Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Liebour

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David Millibeast, the 14 year old work experience Foreign Minister, has called for a reinvention of the Liebour Party.

I wonder what name he envisages for this newly reinvented Liebour Party?  New New Liebour?  New Old Liebour?  National Socialist British Jobs for British Workers Party?

The Millibeast said that the only left wingers that had done well in the EU imperial elections were the Greek socialists who boast 10% of the population as members.  Contast that with Liebour who have 200,000 members – 0.33% of the population.

We should be looking at the way in America they have registered Democrats and registered Republicans on the electoral roll – we should be looking at that here.

I think he’s suggesting marking the electoral register with political party membership like some US states do.  I really don’t see what benefit that would bring at all unless he’s suggesting an American-style system where you only get to vote in the final ballot unless you declare your allegiance to one of the two main parties.
He went on to say …

We have more than 3m trade unionists who pay the political levy, but we don’t make half enough use of them – either to listen to them or to lead them.

How many of those 3 million realise they can opt out of the political fund and how many realise that the phrase “political fund” actually means “donation to the Liebour Party”?  And more importantly, how many union members want the Liebour Party to lead their union?

The Millibeast even suggested that as a show of “corporate responsibility” the Liebour Party should donate money to charity.  The Liebour Party is about £24m in debt and the Millibeast is suggesting that they give away money to charity.  Unbelievable!  This is why socialists always fuck up the economy, they just have no concept of how budgets work.  Liebour’s debt is about 120% of their annual income.  If they were a company, their credit rating would be junk.
He also said that the Liebour Party has an “open and honest” published budget planning tax rises and spending cuts to halve the budegt deficit.  But El Gordo keeps saying that they’re not going to cut spending, they’re going to spend their way out of recession.  So if the Millibeast says they have an “open and honest” budget planning spending cuts for 5 years, is he saying that No Mandate Brown is being dishonest?

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  1. Charlie Marks (365 comments) says:

    “This is why socialists always fuck up the economy, they just have no concept of how budgets work”

    Uh, where are the socialists in New Labour, wonko? Let’s not forget that UK corporations and citizens are also heavily indebted, so presumably we are all socialists 😉

    On spending, Brown is always clear to say spending on planned projects has been brought forward – that capital expenditure for coming years will happen now rather than later to act as a reflationary measure to increase demand in the economy and thus return to growth. This isn’t what people understand as a cut in spending, so Milibliar isn’t dissenting on this point.

    A cut is usually understood to be a reduction in funding which results in job losses and less provision of goods or services. Projects being brought forward means the government purchasing goods and services from private sector companies now rather than later.

    Spending can be reduced without negatively impacting front-line staff or service provision – for example, if we bring the troops home from Afghanistan then the MoD will make savings, as wars are expensive. No personnel have to be laid off, and we’ve still got armed forces to defend us. A government of whatever stripe would be able to say the MoD had made savings.

    On Labour’s credit rating – they’ve got 200,000 members and big donors in the unions. So in future years, their debts could conceivably be paid back, which is why they can still borrow money. Strangely enough, the party’s funding problems come about because the membership has halved since Bliar came to power and started ditching socialist policies…

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