Alas poor Darling, we knew him well

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If Alistair Darling wasn’t an English-hating, thieving bastard Scottish politician I could almost feel sorry for him.

He got promoted to the number 2 job (quite literally) in the British government just as El Gordo’s elaborate pyramid scheme collapsed and the economy took a nosedive.

He followed through (possibly quite literally) with Liebour’s policy of abolishing the 10p tax bracket – a policy that probably originated with El Gordo – and had to stand there and take all the grief for pushing hundreds of thousands of low-paid people further below the poverty line.  Then he had to cobble together a scheme to give back the extra tax poor people were paying and expose himself as a weak, incompetent Chancellor.

Like I said, I could almost feel sorry for him but I won’t because he’s a thieving bastard politician.

Alistair McDarling is reported in the Daily Telegraph as having claimed second home expenses on his grace and favour home in Downing Street and on a flat he owns in London that he is renting out.  Darling says the Telegraph is telling porkies but they have copies of the claims he made.

But not to worry, Darling will get his comeuppance very soon – El Gordo has put the curse of Jonah on him by giving him his full support.  I give him a week, two at the most.

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  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    maybe its just me but every Monday i like to read the scottish bbc pages to see how many drink reklated murders there have been over the weekend

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