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Labour’s hypocritical tuition fees attack on the Lib Dems

Nick Clegg Pledge to oppose university taxThe Labour Party are asking people to share a poster on Facebook attacking the Lib Dems over their broken promise on tuition fees.

The Lib Dem manifesto for the last election promised to vote against any increase in Labour’s university tax and Nick Clegg even posed with a giant pledge card saying he would vote against it and pressure the British government for a fairer alternative. Once elected he voted to increase Labour’s university tax from £3k a year to £9k a year.

That Nick Clegg is a weak, dishonest politician goes without saying but people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones and Labour really have scored an own goal with this one. Labour contested the 2001 election saying they wouldn’t introduce the university tax and had legislated to prevent it. Like the legislation Conservative supporters are currently clinging to for dear life that David Cameron has told them “guarantees” an EU referendum in 2017, the legislation preventing the introduction of the university tax was utterly worthless and shortly after they repealed it and introduced tuition fees of up to £3k in England.

The English university tax was imposed on England against the wishes of our democratically elected representatives. Since the introduction of devolved government in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland the British government only had control of education in England so in any real democracy, only MPs elected in England should have voted on the introduction of the university tax but Labour whipped their Scottish MPs to vote it through and overturned a small majority of MPs elected in England who voted against it.

We wouldn’t have the university tax in England at all if it wasn’t for Labour’s broken promise not to introduce it and Labour’s undemocratic use of their Scottish MPs to impose legislation on England that a majority of MPs elected in England voted against. Using the Lib Dems’ broken promises on the the university tax that Labour broke a promise and broke one of the most fundamental democratic principals to introduce is frankly hypocritical and I hope that it blows up in their faces.

Welsh MEP says English should give more money to Wales

But not for equal funding

Welsh Labour MEP, Derek Vaughan, has called for the English to give even more money to Wales to make up for a £400m cut in EU funding agreed by the British.

When the EU budget was “cut”, as well as our contributions going up the amount of money we get back from the EU was also cut.  As Wales is a net recipient of EU funding that means that the Welsh lose more funding per capita than the English and it’s this funding reduction agreed by the British government that Derek Vaughan thinks the English should compensate them for.

Wales already gets nearly £1,400 more in per capita public spending than England so Vaughan can sod off.  It’s about time the rest of the UK started paying their own bills and stopped leaching off the English taxpayer.

Lord Adonis proposes regional government in England again

Unelected Labour peer, Lord Adonis, is spearheading yet another campaign for the destruction of England by regionalisation.

Lord Adonis

78% of people don’t want regional government you say? I honestly don’t give a shit.

The Labour Party always refer to the deceitful referendum on the common market held in 1975, which nobody currently under the age of 56 was able to take part in, as giving legitimacy to our continued membership of the EU despite the majority of the population being opposed to it.  Yet the referendum on regional government held in the north east of England by his party just 8 and a half years ago which resulted in a 78% “no” vote can apparently be safely ignored.

Adonis is producing a report for Nick Clegg – another Deputy Prime Minister that wants to destroy England – on the economy of north east of England and wants regional governments in England with control over major budgets.  His vision is for a return of the unelected regional assemblies and regional development agencies that we’ve only just got rid of.  It’s a kick in the teeth for democracy and if he’s successful, another major broken promise from the British government.

Local authorities can work together perfectly well without an unaccountable, undemocratic regional quango taking powers and money away from elected representatives.  Local government is a devolved matter, the British government has no moral or democratic mandate to ride roughshod over our democratic wishes and dismantle our system of local government to suit their own political ambitions.  Labour is already behind a campaign for a regional parliament for the north of England and this renewed interest in “devolution” to regional quangos is a regionalist trojan horse.  The fact that it’s an unelected peer trying to dismantle our country makes it even more unacceptable.

Labour and the “one nation”

The Milibeasts

If this is the answer, what the hell was the question?

Ed Milibeast used the phrase “one nation” a lot in his Labour Party conference speech and our MP here in Telford, David “Scum Sucking Tories” Wright, clarified on BBC Radio Shropshire that he was talking about one nation socially, economically and geographically.  He made it pretty clear that there is only room for one nation as far as Labour is concerned (even though it’s not a nation) – Britain.

It’s odd to hear such Big Britisher sentiments coming from the party responsible for introducing devolution in Scotland, Wales and London and a party so single-mindedly committed to the abolition of the nation state.  It’s also more than a little inconsistent with their support for the balkanisation of England which has led to them proposing a “Parliament of the North” this year and even launching a fake think tank to promote it.

At least they’re no longer trying to cover up their opposition to democracy or ambition of destroying our nations.

Ed Miliband says the “E” word

Ed Miliband has broken with decades of tradition and spoken positively about English identity and even mentioning an English Parliament.  Ok, he dismissed it out of hand because he says there isn’t support for one but he’s the first LibLabCon leader to follow UKIP’s lead and take the subject seriously.

Labour has been struggling in England in recent years, despite a revival thanks to the ineptitude of the ConDems and has been navel gazing for some time trying to figure why the country they milked for over a decade to buy votes in Scotland and Wales might not be so keen on voting for them.  It has recently occurred to them that describing English people as “a race not worth saving” and suggesting that people describing themselves as English is worrying and is about race, not culture unlike Britishness might be a contributing factor to their unpopularity.

While Ed Miliband is now apparently comfortable with us describing ourselves as English (as long as we say we’re British as well) he isn’t happy with the idea of an English Parliament.  He says that an English Parliament means more politicians and that there isn’t support for an English Parliament so instead we should make do with more powers for local authorities.

Where to start?  The “more politicians” myth is as good a place as any.  There are 650 British MPs, 117 of which are elected in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland where they have less than half the workload of an MP elected in England because their devolved representatives have more responsibility in their constituencies than they do.  If an English Parliament takes away most of the British Parliament’s work, why on earth would we keep all 650 British MPs?  The number of British MPs could easily be halved and it’s a pretty damning indictment of the British political class that the thought of reducing their number doesn’t even cross their minds.

As for there being no support for an English Parliament – what he means is there is no support for an English Parliament in his own party.  An Ipsos Mori/British Futures poll in January found that 52% want an English Parliament.  An ICM/Power 2010 poll last year found that 68% want an English Parliament.  A YouGov/Jury Team poll in 2009 found that 58% want an English Parliament.  A Populus/The Times poll in 2009 found that 41% want an English Parliament.  An ICM/Telegraph poll in 2007 found that 45% want an English Parliament or to ban MPs not elected in England from voting on English matters.  An ICM/CEP poll in 2007 found that 67% want an English Parliament.  A YouGov/Sunday Times poll in 2007 found that 72% want an English Parliament.  There are more but that’s enough to make the point – all of them show a majority in favour of an English Parliament.

His suggestion that giving local authorities in England more power would be equivalent to the Scottish Parliament or Welsh Assembly is frankly insulting.  A town council could never compete with a national government and it certainly couldn’t represent the local population and businesses on the internationals stage.  It’s a ridiculous suggestion and a half baked idea motivated by political greed, not a desire to do what’s right by the English.

Slavery hypocrisy

I saw a Facebook comment this morning from a local Labour councillor criticising the use of unemployed people bussed in to the centre of London to marshal the Jubilee concert.  This is “slavery” and of course, all down to the evil Tories.

I actually have some time for this councillor who, despite his politics mostly being fundamentally wrong to me, is doing a reasonable job in trying circumstances but this was a bit hypocritical really because I remember writing something a couple of years ago – April 2009 to be precise – about Gordon Brown proposing to force English children to do 50 hours of community service, threatening exam failure for those that refused.

There is nothing wrong with unemployed people doing community service and I’ve previously written various pieces on why unemployed people should be made to work in exchange for their benefits.  As it happens, the people the aforementioned councillor was referring to weren’t treated particularly well but that doesn’t make the principal wrong because it isn’t.  But what is interesting, though, is that forcing adults claiming unemployment benefits to do some community work for the benefit of those paying the benefits is considered to be wrong whilst an MP elected in Scotland proposing to force English children to do community service and threatening them with exam failure for not complying is apparently ok.

Isn’t it interesting how the moral compass is so often guided by the colour of someone’s rosette?

Another racist gaffe by Diane Abbott

Diane Abbott

We must cleanse the streets of the racialist taxi drivers!

I don’t know whether to despise Diane Abbott just that little bit more or whether to pity her for her evident stupidity.

Not content with insulting one fifth of the world’s population, she’s also said that taxi drivers are racist!

A spokesman for the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association, Steve McNamara, said:

We find it amazing that in this day and age someone in Diane Abbott’s position can try to resurrect the stereotypes from the 1960s. At worst she is racist and at best she is stupid in making comments like that. Either way, she should go.


She might have trouble getting a cab in the future and it won’t be because she’s black, it will be because she is stupid. I certainly won’t be stopping for her.

You can always rely on a cabbie to tell it how it is and I would so love to see her flag down a black cab and be told to get stuffed!

Meanwhile, the bungling idiot Ed Dave Ed … whichever one it is … Milliband had an unfortunate Freudian slip on Twitter earlier:

Sad to hear that Bob Holness has died. A generation will remember him fondly from Blackbusters

Who you gonna call? Blackbusters!

Diane Abbott MP broadcasts casual racism on Twitter

Diane Abbott MP, well known for her snide racist remarks, has finally stepped over the line saying that “white people love playing divide and rule”.

Abbott has tried backtracking after being outed as a racist, saying the comments were taken out of context but if you read the exchange of tweets that the comment is part of, she clearly believes it’s “us and them” and that black people should close ranks.

Bim Adewunmi: I do wish everyone would stop saying ‘the black community’ though. WHICH ONE?

Bim AdewunmiClarifying my ‘black community’ tweet: I hate the generally lazy thinking behind the use of the term. Same for ‘black community leaders’.

Diane Abbott: I understand the cultural point you are making. But you are playing into a “divide and rule” agenda.

Bim AdewunmiMaybe. I find it frustrating that half the time, these leaders are out of touch with black people they purport to represent.

Diane AbbottWhite people love playing “divide & rule” We should not play their game #tacticasoldascolonialism

Bim AdewunmiI don’t advocate ‘divide and rule’. But I wish we could deal more effectively with issues without resorting to monolithic view.

Diane AbbottEthnic communities that show more public solidarity & unity than black people do much better #dontwashdirtylineninpublic

Taken in context, the comment is even worse.  The Labour Party is institutionally racist, I have said this before.  They are prejudiced against the English and now one of their MPs has openly made racist remarks about white people on Twitter.  Perhaps we need an inquiry into the institutional racism in the Labour Party?

Bim Adewunmi actually makes a bloody good point which will sadly be lost in the furore over Abbott’s racism which is a shame.  I find it extremely irritating when the media, politicians and police talk about “the black community” and “black community leaders”.  Have you ever heard the term “the white community” or “white community leaders”?

Abbott is a racist, I hope she gets hung out to dry and deselected.  We have enough problems with racism in this country already without racist politicians making it worse.

And the winner is …

Harriden Harperson, the fascist man-hating bitch of an Acting Leader, has finished her speech and some scary looking woman (it has to be a woman of course) has announced the winner of the deckchair rearranging competition on the SS New Liebour and the winner, with xx% of the vote, is …

Ed the Milibeast

Ed the Millibeast

Right, now the excitement’s all over I’m going to go and find some paint I can watch drying.

Election Prediction

The election is almost upon us and it’s time for a prediction I think: Nick Clegg will be Prime Minister.

Now, don’t get any silly ideas about the Lib Dems winning the election because they won’t.  The Tories will win the election with most seats but they won’t have a working majority and Cameron would rather go without than share power.  The newspaper ads and constant talk about how terrible a hung parliament would be confirm that Cameron is out for absolute power and nothing less.

There will be no shortage of offers to form a coalition with Cast Iron Dave but they will be rebuffed.  The party faithful will be told that it’s better to let a LibLab coalition limp along for a few months before collapsing and then the Tories can romp home to victory in a snap election.  Most of them will fall for it of course and those that don’t will accept it for the greater good.

So that just leaves the Lib Dems and Labour.  The Lib Dems will come second on Thursday, relegating Labour to third place.  Clegg will want a coalition of the left which rules out the Tories and whilst the SNP and Plaid will make gains at the election (the former more so than the latter) they won’t have enough lobby fodder for Clegg to see off the Tories so it will be a LibLab coalition with Clegg as Prime Minister.

Whether El Gordo will manage to cling on as leader after the election remains to be seen.  Mandelson is already leader in all but name and I expect him to take over the reins from El Gordo at some point after the election.  Clegg says he won’t work with Brown but once he smells victory he’ll soon change his tune.

And what about the non-LibLabCon/celtic nationalists?  Well, UKIP will come out with a handful of MPs – I think between three and five.  The BNP will retain some deposits but they won’t win and seats.  The English Democrats will spring a few surprises but won’t win any seats.  The Greens will come worryingly close to winning a seat but won’t quite make it.

Five more years of hurt?

The Tory MP, Eric Pickles, is saying on Twitter that No Mandate Brown has told the News of the World that he will stay on for a full term if Liebour is re-elected in this year’s general election.

So that’s 5 more reasons not to vote for Liebour when Bottler Brown eventually calls an election.

Just as well El Gordo stands as much chance as a ghost’s fart in a force 10 gale.

Gordy, Gordy, Gordy! Out, out, out!

Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt, both former Ministers, have written an open letter to all Liebour MPs calling for a secret ballot on No Mandate Brown’s leadership of the party.

They say the party is “deeply divided” and that the question of McBroon’s leadership needs to be “sorted out once and for all”.

The Liebour Party is battling with crippling debts and is technically insolvent.  It is facing regular revolts from the unions that are keeping them out of the bankruptcy courts and MPs are in open revolt.  There are more unelected peers in the cabinet than there has ever been in history, making a mockery of Liebour’s claim to be the party of the working class man.  Liebour was virtually wiped out at the EU election in June last year, coming in fourth place behind the Tories, UKIP and – embarassingly – the Lib Dims.  The state of the economy would shame a third world finance minister and the Liebour propaganda machine just churns out meaningless drivel about “our message”, “shared values”, “fairness” and “getting on with the job” to mask the fact that they have absolutely no idea what to do next.

It remains to be seen whether Liebour MPs ditch El Gordo this close to an election.  Not only does it show how weak and divided they are, but surely even the Liebour Party wouldn’t dare to impose yet another no mandate Prime Minister on us without an election?  Has there ever been a case in our history where we’ve had three Prime Minister’s from the same party with only one election?  Perhaps that’s their plan – to oust McBroon, call a snap election and try and stem their losses?

I have a feeling the One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan will call an early election and hope for a career-saving miracle rather than lose a ballot on his leadership but once the election is over, he will be gone and Peter Mandelson will flounce in to take his place.  Mandelson has been hogging the limelight ever since he began his bizarre third stint in government and only yesterday he announced plans for a one-off Queen’s Jubilee bank holiday in England in 2010 despite the British Department for English Media, English Culture and English Sport being the ones running with it.

Mandelson’s leadership campaign started the minute he was brough back into McBroon’s cabinet of all the talentless.

Liebour holds onto Glasgow East

Liebour has managed to hold on to the Glasgow North East seat vacated by the disgraced ex-Speaker, Micheal Martin (now Lord Martin but, like Peter Mandelson, entirely undeserving of the honorific), albeit with a reduced majority.

Liebour won with 12,231 votes, followed by the SNP with 4,120.  The Tories just managed to keep their deposit with 1,075 votes (5.22%) closely followed by the BNP with 1,013 votes (4.92%) who were a few votes short of keeping their deposit.  The Lib Dims came in sixth with 474% of the vote, behind the Solidarity Party who got 794 votes.

One commentator yesterday said that if Liebour put a donkey up for election it would win and they weren’t wrong but elections are won and lost in England and Liebour is about as relevant as the Monster Raving Loony Party south of the border.

IPPR wants to stop loans for middle-class students

Liebour’s pet far-left extremists, the IPPR, have suggested that students from “middle class” families in England should be refused student loans to pay tuition fees to make more money available to students from poor families who are more likely to vote Liebour.

They are also calling for grants and bursaries to be restricted to students from poor families who are more likely to vote Liebour rather than being made available based on ability so clever people judged by a panel of failed communists to be from a “middle class” family can be denied a university education to make way for semi-literate chavs from sink hole housing estates.

The British Department for English Business, Innovation and Skills is conducting a review of student funding for university education in England and is planning to increase the amount English universities are allowed to charge for courses.

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Liebour: Rewarding Failure since 1997

Working class!

Failed politician, life-long member of the Scottish Raj and millionaire class warrior, Michael Martin, is being rewarded for the gross incompetence that resulted in him being the first Speaker of the House of Commons to be forced out of office since 1695 with a Baronetcy.

Gorbals Mick will now be carrying out his scathing attacks on the middle and upper classes from his mansion house in Glasgow under the name Baron Martin of Springburn, of Port Dundas in the City of Glasgow.  That’ll earn him some respect in his local working mens club.  I’m sure the commies in the Springburn Liebour Party are practicing walking backwards out of the door and doffing their caps as I type.

Why do socialists feel the need to reward abject failure with honours from the class system they devote their lives to destroying?  Am I the only one to notice the rank hypocrisy?

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Burnham is a prick

Andy Burnham, the British Minister for English Health, has written an open letter to David Camoron calling on him to withdraw the whip from Dan Hannan and any other Tory that criticises the NHS.

What a prize prick.

He rubbishes claims the Tories are the party of the NHS as Camoron claims because Dan Hannan has criticised the NHS.  Apparently “every single MP, MEP and member of the Labour Party endorses the NHS” which is a bold claim to make bearing in mind the fact that he cannot possibly have canvassed the opinions of all MPs, MEPs and Liebour Party members.

He asks if Camoron will ban members of Atlantic Bridge – a transatlantic group of conservatives – from attending the Tory conference because they have criticised the NHS.

He calls on Camoron to demand Tory shadow ministers resign from the Cornerstone Group – a traditionalist, eurosceptic, anti-devolution group in the Conswervative Party – because they described the NHS as stalinist and called for it to be replaced.

I have a few points to make about Burnham’s letter.

Firstly, there is no “the NHS”.  There are four National Health Services in the UK and only the English NHS is under the control of the British.

Secondly, it is perfectly possible for a party to be in favour of something whilst some, or even most, of its members have a different view.  The Tories are a eurofederalist party, for instance, whilst the majority of its MPs and members are eurosceptics.

Thirdly, withdrawing the whip or otherwise punishing an MP or MEP for voicing an opinion that doesn’t concur with the official view of the party is a ridiculous suggestion.  What sort of fascist, anti-democratic autoritarian political party would spouse those sorts of views?  That’s a rhetorical question, by the way.

Fourthly, the suggestion that members of Atlantic Bridge should be banned from the Tory conference for criticising the NHS is pathetic and has nothing to do with their views on the NHS and everything to do with the fact that Atlantic Bridge is a conservative organisation.  If they were socialists, like the Liebour Party used to be, Burnham wouldn’t have mentioned them.

Fifthly, setting aside the fact that it would be morally wrong to insist shadow ministers resign from the anti-socialist Cornerstone Group because they think the NHS is stalinist and needs replacing, wanting to replace the National Health Services doesn’t mean they oppose them, it means they want to replace them.  The clue is in the word “replace”, which doesn’t mean “abolish”.

Sixthly – and finally – if you’re going to criticise the Tories then at least do it for genuine reasons, of which there are plenty.  Criticise them for being anti-English or eurofederalists.  Criticise them for being socialists in blue ties or for being vague and evasive on policy.  It will mean being hypocritical but that shouldn’t be a problem for a Liebour minister.

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Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Liebour

David Millibeast, the 14 year old work experience Foreign Minister, has called for a reinvention of the Liebour Party.

I wonder what name he envisages for this newly reinvented Liebour Party?  New New Liebour?  New Old Liebour?  National Socialist British Jobs for British Workers Party?

The Millibeast said that the only left wingers that had done well in the EU imperial elections were the Greek socialists who boast 10% of the population as members.  Contast that with Liebour who have 200,000 members – 0.33% of the population.

We should be looking at the way in America they have registered Democrats and registered Republicans on the electoral roll – we should be looking at that here.

I think he’s suggesting marking the electoral register with political party membership like some US states do.  I really don’t see what benefit that would bring at all unless he’s suggesting an American-style system where you only get to vote in the final ballot unless you declare your allegiance to one of the two main parties.
He went on to say …

We have more than 3m trade unionists who pay the political levy, but we don’t make half enough use of them – either to listen to them or to lead them.

How many of those 3 million realise they can opt out of the political fund and how many realise that the phrase “political fund” actually means “donation to the Liebour Party”?  And more importantly, how many union members want the Liebour Party to lead their union?

The Millibeast even suggested that as a show of “corporate responsibility” the Liebour Party should donate money to charity.  The Liebour Party is about £24m in debt and the Millibeast is suggesting that they give away money to charity.  Unbelievable!  This is why socialists always fuck up the economy, they just have no concept of how budgets work.  Liebour’s debt is about 120% of their annual income.  If they were a company, their credit rating would be junk.
He also said that the Liebour Party has an “open and honest” published budget planning tax rises and spending cuts to halve the budegt deficit.  But El Gordo keeps saying that they’re not going to cut spending, they’re going to spend their way out of recession.  So if the Millibeast says they have an “open and honest” budget planning spending cuts for 5 years, is he saying that No Mandate Brown is being dishonest?

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Bloggers4UKIP: Mandelson says UK will join Euro

Peter Mandelson (I won’t call him Lord Mandelson, a man without honour doesn’t deserve an honourary title) says that the UK will join the Euro.

Does it remain an important objective for Britain to find itself in the same currency as that single market in which it interacts? Obviously yes.

Important objective for who Mandy? Not for me and not for the vast majority of the electorate who would rather return to bartering with livestock than replace the pound with the Euro.

Nobody in their right mind would willingly abandon the pound and adopt a currency that’s run by and for France and Germany. But then Mandy isn’t in his right mind, not by a long shot. The man’s an utter fruitcake – like most eurofederalists his mind doesn’t inhabit the same planet his body does.

Of course, Mandy’s suggestion that we should adopt the Euro might have something to do with the fact that he risks losing his very generous taxpayer-funded EU pension if he fails to promote the European Empire.

No one can serve two masters, because either he will hate one and love the other, or be loyal to one and despise the other.

Matthew 6:24

Mandelson serves two masters – the British government and the European Empire. So where does his loyalty lie and who does he love and hate? I think we all know the answer to that question.

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Lord Sugar of Shit

No Mandate Brown’s choice of Sir (soon to be Lord) Alan Sugar for his cabinet of all the talentless is interesting when you read the Telegraph’s brief bio on him …

While Sir Alan spends the majority of his time on The Apprentice, he has not completely severed his ties with the business community, still chairing a computer company, Viglen, in which he is a major shareholder.

Just a month ago, the company won a £30 million contract to supply Government departments, such as the NHS, with 70,000 computers.

Interesting.  But there’s no conflict of interests of course, Sir Alan Sugar says so and you can trust him because he’s an honest and Alan Sugar - Gordon, you're firedsuccessful businessman.

At its peak Amstrad, which made hi-fis, car radios and helped pioneer home computers in Britain, was worth £1.2 billion


In 2007 he sold the company for £125 million to broadcaster BSkyB, a 10th of its value during the boom years.

So, he took a £1.2bn company, turned it into a £125m company and now he’s going to make policy on business and enterprise?  I suppose it’s no worse than No Mandate Brown taking a booming economy and turning it into a national debt roughly equal to 150% of GDP.

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Replacing people who’ve resigned isn’t a reshuffle

Well, it’s not been much of a cabinet reshuffle so far … more sort of replacing the people who’ve resigned because El Gordo is such a dick.

The Defence Secretary, John Hutton, has resigned and is yet to be replaced.  Alan Johnson has been made Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper has been made DWP secretary and Alan Sugar has been made “enterprise czar” which will explain his public support for El Gordo this morning.  In fact, I listened to my crooked MP, David Wright, this morning claiming that Liebour isn’t dead yet and El Gordo has a broad base of support based solely on the fact Alan Sugar praised him.  If the only people they can find to publicly support El Gordo are Fatty Prescott, a back bench nobody and a c-list celebrity who he’s just given a job to, Gordo’s position is more desperate than many people thought!

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