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More? You want more?

Virgin Atlantic employees have threatened to go on strike because they don’t like the pay deal they’ve been offered.

Virgin have offered a 8.3% pay rise over 2 years with 4.3% in the first year.  This is well above the pay rise offered to nurses and police and well above inflation.

Richard Branson has written to 4,800 cabin crew and told them that if getting paid more than Virgin Atlantic can afford is so critical to their lifestyle then they should work somewhere else.

This is pretty much the same approach taken by Jacqui Smith with English police officers who want the pay rise they were promised during arbitration, the pay rise that Scottish police officers have already got.  The difference is, if Virgin Atlantic cabin crew don’t go to work, peoples’ lives aren’t put at risk.

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Of course he exists

The Russian government has banned a TV ad that denied the existence of Santa Claus who, in Russia is known as Father Frost.

The Federal anti-Monopoly Service said that the advert broke rules on undermining teachers and parents by saying that Santa doesn’t exist and couldn’t be shown on TV.

Quite bizarre!

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Bhutto injured KILLED in suicide bomb attack

Benezir Bhutto has been injured by a suicide bomber who targetted her entourage as she left a rally near Islamabad.

She is said to be in a serious condition in hospital.

It was bound to happen at some point because she has so many enemies – both in the jihadi’s that live in the north of the country and in the Pakistani government, particularly President Musharraf who she has openly opposed.  So who did it?  “Al’Qaeda” will probably claim responsibility because any number of groups of jihadi’s seem to claim to be part of Al’Qaeda but my money is on Musharraf being behind it.

Bhutto is dead.  This could mean trouble …

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Serbia opposes Kosovo independence

Serbia’s parliament has passed a motion condemning any declaration of independence by Kosovo.

Politicial leaders in Kosovo have been talking to Serbia for a while on the future of Kosovo but the talks have failed and Kosovo’s leaders are intending to declare independence in a few weeks.

Serbia has threatened to cut off diplomatic ties with countries that recognise Kosovo’s independence and says that if Federal Europe recognises Kosovo’s independence then they won’t join the EU.  Ooooo, scary.  Presumably that is intended as a threat but there aren’t many people who are going to be too bothered whether another bankrupt Eastern European state gets on the gravy train or not.

90% of the population is ethnic Albanian, not Serbian and if Kosovo wants independence, let them.  What’s the point in perpetuating a union that nobody wants?

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A week ago, No Mandate Brown said that all the sleaze, corruption and gneral criminality of Liebour would all be forgotten soon.

Unfortunately for the One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan, the Metropolitan Police are apparently proposing to press criminal charges against Peter Watt.

Peter Watt was the General Secretary of the Liebour Party and was responsible for vetting donations and the person held legally responsible if the donations turn out to be fraudulent.

Oh dear, it’s not been forgotten yet Gordon.

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Eight for 2008

Iain Dale has kicked off a blog meme – Eight for 2008 – where you list your top 8 wishes for the new year.

Iain’s are:

  • The Campaign for an English Parliament step up a gear
  • Dominic Grieve in the Shadow Cabinet
  • Audi let me have my long awaited A5
  • West Ham qualify for Europe
  • The Politico get as many readers as this blog
  • The Conservatives win a by-election in a marginal seat
  • Me score a sub 85 round of golf
  • My new book delivered to the publishers on time 

Mine are:

  • England leaves UK
  • England leaves EU
  • Unity Trust Bank petitions for a winding-up order against the Liebour Party
  • Pro-English, anti-EU Tories boot out the party leadership in a vote of no confidence
  • House of Lords restored to a fully hereditary upper-house
  • UKIP get their first MP (assuming number 2 hasn’t happened yet)
  • The CEP to get a major financial backer (assuming number 1 hasn’t happened yet)
  • A happy, successful and happy year for myself, my family and friends

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Merry Christmas

I’d like to wish my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Witanagemot Blog Roundup

There hasn’t been a Witanagemot Blog Roundup for a long time so, in the final days of 2007, here are a selection of posts worthy of note from Witan bloggers in December …

Councillor Tony Sharp of the Waendel Journal questions the motives of the Torygraph’s “Call Yourself British” campaign.  “As a supporter of the Union it is a campaign that I would support – if the Union was actually under threat,” says Tony.

Kev found a question in the House of Commons Hansard on the right of Scottish MPs to vote on English matters which was met with the usual response from New Liebour – “The Government do not accept that there should be any discrimination in the rights of hon. Members to take part in the business before the House. English votes for English laws would lead to the break-up of the Union”.

Still with Kev, there’s the mystery of the identity of the Pullitician in his funny story.  I wonder who it could be …

Witanagemot blogger, Andrew Ian Dodge, was treated for cancer in the US recently and highlights the difference in cancer care in the UK and it’s not looking good.  I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing Andrew a full and speedy recovery.

Tom Paine asks “How, precisely, does Gordon Brown hope to perpetuate the Union by encouraging the flying of the Union Flag from English public buildings, whilst the Saltire flies from those in Scotland?”

Gareth suggests that our glorious leader “should fuck off to Scotland and seek election to the Scottish Parliament” if he wants to start unilaterally imposing new working practices on English GPs.  Any arguments?  No?

Hereward the Wake is going to the “Is the West Lothian Question unanswerable?” debate in the House of Lords in February.  The “debate” has been arranged by the Hansard Society and the WLQ will be “debated” by the Scottish former unelected Lord Chancellor, Charlie Falconer and Scottish MP, Malcolm Rifkind.  The “debate” will be chaired by Scottish broadcaster, Sheena MacDonald.  Well, you wouldn’t expect an Englishman to be involved would you?  Alfie gives forewarning, though, if you want Falconer you’re going to have to go through him first.

Witan newcomer, John Trenchard, discusses the logos of the unelected regional development agencies that the British government imposed on the English euroregions a few years ago.

Nourishing Obscurity declares the end of Britain and calls the English to arms.  There’s a mention of gallows … anyone know where I can buy some good, strong hemp?

David Camoron gave a lovely speech to the handful of Scottish Tory voters in Scotland which rubbed a few people up the wrong way.  I must confess, he got me a bit worked up.

Iain Dale beat the dead tree press to publishing the results of a poll commissioned by the SNP on Scottish voting intentions.  If the results are to be believed, Scotland is happy with the SNP, will continue voting SNP and (even amongst Liebour supporters) most Scots think that Gordon Brown is a waste of space.

EDM266 (Gordon Brown should renounce the Scottish Claim of Right) was one of the most blogged-about events amongst the Witan bloggers in December.  MePox Anglorum, Gareth, Nourishing Obscurity, Anger of a Quiet Man.

We live in interesting times.  The world is changing but our own little corner isn’t changing quickly enough.  England is fast approaching the point of no return – either the British establishment will destroy England to protect their union (and jobs) or the English will rise and say “no more”.  One person saying the right thing at the right time can change the course of history – we all have a unique opportunity to help save our country and ensure that the English children of today grow up to be the English (not British, West Midlander, South Easterner or European) adults of tomorrow.

If you support the aims of the Witanagemot Club, click here and join our group.  Doing nothing is not an option.

Finally, I’d like to wish all the Witanagemot bloggers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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It’s a cracker

The following safety warning was found last night inside a christmas cracker:

Safety Warning

These crackers are for adult use only and not suitable for children under 5 years of age as they may contain a functional sharp point of edge, or small parts, which may constitute a choking hazrd.

Did I mention that the warning was inside the cracker?

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Two countries to have EU Constitution referendum

The Republic of Ireland will hold a referendum on the EU not-a-constitution thanks to the provisions of their constitution.

Denmark was expected to hold a referendum when it was reported that a majority of Danish MPs wanted one but this appears to have fallen by the wayside.

Enter Alex Salmond:

When the constitutional treaty was alive, the Labour Party promised a referendum before the General Election of 2005.  While there are some differences between the constitutional treaty and the reform treaty, in substance they are almost identical.

Scotland will be holding its own referendum on the EU not-a-constitution.  It won’t be binding on the British government but it will be an opportunity for 10% of the population to make their views known and a blow to the One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan who is determined not to allow the mostly eurosceptic electorate throw the constitution out of the window.

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What’s good for the goose …

… is good for the gander.

The British government has capped public sector payrises in England to 2% but the Daily Mail reports that MPs are now asking for a 10% pay increase over the next 3 years.

British MPs are paid £60,675 per year as a basic wage and then claim expenses for anything and everything.  They are allowed up to £22,000 per year to pay the mortgage on a second home and they can claim up to £10,000 per year as a “communication allowance” to pay for leaflets to send to their constituents to ensure they have an unfair advantage over the opposition.  For every year they are in power they get over £1,500 towards their final salary pensions.  Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs are paid the same amount as English MPs even though they are only elected to do a fraction of the work of their English counterparts.

I’m sure we’d all love a 10% pay rise but down here on planet earth it rarely happens.

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Not even Gordon was this bad

No Mandate Brown was pretty shit as far as Chancellor’s go but even he wasn’t as bad as Mugabe.

Robert Mugabe turned Zimbabwe from a prosperous, self-sufficient, largely democratic African nation into a bankrupt, decimated police state.

Official inflation is currently over 8,000% but independent experts reckon it’s more like 11,000%.  The Zimbabwean Dollar has been restructured already this year but has rocketed back up to a ridiculous rate of exchange.  The Zim$200,000 is worth about US.66 or £3.33 and is being phased out in favour of even higher denominations even though it was only introduced in July.  Cash shortages have forced the Zimbabwean government to issue fresh supplies of new banknotes.

Zimbabwean government officials will now be supervising withdrawals and nobody will be allowed savings of more than Zim$50m (US$16,650 / £8,325).

Don’t worry though, not everyone in Zimbabwe lives in abject poverty as you can see …


This is one of Robert Mugabe’s homes.

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Lib Dums appoint Welsh MP to English housing portfolio

The Illiberal Dipshits have appointed Lembit Öpik, MP for Montgomery, to their shadow cabinet with responsibility for housing.

Housing is devolved to the Welsh Assembly in Mr Öpik’s own constituency so his constituents were unable to give him a mandate on English housing.  I’ve just sent the following email to his constituency office:

Dear Mr Öpik,

I note with dismay that you have accepted a job in the Lib Dem Shadow Cabinet with responsibility for housing.

In your own constituency in Montgomeryshire, housing has been devolved to the Welsh Assembly.  When you were elected, you were given a mandate by your constituents on those matters that are reserved to the British government.  They did not – and can not – give you a mandate on matters that are devolved to the Welsh Assembly.

If, by some bizarre twist of fate (such as all the other parties forgetting there was an election) the Lib Dems were to win an election, how would you claim a moral or democratic mandate to interfere in English housing when you have no say on the same policies in your own constituency?  Would you be happy for an MP elected in England to have responsibility for housing in your constituency but not in their own?

Stuart Parr

I’ve also sent this to my local paper which Öpik sometimes writes for:

I read with dismay that Lembit Öpik has accepted a position on the Lib Dem shadow cabinet with responsibility for housing.

In Montgomeryshire, where Lembit Öpik was elected, housing is the responsibility of the Welsh Assembly.  When Mr Öpik was elected, his constituents elected him to represent their interests only on matters that aren’t taken care of by the Welsh Assembly.  They did not – and can not – give him a mandate on English housing.

My MP, David Wright, has no say on housing anywhere other than England – neither does Lembit Öpik.  The difference is, my MP has been given a mandate by an English electorate on housing, Lembit Öpik hasn’t.

The sooner we get an English Parliament and stop no-mandate foreign MPs from interfering in English affairs the better.

Stuart Parr
Campaign for an English Parliament

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Bliar the Catholic

Tony Bliar converted to Catholicism on Friday in a ceremony in Westminster.

Hardly a surprise – his hideous wife is a member of Opus Dei and he has been attending catholic mass for years both with and without his catholic family.

The question is, why are the media whores so interested?  Bliar has always been a christian fundamentalist nutter which is why he gets on so well George Bush.  Being responsible for the illegal invasion of Iraq will make his job as middle east peace envoy untenable enough, converting to the branch of christianity that the jihadi’s hate the most (they’re still blowing stuff up because of the Crusades) is probably the final nail in the coffin.

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For immediate release

Advantage West Midlands (AWM), the unelected Regional Development Agency for the West Midlands, has announced its budget for the financial year 2007-08.  The taxpayer will give this unelected, underperforming quango £296m for the financial year.

AWM have just given jobs to two “local” entrepreneurs – Jas Bains and Angela Maxwell – who will be paid £8,371 of taxpayers’ money for working two days per month. [1] When the average full time weekly wage for an adult in the West Midlands is £393.60, where is the justice in an unelected quango paying £350 per day to someone who is supposed to be a successful entrepreneur?  Hopefully they will prove to have more loyalty to the people they have been appointed to represent than John Crabtree OBE, the Chairman of Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and a member of the board of AWM, who was criticised on Tuesday for organising a seminar to help local businesses relocate abroad. [2]

Just a few days ago, the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) has release half-yearly figures for performance against six targets that it has set Advantage West Midlands.  If they continue to perform at the same level, they will exceed one maximum target, achieve one minimum target and miss four minimum targets – one of them by a massive 95%.  If they are performing this poorly, can they really be trusted with £296m of our money? [3]

The West Midlands NO! Campaign is committed to exposing the waste, incompetence and misuse of public money by these unelected, undemocratic, unwanted regional quangos and we won’t stop until every last one has been disbanded and power is firmly back in the hands of those we have elected to wield it.

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A nation of Goldfish?

No Mandate Brown thinks that the English are a nation of goldfish who will forget the recent scandals – fraud, sleaze, incompetence, treason – that have marked his first few months in power.

He actually had the gall to say “I think people know that when a problem arises we will deal with it” – it’s his Liebour Party that is the cause of all the recent problems.  His party took illegal donations, his party is drowning in sleaze, his party full of incompetent failures, his party has committed treason.  The best way to deal with these problems is to nip them in the bud before they happen by resigning and calling an election.

The Goblin King says that he doesn’t want recent events to divert them from their long-term aims on housing, health and education.  None of which he has a mandate for because they’re all devolved in Scotland where he was elected.

Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you Gordo but I’ll make sure that every one of your failures, every criminal act, every act of treason, is remembered for as long as you manage to cling desperately onto the position that you have been given by your corrupt party.

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A good day for the royals

Today, Her Majesty overtook the record set by Queen Victoria to become the oldest English monarch and the latest addition to the Windsor dynasty has left hospital.

The Countess of Wessex gave birth to her second child, a boy, on Monday who is now 8th in line to the throne.

Looking good for 81 years of age …

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EU-wide refererendum on the EU Constitution

The Independence and Democracy Group in the European Parliament has started an EU-wide petition on a referendum on the EU not-a-constitution.

Signatures from the UK are pitifully low which certainly doesn’t reflect public opinion so do your bit and sign the petition and show those gutless, eurofederalist bastards that we don’t want their constitution.

There’s also a UK petition and campaign, .


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EU acts with no mandate … again

Federal Europe has appointed an Ambassador to Africa even though it doesn’t have a mandate to do so until January 2009.

The EU Diplomatic Corps is part of the EU not-a-constitution which has yet to be ratified by any member state and with a bit of luck it will never be ratified here, slowing down the eurofederalists in their march to “ever closer union”.

The EU has no mandate to create a Diplomatic Corps or create any new position that is provided for in the not-a-constitution until it has been ratified by every member state and comes into force on January 1st 2009.

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Email to Nick Clegg

I just sent the following email to Nick Clegg after reading that he has already dismissed a suggestion that we should have an English Parliament by saying that he will devolve power to “regions and communities” rather than the our country as most people want …

Dear Nick,

Could you please tell me what plans the Lib Dems have for the balkanisation of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?

You have already stated your intention to break England up by devolving power to “regions and communities” without preserving the integrity of the nation with a national parliament so I would like to know what policy you have on breaking up the rest of the UK.

If you have no intention of breaking up Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in the same was as you intend to eradicate the English nation then could you please explain why it is more important to keep Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland intact but perfectly acceptable to balkanise England against the wishes of the electorate?


Stuart Parr

By the way, Clegg is the new leader of the Illiberal Democrats if you didn’t already know.  The Illib Dum leadership “battle” was such a non-event I couldn’t be bothered to waste my energy writing about it. 

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