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Portsmouth betrayal should be a rallying call for English independence

The British government is closing Portsmouth’s shipyard to protect jobs at the Clyde shipyards in Glasgow in a transparently political move to placate the Scots ahead of their independence referendum.

Portsmouth shipyard workers betrayed by the British

Just look at these comments from some of the English workers the Brits are sacrificing to protect Scottish jobs:

It’s definitely a political decision. All to do with Scotland and Scottish independence; it’s disgusting. They don’t care about us.

This is simply pandering to the Scottish government before the independence referendum next year.

Even the MP for Portsmouth is unhappy:

It’s a massive and grave error on the part of the government to put more shipbuilding in Scotland. It’s political. It always has been.

And then there’s the comments section in the Express …

Disgusted that our weak government is letting this happen – to shut Portsmouth and give new contracts to a Scottish port is despicable.

What a disgrace, blatant politically inspired bribery for the jocks…well what if they say YES to independence anyway…I do hope they do vote to leave and let the politicos explain why we are buying ships off a foreign country?

i hear that its portsmouth yard that will close rather than the scottish ones..i wonder why that is. is there a referendum coming up

Even some Guardian readers are having a pop …

Scottish jobs saved at the expense of English workers.

Portsmouth is being sacrificed for saving Scotland ahead of a referendum

A thousand workers in Portsmouth thrown on the scrapheap just so project fear can keep making a spurious point about the “benefits of the union”. Playing politics with peoples lives yet again.

Helps the campaign to keep Scotland in the UK I suppose…

Then there’s the Telegraph …

Why give it to the Scots? Are their unemployed more deserving. Sadly, they are never going to vote for independence so shafting the ENglish YET AGAIN is horrific.

This is little short of treason by Cameron to the English in a futile political sop to the Scottish. If he had any balls at all he would preserve the English yards, scrap the Scottish yards and state that the decision would be reviewed after the Scottish referendum on independence.

Why are they trying to buy Scottish votes, the Glasgow yards are hotbeds of socialism and militants, they should take the hits and not the English yard, kill two birds with one stone.

Short term daftness to rely on warship building in a country that is not committed to the UK. This has Cameron McFudge written all over it. The lads in Portsmouth should have been supported, not the would-be defectors in Govan. Salmond will be laughing yet again.

A disgusting sop to the Scots nationalists. What ought to have been brought home to them is that even the threat of independence costs Scots jobs. As if a separate UK government would ever build ships in a foreign Scotland . . . Should it ever happen Portsmouth will need rebuilding from scratch. I’m a Conservative Party member but if there was an election tomorrow I wouldn’t vote for them. They’ve just sold England down the river for short-term and disguided political reasons!

If this isn’t a political decision, I don’t know what is. But in the unlikely event of Scotland voting for independence next year, I trust that this decision will be reversed in double quick time.

The sacked workers in Portsmouth know they’re being sacrificed by the Brits to keep the Scots happy, politicians know the workers in Portsmouth are being sacrificed by the Brits to keep the Scots happy and the general public know the workers in Portsmouth are being sacrificed by the Brits to keep the Scots happy. There is no price the British won’t pay to keep the Scots in the union as long as it’s the English that are paying.

I used to think there was a place for England in a reformed British union but it’s pretty clear that England will never be important to the Brits. It’s time for English independence.

Devine released after serving quarter of his sentence

Former Labour MP and convicted fraudster, Jim Devine, has been released from prison after serving just a quarter of his sentence.


Devine stole over £8k of taxpayers money by submitting fake invoices and was banged up for 16 months ago for it.  Releasing him after only 4 months and tagging him is a disgrace but seems to be the the way these thieving MPs are going to be treated.  David Chaytor and Eric Illsley have both been released after serving a quarter or less of their sentences for stealing from the taxpayer.

MPs have the lives of millions of people in their hands.  They are in a unique position of power and trust and any abuse of that power or trust should be punished severely and without mercy.  Devine, Chaytor, Illsley and the other MPs and Peers who’ve been convicted of stealing from the taxpayer should have received longer sentences and they should have been forced to serve the full amount.  No time off for good behaviour, no release under licence.

And when they were released from prison they should have been forced to carry out community service in every deprived neighbourhood in the country so they can give something back to the people living below the poverty line that they forced into paying tax on threat of imprisonment who they then stole from.

ConDems: Tough on crime, tough on the consequences of crime.

Bugger the election, we need a purge

The political system is rotten to the core and the coming election isn’t going to provide the purge we need to put it right.

An investigation by the BBC has found 400 occasions where MPs have broken their own rules on declaring gifts of travel and hospitality.  Four hundred breaches by just 22 MPs, all of which were from the LibLabCon.

Three Liebour MPs have been suspended today for offering to take bribes from lobbing firms – it might have been more but the Channel 4 Dispatches investigator was rumbled at least once.

All this a couple of weeks after 3 MPs and a Lord appeared in court on a charge of false accounting relating to their fraudulent expenses.

The whole rotten lot are corrupt beyond redemption.  They hold the entire population – 60 million people – in contempt.

Stephen Byers thinks that referring himself to the parliamentary authorities makes everything fine.  It doesn’t.  He offered to take a bribe.  He bragged about taking bribes in the past.  He likened himself to a taxi for hire for fuck’s sake.  If he wasn’t an MP he’d be in a cell now waiting for a bail hearing – bribery is a common law and criminal offence, the first act of parliament criminalising bribery dating back to the 14th Century.  Byers is a crook, no better than a petty thief and should be treated as such.

The election is weeks away and what change will it bring?  A probable rotation of Prime Minister from one faction of the LibLabCon to another but ultimately more of the same.  More corrupt politicians.  More tired politics.  More sleaze.

Vote for change?  Nothing’s going to change.  A future fair for all?  Where’s the fairness in a corrupt political system that allows the people entrusted with the fate of 60 million people to lie, cheat and steal with impunity?

It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonoured by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice; ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government; ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.

“Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess? Ye have no more religion than my horse; gold is your God; which of you have not barter’d your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?

“Ye sordid prostitutes, have you not defil’d this sacred place, and turn’d the Lord’s temple into a den of thieves by your immoral principles and wicked practices? Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress’d; your country therefore calls upon me to cleanse the Augean Stable, by putting a final period to your iniquitous proceedings, and which by God’s help and the strength He has given me, I now come to do.

“I command ye, therefore, upon the peril of your lives, to depart immediately out of this place! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors. You have sat here too long for the good you do. In the name of God, go!

Oliver Cromwell

An election isn’t going to fix politics, nor is a shuffling of the deckchairs.  We need another Cromwell, just without the God thing.

A very inconvenient truth

So, the wheels are coming off the global warming bandwagon at last and not a moment too soon.

With the Copenhagen Climate Summit almost upon us, some enterprising hackers have managed to find their way into the University of East Anglia’s network and copied over 1,000 emails, data files and code from their climate change propaganda department.  And they make interesting reading …

One “scientist”, Tim Osborn, told his colleagues to delete data rather than release it under the Freedom of Information Act.  Another “scientist”, Phil Jones, explained how he used a “trick” pioneered by another “scientist” to hide cooling trends.

Michael Mann, another “scientist”, said he would be contacting the BBC to find out why a journalist was allowed to write a vaguely sceptical article.  Another one, Kevin Trenberth, admits that they can’t explain why there is no global warming.

The Information Commissioner has apparently advised “scientists” on how to avoid releasing information under the Freedom of Information Act.  Tom Wigley, another of the “scientists” admits that “scientists” have been dishonestly claiming their predictions fit the IPPC climate model.

We’re being taxed and regulated into the dark ages in the name of climate change and here we have evidence that it’s nothing more than a scam motivated by hundreds of millions of pounds of government funding available for “scientists” that come up with the right answers.

Some excellent reading on Climategate:

Thieving Bastard Telford Politicians – Part 296

So the House of Commons have released details of MPs expenses, self-censored by the MPs themselves.  Did your thieving bastard MP make any inappropriate claims?

Here’s a couple of examples from the two thieving bastard MPs in Telford:

David Wright, thieving bastard MP for Telford, claimed over £7k for a photocopier and £300 for an accountant to do his self assessment tax returns.

Mark Pritchard, thieving bastard MP for the Wrekin, claimed 31p for an air freshner, £170 for bed and breakfast at a hotel a mile away from his house and hundreds of pounds for short taxi journey’s (how far does £4 get you in a black cab?) in London.

I have just sent Mark Pritchard an email about his expenses …

Dear Mark,

I note from your recently published expenses that you claimed about £170 for bed and breakfast at the Buckatree Hall Hotel, about a mile away from your house.  Can you please explain why you believe the cost of staying in a hotel a mile from your house is a legitimate expense incurred wholly and exclusively in carrying out your duties as an MP and should have been borne by the taxpayer?

I also note that you have claimed for various low cost items such as 31p for an air freshener and a pound for some tissues.  Could you please explain why, with a salary of £64,775, you felt unable to pay for your own tissues or a 31p air freshener?  Could you also please explain why you believe that tissues and toilet rolls are expenses incurred wholly and exclusively in carrying out your duties as an MP?  Would you not have blown your nose or wiped your backside if you weren’t an MP?

Finally, I see that you have spent hundreds of pounds on taxis for short journeys.  I understand that a £4 taxi ride in London would get you about a mile, two at the most.  I have attached a text document containing details of something that is commonly referred to as “walking” which I copied from Wikipedia.  You may wish to investigate the feasibility of taking part in this new “walking” craze as an alternative to charging the taxpayer hundreds of pounds for you to be driven a mile or two down the road.


Stuart Parr

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Thieving Bastard MP gets reward for corruption

My thieving bastard MP, David Wright, has been rewarded for taking a £17k bribe from a property developer with a job as a junior minister in DEFRA and DCLG in No Mandate Brown’s new cabinet of all the talentless on the same day that El Gordo announced tough punishments for MPs that have been doing naughty things.  Obviously bribery and corruption are worthy of promotion, not punishment, under the new regime.

I tried to report my thieving bastard MP to the police for the bribe.  He lived in Dolphin Square when it was owned by Westminster Council and the taxpayer paid a low rent.  Westminster Council sold the block of flats to a property developer who offered every tennant – including my thieving bastard MP – almost £17k in compensation for signing a new tenancy agreement with a higher rent.  As he didn’t have to pay the higher rent himself, he signed the tenancy agreements and took the £17k “compensation”.  A few months later he moved out because the rent wasn’t good value for money for the taxpayer.  It wasn’t good value for the taxpayer before he took the £17k bung but he stayed on anyway until after he’d had the money.  On balance of probability there is no plausible explanation for staying in the flat other than the £17k compensation and that makes it a bribe.

Unfortunately, the police are proving to be very difficult over this.  I went to the local police and all they would do was log it as information, not as a crime.  They referred me to the Met who refused to log my report and variously told me they weren’t investigating individual MPs, that I would have to go into a Met police station, referred me to New Scotland Yard who told me that it was outside of police jurisdiction because he was an MP (!) and referred me to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.

I emailed the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards who were very helpful but said they couldn’t launch a criminal investigation and told me to report it to the police.  That day the local paper reported that the CPS in London said it was unlikely they would be making any prosecutions.
This is one of the blatant and obvious cases of criminality that have come out of the Telegraph’s expenses blitz yet despite every citizen having an obligation to report crimes that have been committed, I find it is impossible to report my thieving bastard MP for accepting a bribe.  I’ll be talking to the local CPS today to try and find a way of getting a police investigation into David Wright’s criminal activities but the way it’s looking, it might take him to sue me (or rather, the publisher of this blog) for libel before the evidence of his corruption gets in front of a judge.

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Thieving bastard Telford politicians

My thieving bastard MP, David Wright, clearly has a different view of what’s reasonable to the rest of us.

He thought it was reasonable to keep a 17 grand bung from a property developer for changing the tenancy agreement on a flat in Westminster the taxpayer was paying the rent on rather than give it to the Fees Office to go towards the inflated rent the taxpayer was paying as a result of the new tenancy agreement.
He thought it was reasonable to claim £599 for a TV for his flat in London so he could watch the news when he was down there.  Tesco are selling a 15.6″ HD LCD TV with built-in Freeview tuner and DVD player for £129.97.  Is that good enough for watching the news on?  I might take a trip to Tesco tomorrow and find one and take a picture of it showing the news, purely for scientific purposes of course.

He thought it was reasonable to claim £64.99 for a razor to keep at his London flat so he didn’t have to take one with him when he went to London (his explanation).  The Fees Office didn’t think it was reasonable and rejected it.  Tesco are selling an electric razor for £11.

The other thieving bastard MP in Telford, Mark Pritchard, also has a problem grasping what is reasonable to your average taxpayer.

He thought it was reasonable to move from one flat to another in Westminster and claim £1,000 for new furnishings, £199 for a new vacuum cleaner, £145 for a microwave, £55 for new kitchen utensils and £45 for new bedding rather than take what the taxpayer had already paid for from his old flat to his new flat.  What happened to the old furnishings, vacuum cleaner, microwave, kitchen utensils and bedding?  Were they sold and the money paid into the Fees Office?  Or were they left in his old flat for the next tenant, thus depriving the taxpayer of a nominal return on their investment?  If he absolutely needed to replace all these items then Tesco are selling a vacuum cleaner for £16.59, a microwave for £29.39 and a full set of kitchen utensils for £29.36.

Pritchard said:

Rather than but new furniture and kitchen appliances, I purchased second hand goods – again, keeping the costs down.

I have only claimed for the necessities for living in my flat and had no luxuries.

Second hand?  £199 for a second hand vacuum cleaner?  £145 for a second hand microwave?  Second hand, my arse.

Come the revolution, these two thieving bastard politicians will be the first against my wall.

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Alas poor Darling, we knew him well

If Alistair Darling wasn’t an English-hating, thieving bastard Scottish politician I could almost feel sorry for him.

He got promoted to the number 2 job (quite literally) in the British government just as El Gordo’s elaborate pyramid scheme collapsed and the economy took a nosedive.

He followed through (possibly quite literally) with Liebour’s policy of abolishing the 10p tax bracket – a policy that probably originated with El Gordo – and had to stand there and take all the grief for pushing hundreds of thousands of low-paid people further below the poverty line.  Then he had to cobble together a scheme to give back the extra tax poor people were paying and expose himself as a weak, incompetent Chancellor.

Like I said, I could almost feel sorry for him but I won’t because he’s a thieving bastard politician.

Alistair McDarling is reported in the Daily Telegraph as having claimed second home expenses on his grace and favour home in Downing Street and on a flat he owns in London that he is renting out.  Darling says the Telegraph is telling porkies but they have copies of the claims he made.

But not to worry, Darling will get his comeuppance very soon – El Gordo has put the curse of Jonah on him by giving him his full support.  I give him a week, two at the most.

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David Wright: Thieving Bastard Politician

I’ve been patiently waiting for the Daily Telegraph to get round to my MP, David Wright.  I was confident he’d be getting a mention based on the fact that he’s usually the local rent-a-quote for the Shropshire Star but we’ve not heard a peak from him since the expenses fraud stories started.

So what has my thieving bastard of an MP been up to?  Well, he rented an apartment in London in an apartment block called Dolphin Square.  The block was bought from Westminster Council by a property developer who paid every tenant £16,787 to change their tenancy agreements.  So, bearing in mind that the taxpayer had been paying the rent for his apartment, where did this money go?  In the thieving bastard’s pocket of course.

Only a day or two ago he posted a “news” piece on his website about expenses in which he was very careful not to criticise anyone, not even “the system” which most of his colleagues tell us is at fault.  He even tried to divert attention from the expenses fraud stories, saying it’s detracting from the work they’re doing to get us out of the recession:

I am conscious that every day the newspapers are dominated by stories about MPs’ allowances. Each day this happens we lose a day when we could be talking about the work we are doing to help people with their jobs, their homes and their family. That is what I want to focus on in the coming months.

Another quality speech from David Wright, almost word for word what the grown ups have been saying.  How many times have you heard El Gordo or Harriet Harperson or countless other Liebour ministers say almost those same words?  David Wright always has been and always will be a low grade Liebour Party mouthpiece, right up until the next election when he loses his seat.

Back in January I wrote to David Wright and asked him not to support the Liebour government’s attempts to exclude MP expenses from the Freedom of Information Act following a High Court ruling last year that they had to be released.  He replied saying he supported making his expenses secret and instead breaking down the headline figures that were already available into different categories.  I sent him an email back which he didn’t bother replying to.  The last line of my email was:

I would strongly urge you to reconsider your support for this assault on democracy and accountability.  Or is your desire to hide your expenses, perhaps, because you have something to hide?

I wonder why he didn’t reply?  Could it be because he had something to hide?

And while we’re talking about his expenses, the previous “news” item on his website says:

The House of Commons Communications Allowance rules require that no news stories are added to this website during the 28-day ‘closed period’ before the European Elections and County Council Elections in England on 4th June.

So even when he’s talking about misuse of MPs expenses, he’s still fiddling the expenses system.

According to the “news” section of his website – the “news” section he’s not allowed to update because it’s against expenses rules – he’s holding a couple of surgery’s on Friday.  I might pay him a visit and see why he thinks he should have pocketed nearly 17 grand for changing a tenancy agreement for an apartment that the taxpayer has been paying for.

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Another thieving bastard politician stealing from the taxpayer

Another thieving bastard MP has been suspended from the Liebour Party for expenses fraud.

David Chaytor - Benefit ThiefDavid Chaytor, the thieving bastard MP for Bury North, has been fraudulently claiming mortgage payments on his expenses even though the mortgage was paid off by the taxpayer in 2004.  In total he has fraudulently claimed nearly £13k.

Chaytor said it was an “unforgivable error in my accounting procedures”.  Well whoop de fucking do.  For you and I. that argument doesn’t wash with the taxman, it doesn’t wash with the police, it doesn’t wash with the CPS.  Even a troughing cabinet minister on £141k doesn’t forget that the taxpayer paid their mortgage off for them 5 fucking years ago.

This wasn’t an error in accounting procedures, this thieving bastard MP has stolen £13k from the taxpayer.  Suspension from the Liebour Party isn’t good enough, he has admitted defrauding the taxpayer and now he needs to be arrested and prosecuted for fraud, obtaining a pecuniary advantage and malfeasance in public office.

If one of my local MPs is exposed for fraudulent expenses payments – and I fully expect mine to be – then I’ll be reporting them to the police.

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It’s all within the rules

Shaid Malik MP, ironically a Minister in the Ministry of Justice, has resigned from his ministerial post after claiming nearly £67k over three years in second home allowances whilst paying just £100 per week in rent on his main home thanks to an undeclared subsidy he had negotiated with the landlord.  The landlord has allegedly rented out properties that are uninhabitable and been fined for the offence.

But of course, it’s all with the rules says Shaid Malik.  Lots of other MPs have been saying their claims are all within the rules as well.  Most of them have gone on to say that the system is wrong and that the taxpayer is right to be upset, dismayed, horrified at the expenses the system has allowed them to make.  You might say that they have concluded that their decision to make the claims was …

So outrageous in its defiance of logic or accepted moral standards that no sensible person who had applied his mind to the question to be decided could have arrived at it.

The above is a quote from the ruling in Associated Provincial Picture Houses v Wednesbury Corporation which gave rise to the legal test of Wednesbury Unreasonableness.  The test asks if an administrative decision is so unreasonable that a reasonable person would never make the same decision and if that is the case, a judge is entitled to hear the case and make a judgement on that basis.

The argument that it’s all within the rules is no defence and neither is ignorance of the law.  But a Justice Minister should know that, shouldn’t they?

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Resignations, suspensions, apologies but no arrests

Andrew MacKay, David Camoron‘s thieving bastard aide, has resigned from his job with Camoron after it emerged that he and his thieving bastard MP wife, Julie Kirkbride, have been claiming second home allowances on two different homes for 8 or 9 years.

Elliot Morley, the thieving bastard MP who claimed £16k in expenses for a mortgage the taxpayer had already paid off for him, has been suspended from the Parliamentary Liebour Party.

Lord Truscott has resigned from the Liebour Party and he and Lord Taylor of Blackburn face being the first peers to be suspended from the House of Lords since the 17th Century for offering to table amendments to bills for money.

How many thieving bastard MPs have been forced to repay expenses in the last few days?  And the best we’ve had is Andrew MacKay resigning as Camoron‘s assistant – but not as an MP?  Where are the arrests?  Where is our modern-day Cromwell (sans religion) to purge Wesminster Palace of the corrupt thieving fucking bastard MPs?

You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately … Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!

You are no longer a Parliament, I say you are no Parliament.

Damn it, I’d lead the fucking purge using Cromwell’s own words if there was any chance it wouldn’t end in me being locked indefinitely up on a terrorism charge.

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HMRC to investigate thieving bastard politicians

Guido is beside himself at the moment and understandably so.  As an individual, he has done more than most – perhaps more than anyone – to expose and bring down the hypocritical, corrupt, thieving bastard politicians that make up the British government.

But as much as he deserves to enjoy himself at their expense, I have to give him a reality check.

The Commissioners of HM Revenue & Customs may have announced that they will investigate the aforementioned thieving bastard politicians for evasion of capital gains tax and taxation on benefits in kind but HMRC is an executive agency of the Treasury.  El Gordo is First Lord of the Treasury and the Chancellor is a complete bed wetter.  If the Metropolitan Police and Crown Prosecution Service haven’t managed to get a prosecution for openly fraudulent activities of thieving bastard politicians in the last year or two, what chance is there of HM Revenue & Customs being allowed to investigate and prosecute half the House of Commons?

Don’t forget, MPs tax records are all on paper for security reasons (only us proles are required to have all our personal details collected in big databases that our masters have no faith in) and embarassing paper records can easily be destroyed.

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Shut your fucking face Blears

Hazel Blears is so far off the moral compass it’s fucking unbelievable.

Having been exposed for abusing the expenses system by designating a flat she owned as her second home so she could claim £850 per month in mortgage payments on her expenses and then avoid paying capital gains tax when she sold it for a £45k profit, she has said that she understands “hatred” of the expenses system and that the system is wrong and needs changing.

Blears HangingNo.  Fucking no, you stupid fucking ginger chipmunk-featured fucking morally bereft fucking hypocrite.  You knew the system was wrong, you knew that what you were doing was wrong and you knew the taxpayer would consider your expenses claim to be outrageous BUT YOU STILL DID IT.  The system didn’t make you take advantage of a criminally slack expenses system, you made a conscious choice to abuse the system and to abuse the generosity and trust of the taxpayer.

The system doesn’t deserve to be hated, the corrupt MPs who have abused the system deserve to be hated and none more so than the ones like Blears who admit that they have acted in a morally reprehensible way but are trying to deflect attention from their corruption by blaming the system they abused.

Every MP that has abused the system should be fully investigated by the police and prosecuted for obtaining pecuniary advantage and malfeasance in office.  They have obtained money and property by deception – a pecuniary advantage – and have abused the trust of the electorate to such an extent through their deception that they can no longer carry out their duties of an MP effectively – malfeasance in office.

My preferred punishment would be to string the thieving bastards up from the lamposts outside Westminster Palace.

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Telegraph exposes thieving bastard politicians

The Telegraph has details of our thieving bastard MPs’ thieving bastard expenses and come to the conclusion that they’re thieving bastards.

  • The thieving bastard Prime Minister paid his brother over £6k for cleaning his flat.
  • The thieving bastard Justice Secretary, Jackboot Straw, claimed back the full council tax bill for his second home even though he had a 50% discount (he paid it back yesterday when he found out that it was going to be in a newspaper noticed the mistake).
  • The thieving bastard crook, Peter Mandelson, claimed thousands of pounds for improvements to his constituency home after he’d announced his resignation as an MP and then sold it for a profit of £136k.
  • The thieving bastard Communities Secretary, Hazel Blears, claimed £5k for furniture for three different homes by changing the title of her main home.
  • The thieving bastard Chancellor, Alistair Darling, changed the title of his second home four times in four years so he could claim second home expenses at all his properties.
  • The thieving bastard Transport Secretary, Geoff Hoon, spent thousands of pounds of taxpayers money improving his second home and then changed the title of his second home to another property and spent thousands of pounds of taxpayers money improving that home.
  • The thieing bastard Culture Secretary, Europe Minister and Welsh Secretary, Andy Burnham, Caroline Flint and Paul Murphy, all bought flats or the freehold for properties that they already owned and then claimed moving costs and stamp duty.

Hazel Blears said there would be no resignations because all the claims were within the rules but that they recognised the rules needed changing.  So they recognise that the rules are open to abuse, that thieving bastard MPs are robbing the taxpayer and that the rules have to be changed but they still abused the rules knowing that what they were doing was wrong?

Thieving.  Bastard.  MPs.

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Thieving Bastard Politicians

For once the lying, crooked, thieving bastard politicians in the Liebour Party have been eclipsed by an even bigger bunch of lying, crooked, thieving bastard politicians.  Unbelievable, I know, but true.

Sinn Féin’s 5 MPs have claimed £21k each for the last 4 years – a total of over £400k – in second home allowances for flats in London even though the thieving bastard terrorists refuse to take their seats in Westminster because they won’t pledge their alleigence to the Queen.

There’s only one way to stop these lying thieving bastard politicians from being such lying thieving bastards and it involves a good length of rope and a lampost.

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Liebour Lords offer money for amending bills

Four Liebour Lords have been caught out by undercover reporters apparently offering to change bills for money.

The 4 Lords – Lord Truscott, Lord Moonie, Lord Taylor of Blackburn and Lord Snape – were all approached by undercover reporters for the Sunday Times and allegedly agreed to introduce amendments to bills going through the House of Lords in exchange for a fee of up to £120k.

It’s worth noting that all four of the Lords in question are Life Peers, appointed to the House of Lords rather than inheriting their seat and further evidence that the appointment of Peers, or even their election, would be bad for democracy.

These Life Peers have made a career out of politics and shown themselves not to have the best interests of the country in mind but their own career and that has led them to the monumentally bad decision of apparantly accepting bribes.  Would a hereditary peer have taken the bribe?  There’s always the chance that they might because even Lords and Ladies get short of cash but it’s far less likely – they tend not to make a career out of politics and there are easier ways of getting your hands on cash if you’ve got a title than taking a bung off a dodgy businessman.

The problem with appointing people to the Lords or with electing them to the House is that they are reliant on the job for their income.  You only have to look at the amount of fraud and corruption amongst MPs to see what happens when you put people of limited substance into a position of power.  Corrupt politics on the scale experienced now is a relatively recent phenomenon.  A century ago most MPs were wealthly landowners, Lords, doctors, etc. – people with money, a career and a reputation.  The job of an MP was a philanthropic choice of career rather than one with a hugely inflated salary, an effective immunity from prosecution and a retirement package that will keep you in luxury for the rest of your natural.

Those who seek power are not worthy of that power.
– Plato

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Government are out of control

What a surprise, the Liebour Stazi have suppressed democracy again.

A motion was put forward to set up a committee to investigate the arrest of Damian Green MP, the police search of his MPs office without a warrant and the complicity of the Speaker and the Serjeant at Arms in the search.  It would have seven committee members, four of which would be Liebour MPs and they would start their investigations after the Police had finished their investigations into the leaks for which Damian Green was arrested.

Minge Campbell put forward an amendment to have the committee start their investigations straight away but this was rejected by just 4 votes so the Conswervatives and Lib Dums have told their MPs not to take part in the committee because it’s a sham.

A police investigation could take months or even years to complete, by which time there may have been an election (if Gordo hasn’t banned them in the interests of national security by then), a new government and a new Speaker.

This really is taking the piss – it’s virtually impossible now to hold the British government to account, either as a voter or an MP.  They get away with fraud, corruption, gross incompetence and even treason.  They’re out of control, no longer acting in the interests of the country but only in the interests of themselves and their party.  Liebour has only one objective – to stay in power.  My off-the-cuff remarks about elections being banned aren’t really that off-the-cuff, I can quite believe it happening.

When your government no longer acts in the interests of you or your country and effective opposition ceases to exist there is only one course of action available.

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14 years and counting

Federal Europe’s own internal auditors have refused to sign off their accounts for the 14th year running.

Every year the European Court of Auditors refuse to sign off the EU’s accounts because of the rampant fraud and corruption that sees £1 in every four lost to fraud and bureaucracy.

Federal Europe is after a 3.15% increase in its budget in 2009 to £116bn yet they can’t even be trusted to spend the money they already plunder from the Treasuries of member states. According to UKIP, a lot of what has been earmarked in the 2009 budget is for things that are in the EU not-a-constitution and have no legal basis.

Fuck the EU and fuck the corrupt bastards that run it.

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Common Purpose admit to illegal disclosures

I have just been contacted by my Common Purpose informant who tells me that Third Sector magazine has a very interesting interview with Common Purpose.

Common Purpose have admitted in Third Sector magazine to illegally passing on information of members of the public which they have themselves obtained illegally.

Third Sector is a magazine for the voluntary and charity sector and despite Common Purpose fleecing the taxpayer out of millions of pounds for its anti-democracy training courses it somehow manages to cling on to its charity status, presumably through its network of agents that they have used to infiltrate vast swathes of the public sector.

Common Purpose has told Third Sector that they are being picked on by right-wing groups who are deliberately harassing them and then goes on to admit that:

Common Purpose now forwards its list of 130 previous FOI requests, including names of applicants, to help local authorities decide whether new requests about the charity are vexatious.

As Common Purpose is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act they can only have obtained the names of people making FOI requests about them through an illegal disclosure by the public body that has received the request.  After receiving the illegal data they have then processed it illegally and then illegally passed it on to third parties.  A fundamental concept of English law is that ignorance is no defence – by obtaining, processing and then divulging illegally obtained information, Common Purpose has committed a criminal offence and the trustees could face a custodial sentence if there is any part of the judicial system left that hasn’t yet been infiltrated by Common Purpose.

According to the article, Common Purpose are still seeking legal advice – as they have been for at least 2 years now – on their phantom victimisation.  The words “people in glass houses” spring to mind.  Along with other words such as “crooks”, “traitors” and “ha ha, you’re fucked”.

I’m sure it won’t surprise you to know that first thing tomorrow I will be asking the Information Commissioner to investigate and prosecute Common Purpose for this offence, particularly as I have a copy of the list of websites Common Purpose has forwarded on and this one is listed.

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