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BNP Butler joins BNP Barnbrook in the English Democrats

Eddy Butler, the former National Front, former BNP, former Freedom Party, former BNP a couple more times, former BNP national elections co-ordinator, has joined the English Democrats.

The announcement, which was the EDP’s worst kept secret since his mate Richard Barnbrook joined in January, will be a bitter blow to the handful of party activists that haven’t yet joined UKIP who had hoped to stop the BNP takeover of the party.

UKIP recently announced a revised devolution policy that would see the creation of a federal UK with devolved parliaments for all four home nations.  The final touches are being put to the full devolution policy paper before it goes to the membership for ratification.  UKIP is the only non-racist, mainstream democratic party advocating the creation of a federal UK with equality for all four home nations.

English Democrats: not left, not right, just racist.

First BNP Mayor elected in Lancashire

Padiham Council, near Burnley, has voted for a BNP councillor to be their Mayor.

Hope Not Hate and the Bishop of Burnley are both opposing his appointment but residents seem to be accepting of the idea judging by the comments in the Daily Mail article.

No matter what you think of the BNP’s politics, Councillor John Cave was elected to Padiham Council by the residents of Padiham and the council can’t discriminate against any councillor because they don’t approve of their politics.  Cave is a democratically elected councillor in Padiham and he has as much right as any other councillor to take his turn as mayor.

Democracy sometimes produces the “wrong” result, that’s the price you pay for political freedom.