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Tony Blair is a real hero

Princess Tony is in Sierra Leone being crowned a “paramount chief” by a local tribe.

Defending his taxpayer-funded farewell tour round the world, he said “Five years ago this country was being taken over by gangsters who were killing innocent people, raping women, despoiling the country.  But today we have a situation where in three months time we will have an election.”

Great.  They’re still killing innocent people, raping women and despoiling the country but at least they’re going to have the opportunity to elect an ineffectual leader rather than have one imposed on them.  Perhaps he thinks just visiting Sierra Leone will spread world peace to the region.  Gosh, he’s just like Jesus I think I might start a whole religion around the great bringer of peace.

Ah, too late.

“Tony Blair is a hero. He took a real risk. If the intervention had failed it could have been his downfall,” said journalist Augustus Kamara, who named his son – born a year after the British action – Tony Blair Kamara.

I think Mr Kamara needs to try and find his way into the real world for a bit.  A million people marched on London to protest against the Iraq war which has been a disaster since the day we invaded liberated Iraq but he ignored public opinion and did it anyway.  Was it his downfall?  No.  Over 1.8m people signed a petition against road pricing but he’s going to carry on anyway.  Was this his downfall?  No.  If military intervention in Sierra Leone wasn’t successful would anyone here bat an eyelid?  Don’t flatter yourself Mr Kamara, most people wouldn’t be able to point to Sierra Leone on a map let alone hinge Bliars career on the success of British troops there.

If I have another child I might name it after Tony Blair but I’m not sure.  Would it get picked on at school for being called Utter Miserable Abject Failure Dictator?

Smokers to get more help quitting

Smokers will be able to get a daily pill for free on the NHS that will help them give up smoking.

The pill will cost the NHS £1.95 per day and works by stimulating the brain in the same way that nicotine does, thus reducing the craving.  The pill has been approved by NICE who said it is “likely to be a cost-effective use of resources”.

Meanwhile, cancer and alzheimers patients who don’t have a self-inflicted drug addiction, are still being refused life-saving drugs in England because NICE doesn’t think the life-saving drugs are a cost-effective use of resources.

BBC – Brown-nose Broadcasting Corporation

I read the other day that the Scottish Executive now wants to be called “the government”.

What a surprise to see the BBC sucking up to their future Scottish masters:

Government to scrap council tax

Yep, that’s the Scottish government, not the British government.  Less than a fortnight ago Newsnight asked for nominations for an award – The Order of the Brown Nose – for the syncophant who had sucked up to Gordon Brown the most.  Will they be presenting themselves with the one?

And another – Government faces transport battle

Spot the difference

Conservative Shadow Chancellor, George Osborne, says that the Tories will carry on Liebour’s “reform” of public services.

Liebour have butchered public services, turning the country into a pseudo-socialist dictatorship.  Less well-off people are forever indebted to a “benevolent” state which taxes them to the hilt and drip feeds them just enough money to keep them ticking over.

The public sector is now over-run with unelected quangos and public-private partnerships, not quite government departments, not quite private organisations but spending inordinate amounts of our money on god knows what.

Voting for the Conswervatives is as good as voting for Liebour at the moment and Dangerous Dave is a muppet.  The Illiberal Dipshits are a complete waste of time and effort and the greens … are greens.  There’s only one solution for any self-respecting, right of centre eurosceptic – UKIP.

Free care for the elederly in NI

The Northern Irish government has voted to provide free personal care for the elderly in Northern Ireland from 2008 although the Northern Irish Health Minister says that the date in the bill isn’t binding on the Executive and that it is more likely to happen in 2010.

Personal care for the elderly is already free in Scotland and Wales paid for by the multi-billion pound annual subsidy the English taxpayer gives to the rest of the UK.

English pensioners will still have to sell their homes and assets and empty their bank accounts to pay for their personal care.

Mugabe strikes again

The fruitcake dictator of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, has apparently run out of white-owned farms to give to his cronies and has turned his attention to foreign-owned businesses.

In a bill which he will be putting before the Zimbabwean Parliament next month, all foreign-owned businesses must be majority owned by an indigenous (ie. black) Zimbabweans.  If 51% or more of the company isn’t owned by a black Zimbabwean, the state will be able to steal … sorry, seize 51% of the company.

Major foreign-owned companies operating in Zimbabwe include the mining firm Rio Tinto and Barclays Bank.  Most western companies pulled out of Zimbabwe when Mugabe went loopy.  Chinese firms have recently stepped into the breach and set up shop in Zimbabwe with the help of the Chinese government.  It’ll be interesting to see if Mugabe dares to get into a pissing contest with the Chinese over this new law.

Email to Chinese Embassy

Dear Sir/Madam,

It is becoming increasingly obvious that, come the revolution, there won’t be a wall big enough in England to line all our traitors up against. Would it be possible to use the Great Wall of China? It should just about be big enough.

Kind Regards,

Wonko the Sane

We are not amused

King Cameron of Leftytown is expected to sack his Europe spokesman for the unthinkable crime of criticising the party over it’s latest lefty socialist policy – abolishing grammar schools.

Graham Brady produced statistics showing that selection at the age of 11 improved GCSE pass rates amongst all sections of society, especially amongst ethnic minorities.  Grammar Schools are generally the preserve of the middle classes and in Camerons Conservative Party nobody is allowed to draw attention to the fact that King Cameron himself and most of his cabinet are public school boys.

Liebour have done their level best to destroy the education system in England with a system that strives to bring every child up or down to an average – no underachievers, no overachievers, just average children with an average education and no desire whatsoever to achieve anything in life.

Selective education works, it’s worked for years and if politicians would just leave it be it would continue to work for many years to come.  Do we really want an entire generation of children given the same type of education that produced John Prescott?

Shropshire Star: Brown has no place as our PM

Brown has no place as our PM

Many people would agree with me that Gordon Brown has no mandate to govern England.

He hasn’t contested an election as leader of the Labour Party and potential Prime Minister for a start – so much for his pledge to restore trust in democracy.

However, there is a more important reason why Gordon Brown has no mandate to govern England.

According to the Labour propaganda unit, Gordon Brown’s domestic policies consist of health, education, housing and planning – none of which he has been given a mandate for by any part of the electorate.

In Scotland, “domestic” issues such as health, education, transport, the environment, housing and planning have all been made the responsibility of the Scottish Parliament.

Gordon Brown wasn’t elected to the Scottish Parliament, so he has no say in those matters in his own constituency and his constituents didn’t elect him for these policies.

As far as I am concerned, when Gordon Brown takes office this summer, England will be without a legitimate leader and Government

Stuart Parr

Have you noticed?

At the bottom of every post you will now see an extra line above the post information (date, time, comments, etc.) telling you what mood I was in when I wrote the post.

I’m a great believer in open source so if anyone wants to implement this in their own WordPress blog, read on …

The following code needs to be added in the Single Post (usually single.php) and Main Index Template (usually index.php) immediately before the text “Posted By” (or the equivalent if your template says something different):

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To make it work, at the bottom of the page when you write a blog post you’ll see a section with the title “Custom Fields”. The first time you do this you will need to add a new Key with the name “Mood” (case sensitive). Subsequently you will be able to select Mood from the dropdown list. When you write a blog post, select Mood from the dropdown list and write your mood in the “Value” textbox on the right of it.

When you publish your post, whatever you wrote for Mood will appear above the post information. The extra line will only appear if you enter something for Mood. For styling, you could give the span tag a class and style it through your stylesheet or give it an inline style.

SNP pledge to abolish council tax in Scotland

Scottish Socialist Republican flagThe SNP have pledged to abolish the council tax in Scotland in two years.

The plan is to freeze council tax next year and replace it in 2010 with a local income tax.  The SNP is working with the Illiberal Democrats who have had local income tax as one of their policies for a long time.

According to the SNP, Scots with low and middle incomes will be about £300 per year better off.  Those with higher incomes will pay much more than they currently do to pay for the redistribution of wealth.

Shrewsbury passport & ID interrogation centre found

NO2ID - Stop ID cards and the database stateThe location of the passport and ID card interrogation centre in Shrewsbury has been discovered through a planning application for the installation of air conditioning units.

The interrogation centre will be on a business park near Shrewsbury College of Arts and Technology in Mercury House.  The site is off Thieves Lane.  The irony.

The office has up to 910 Sq M of floor space at a cost of £140 per Sq M.  If the whole office is taken that’s an annual cost to the taxpayer of £127,400 in rent alone.

I am not a number …

NO2ID - Stop ID cards and the database stateThe Home secretary, John Reid, is planning to try and push through new “anti-terrorism” laws in just four weeks that will allow police officers to stop people, require proof of their identity and question them about their movements.  Anyone refusing to provide their name or co-operate with the police if stopped and questions will be guilty of obstruction and liable to a fine of up to £5,000.

How are we to prove our identity if proof is demanded by a police officer?  With ID cards perhaps?  But we’re told that they’re going to be voluntary and we won’t be required to carry one at all times so that wouldn’t work.  Could it be that we’re being misled over ID cards?  Surely not.

Worst Labour Minister so far this year: update

The poll for the worst Labour minister so far this year is a close run thing between the Tartan Taxman and Traitor Bliar with the Tartan Taxman just out in front.  A predictable result but it doesn’t take much to swing the other way.

Polls like this are entertaining but more entertaining is the mammoth slanging match in the comments – initially between resident New Labour propagandist Calum and Russian English nationalist Scaffold but now including Sean “Commie-Hunter” Lynch.  Such unswerving defence of the indefensible (New Labour) is to be admired.

Watch out, there’s a stalker about!

Libertarian blogger, Rachel from North London, has been the victim of a sustained attack by a fruitcake stalker by the name of Felicity Jane Lowde, also known as “fjc”.

FJC has been found guilty of stalking in her absence and is now wanted by the police.  She didn’t turn up to her trial because she believes she is the victim and Rachel and the police are the criminals who are going to be going to jail.  It’s ok though, Jesus is on her side.

The woman is clearly 5 cans short of a 6 pack and probably a bit unstable in “real life”.  She frequents cyber cafés around London and Oxford despite being banned at a previous court appearance from using the internet.  There’s a good chance that now her picture has spread around the blogosphere she will leave the south east of England so everyone should remain vigilant.

If you see Felicity Jane Loony phone your local police station or Crimestoppers.  If she comments on your blog you should let the police know details of her comments – time, date and IP address – as these can be used to track her movements.

What a stroke of genius …

Watched Shrewsbury get beaten by Bristol Rovers today on Sky Sports in the League 2 play-off finals.

Shrewsbury scored within 3 minutes and dominated the game – especially in the second half where they had approaching three quarters possession and twice as many attempts on goal as Bristol.  But it wasn’t to be.  Bristol played really well and went 2-1 up and somehow managed to keep the ball out of the net despite the best efforts of Asamoah.

The final nail was put in the coffin when – for some bizarre reason – with a couple of minutes of extra time left, the Shrewsbury Town goalie came up to the Bristol penalty area for a Shrewsbury corner.  Bristol got possession and had a clear run to an open goal.

Genius …

Right to Liberty to be suspended?

The Home Secretary, John Reid, is considering declaring a state fo emergency after 3 suspected terrorists have disappeared whilst subject to a control order.

Control Orders are like tagging and ASBOs – the subject is told what they can and can’t do and the authorities take action if they breach conditions of the order.  This is fine when it’s a scrote on a tag after being caught smoking canabis or a chav caught nicking a burberry baseball cap from Primark but can suspected terrorists be trusted to stick to the terms of a control order when there is evidence that they have been planning to blow people up in this country?

Reid would have to declare a state of emergency in order to obtain a derogation on article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights which guarantees the right to liberty.  The effect of this won’t just give the power to the Home Secretary to detain terrorist suspencts indefinitely but any citizen of any country who is currently in the UK.  It could be used to detain opposition MPs if the Home Secretary considered the threat to the Liebour regime to be a threat to the stability of the country.  It could be used to detail journalists and bloggers, anyone who criticises the British government.  Declaring a state of emergency allows the introduction of food rationing, travel bans and restriction of telecommunications including the internet.


Gurkha refused permission to live in UK

Via: An Englishman’s Castle

A Gurkha who won the Victoria Cross fighting the Japs during the Second World War and whose bravery earned him an invite to the Queen’s Coronation and tea with the Queen Mother, has been refused permission to live in the UK by British officials in Nepal.

Apparently they considered that the Gurkha doesn’t have suffieicntly strong ties with the UK to allow him to live here.

Come the revolution …

There is now a Facebook group in support of Tul Bahadur Pun.

Toll Tax Bill