Bringing English nationalism into disrepute

! This post hasn't been updated in over a year. A lot can change in a year including my opinion and the amount of naughty words I use. There's a good chance that there's something in what's written below that someone will find objectionable. That's fine, if I tried to please everybody all of the time then I'd be a Lib Dem (remember them?) and I'm certainly not one of those. The point is, I'm not the kind of person to try and alter history in case I said something in the past that someone can use against me in the future but just remember that the person I was then isn't the person I am now nor the person I'll be in a year's time.

The English Democrats have been a largely benign force in English politics for a few years but recently they’ve become more aggressive in their self-promotion and in doing so have become toxic to the cause of English nationalism.

English Democrats - Bringing English nationalism into disreputeAnyone criticising the English Democrats, and particularly Steve Uncles, is generally treated to threats of legal action or worse.  One prominent English nationalist blogger says he has received threats against himself and his family for daring to criticise the party.  A mentally ill blogger who was opposed to an English Parliament and the English Democrats committed suicide seems to have amused Steve Uncles at the time.  PigDogFucker was impressed with Uncles’ behaviour.

You see, Steve Uncles thinks that if you don’t support the English Democrats you can’t be an English nationalist, you are an enemy of the English nation.  I have, of course, committed what amounts to a capital crime in Steve’s book – I joined UKIP, a party that not only doesn’t believe in the same type of English Parliament that the English Democrats (and myself) believe in but has the audacity to keep defying his pronouncements that it is dead and will be beaten by the English Democrats.  I am quite prepared to accept people being anti-EU and not joining UKIP but the reverse, for Steve, isn’t true – you can’t be pro-English and not join the English Democrats.

I could have joined the English Democrats of course but I was never comfortable with them.  I was asked to join the EDP (as they called themselves a few years ago) several times, was asked to run a local branch in Telford (the branch chairman at the time was suffering from a long term illness) and was offered whatever support I needed as a PPC.  I was tempted for a time but thankfully went with my gut feeling.

England needs an English political party and it may as well be the English Democrats.  They are, at least, more acceptable than the England First Party – a BNP splinter group – which the English Democrats have an electoral pact with.  But if they are going to represent England they need to get rid of the members that bring not only their party but the whole English nationalist cause into disrepute.  Unfortunately, the ring leader happens to be one of their biggest creditors, having loaned the party somewhere in the region of £30k if memory serves me.

I must point out here that I don’t tar all English Democrats members with the same brush.  Quite the opposite in fact.  The leader of the English Democrats, Robin Tilbrook, has always been friendly with me, even when I’ve been complaining about something they’ve done.  He’s even given me some very useful advice in the past.  Ed Abrams is another prominent English Democrat who I’ve never had a problem with and think his vision of uniting left and right behind the cause of an English Parliament is an excellent one.  There are, naturally, many Campaign for an English Parliament members that are also members of the English Democrats and I have never had a problem with any of them, even when they’re getting enthusiastic about why I shouldn’t be a UKIP member.  There are some people who are in the English Democrats who are good friends.  But then I have friends who are also BNP members and even though I know they have joined the party in protest at the way the country is being run, they don’t make the BNP a party I could support when elements of their leadership are rotten and some of their policies are equally so.

Rewinding slightly to the complaining about things the English Democrats (or rather, Steve Uncles) have done.  I used to be a member of quite a lot of English groups on Facebook until I checked one of them and found that it had sprouted English Democrats logos and was no longer the group I joined but a group for supporters of the English Democrats.  I have since found loads of groups that were once groups supporting St Georges Day public holidays or just English and proud groups but have been given the same English Democrats treatment.  I complained in the groups before I left them and got messages from Steve Uncles and Robin Tilbrook saying what they were doing – fraudulently implying that people were supporters of their party when they were just supporting England – was legitimate and that they would carry on doing it.  Steve Uncles said they intended to take over ever English group on Facebook.  Billy Bragg’s office is now threatening to sue them for setting up a group fraudulently claiming that he is a supporter of their party.

Until recently, Steve frequented the British Democracy Forum, banging the drum for the English Democrats, attacking anyone who criticised them and posting the odd offensive joke.  He has now, for some reason, removed all the references to the English Democrats from his profile on the forum (even changing his username) and replaced them with the Campaign for an English Parliament logo, name and website.  Why he would seek to associate the CEP with his poor behaviour on a public forum I don’t know but I suspect that having attracted widespread criticism from English nationalists and apparently facing deselection by his own branch, he has decided to go on a wrecking spree to try and do as much damage to the movement as possible before he goes.

England needs a Parliament and an English equivalent of the SNP but right now the English Democrats aren’t the party to represent England and they’re doing more harm than good.  They don’t exactly have a very good reputation at the moment but they’re a small fish in a big pond.  They’ve got one of their number elected as mayor of Doncaster which will get them some more publicity and that means that if they aren’t going to set us back years they need to clean their act up.

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  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    Lets look at the other Nationalists they have to model themselves on, Alex Salmond, Martin McGuiness and that Welsh arsehole, are you really surprised by the outcome?

  2. M Anderson (47 comments) says:

    Aint it funny how when an Englishman, especially an assertive (and loud) NATIONALIST Englishman, demands to be heard he is immediately slagged off! Salmond et al (i.e. those mentioned in post numbeer one) are assertive and loud, and often take the piss OUT OF ENGLISH PEOPLE, but we hear nothing about it. English people being treated differently (again) can be summed up by one word. That word is DISCRIMINATION!!!

    Regarding Mr Uncles, I think you just don’t like him. I think you have a big problem with him being assertive and loud and of course the fact that he tells you to go to hell! It appears you have a control freakery problem mr wonko! You made a comment about Bragg’s office threatening to sue. Well have they said they will sue or not? Where is the proof that they even said they’d sue? Got to have proof mate otherwise it looks like you’re making it up.

  3. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    I used to get on fine with Steve, he’s changed. I don’t have a problem with people being loud and assertive, I have a problem with frauds and people bringing the whole cause of English nationalism into disrepute.

  4. Daggs (55 comments) says:

    Wonko, i find all of this terribly disheartening. I joined the ED’s about five years ago.
    I joined them because, like most of us who inhabit the English blogsphere, i’m angry. I’m angry at the democratic defecit heaped upon England by asymmetric devolution.
    Why the ED’s? Because at the time they seemed to be the only English Nationalist political party!
    The ED’s are an embryonic political party. They have made mistakes (Matt O’Connor, the obsession with Monmouthshire and being associated with England First party)
    You seem to think the whole problem is Steve Uncles. I don’t know if you’re right or wrong.
    But i do know without the ED’s we have no one making our case. True the CEP do a lot of work keeping our view in the virtual world. But the truth is unless the ‘traditional’ political parties feel threatened. They will continue to ignore our cause.
    Call me naive if you will, but we all need to work together. Our enemies love all this infighting and bitching

  5. Alfie (28 comments) says:

    So what should we do? Should we all, like you, join the union obsessed Ukippers? Will they deliver an English Parliament? Are they putting forward radical plans for the reinstatement of my national democratic rights after 300 years of stasis?

    Or is their policy on real English empowerment a bit blurry and a bit UKery?

    Politics is a dirty business – lies, deception and medacity are routine. After the last election, Tony Blair claimed a stunning mandate from the people even though only 22% of the adult UK population voted for him. Can’t he add up? Last time I did sums, 22 from 100 came out at 78% against….. The very same percentage of people who voted against that pesky elected NE Assembly proposal…. Which strangely gave the Establishment the mandate to carry on with their unelected regional Assemblies…..

    Then there’s Iraq. Weapons of mass destruction? Nowhere to be seen. But hey, it only cost how many hundred thousands of lives?

    And the great day arrives at Westminster – and Blair, gaunt, drawn, wrestling with his christian beliefs, delivers his speech, his passion, his fury, 45 minutes to blow us all to hell, Saddam and his huge stock of nuclear megatonnage, Blair pleads, he wails, this country, this sceptred isle, give him the mandate to give Saddam a bloody nose before the guy with the big bushy moustache can press the button and blow us all to hell in a hand cart. The commons ponders, the cabinet ponders. Iain Duncan Smith, his baldy dome beading with sweats of seriousness, solemnly gives his support. So too, with a couple of exceptions does the cabinet.

    They need not have bothered. They could have all stayed at home, tending their duck houses, trying to find missing bath plugs and watching ‘Raw Meat 3’ with the old man and a box of Kleenex because good old Tone, the ‘straight kinda guy’ had already committed British military help to George W some months before over a beer and a pretzel butty at Camp David.

    Hango on a mo’ there ain’t no nukes! Or maybe Saddam had disassembled them all and shoved all the pieces back into the Meccanno number 666 Armaggedon edition box and hidden it under his bed? But never mind, didn’t we REALLY go in to get rid of a despot and give the people democracy? Oh yeah, that’s what it was all about….

    So what about all the years we traded with Saddam, even though we knew he was a murderous psycho? Yeah but, he always paid his invoices on time!

    What about Tibet? Genocide and a 3 thousand year old culture smashed – but hey, they only have snow, Yaks and prayer wheels, so what does it matter? And anyway, China makes good cheap tellies – so that’s alright then.

    What about Zimbabwe? If you were Jack Straw would you have shaken Mugabe’s hand at that conference a couple of years ago, just like our Justice Minister did?

    And dirty tricks closer to home? Look at the Glenrothes by election last November. Remember how it was Gordon Brown’s last chance saloon job? Lose it and he was out…. But rest easy because unbelievably, Linday Roy wins for Labour! Amazingly, a few weeks before the day of the by election, there are thousands of new people that no one has ever heard of registering to vote in the constituency. Apparently, as many as 30 people at a time were all living in tiny terraced houses in the constituency – and all were determined to vote Labour. I mean, what ARE the chances?? The rest as they say, is history. Roy elected, Brown saved, democracy shafted.

    Liverpool in the ’70’s. And the Liberal Party is writing a whole new chapter for the Dirty Tricks compendium. I won’t bore you with what they did, but it went on for years – suffice to say that as a consequence, the people of Liverpool got totally fed up with them and kicked them out of power – and voted in Derek Hatton and his Militant Tendency crowd….. and they were a paragon of fairness and sobriety, weren’t they?

    And then there’s the IRA. Blowing up people one minute, being passed the tea and biccies by Willie Whitelaw at number 10 the next… then going back to blowing up more people. Yeah but it’s politics isn’t it, so that makes it alright? And anyway, they were all wearing ties, had nicely combed hair and had left their Armalites neatly stacked in the number 10 brolly stand.

    And talking about Irish terrorism, didn’t good old Tone along with his serious ‘I’m really serious’ expression on his two faces pick his way through the rubble at Omagh and issue a decree that no stone would be left unturnned in order to hunt down these murderers… So what happened? Kicked into the long grass along with all the other politically embarrassing baggage. 29 people and 2 unborn babies blown to kingdom come – but who gives a damn? Well, Tone did apparently – for about 10 minutes at least.

    So now we have established that politics is a turbulent sea of lies, deception and more lies, where does that leave this discussion?

    You have to look at the bigger picture. It’s about 50 million people, not ill-considered rants on an irrelevent forum which apart from the odd normal punter is infested by insomniacs, drama queens and plants. Nor is it about a FaceBook group with a dodgy identity. These a petty irrelevences when compared with what the big boys routinely get up to. (Thank goodness we are about to have an Inquiry on the Iraq war – what a pity no one will get the blame, there will be no power to call witnesses, it will all be conducted behind closed doors and the report won’t be published until after the next election) Now that’s what I call dodgy – and this from the son of a manse with a presbyterian upbringing!

    The bigger picture is the fight for England.

  6. Stephen Gash (2 comments) says:

    Call me naive, but I think the English are crying out for someone to shout for England and especially the English.

    However, they are also crying out for open and straight politics, not the hackneyed deceit of the old New Labour, Huggy Tories and Trouser pressing, 30 love, Liberal Democrats.

    Many English Democrats think that sticking to the facts and pushing the policies without gimmicks, I’m a celebrity get me out of here, and party alliances (dodgy or otherwise) would win the day.

    Many of us got fed up with defending the party across the blogosphere only to see this sustained effort undermined in a twinkling of a bleary eye, and to be accused of ‘doing nothing’.

    English people want honest politics, and that does not have to be an oxymoron.

  7. Michele (3 comments) says:

    I am sorry but I do not see much of a policy for an English Parliament from the UKIP – perhaps it’s the UK bit I find off putting.

    Yes, there are probably some problems with the evolution of the ED party, (I’m not a member as yet) – but if well meaning people get together they can be addressed in-house.

    What is depressing is this obsession to discredit the ONLY party that works to give the English a voice. It must be music to the unionist’s ears. And what IS the policy of UKIP? I ask in interest not in sarcasm.

    You say Steve Uncles has changed – but then so do we all – you included – I have noticed it in your blog over time.

    This public and continuing denouncement of the English Democrats achieves nothing in the long run – and does give cause for others to question (given your UKIP membership) if it is personal or political.

  8. Andrew Ian Dodge (8 comments) says:

    Alas, this happens all the time. The tea party movement, in the US, is forever having to deal with frothing “Patriots” who don’t seem to realise that we are a broad-group that needs more people not less.

    Its possible ego has kicked in as well. The US tea party movement have had several ego explosions since it got started (complete with lawsuits et al.)

  9. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    UKIP’s policy – which I disagree with – is to get rid of MSPs, AMs and MLAs and have MPs sitting in their national assemblies part of the week and in Westminster the other part of the week. As I said, I disagree with the policy but it’s the only alternative to an English Parliament that is technically feasible and puts England on an equal footing with the rest of the UK.

    The problem with UKIP’s policy is that it’s not what the electorate wants and I’ve pointed this out many, many times both on the UKIP members forum, on my own blog and in person to members and the NEC. I think I have probably put a flea in Nigel Farage’s ear about it at some point.

    You may think that you can’t be a UKIP member and an English nationalist but I could, if it wasn’t inappropriate, give you a list of English nationalist bloggers who are in the Witanagemot Club and also UKIP members. Off the top of my head, I’d say at least 10% of the group are members of, or openly supporting, UKIP.

    UKIP is no more obsessed with the union than the LibLabCon, certainly no more so than the Conservatives. There is the same misconception that prevails in every party that an English Parliament will break up the union, coupled with the belief that devolution is the work of the European Empire as their way of breaking up the UK. An English Parliament is the opposite of what the European Empire wants – something I point out whenever possible. The European Empire is, however, the biggest barrier to the creation of an English Parliament because they will not tolerate the dismantling of the regional structure that they’ve worked so hard to create.

    Half my posts on the UKIP members forum are about an English Parliament or correcting and clarifying policy and statements when they only apply to England, even to the extent of correcting someone talking about British law when there’s no such thing.

    I agree England needs a party – I said as such in my post. I even said it may as well be the English Democrats but not until they sort themselves out.

  10. Sarah (21 comments) says:

    \”What is depressing is this obsession to discredit the ONLY party that works to give the English a voice. It must be music to the unionist’s ears.\”

    “This public and continuing denouncement of the English Democrats achieves nothing in the long run”

    I find it depressing that people are told if the English Democrats do something they dislike or think is idiotic then they must keep silence for the sake of England or English Nationalism even though they think it’s actually damaging to those things. “Vote Labour or the BNP will get in” style. There seems to be little suggestion that maybe the EDP shouldn’t do the thing that they’re being criticised for in the first place though frequently there doesn’t seem to be much actual attempt to defend the action the criticism’s aimed at.

  11. Wyrdtimes (31 comments) says:

    Bizarre though his decision is this isn’t about UKIP it’s about the Eng Dems.

    People talk about playing into the hands of the unionists. Nothing plays into the enemies of England’s hands more than the Eng Dems associating with the England First Party.

    The British establishment – political parties and media will love the story. It’s not important yet because the Eng Dems although doubling their vote still don’t appear on their radar. But as support picks up – as it will, at the end of the day the English cause is just. All this stupidity – the meetings with England First, the England First speakers at Eng Dem meetings, the racist joke, the threats, the insults, the bizarre emails on facebook crowing about beating the BNP will all out.

    And it WILL torpedo the party.

    The average voter doesn’t have time to find out what’s true and what’s not. They’re working too hard to service the UK’s debts to have much time. When the Daily Mirror and the Sun etc run the story “Eng Dems linked to holocaust denying right supremacists” it won’t matter what’s true – it’s a reputation damaged and votes lost.

    It’s not as if the perpetrator of all this is just a rank and file member, he’s up there! He seems to have nearly as many titles as Peter Mandleson. One of them is some kind of electoral strategist – what kind of electoral strategy is posting racist jokes on forums? When the enemies of England are all queuing up to point the finger and say all English nationalists are racist.

    THAT is playing into the hands of the enemies of England.

    Those of you who think it’s not important or that the fora involved are trivial – wake up. It doesn’t go away. It all stays there. It doesn’t involve any investigatory journalism all it takes is a google search.

    I understand that the party owes someone a lot of money. That makes things tricky. I suggest you find a way to buy the man out before he does something else even more damaging.

    Just to clarify. I want the English Democrats to succeed. England needs a political party and the Eng Dems are the best we’ve got. I believe that they can really start to take off over the next couple of years.

    Like Alfie says, politics is a dirty business – it’s hard too and hard choices have to be made. England needs the Eng Dems to make the right choice on this issue. Nip it in the bud. Do what has to be done.

  12. Tommy (8 comments) says:

    Alfie for Prime Minister, well written and well said.
    I joined the English Democrats a couple of years ago simply because there was nobody else, I got a great little credit card size membership car and flashed around as much as possible. Yes, I have seen a couple of things on facebook that I do not like and do not agree with and like others I have left comments saying so, I once defended a young 15 year old Irish/London girl who was being verbally attacked for airing her views, but as Alfie says every party has it’s undesirable nuts but England only has the English Democrats so …. until somebody better comes along….
    Alfie is also right about the forum arguments, think about it, really, if I didn’t have a PC and internet connection I wouldn’t even know about it, a hell of a lot of people do not have a PC. I have read most of the comments and arguments on the forum as I have a few google alerts set up. After reading everything it didn’t make me want to sign up and join in, honestly. It did occur to me that the Unionists would be having a giggle though.

  13. Toque (32 comments) says:

    To all those who say that the EDP are the only party sticking up for England, how do you explain the fact that Steve Uncles has changed his name from Steve Uncles, taken down his own picture, and replaced it with a CEP logo and signature?

    How is that ‘sticking up for England’?

    How is making racist jokes ‘sticking up for England’?

    How is meeting with neo-Nazis and then posing to have your pictures taken ‘sticking up for England’?

    I’d really like to know.

    The EDP need to tidy up their act, they need to kick the idiots out before I have a good word to say about them. If simply proposing an English parliament was all that mattered then I might just as easily join the BNP or England First Party.

  14. Steven Uncles (6 comments) says:

    Toque – or Gareth Young

    You, are the fraud, with your half truths and distortion of the facts.

    Posting Racist Jokes ……. Hmmm, I think you the “Computer Wizard” have something to confess to the English Community, don’t you Mr Young ?

    CEP need to tidy up their act, and get BNP members out of the CEP, and get the likes of Gareth Young totally away form the CEP.

    South East of England had an 80% increase in Votes between 2004 and 2009, that’s what it is all about.

  15. Steven Uncles (6 comments) says:

    I could have joined the English Democrats of course but I was never comfortable with them. I was asked to join the EDP (as they called themselves a few years ago) several times, was asked to run a local branch in Telford (the branch chairman at the time was suffering from a long term illness) and was offered whatever support I needed as a PPC. I was tempted for a time but thankfully went with my gut feeling.

    Yes – Wonko, or should we call you you proper name Stuart Parr.

    Instead of trying to set up the English Democrats in your area, as you were invited to do so – what did you do – join a Unionist Party – UKIP.

    I think that says everything to know about you ~ a so called ~ English Nationalist

  16. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    CEP need to tidy up their act, and get BNP members out of the CEP

    Says the person who brokered an electoral pact with a BNP splinter group which included their lead candidate joining the English Democrats. I’ve got a copy of the BNP membership list.

    Posting Racist Jokes ……. Hmmm, I think you the “Computer Wizard” have something to confess to the English Community, don’t you Mr Young ?

    That’s right, Gareth hacked your account on British Democracy Forum months ago and has used it to promote the English Democrats and you let him do it.

    Yes – Wonko, or should we call you you proper name Stuart Parr.

    Oh my god, you revealed my true identity! It only appears on my blog about once a week, I was trying to keep it a big secret.

    Instead of trying to set up the English Democrats in your area, as you were invited to do so – what did you do – join a Unionist Party – UKIP.

    Brief history lesson for the ignorant – I didn’t join a party for about 2 years after being invited to join the EDP. Interesting that you criticise UKIP for being unionist, do the English Democrats now support independence rather than a devolved English Parliament within the union?

    I think that says everything to know about you ~ a so called ~ English Nationalist

    Nothing so-called about me being an English nationalist. Some people – even some members of the English Democrats – think you’re a plant that’s infiltrated the EDP to discredit English nationalism. The great Steve Uncles, saviour of the Anglo Saxon race. What a joke.

  17. Steven Uncles (6 comments) says:

    “Says the person who brokered an electoral pact with a BNP splinter group which included their lead candidate joining the English Democrats. I’ve got a copy of the BNP membership list.”

    Stuart Parr – Please prove this allegation you are making

  18. Steven Uncles (6 comments) says:

    That’s right, Gareth hacked your account on British Democracy Forum months ago and has used it to promote the English Democrats and you let him do it

    Excellent – are you confessing on behalf of Gareth Young then ??


    You see Stuart, you comments, when taken into account that you are a member of UKIP totally discredit you.

    Why don’t you come to the English Conference at Brands Hatch on 27 September 2009, and stand up in front of the Audiance and explain why UKIP is the best party to achieve an English Parliament – if you have the GUTS to do so then, my level of respect for you may have to say, otherswise you will remain in the gutter, not much higher then Gareth Young – the discredited so called “English” blogger, who has had to take his blog down I see.

  19. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Stuart Parr – Please prove this allegation you are making

    Steve Uncles, please disprove it.

    Excellent – are you confessing on behalf of Gareth Young then ??

    No, I was telling people what your ridiculous defence is.

    You see Stuart, you comments, when taken into account that you are a member of UKIP totally discredit you.

    Not at all. The world doesn’t revolve around political parties. I’m criticising you because you’re a liability and a nasty piece of work.

    Why don’t you come to the English Conference at Brands Hatch on 27 September 2009, and stand up in front of the Audiance and explain why UKIP is the best party to achieve an English Parliament

    I don’t believe they are the best party to achieve an English Parliament but then neither are the English Democrats. I think it’s best we don’t meet in person, don’t you?

    the discredited so called “English” blogger, who has had to take his blog down I see.

    You see, this is why people think you’re such a cock Steve. Gareth took his blog down because he got fed up of your threats. If it was me, I’d have taught you some manners but Gareth decided to take down his blog instead. Like I said, it’s best we don’t meet in person again.

  20. Toque (32 comments) says:

    Hmmm, I think you the “Computer Wizard” have something to confess to the English Community, don’t you Mr Young ?

    What are you talking about you “retarded cunt”?

  21. axel (1214 comments) says:

    Right lads, in the playground after school and since I’m a neutral, I’ll hold your handbags

  22. axel (1214 comments) says:

    I think english independence is the wrong way to market it, it implies england is small and worried.

    Maye you should change its name to “English Invigoration”, “England Reborn” or something like that?

    do you get what I’m saying?

    you should not aim to be independent, you should aim to get rid of the scabby useless bits

  23. axel (1214 comments) says:

    Jock Watchers!!!!!!

    Weight Watchers dispose of Lard, so…..

    Jock Watchers dispose of ……

  24. Steven Uncles (6 comments) says:

    Gareth Young (Toque) – you know exactly what I am talking about.

    – You are a disgrace to the English Movement, and you need to be exposed for what you are – a fraud and a traitor.

    What sort of moron, “stalks” people on the internet, and takes Screen Dumps of everything put up >> your are some sad individual.

    Trouble is that was not enough for you, was it, you had to go one stage further and start to “Plant” stuff to prove your theory.

    What about your meetings with Noe-Nazis in the Campaign for an English Parliament – the likes of Julia Howman BNP organiser in Norfolk – English Democrats chucked her, out, but you in the CEP were glad to have her on board.

    We have not forgotten that one, Nazi Lover – Gareth Young of the CEP.

  25. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Julia Howman hasn’t been a member of the CEP for about 2 years.

  26. Toque (32 comments) says:

    And I’ve never met Julia Howman.

    “you know exactly what I am talking about.”

    No I don’t, why don’t you tell me.

    “you had to go one stage further and start to “Plant” stuff to prove your theory.”

    Plant what? What are you talking about?

  27. Toque (32 comments) says:

    who has had to take his blog down I see

    Just because you can’t see it, don’t assume that it’s been taken down. It hasn’t.

  28. Toque (32 comments) says:

    “You are a disgrace to the English Movement”

    Says Steve Uncles, who lamely tries to associate the CEP with Neo-nazis.

    Why would you try to associate the CEP with neo-nazis?

    I’d call that a disgrace. Just because you’re in a hissy-fit because a few ‘self loathing’ liberal bloggers are making fun of you.

  29. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Who are you calling a liberal? Take that back or I’ll sue you!

  30. Toque (32 comments) says:

    It’s a shame that ‘liberal’ appears to be a term of abuse these days.

  31. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    I’m afraid you’ve got the environmentalists and the None of the Above Liberal Democrat Party to blame for that.

  32. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:


    I have just received an email from Steve …

    Dear Stuart

    The antics of yourself and Gareth Young, within the CEP, are swelling the numbers of those in the English Democrats, who believe that the CEP has been infiltrated by “unionist” who, wish to stop the English Movement.

    I did repeatedly warn you of the folly of joining a Unionist party, and indeed your association with Gareth Young, who bizarrely magnifies his “concerns” to all and sundry on every occasion.

    You have brought about this situation yourselves by attacking the English Democrats, if you had simply remained silent, then no action would have been necessary.


    Steven Uncles
    National Membership Secretary & South East England Area Chairman
    English Democrats

    Tel: 01322 225 995
    Mob: 07931 390 029
    Fax: 07884 662 240 (& Voice Mail)

    “Over 300,000 Votes on 4 June !”
    “I voted English Democrats on 4 June 2009”

    And my response …

    “if you had simply remained silent, then no action would have been necessary”

    How does bollocks sound? Threatening people who criticise you, telling people they should keep quiet about the things you do “for the good of the cause”. You are not only damaging the EDP but you’re damaging the whole campaign (small “c”). Why should I shut up and put up because you want to be given a free reign by every English nationalist to say and do whatever you want? Why do you think you have the sole right to speak for 50m English people? If I don’t like what you say or do then I’ll criticise it, just as I would with any other person.

    Passing yourself off as the Campaign for an English Parliament to damage our reputation isn’t a joke, ask Robin about the English Common Law offence of Passing Off. How you have the front to criticise me and others that have criticised you and the EDP when you’re deliberately trying to bring the CEP into disrepute because a handful of CEP members (not the CEP) have pissed you off is beyond me. You’re a fascist and a hypocrite.

    I see you’re using unionism negatively again, you still haven’t answered the question I put to you in the comments of my blog – is the EDP no longer in favour of a devolved English parliament within the union, but in favour of English independence instead?

  33. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Just thought, this line is interesting:

    then no action would have been necessary

    What “action” is her referring to? Associating his politicking and racist jokes with the CEP or should I expect a threat of some sort through the post?

  34. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    And a prompt reply …

    “You’re a fascist”

    I support an English Parliament – you knob !!!!!!

    Do you know what the word Fascist means ?



    Why is the South East of England the most developed English Democrats
    Area ?

    – if I damage the English Movement, why does that occur then ?


    13,000 people on the English Democrats Face Book Group – who do you
    think created that ????

    You really are a kipper, and are clueless about what goes on, and who
    drives forward the English Democrats.


    And my reply …

    Let’s see what Wikipedia has to say about fascism …

    Fascism comprises a radical and authoritarian nationalist political ideology and a corporatist economic ideology. Fascists advocate the creation of a single-party state. Fascists believe that nations and/or races are in perpetual conflict whereby only the strong can survive by being healthy, vital, and by asserting themselves in combat against the weak. Fascist governments forbid and suppress criticism and opposition to the government and the fascist movement.

    From what I’ve seen, that sums you up pretty well. Especially “forbid and suppress criticism and opposition”.

    And did the EDP Facebook group start as an EDP group or was it another one of the groups you set up for St Georges Day or similar and then branded as EDP after people had joined?

    You really don’t like it when people won’t roll over and play dead do you? These emails are going straight on my blog, you may as well post them straight on there and save me the effort of copying and pasting.

    This is all getting rather exciting. Perhaps I should put up a poll on how long it will take for the first threat to come through? Will it be threatening to sue me or a threat against my family like the one Toque got?

  35. axel (1214 comments) says:

    this is almost as much fun as the academic guy, who earned his living suing people for not giving him jobs

  36. axel (1214 comments) says:

    Hey, winky, he’s calling you a lib lab pact, go on, stitch him

  37. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Another email …

    Dear Stuart Parr (Winkostan)

    “These emails are going straight on my blog” – you say

    That was the intention !!!!!!

    It should make you look even more stupid then you already are.

    (Unless you intend to do normal “Gareth Young” selective posting
    technique, to try to make a point that does not exist)

    You know NOTHING about my personal or business life, your assumption
    that I personally have any “Racial” ideology on Englishness is totally
    misplaced, indeed I have a liberal outlook, on most issues.

    However those like you and Gareth Young, who go out of their way to
    damage the English Movement, then I will expose.



    He wants them to go on the blog but sends them as an email instead?

    My reply …

    It says “radical”, not “racial”.

  38. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Then yet another reply from Steve, again by email because he wants the exchange to go on here …

    “Threatening people who criticise you”

    So you and Gareth are allowed to be Critical of me and the English


    When, I point out that known BNP people were/are part of the CEP, then you get all upset ??????

    Gareth Young “stalks” me on the internet – what the fuck is that all
    about ?

    Seems to me that you want to have a one-way “critical path”

    Sorry Stuart – it does not work like that.

    I am NOT perfect, neither are the English Democrats nor is the CEP, You or Gareth Young.

    Once you and Gareth come to terms with this, then we may once again be able to focus on what we AGREE on rather then what we disagree on.

    I suggest a 3 month cooling off period, we can review on 22 September 2009.



    In the meantime, one of the EDP people he’s been randomly copying into the emails complains about being copied into his “spam”.

    My response to Steve …

    I’m not upset, there was one BNP troll in the CEP that we got rid of ages ago before she even joined the BNP.

    If you want to know what Gareth is doing and why he’s doing it, why don’t you ask him instead of threatening him?

    I’ve never claimed to be perfect and am quite happy to receive criticism, something you are most definitely averse to.

    Very magnanimous of you to offer a 3 month cooling off period. There’s been a couple of years cooling off period, it should be sub-zero by now. If you do something that I think is worthy of criticism, I’ll criticise it. If you don’t, I won’t.

    You still haven’t answered my question about independence. Are the EDP no longer in favour of a devolved English Parliament inside the union and are now in favour of independence?

    He doesn’t seem to want to answer this question about independence does he?

    I’m not a unionist in the sense that, although I see no reason to break up the union if it’s not necessary, I wouldn’t particularly care if it did break up and if it was a straight choice between England and Britain then I would choose England. I always record my nationality as English and even had a disagreement with a policeman once when I was reporting a crime who kept saying white British when I told him that my ethnicity and nationality were white English. I am a monarchist but I can’t stand listening to the British national anthem, God Save the Queen. I can’t stand the sight of the butchers apron any more either, it’s a symbol of oppression.

    I want an English Parliament, I want the English nation to be saved, I want the English culture and identity preserved. With Steve Uncles running the show, the English Democrats won’t achieve that.

    An EDP member said to me last night “If you’d put 35 grand into a political party like Steve Uncles has and people kept attacking you then you’d be defensive”. It’s a good point and one I’d already considered. I would be defensive if someone was criticising me – it’s human nature – but I’d also be thinking about why so many people were critical of me. Steve’s primary objective is protecting his investment, that’s why he so aggressively campaigns for the English Democrats rather than an English Parliament. I campaigned for an English Parliament before I joined the Camapaign for an English Parliament and would continue to do so if the campaign ceased to exist. I campaigned for withdrawal from the European Empire before I joined UKIP and would continue to do so if UKIP ceased to exist. Therein lies the difference – I fight for issues, Steve fights for his investment.

  39. Toque (32 comments) says:

    I publish Steve Uncles’ own words.

    If that damages the ‘English movement’ then that says more about him than me. Which is, of course, the exact reason that I publish them, to delineate my own position from his, to show that English nationalism is a broader movement than his narrow partisanship would suggest. He claims to speak for the ‘English movement’, and suggests that anyone who disagrees with him is anti-English, but he does not speak for all English nationalists.

    “Gareth Young “stalks” me on the internet”

    Steve, you’re the one claiming – falsely – that I have split up with my wife, that I meet with neo-nazis, work with the BNP and have something to confess to the ‘English movement’ (whoever they may be). None of which is true.

    You wanted me to be a constituent of yours when you stood for election to the European Parliament. I don’t want you to be because I don’t think you are suitable for public office.

    If you don’t like me taking screen dumps of the puerile shit that you write on forums, then stop writing puerile shit on forums. Good for you. Good for me. Good for the English Democrats.

    If you’re wanting to be a politician then I’m afraid that you’re going to have to get used to people criticising you. This is something that you have to live with.

    “Once you and Gareth come to terms with this”

    I have nothing to come to terms with. I know that you’re not perfect, and I have never claimed that I am. I will criticise you and the EDP whenever I like and you will have to live with it. That’s something that YOU have to come to terms with.

    If you think I am a liberal self-loathing blogger then that’s fine. If you think that I am an anti-English because I don’t support the EDP and am critical of them, then that’s fine. Start up a blog and tell the world why, or write an article for the EDP website. However, if you go around the internet telling people things about me that are not true then I will use the same tactics against you.

  40. the_wanderer (3 comments) says:

    Mr Uncles (or Fat Boy as he is affectionately known elsewhere) is a constant disappointment to us.

    He is like the owner of an incontinent dog who wonders why he is always treading in dog mess.

    We now view him as an embarrassment and an impediment to electoral success and even his friend gar-eth is growing tired of Fat Boy’s unpredictability and increasing irrationality.

  41. McFeagle (9 comments) says:

    There is a way around all of this – introduce the SNP to England ! Maybe the SNP should stand for a few constituencies in England and then lets see if you want independence !

    England needs and deserves its own parliament, or as a scot maybe I’m not allowed to say that.

    What it doesn’t need is a BNP or a BNP lite, yes you need to embrace Englishness and English culture but that can be done without the super heavy BNP approach.

    It seems to me that you are all splitting the vote , BNP, EDP, EFP, et al, keep doing that please so that the Tories can get in at the next UK election – that’s likely to get more of my countrymen voting SNP and voting an independent Scotland – then you will get a independent England .

    Slainthe Mhor – good health

  42. Toque (32 comments) says:

    You’ve been reported!

    It’s so tragic, so very tragic.

  43. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Excellent. Unfortunately, I can’t respond to Steve Uncle’s untrue comment – I am a national council member of the CEP and director of the company – because I’ve been banned after delivering the CEP’s threat of legal action against the BDF following multiple requests to deal with Steve Uncles illegally passing himself off as a representative of the Campaign for an English Parliament.

    I don’t use the BDF any more, it’s full of racists and nutjobs, so I’m not particularly bothered if I’m banned or not. If BDF want to play silly games then Politigg (another one of his sites) can come off this site.

    There’s another email from Steve I haven’t put up yet – it’s a blinder in which he threatens to propose a motion at the EDP’s conference for all EDP memebrs to withdraw their membership of the CEP on the basis that Toque and I are CEP members. What a cock.

  44. Toque (32 comments) says:

    Yes, as an English Democrat he’s very committed to free speech, hence the latest whine in which he expresses the view that he would like to superglue my fingers to my keyboard.

    Yes, that well known CEP blogger who writes so much shite, about his theories as to how political parties should work.


    I’d like to Super Glue his fingers to the delete key of his own keyboard, to undo all the Crap he has written over the past 6 years.

    You couldn’t make it up.

    I wonder, does the thought ever enter his head that it’s what he writes that is the problem?

  45. Toque (32 comments) says:

    it’s a blinder in which he threatens to propose a motion at the EDP’s conference for all EDP memebrs to withdraw their membership of the CEP on the basis that Toque and I are CEP members.

    It really is extraordinary behaviour – to deliberately attempt to damage the CEP.

    As you say, he’s more concerned with the fortunes of the party and his money than with the issue. Perhaps he will make a good politician.

  46. axel (1214 comments) says:

    we could all go round to his house, i’ll do a dump on his his doormat and when the police are called, you can all say,

    ‘Who knows, what he was thinking, he is s scottish and they dont think like normal men think’

  47. the_wanderer (3 comments) says:

    Fat Boy is a buffoon.

    We find him amusing, but only from a distance and in very small doses.

    We meet on Friday to discuss his case.

  48. axel (1214 comments) says:

    fat boy?

  49. the_wanderer (3 comments) says:

    ‘fat boy?’

    That would be Mr Uncles.

    He of the flabby body and flabby thoughts.

    We would be rid of him.

    Tomorrow he is tried in absentia.

    1 Corinthians xv. 33

  50. axel (1214 comments) says:

    he is a wobble bottom?

    should we dip the dung, i am going to do on his doorstep, in bread crumbs?

    why dont we just firebomb his local greggs or which ever other purveyor of lard he frequents?

  51. EnglishLady (1 comments) says:

    What a lot of hysteria. The English Democrats are the first political party in ages, to make any sense to voters. Those here who criticise are jealous. The biggest critics of the ED are usually lazy good for nothings who spend most of their time on blogs like these rather than actually getting off their arse and doing anything. They offer no real solution to things like the West Lothian Question, nor do they offer any reasonable argument every time they throw up the racism card. I’d like to know just what it is the instigators here do exactly, that is to anybody’s real benefit. Actually don’t bother to answer because I can’t be bothered to read the replies.

  52. Stgeorgiegirl (1 comments) says:

    Reply to Steven ‘LIAR’ Uncles –

    ”What about your meetings with Noe-Nazis in the Campaign for an English Parliament – the likes of Julia Howman BNP organiser in Norfolk – English Democrats chucked her, out, but you in the CEP were glad to have her on board”.

    Your post above (no 24) is an outright LIE re ME.
    It has been drawn to my attention by a true English Nationalist friend of mine who also respects the truth unlike yourself.

    You have SLANDERED MY NAME ON HERE AND HAVE REFERRED TO ME AS A ‘NEO NAZI” I TAKE HUGE OFFENSE TO THAT COMMENT. WHAT PROOF DO YOU HAVE RE ME BEING A NEO NAZI MR UNCLES?? I know one thing re you though, you are a COWARD and a TWAT if I recall the EDP NC meetings I had to unfortunately share with you along with several others who thought the same. lol

    I was NEVER kicked out of the EDP, I RESIGNED because the EDP was not assertive enough to speak up truly for the English people despite my continued efforts to bring changes via the members continual requests for that rightful improvement.
    I was NEVER kicked out of the EDP or the CEP. For your information Uncles, I was a member of the CEP BEFORE I joined the EDP and a member of the EDP BEFORE YOU WERE TOO! CEP – another bunch of PC liberals who discussed inviting the Muslim Council of Britain to ECC meetings & agreed it despite my objection as a member of the ECC panel. Bunch of TRAITORS the lot of them!

    What party I support is MY business but I tell you something, I am very proud to support the ONLY party that has brave and gutsy members who actually get out and face reality, members of the BNP that I am very proud to call my friends, unlike the EDP which seems to attract wishy washy softies whose main input to the English Nationalist scene is to spend hours ranting lies out re others like myself on their stupid forums for wankers! People who have achieved & stood as candidates for the reinstatement of truth,justice and freedom to my country, England that I love with passion and which i have also served whilst as a QA medic in the Army. I think I have done my bit and perhaps embarrass the likes of cowards like yourself, it touches a raw nerve!


    Gareth Young has never met me in his life & I had and still have no wish to meet him! He was no friend of mine. I am still loyal to those who I knew & respected in the EDP/CEP and an who knew me well back in 2004. If you want to know anything re ME THEN HAVE THE GUTS TO INVITE ME TO TELL YOU!
    Meantime Billy Liar, go back to your EDP numpty chair of office & continue your PR to promote the enemy as your prospective traitor candidates for England, the country you say you love so much! Yeah right!

    Mr Parr, I suggest you sort this out, I want these comments retracted and an apology! My name has nothing to do with this forum. I do not post on here other than this post and I would not, too busy working hard for the Cause.

    Sort it!

    Julia Howman

  53. Toque (32 comments) says:

    Gareth Young has never met me in his life & I had and still have no wish to meet him!

    I was once in the same room as you when I was invited to observe an EDP meeting at Warwick University. But we’ve never met, and the feeling is mutual.

    Being accused of being a neo-nazi by Steve Uncles is akin to being accused of being a liar by Tony Blair. I really wouldn’t waste your time demanding an apology.

  54. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    If anyone’s interested, here’s an email exchange with Julia Howman from the BNP …

    Mr Parr,

    I write to you yet again, but this time to your personal email address re the slanderous lies & comments which have been posted about me on your forum ‘Wonko’s World” dated June 09.

    These comments were posted by Steve Uncles during some heated debate between you, him and Gareth Young, the debate had nothing whatsoever to do with me.

    A good & true English Nationalist friend of mine has recently made me aware of these comments as he was upset on my behalf. He knows me very well, that I am not a ”Neo Nazi”, neither was I ‘chucked out” of the EDP or the CEP. I resigned from both wit good reason and have proof.

    I have emailed your forum to ask you to put a statement on there to tell all who read on your forum, that Mr ”Scumbag” Uncle’s comments re me are LIES and I want them removed and an apology. You have not replied although you must be aware as Mr Young has now replied to my statement!

    I have emailed Uncles re his commnets, he replied quite arrogantly that I should contact you, even though they are comments he has made and it confirms for me that he is not a real man, cetianly not an Englishman either, but then I knew that from the first day he joined the EDP NC!

    For your info, I have printed off copies of these comments and I intend to seek legal advice re them. In the meantime, I have managed to obtain home addresses.

    I await your immediate response to this matter.

    Yours sincerely,

    Julia Howman

    Date: Tue, 2 Feb 2010 06:53:08 +0000
    From: xxx
    Subject: Re: Re Slander & lies on your forum


    I did reply – I said you’d exercised your right to reply and to fuck off. I wasn’t interested in what you had to say when you were polluting the CEP mailing list with your racist BNP nonsense (not that you were in the BNP of course, the leaked membership lists show that …) and I’m not interested in anything you have to say now.

    I suggest before you continue to harass me or others you do seek legal advice. Here’s a tip for you – if you’re going to try and stifle free speech by threatening legal action, firstly don’t try and threaten someone who’s been threatened by more serious and more intelligent people than you and secondly, go on Wikipedia and find out the difference between slander and libel.

    Don’t bother replying to me, I’m not interested in anything you have to say. You’re a racist, a liar and a cretin.


    Dear dear, foul language towards a lady, how some so called ”Englishmen” have stooped even lower to the gutter during the passage of time. But, sadly although not surprisingly, hardly moved off the ‘Wonky” spot really.

    Before your spit out your trash out, get your facts right numpty & spread the gossip round the traitors table correctly!

    I was never in the BNP whilst I was in the CEP, I left the CEP (mainly due to the fact I hate wasting my precious campaigning time with wankers!) and joined the BNP a few months later (I’m proud to say I’m in my 5th year!),THAT’S THE TRUTH but then most of those who associate with the CEP or the EDP rarely deal in truth do they, like Mr ‘Gobshite” Uncles! No, the CEP & EDP are too busy promoting liberalism and diversity, like inviting the enemy to join in the ECC meetings when in fact the MCB actually voted against an EP & for regionalisation instead, so tell me, whats that all about eh?

    I’m very proud to be a BNP member & even prouder to have stood for the BNP, (hope you didn’t choke too much reading that! ) and very assured to know that one day, liberals and traitors who spend all their time slagging off those who actually get their hands dirty and who risk their lives, will get their true comeuppance!! Yes, as you mentioned it first, I’m proud to be on the list too, in fact I wear a t shirt that says just that! You see, I’m not a coward & I only mix with REAL men and woman who have courage, maybe you could practise spelling that word and teach you mates while your at it!!!

    And here’s a tip for you Wonky, I do not make a habit of harassing anyone but if others try that with me, they must be prepared to meet my response! I leave the harassment to screwballs like you & your cowardly pals who would rather hide behind a PC than face the street as we in the BNP do. Just to remind you, free speech is what the BNP stands for, like I said get your facts right. Maybe try reading our manifesto! Free speech is one thing but writing blatant untruths about someone and slagging their name off publically is against the law and I shall see to it that you are dealt with as you are obviously refusing to remove the lies on your forum. Up to you, your choice to break the law.

    Uncles will regret he ever wrote those lies about me.

    And, lastly, take good note that I have not had to use foul language (I have found its always a clear indication of an individual who lacks a basic vocabulary), I leave that to lesser mortals who consider themselves to be intelligent (lol) & ”above” others when actually,they are mere shite!


    PS, I hear your with UKraP now. interesting. lots of dirt on them from what I hear.
    I happily helped hand out BNP lealflets at their Diss meeting last year, good laugh that was. I recall Farage came up to uslol – another idiot who smiled at us, said hello & didn’t even realise who we were or look at the leaflets we were handing out to HIS members and supporters! Yes, you will fit in nicely with them!

    I look forward to receiving a letter from your solicitor. Now fuck off and don’t contact me again.

    Have your solicitor write to the publisher of my blog, Birmingham, Coventry & Black Country City Region Limited. They can get the address from Companies House.

    She’s a laaaady! A lady who doesn’t use bad language. Like “wankers”.

    What a fucking joke!

  55. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Another email from the barely literate knuckle-dragger …


    Well, at least you can spell one word correctly then!
    Try W****R next, your be an expert at remembering that word being that you are one! lol

    Telling me to ”fuck Off” goes in one ear and out the other, unwashed lefty scum always use foul language, it bounces off us BNP like water off a ducks back!

    Thanks to two of your so called CEP/EDP colleagues, I managed to obtain your email addresses without any effort, it will be the same with other info too some of which I already have! You have allowed lies to be posted about me on your sad, shitty little forum, REMOVE THEM!

    One thing we in the BNP are and that’s a ”family”. We stand by each other kith n kin and we help each other when cowards and traitors work against their own!

    Bye for now arsehole.


    My reply …

    I look forward to receiving a letter from your solicitor. Now fuck off and don’t contact me again.

  56. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    She must be bored, she’s replied already …

    Same ole tosh, BORING! Bye w****r (well for now anyway!)

    And my reply? You guessed it …

    I look forward to receiving a letter from your solicitor. Now fuck off and don’t contact me again.

    She’ll get bored eventually or run out of two syllable words to write or she’ll see a solicitor and they’ll laugh in her face. Either way, I don’t intend to waste any more time on her.

  57. Liberty (1 comments) says:

    Steve Uncles sounds like an egotistical camp fifth columnist to me, I am glad I read this and will now not be voting EDP.

    I have done some research on this idiot over the last couple of days after I read another blog about him.

    Thank you for posting the comments, but I do feel that there is a case to answer too in court within these postings; just a word of advice.

  58. […] through all this before, see the comments on Wonko's blog (including a response from Julia Howman) Wonko's World Blog Archive Bringing English nationalism into disrepute Keep the lies coming mr communications director, you're the one with a political career to ruin. […]

  59. Phoenix (2 comments) says:

    I simply cannot believe that Uncles has changed his forum logo to that of the CEP.
    His previous form and idiocy on blogs will send shudders down the spines of all English nationalists and members of the CEP in particular.
    I can only conclude that following his success in wrecking havoc in the English Democrats he now seeks to complete his ambitions of destroying the English movement by polluting the image of the CEP as well.

    This man could not be more effective if he was a trained plant. AND: now I am beginning to wonder if that statement may prove to be prophetic.

  60. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Interesting re-reading all this because things have moved on apace. The English Democrats are now actively recruiting BNP members and have accepted Richard Barnbrook and Eddy Butler, both long-time BNP members and white supremacists. Robin Tilbrook has thrown his lot in with Uncles who is now the de fact leader of the English Democrats with Robin relegated to defending Uncles and issuing threats on his behalf (he’s a solicitor). English Democrats members are leaving in droves and most of them are joining UKIP who recently announced a new pro-devolution policy that would see a federal UK with a devolved English Parliament. The English Democrats are continuing to bomb in elections, coming below the Monster Raving Loony Party in one by-election which is about as low as a political party can go. The English Democrats are now being targeted by anti-racist groups and the left wing media are warning people about their involvement with racists.

    So reading back through what I wrote I feel 100% vindicated. UKIP is the only mainstream party advocating an English Parliament, the English Democrats are morally and financially bankrupt and Steve Uncles is an even bigger twat than he was before.

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