on the Grand Committee won’t be there as English MPs representing the interests of England, debating English legislation.  They will be there as British MPs representing British interests on British legislation relating to England.  They certainly can’t be relied upon to represent England’s interests, they’re the ones who’ve been letting all this happen in the first place.

This Grand Committee idea also means there’s no pot of money for England.  Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland get a wedge of cash to spend on what they want, spending on England comes from the British budget.  If the money is needed to buy a few votes then tough luck England, there’s no more money for you.

And don’t even get me started on the Speaker of the House deciding whether a bill should be certified as an English bill – the Speaker is a Scottish Liebour stooge whose partiality at times is so breathtaking that it’s a miracle that Conswervative MPs are even allowed to speak in the presence of a Liebour MP, let alone disagree with them.

So what’s the solution?  Nothing short of an English Parliament is going to work but nobody wants to give us one.  I asked a few people today – some interested in politics, some not – what they thought and the same two answers came from everyone:

  • Hold a referendum
  • Revolution

The first one is simple and every day that passes and the Scottish Raj don’t give us a referendum is an insult to every English man, woman and child in England.  The second?  I’m not suggesting that a group of armed revolutionaries should storm parliament and hang every MP that’s supported the apartheid but a short sharp revolution like the one in Ukraine followed by a snap election not long ago would suit me just fine.  We need an English Parliament and whether it’s by referendum or revolution we will have one.

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Give England a Sporting Chance?

Anglophobia permeates into all aspects of life in the Undemocratic Republic of New Britain, as evidenced by this post on the CEP blog.

Despite comprising only 15% of the population and being responsible for only 18% of the medals won at the last Commonwealth Games, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland between them have 39 staff dedicated to athletics compared to England’s 41.

The North West of England employs only 4 staff for athletics yet has a greater population than that of Scotland and Northern Ireland combined.

How does this happen?  Because sport is devolved in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and recieves far greater funding than in England.  Sport in Scotland and Wales is supported by both their own organisations – Sport Scotland and Sport Council Wales – and Sport England which seems to feel the need to promote all “British” sport.

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Part of the Union

This video needs no comentary. How anyone, having watched this video, can advocate anything other than home rule for England is beyond me. When the revolution comes, this video will go down in history …

Hat-tip: The CEP