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English Democrats admit committing electoral fraud

Steve Uncles, the political brian behind the English Democrats, has admitted that the party have committed electoral fraud in Kent.

Kent County Council and Kent Police are already investigating what were believed to be fraudulent nomination papers backed up by fraudulent entries on the electoral register.  A tweet on his English Passport Twitter account confirms that they have submitted fraudulent nomination papers and by extension, that the entries on the electoral register used to verify the fraudulent nominations are also fraudulent.

English Pisspot Electoral Fraud Admission

From Steve Uncles’ Twitter account

Here’s what Kent County Council has to say on the use of assumed names on nomination papers (emphasis mine):

The nomination paper must include the candidate’s full name, with the surname first. The name should be as it is appears on the electoral register. Do not use any title or prefix such as Mr, Mrs, Dr. The format should be: Miller, Andrew John. Commonly used surname(s) and forename(s) are now permitted providing that they are not likely to mislead or confuse electors, and are not obscene or offensive. A candidate can only state a commonly used name on the nomination paper if they actually commonly use a name which is different from their full name as follows: Miller, Andrew John (commonly known as Andy).

The maximum penalty for committing electoral fraud is 6 months in prison.

Silly Tilly’s Jackanory Conference Speech

Robin Tilbrook has posted a copy of his speech from the English Democrats’ party conference in Doncaster last week.  This rip-roaring event was attended by as many as 50 people, including the speakers.  Quite the political force.

I tried to read the speech properly but I was bored to tears very quickly despite the many humorous attempts to mislead people and jackanory stories. I did manage to skim through it though and a few things jumped out.

The Raving Loonies campaigning in Eastleigh

Such as the UKIP by-election results Tilbrook quotes comparing the English Democrats’ awful by-election results favourably with UKIP’s early by-election results.  But his list is a selective list of Scottish by-election results out of a long list of by-elections contested by UKIP in every member state of the UK over the period he refers to.  He points out that UKIP have lost to the Monster Raving Loony Party before and he’s correct – four times in 1995 and 1996, on one occasion by none other than Peter Davies – but these were the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th by-elections UKIP ever contested and the party had only been in existence for 3 years.  Eleven years after being formed and the English Democrats are still losing to the Monster Raving Loony Party – they’re currently drawing on the number of times they’ve beaten each other and the Monster Raving Loony Party joke about it on their website.  That’s right, the Monster Raving Loony Party are making fun of the English Democrats’ performance in elections.  Strange how Tilbrook’s speech didn’t mention the English Democrats getting beaten not just by the Monster Raving Loony Party in Eastleigh but also by the Elvis Loves Pets Party and the Beer, Baccy and a Pint Party.

Then there’s the suggestion that Nigel Farage approached Tilbrook to offer him the deputy leadership of UKIP in exchange for winding up the English Democrats during the 2010 election campaign – a claim he has repeated many times. Lord Pearson was leader of UKIP during the 2010 election campaign, not Nigel Farage.

It’s interesting to see that Peter Davies’ falling out with the party started when he refused to employ an English Democrats activist as a £35k a year assistant.  Clearly getting Peter Davies elected was seen as a money-spinning opportunity for the party and noses were put out of joint when that failed to materialise.  That Tilbrook then trivialises Davies’ obviously serious concerns about the takeover of the party by racists and extremists is quite telling of the quality of his leadership.

Finally, it’s brilliant to see UKIP Black Ops get another mention by Tilbrook. UKIP Black Ops was invented by Steve Uncles a while back and those of us who are supposed to be part of this apparently secretive operation (so secret that Uncles knows all about it) funded personally by Nigel Farage have great fun taking the piss out of the English Democrats over it.

I’m sure there’s more in there of interest to those that follow the comical performance of the English Democrats but I really couldn’t be bothered to read any more.

Irony, perjury and the English Democrats

Those who follow the comical antics of the English Democrats and their bungling solicitor chairman, Robin Tilbrook, will find the latest missive from the great failure deliciously ironic.

English Democrats members have been involved in a planned protest outside Abu Qatada’s house in London which Qatada has got an injunction to stop.  The English Democrats are explicitly listed as one of the organisations involved in the planned protests which Tilbrook has got a bit stroppy about.

In the latest abuse of our Nation’s “generosity” to illegal immigrants, following Mr Abu Qatada’s cost to the taxpayer rising to over an estimated £1m, his wife and family have been seeking an injunction, on the back of legal aid, to prevent any protesters from appearing outside their new taxpayer funded house in Stanmore, North London.

In the midst of suing all and sundry who might be contemplating protesting, the English Democrats and I surprisingly found ourselves included in the list of Defendants, despite never having expressed any intention to take part in any demonstration!

That is of course not the remit of a political party standing in elections and not a sensible approach for a political party to take.
That does not mean of course that the English Democrats would not morally support well-behaved and lawful demonstrations against Abu Qatada’s abuse of our welfare benefit system. It is English Democrats’ policy that non-citizens should not be entitled to any welfare benefits at all. We do also seek the immediate deportation of all illegal immigrants.

Having made our position crystal clear in various letters and also in a witness statement, which I reproduce below, even Labour supporting Bindmans solicitors who were acting for the Qatadas rushed to remove all mention of me and the English Democrats from the proceedings.

On Thursday I was in the High Court of Justice in the Strand before Mr Justice Silber and the Order was made removing us from these proceedings and also dropping all claims against us.

Here is my witness statement. What do you think?



representative Paul Golding, Paul Pitt,
James Dowson and Andrew McBride)
(2) BRITAIN FIRST (by its representatives Britannia Campaigning Limited,
Paul Golding, Andrew McBride and James Dowson
(3) THE ENGLISH DEFENCE LEAGUE (by its representatives Kevin Carrol, Trevor Kelway and Joel Titus)
(4) THE SOUTH EAST ALLIANCE (by its representative Paul Pitt)
(5) THE ENGLISH DEMOCRATS (by its representative
Robin Tilbrook)


I, Robin Charles William Tilbrook, of Quires Green, Willingale, Ongar, Essex, CM5 0QP, will say as follows:-

1. I am the Principal of Tilbrook’s Solicitors and Chairman of the English Democrats.

2. I would state, for the record, that neither I, nor the English Democrats, have ever organised or attended a demonstration at or near the Applicants’ house. Nor do I believe that any member of the English Democrats have ever attended any such demonstrations. So, with the greatest of respect, the chronicle of misbehaviour that the Applicants’ Solicitors affectingly relate cannot properly be laid at either my or the English Democrats’ door.

3. Further I have never had nor expressed any intention of attending any such demonstration nor have I or the English Democrats given any indication of any intent to do so.

4. I would also confirm that the English Democrats do not engage in street protests as a general rule, except to small media orientated events on issues such as prescription charges. The English Democrats are more involved in the ‘West Lothian’ question and the English Constitutional questions arising from devolution. Neither I nor the English Democrats have ever taken part in any protest relating to Islamists, such as Abu Qatada.

5. I would also point out that I confirmed the substance of what I am saying in this Witness Statement in writing in correspondence to Bindmans prior to them issuing any proceedings or applying for an Injunction. I am a Solicitor and Officer of the Court and so I do think, with the greatest of respect to them, they should have taken me at my word, especially given that the “evidence” which they offered against me and the English Democrats is ridiculously flimsy and comes from a third party website which does not even expressly state that either I or the English Democrats are involved in the new organisation or more pertinently the protest itself.

6. My primary involvement at the meeting reported in that email was a guest speaker on the topic of Englishness and, in particular, the rise in English National Identity which has been demonstrated in the results of the 2011 Census which shows that over 60% (more than 32 million people) within England have self-identified their national identity as being “English Only”.

7. I do naturally support the rights of people to protest and I do support those protests being done in an orderly and civilised manner, which I understand is the intention of the English National Resistance. That support fairly obviously does not give rise to any presumption that I or the English Democrats are somehow members of the organisation; any more than the comments of senior establishment politicians in Parliament criticising Abu Qatada could be taken to imply anything similar from them!

8. I am aware that Labour strategists have identified the English Democrats as a threat to them and that is particularly so, not only after our victories over them in the Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council Mayoralty, but also our very good performance throughout South Yorkshire in the Police Commissioner elections in which we came second to the Labour candidate whilst winning the vast majority of all the second preference votes as well. I suspect that the sole reason for drawing me and the English Democrats into this matter was Bindmans’ Labour supporting agenda, rather than any proper legal basis. I regard that the whole way that the Injunction has been approached as being fundamentally a politically motivated abuse of process and, indeed, no doubt also of the taxpayers’ contribution through legal aid/public funding.

Statement of Truth

I believe that the facts in this Witness Statement are true.

Signed …………………………………….. Dated……………………………..

Robin Charles William Tilbrook

Just read point 3 of Tilbrook’s statement again:

3. Further I have never had nor expressed any intention of attending any such demonstration nor have I or the English Democrats given any indication of any intent to do so.

But what’s this on the English Democrats website?

English Democrats website warning not to attend Abu Qatada protest

Did someone say “perjury”?

This statement in point 5 is also amusing:

I am a Solicitor and Officer of the Court and so I do think, with the greatest of respect to them, they should have taken me at my word, especially given that the “evidence” which they offered against me and the English Democrats is ridiculously flimsy and comes from a third party website which does not even expressly state that either I or the English Democrats are involved in the new organisation or more pertinently the protest itself.

Tilbrook dragged me in front of a High Court judge last year on an entirely baseless accusation of libel.  Despite being a “solicitor and officer of the court” he was clearly too stupid to understand that decades of legal precedent were against him and would listen to me, my solicitor or my barrister when they told him that he had no case.  He persisted, bungled his way through a brief hearing and was told by the judge exactly what he had already been told – that there was no case to answer.  I wouldn’t take Tilbrook at his word if he said night follows day, let alone something like this.  I’m surprised he hasn’t threatened to sue Abu Qatada or his solicitors.

Finally, point 8 is the most ironic one of all:

8. I am aware that Labour strategists have identified the English Democrats as a threat to them and that is particularly so, not only after our victories over them in the Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council Mayoralty, but also our very good performance throughout South Yorkshire in the Police Commissioner elections in which we came second to the Labour candidate whilst winning the vast majority of all the second preference votes as well. I suspect that the sole reason for drawing me and the English Democrats into this matter was Bindmans’ Labour supporting agenda, rather than any proper legal basis. I regard that the whole way that the Injunction has been approached as being fundamentally a politically motivated abuse of process and, indeed, no doubt also of the taxpayers’ contribution through legal aid/public funding.

Tilbrook was fixated on his belief that my solicitor was a UKIP supporter and that this had some relevance to the case.  My solicitor repeatedly told him that he wasn’t a UKIP supporter and that his political beliefs were of no relevance and none of his business anyway.  His vexatious case against me was entirely politically motivated and his case, such as it was, was all about the English Democrats rather than himself.  His sole reason for pursuing me was because I am a UKIP supporter, because he sees me as the main reason so many good English Democrat activists left his party for UKIP (I was largely responsible for UKIP declaring its support for an English Parliament) and because I have never backed down from exposing the thuggery and racism in the English Democrats in the face of threats, abuse and defamation from their senior members.  And how amusing that Tilbrook is still crowing about the English Democrats somehow winning the Doncaster mayoral elections even though Mayor Peter Davies has left the party because of its links to racists and fascists.

I hope Abu Qatada’s solicitors don’t want any money out of Tilbrook, I’m still waiting for my legal costs to be paid over 8 months after he lost his court case.

English Democrats embracing militancy

English Democrats - Bringing English nationalism into disreputeThe English Democrats lost their “celebrity” elected mayor of Doncaster this week when he resigned from the party over the takeover of the party by BNP defectors.

Chairman of the English Democrats, Robin Tilbrook, took the news badly and smeared Mayor Peter Davies accusing him of being a gambling addict and heavily criticising him.  The day before, he was praising him and holding up as a shining example of the English Democrats’ “success” in an article which has since been deleted.

One of their 6 (yes, six) councillors, Mick Glynn, has resigned in disgust at Tilbrook’s outburst leaving them with just 2 parish councillors, 2 district councillors and a county councillor.

The takeover of the party by the BNP is one of the least worrying aspects of the English Democrats’ recent lurch to the far right.  More worrying is the forming of an alliance with anti-Muslim, white supremacist and British nationalist groups and the abandonment of the democratic process:

The political / elections route has always been the main focus for patriotic politics, but in recent years the emphasis has shifted away from elections towards militancy, campaigning and direct action

Thank god the English Democrats are in terminal decline, the thought of this bunch of racists, extremists and white supremacist militants in a position of power doesn’t bear thinking about.

English Democrats lose their elected mayor

Peter DaviesSo the English Democrat elected mayor of Doncaster, Peter Davies, has finally announced his intention to resign from the party over its links with the far right.

Davies claims to have only just discovered his party’s links to racist and extremist groups and is “concerned” about recent claims former BNP members have joined the English Democrats.  The takeover of the English Democrats by the BNP, EDL and other extremist groups has been widely publicised for the last few years and Steve Uncles’ attempt to form a partnership with Sinn Féin is well documented.  It is also well known that 4 in 10 of their candidates at the last local elections were former BNP members.

Hope Not Hate recently announced that they were targeting Peter Davies at the next mayoral election because of the English Democrats’ links to extremists and only a few days ago reported on the English Democrats’ new alliance with a new fascist group, English National Resistance.  Davies is either naive or telling porkies and you don’t get elected as mayor of a large city by being naive.

My terrorist-appeasing, racist-loving stalker is at it again

You’d have thought the de-facto leader of a failing political party crippled with debt and haemorrhaging members would have better things to do with his time than Google my name every day to see what I’ve been doing and researching my past but apparently not.

Steve Uncles’ latest “exposé” on me is the startling revelation that I used to vote Lib Dem, once supported the English Democrats and didn’t support UKIP.

I’m quite open about my political past – it’s all over the internet and I’ve never tried to cover it up.  I voted Lib Dem when I was younger because I didn’t support Labour or the Tories.  I didn’t really know anything about the Lib Dems, I just voted for them because they weren’t one of the other two.  This is where the Lib Dems’ vote mainly comes from – the “None of the Above” vote.  In 1997 I voted Labour because Tony Blair seemed to me to be a nice enough bloke and because I wanted to make sure the Tories lost the election.  When I was a kid my parents did quite badly out of the Thatcher years so my view of the Tories was influenced by their loathing of Thatcher so I decided (like most of the country) that it was time for a change.

I’m a relatively recent convert to euroscepticism as it happens.  In 2005 when I wrote the blog post the racist-loving terrorist-appeaser has quoted (yes, he’s that desperate to dig up some dirt he’s gone back 7 years … and still not found any) I was marginally pro-EU.  I thought a single currency was a good idea (some of the arguments for it are still valid such as saving companies from currency charges) and I thought that on balance the EU was a good thing for the country.

Just like supporting the English Democrats, my support of the EU was a product of the naivety of youth and a lack of real information about what I was supporting.  Over time, I came to realise that the EU was an affront to democracy, an undemocratic, corrupt organisation hell-bent on destroying my country.  I realised that voting for someone you don’t want to get rid of someone else you don’t want is a waste of a vote and only ends up with you getting someone you don’t want.  Over time I also came to realise that the English Democrats were not the party for me and that Steve Uncles in particular was not somebody I wanted to be associated with.  When I turned down his offer of setting up a branch of the English Democrats in Telford, help with elections and funding many years ago I knew I had made the right decision – I instantly became an enemy of England and this barely-sentient knuckledragger has made it his mission to harass me ever since.

Steve Uncles - Stalker

Do not approach this stalker, he has serious delusions of adequacy and if excited may attempt to engage you in barely coherent and slurred conversation

Even when I first started supporting UKIP I said that I wouldn’t want a UKIP government, just enough UKIP MPs to set the agenda.  I make no secret of that either, it wouldn’t take a genius to go on Google and find places where I’ve said that on the internet – after all, Steve Uncles can manage to turn up something I said 7 years ago so any creature with opposable thumbs should be able to do it.  Just like I changed my opinion of the EU and the English Democrats, I changed my mind about a UKIP government and I can’t imagine a party that would make a better job of running the country.

As for the aforementioned Garry Bushell – he lost that election but he also came to see the English Democrats for what they are and declared his support for UKIP.

I know why fat boy (as he’s known to his colleagues) stalks me – it’s because I refuse to cave in to his threats, intimidation, libel and harassment.  What I don’t understand is what he thinks he will achieve from it.  I don’t read the English Pisspot libel factory unless someone tells me that he’s obsessing over me again and everyone that reads what he writes just thinks he’s a cock and let’s be honest, they’re not far wide of the mark are they?  He cosies up to BNP racists, tried to do a deal with Sinn Féin terrorists, makes jokes about suicide victims and abuses and threatens anyone who stands up to him.

Still, he does serve a purpose: no matter how bad you think things are, you can always take comfort from the fact that you’re not Steve Uncles.

BNP Butler joins BNP Barnbrook in the English Democrats

Eddy Butler, the former National Front, former BNP, former Freedom Party, former BNP a couple more times, former BNP national elections co-ordinator, has joined the English Democrats.

The announcement, which was the EDP’s worst kept secret since his mate Richard Barnbrook joined in January, will be a bitter blow to the handful of party activists that haven’t yet joined UKIP who had hoped to stop the BNP takeover of the party.

UKIP recently announced a revised devolution policy that would see the creation of a federal UK with devolved parliaments for all four home nations.  The final touches are being put to the full devolution policy paper before it goes to the membership for ratification.  UKIP is the only non-racist, mainstream democratic party advocating the creation of a federal UK with equality for all four home nations.

English Democrats: not left, not right, just racist.

Another Steve Uncles libel: I do NOT support his anti-Northern Ireland campaign

Once again I have to defend myself against the de facto leader of the English Democrats, Steve Uncles.

Some time ago Uncles wrote a letter to Sinn Féin offering to change English Democrats policy (that’s how policies are made in the EDP – Steve Uncles comes up with some batshit idea and hey presto it’s policy) to one of kicking Northern Ireland out of the UK and forcing them into unification with the Republic of Ireland in return for a bribe from Sinn Féin for his bankrupt party.

Naturally, Sinn Féin ignored him as he and his party are both non-entities and even convicted terrorists have some standards when it comes to dealing with lowlifes.

But as part of his fascist campaign against Northern Ireland, Uncles started a Facebook page called “Campaign to get Northern Ireland out of the UK”.  I wanted to make sure everyone who came across it knew who was behind the page so I posted the following comment on the wall of the page:

This page is the work of Steve Uncles of the English Democrats who wrote to Sinn Féin offering to adopt a policy of uniting NI with the Republic of Ireland in return for them bankrolling his party. There’s not a lot Uncles won’t do to get his £26,241 back from the party which isn’t surprising given that they are so heavily in debt and still got beaten by the Monster Raving Loony Party not long ago.

Steve Uncles doesn’t speak for England, most English people wouldn’t force a nation of 2m people to join another country against their will in return for a bribe from the political wing of a terrorist organisation.

As users of Facebook will know, before you can post a comment on the wall of a page you have to “like” it.  Which I did for as long as it took me to post the comment and then I immediately clicked the “unlike” link and removed myself from the page, leaving the comment exposing this terrorist-appeasing lowlife on the wall.

Predictably, the comment was soon taken off the wall of the Facebook page by Uncles but in order to try and damage my reputation, he has taken a screenshot of his status update showing me “liking” the page so I could post the comment and posted it on his English Passport blog without telling people that I only did it to post the above comment on the wall which he has deleted and telling them that I support his fascist campaign.

And of course he has mentioned the fact that I am in UKIP (which he tried to defect to this year but was knocked back) and the Campaign for an English Parliament (which he got thrown out of this year for bringing the campaign into disrepute) to try and damage their reputations with his lies as well.

Here is the comment I posted in response to Uncles’ libel on his English Passport blog which he still hasn’t approved (and probably never will because he’s a dishonest little turd):

Comment Pending on English Passport libel

And here is a screenshot of the wall of the Victims of Steve Uncles page on Facebook posted straight after I commented on Uncles’ page:

Victims of Steve Uncles Wall

So will Steve Uncles, the lying, fascist, terrorist-appeasing lowlife failure be man enough to admit that he has deliberately mislead people and libelled me?  A complaint has been made to WordPress about the libel Steve Uncles has made in contravention of their Terms of Service and an email will be sent off to his attack poodle, the ineffectual “technically” leader of the English Democrats (and practising solicitor) Robin Tilbrook who I assume is Uncles’ personal solicitor as he is the one who makes all the threats and complaints against anyone who criticises the terrorist-appeaser nowadays.

Not content with libelling me, the terrorist sympathiser is now impersonating me rather than publishing my comments exposing his deception.  This is the best thing about terrorist sympathising scum like Steve Uncles – give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves.  I think you’re going to need a better solicitor than Robin for this one Steve.  He couldn’t even manage to win a racial discrimination case for his own party when the bank admitted to racially discriminating against you, I don’t fancy his chances of getting you off this one!

Uncles Impersonating Me

Bringing English nationalism into disrepute

The English Democrats have been a largely benign force in English politics for a few years but recently they’ve become more aggressive in their self-promotion and in doing so have become toxic to the cause of English nationalism.

English Democrats - Bringing English nationalism into disreputeAnyone criticising the English Democrats, and particularly Steve Uncles, is generally treated to threats of legal action or worse.  One prominent English nationalist blogger says he has received threats against himself and his family for daring to criticise the party.  A mentally ill blogger who was opposed to an English Parliament and the English Democrats committed suicide seems to have amused Steve Uncles at the time.  PigDogFucker was impressed with Uncles’ behaviour.

You see, Steve Uncles thinks that if you don’t support the English Democrats you can’t be an English nationalist, you are an enemy of the English nation.  I have, of course, committed what amounts to a capital crime in Steve’s book – I joined UKIP, a party that not only doesn’t believe in the same type of English Parliament that the English Democrats (and myself) believe in but has the audacity to keep defying his pronouncements that it is dead and will be beaten by the English Democrats.  I am quite prepared to accept people being anti-EU and not joining UKIP but the reverse, for Steve, isn’t true – you can’t be pro-English and not join the English Democrats.

I could have joined the English Democrats of course but I was never comfortable with them.  I was asked to join the EDP (as they called themselves a few years ago) several times, was asked to run a local branch in Telford (the branch chairman at the time was suffering from a long term illness) and was offered whatever support I needed as a PPC.  I was tempted for a time but thankfully went with my gut feeling.

England needs an English political party and it may as well be the English Democrats.  They are, at least, more acceptable than the England First Party – a BNP splinter group – which the English Democrats have an electoral pact with.  But if they are going to represent England they need to get rid of the members that bring not only their party but the whole English nationalist cause into disrepute.  Unfortunately, the ring leader happens to be one of their biggest creditors, having loaned the party somewhere in the region of £30k if memory serves me.

I must point out here that I don’t tar all English Democrats members with the same brush.  Quite the opposite in fact.  The leader of the English Democrats, Robin Tilbrook, has always been friendly with me, even when I’ve been complaining about something they’ve done.  He’s even given me some very useful advice in the past.  Ed Abrams is another prominent English Democrat who I’ve never had a problem with and think his vision of uniting left and right behind the cause of an English Parliament is an excellent one.  There are, naturally, many Campaign for an English Parliament members that are also members of the English Democrats and I have never had a problem with any of them, even when they’re getting enthusiastic about why I shouldn’t be a UKIP member.  There are some people who are in the English Democrats who are good friends.  But then I have friends who are also BNP members and even though I know they have joined the party in protest at the way the country is being run, they don’t make the BNP a party I could support when elements of their leadership are rotten and some of their policies are equally so.

Rewinding slightly to the complaining about things the English Democrats (or rather, Steve Uncles) have done.  I used to be a member of quite a lot of English groups on Facebook until I checked one of them and found that it had sprouted English Democrats logos and was no longer the group I joined but a group for supporters of the English Democrats.  I have since found loads of groups that were once groups supporting St Georges Day public holidays or just English and proud groups but have been given the same English Democrats treatment.  I complained in the groups before I left them and got messages from Steve Uncles and Robin Tilbrook saying what they were doing – fraudulently implying that people were supporters of their party when they were just supporting England – was legitimate and that they would carry on doing it.  Steve Uncles said they intended to take over ever English group on Facebook.  Billy Bragg’s office is now threatening to sue them for setting up a group fraudulently claiming that he is a supporter of their party.

Until recently, Steve frequented the British Democracy Forum, banging the drum for the English Democrats, attacking anyone who criticised them and posting the odd offensive joke.  He has now, for some reason, removed all the references to the English Democrats from his profile on the forum (even changing his username) and replaced them with the Campaign for an English Parliament logo, name and website.  Why he would seek to associate the CEP with his poor behaviour on a public forum I don’t know but I suspect that having attracted widespread criticism from English nationalists and apparently facing deselection by his own branch, he has decided to go on a wrecking spree to try and do as much damage to the movement as possible before he goes.

England needs a Parliament and an English equivalent of the SNP but right now the English Democrats aren’t the party to represent England and they’re doing more harm than good.  They don’t exactly have a very good reputation at the moment but they’re a small fish in a big pond.  They’ve got one of their number elected as mayor of Doncaster which will get them some more publicity and that means that if they aren’t going to set us back years they need to clean their act up.

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Bill Bragg threatens to sue English Democrats

The English Democrats have been spamming Facebook for months now, setting up groups for England and St Georges Day and then re-branding them as English Democrats supporters groups when they get a few members in a desperateyl pathetic attempt to look like they have some support.

Every group I was a member of that they hijacked I left a message on complaining, left and then reported to Facebook.  I had messages from Steve Uncles and Robin Tilbrook saying what they were doing was perfectly legitimate and that they intended to carry on.

But they took it too far – they didn’t just dupe ordinary Facebook users into putting their name down as supporters of the English Democrats, they set up Facebook groups claiming all sorts of famous people as supporters of their party.  I warned them that they would find themselves in a spot of bother over it but they didn’t listen.  You’d have thought that with a qualified solicitor as party leader they would have stayed away from this kind of fraud but evidently not.

According to this post on the British Democracy Forum, Bill Bragg’s office are threatening to sue the English Democrats unless the remove their fake support group from Facebook.

They can’t say they weren’t warned.  More on the English Democrats later, I’ve had a post brewing for a while now …

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EDP activist arrested for harassment?

According to a thread on the British Democracy Forum senior English Democrats Party activist, Steve Uncles, has been arrested for harassment of Matt O’Conner’s family.

O’Conner was the EDP’s candidate for Mayor of London and was the founder of Fathers 4 Justice.  The EDP’s decision seems to have been a popular one in the EDP but in the wider English nationalist community it was met with some concern.  O’Conner has no previous on these issues and there was concern that he would turn out to be a bit of a loose cannon.  He subsequently pulled out of the election at the last minute which the EDP said was down to drinking and mental problems.

Now someone on the British Democracy Forum has posted what is supposed to be an email from Fathers 4 Justice confirming that Steve Uncles has been arrested for harassing O’Conner’s family and that Robin Tilbrook would also be interviewed in connection with harassing him.

I can quite believe that Steve Uncles would do such a thing, he’s turned into a bit of a fruit loop lately winding people up with deranged accusations of being BNP moles and even claiming the Campaign for an English Parliament is a BNP front organisation or some such bizarre figment of his imagination.  But Robin seems quite well adjusted and as a practising solicitor I can’t see him breaking the law and risking losing his job over someone who is supposed to be a mentally unstable drunk.

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Police force EDP to remove English flags

The English Democrats Party, campaigning in Henley, have been forced by the Police to remove a table bedecked with red and white bunting, citing a local by-law that they have so far failed to provide any details of.  As the English flag is their logo, this makes it understandably difficult for them to go about their business.

This mysterious by-law banning the use of the English flag doesn’t seem to apply to the local CofE church though, the table the EDP had set up was in full view of the church proudly flying the English flag.

It also apparently doesn’t apply to the “butcher’s apron” – red, white and blue bunting is apparently all over the town.

The full story is in the Brussels Journal:

English Democrats Harassed by Police for Flying the Flag

From the desk of A. Millar on Fri, 2008-06-27 17:10

Threats of prosecution or fines for flying the England flag in England is not new, and perhaps it should come as no surprise, then, that the English Democrats party – which uses the flag in its promotional material – is reporting that it has become a target of such intimidation. Yet it is different for one very significant reason: that there has been a longstanding, unspoken rule that political parties in Britain should not be harassed by the police, particularly when campaigning. We accustom such behavior with dictatorship, not democracy.

The incident occurred when candidate Derek Allpass and his team were out campaigning on June 21, for the Henley by-election (held June 26). They had set up a table with promotional material, and strung bunting sporting the red cross of St. George around it. However, the team was soon approached by the police and the Town Clerk, the latter of whom allegedly told Allpass, “we don’t want that flag here in Henley.” Darren Riley, the Party’s Kent Chairman, responded by pointing a church that was close by, and likewise flying the England flag (because it was under the denomination of the Church of England), and remarked, “if you don’t want England’s flag flying in Henley you had better take this up with the Vicar too.”

Nevertheless, the authorities claimed that the display of the flag by the English Democrats breached a by-law, and instructed them to remove both the table and bunting. The by-law in question has yet to be shown to the party, though as the town was also strewn with red, white, and blue bunting (signifying the United Kingdom, as opposed to England), one can only wonder how peculiarly specific it must be. There were several witnesses, and the party intends to issue the Town Clerk with a Section 65 Race Relations Act Questionnaire if the by-law does not state what was claimed.

The English Democrats team complied with the request – though not before taking photographs of the display – and continuing their campaigning. Henley is a Conservative safe seat, and was held by Boris Johnson until recently, who prompted the election when he resigned to concentrate on his position as London Mayor.

And the British foreign minister, David Milliband, has the nerve to appear in front of TV cameras and criticise the Zimbabwean tyrant, Robert Mugabe, when agents of the British state are harassing an English political party for displaying the English flag?

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Tories take Henley, BNP beat Liebour

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – nobody stands a chance of winning a by-election but the Conswervative at the moment.

John Howell took 56.95% of the vote and ended up with nearly a 10,000 vote majority.

Liebour came fifth and lost his deposit, being beaten by the Illiberal Dumbocrats, the Green Party and the BNP.

UKIP came a disappointing sixth but they won’t be as disappointed as the English Democrats who came 8th behind the Monster Raving Loony Party.  The Miss Great Britain Party, bizarrely, put up two candidates for the same election.  I don’t think they quite get how it works because their combined vote would have put them above the English Democrats in 8th place.

If the last few election results are anything to go by, Liebour are likely to find themselves in third place at the next general election.

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EDP candidate drops out of London election

The English Democrats’ candidate in the London Mayoral election, Matt O’Connor, has dropped out of the race.

O’Conner was the founder of Fathers 4 Justice and my brief encounter with him a while ago when I tried to talk to him about the dangers of forcing knee-jerk reactions around fathers rights without adding any protection for children left me less than impressed wih his attitude.  He had his agenda and whether that put children at risk (and from first hand experience, I know it did) was of no concern to him.

To be honest, the EDP are better off without him.  He was to EDP as Robert Kiljoy-Stink was to UKIP – an opportunist with an ego who saw an opportunity for self-promotion.  His dedication to the cause of equal rights for England is such that because he didn’t get enough publicity from the media over St Georges Day he’s thrown his teddy out of the pram and abandoned the people he claims to want to represent.

The EDP is a small party and they need to raise their profile.  Rather than relying on celebrity candidates to bring them the publicity they need, they need to promote the leaders of their party.  I’ve always found Robin Tilbrook to be a nice chap, even when he found out I’d joined UKIP.  But hardly anybody has heard of him.  Whatever your feelings about UKIP or Nigel Farage, there is no doubt that if you put Farage and No Mandate Brown on a stage together, Farage would dominate the stage and tear Gordo to shreds.  He has a big personality, he doesn’t need a script and a team of spin doctors telling him what to say and he’s both abrupt and funny.  I heard him give a speech last year to a room full of UKIP supporters, Tories and random guests in which he said “It’s often said that I dislike Europe … this is wrong, I love Europe, I just can’t stand the EU … I don’t particularly like the French though”.  What other politician would come out with something like that?

But this isn’t a post about why Farage makes a good leader … well it is a bit but for the benefit of the EDP.  The EDP are targetting UKIP voters and on a lot of policy areas they are identical but the difference is that UKIP have the media personality that EDP lack and celebrities aren’t the answer.  Rustie Lee and Earl Bradford – both household names – are UKIP supporters but they don’t use them for publicity because, at the end of the day, they’re not the ones that are going to be running the country are they?

EDP are better off without O’Conner, they just need to promote the good people they’ve got rather than looking for a quick fix.  If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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