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Conservative Shadow Chancellor, George Osborne, says that the Tories will carry on Liebour’s “reform” of public services.

Liebour have butchered public services, turning the country into a pseudo-socialist dictatorship.  Less well-off people are forever indebted to a “benevolent” state which taxes them to the hilt and drip feeds them just enough money to keep them ticking over.

The public sector is now over-run with unelected quangos and public-private partnerships, not quite government departments, not quite private organisations but spending inordinate amounts of our money on god knows what.

Voting for the Conswervatives is as good as voting for Liebour at the moment and Dangerous Dave is a muppet.  The Illiberal Dipshits are a complete waste of time and effort and the greens … are greens.  There’s only one solution for any self-respecting, right of centre eurosceptic – UKIP.


  1. Calum (183 comments) says:

    No make sense. You say we livig in a “pseudo-socialist dictatorship” dictatorship. Then go on to point our one of the least socialist policies around, public-private partnerships. Duh! Such privitisation/neo-privitisation by New Labour is hardly socialist. Shame we pursue such policies. How about re-nationalising the rail ways, they are rubbish now and would be better under the state. Additionally, we should reverse most, in not all recent public service privitisation. etc… I not going to go on as it is 1 in the morning and i am tired and need to be up early to revise. Yay! 6 hours of economics revision!

  2. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Repeat after me “I will do my research before posing comments”. 😉


    In common parlance, the word pseudo is used to mark something as false, fraudulent, or pretending to be something it is not, as in pseudoscience or pseudophilosophy.

    It also identifies something as superficially resembling the original subject; a pseudopod resembles a foot, and pseudorandom numbers simulate numbers generated by truly random events, but are in fact produced by an algorithm.

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