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Shropshire Star: English lose out in funding of health

English lose out in funding of health

Tom Taylor, chief executive of the Shrewsbury & Telford Hospital NHS Trust, has confirmed what the Shropshire branch of the Campaign for an English Parliament has been saying for the last couple of years: Treating Welsh patients in Shropshire hospitals is costing millions of pounds that could be spent on the treatment of English patients.

Mr Taylor says that treating Welsh patients in the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford is costing the trust £2 million per year because of differences in funding and targets.

The Campaign for an English Parliament doesn’t have a problem with Welsh patients being treated in English hospitals, but the NHS trusts involved have a responsibility to ensure that in treating patients from another country they don’t compromise the treatment of patients living in England.

It isn’t unreasonable to expect the Welsh government to pay the going rate for medical treatment in England, especially when in some cases they are entitled to medication in English hospitals that English patients aren’t allowed.

Mr Taylor said that it would be much easier for the trust if the “English Parliament” made Wales pay the going rate.

The fact that Mr Taylor believes there is an “English Parliament” or a “Government in England” to represent English interests when England hasn’t had a government for more than 300 years shows a disturbing lack of understanding.

Stuart Parr, Shropshire Branch Campaign for an English Parliament

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David Wright MP – another Liebour hypocrite

I think my MP, David Wright, has been inspired by the Leader of Scottish Liebour, Wendy “I’m going to expose the dishonesty of the SNP but please don’t mention the fact I got caught taking illegal donations” Alexander.

He makes all the right noises, of course – he’ll look at the proposal and make the case for post offices.  He’s been quite vocal about them in the past, they’re the heart of the community and he uses his post office all the time.  Or so he told the papers a while ago when he was criticising the Conswervatives over something or other to do with post offices.  No doubt he blames their demise on the previous Tory administration – everything is the fault of the evil Tory administration that defiled the land before Princess Tony saved us.
So when it came to the vote the other day on closing post offices, how did David Wright MP vote?  Did he vote to save the 4 post offices that are planned to be closed in Telford?  Did he say “no, I will not vote against the wishes of my constituents just because my party tells me to”?  Did he bollocks.  He voted in favour of post office closures and still has the cheek to claim that he is opposing the closure of post offices in Telford.

I can’t wait for the next election – I’ll be doing my bit to encourage the “Anyone but David” vote.  He’s the perfect example of a waste of space Liebour career politician – in office for his own benefit and not at all interested in what his constituents want.  Come the revolution, David, you’ll be one of the first against the wall.

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Illegal parking fine regime “reformed”

The system of illegal and unconstitutional summary justice in the form of parking fines has been “reformed” but still has no legal legitimacy.

The Bill of Rights says that “any promise of fine or forfeiture before conviction is illegal and void” – a traffic warden, police officer or private contactor are not judges or juries and any on-the-spot fine is clearly illegal and void.

As the law stood previously, a traffic warden or private equivalent had to actually ticket your car – they couldn’t simply send you a fine through the post.  Now you can be fined weeks later without anyone coming near your car if it’s seen (or they think it’s been seen) on a CCTV camera.

The new changes to the law also provide for longer periods where you can pay a reduced amount if you don’t appeal.  This is to encourage you not to take up your constitutional right to defend yourself from the accusation.  It is illegal to hinder someone’s ability to defend themselves – the threat of higher fines for exercising your constitutional right to defend yourself is a hinderence and a deliberate on at that.

The whole parking fines system is a scam designed to illegitimately extract as much cash from the motorist as possible whilst making it possible for dubious or completely false fines to be enforced.  The system is weighted heavily against the motorist – the “independent” parking adjudication service is funded by a percentage of the fines they allow and the courts cannot rule that illegal fines are illegal (even if they believe them to be) because the implications of ruling against every illegal fine the state has issued would lead to tens of billions of pounds being refunded for fines illegally issued and in lost future income for the Treasury.

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It’s not what you know …

The son of a former police officer has escaped a ban for careless driving after being clocked at up to 135mph.

The same magistrates court at Ludlow, Shropshire that let off the Telford policeman who accidently videoed himself doing 149mph in his new police car has given Adam Stammers 8 points on his licence and a £200 fine after receiving character references from his father and other family members that work for West Mercia Police.

His father, who still works for the force as a civillian support worker, said “I would like to think the fact I work for the police force had no bearing on the magistrates’ decision not to ban him”.

Yeah, right.  So why mention the fact in the first place?

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Brown plans more regionalisation in England

According to the Times, Gordon Brown is planning to create a network of London-type mayors in the “English regions” to combat Englishness and promote the Britishness agenda he has become obsessed since being parachuted into the post of Prime Minister without a mandate.

England has always been considered expendable by the Labour Party, hence their willingness to embrace the EU’s regionalisation agenda.  Balkanising England suits Labour’s political agenda – England doesn’t vote Labour but enough of “the regions” probably would making it easier possible for Labour to win another election.

The North East euroregion rejected regionalisation in a referendum a couple of years ago but that decision has been ignored.  Only 22% of people in the North East wanted regional government and that was the euroregion that the British government said had most support for regional government.

The people of England don’t want regionalisation, the British government has no democratic or moral mandate to impose it on us.

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Rooney criticised for not singing British anthem

Bob Peedle, Chairman of the Royal Society of St George, has criticised Wayne Rooney for not singing the British national anthem before England games.

Apparently, Rooney doesn’t know the words which Peedle thinks is disgraceful and has offered to teach them to him.

The Royal Society of St George is there to promote England and the Commonwealth, singing the British national anthem before English football games is counter-productive to that aim and Bob Peedle is wrong.

I sent the following comment to the Daily Mail:

I’m sorry, I fail to understand why an ENGLAND player should sing the BRITISH anthem when his Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish counterparts sing their own anthem.
Bob Peedle’s organisation represents England, not Britain – he should be devoting his energies to getting an English anthem (such as Jerusalem) sung at English matches, not criticising English football players for not singing another country’s national anthem.

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Even the Queen thinks we’re on the brink of recession

The Queen has cancelled plans to thrown a party to celebrate her Diamond Wedding Anniversary.

According to the Daily Mail, she has cancelled the party because she thought it insensitive when her subjects are suffering from the credit crunch and the country is on the brink of recession.

This won’t go down well with Prudence Brown who spent 10 years devastating the economy before handing over to his useless Scottish (naturally) colleague, the King of the Caterpillars who has just introduced what is probably the least popular budget since the Poll Tax was introduced.

Liebour is desperately trying to convince the public that the economy isn’t on the rocks (excuse the pun) and that our economic wellbeing is in good hands.

Gordo, you’re convincing nobody – even the Queen knows you’re a lying scumbag.

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Treasonous Lords Committee plays down EU Constitution

The Lords Constitution Committee has said that the EU not-a-constitution does not have any constitutional implications for UK citizenship.

They cite the clauses specifically setting out the right of a member state to withdraw as “evidence” that parliamentary sovereignty remains intact.  Bullshit.  As it stands now, we have the right to withdraw whenever and however we want.  When the EU not-a-constitution comes into force we will be allowed to withdraw only by following the rules set out in the Lisbon Treaty and the legality of any withdrawal will be determined by European Courts.  This is NOT confirming parliamentary sovereignty.  Losing the right to decide whether to be in or out of the EU on our own terms is the right of a sovereign parliament, having to ask the EU for permission to leave on its terms means that parliament is inferior to the EU.

Does anyone know how many of the Lords on the Constitution Committee have worked for the EU in the past and are therefore at risk of losing their EU pensions if they fail to promote the EU?

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Wendy Alexander: lying hypocrite

Wendy Alexander has addressed the Scottish Liebour spring gathering and told them that she will lead them to victory in the Scottish Parliament. Yeah, right.

In a characteristic display of utter hypocrisy, she said that she “will lead by exposing the dishonesty of the SNP”. Dishonesty of the SNP? Sorry Wendy Love, just remind me who’s only just been let off with a slapped wrist for breaking electoral law.

Alexander tried desperately to paint Liebour as the party of the people and the SNP as the evil capitalists (even though they’re more left wing than Liebour) but failed miserably because I very much doubt that even the people inside the conference hall believe that Liebour is a credible party any more, let alone the average man (or woman) on the street.

Liebour are a bunch dishonest, corrupt, self-serving, British nationalist crooks. They are unelectable in England and they are hemorrhaging support in their Celtic heartlands. They are, to put it bluntly, a spent force. The only reason they still cling on to power now is because Gordon Brown is too chicken shit to call the election he knows he is going to lose. Badly.

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Is Alistair coming out to play?

Is Alistair there?

Via: Toque

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Who are ya?

I went to watch Telford United today. As a Shrewsbury Town fan I should, strictly speaking, only venture into Telford’s ground with a can of petrol and a box of matches but my employer sponsors the club and we got a box for free so I bit the bullet and went with my colleagues (including the Ginger Liberation Army’s chief nuclear physicist at Views from the Asylum).

It was a good laugh – Telford were absolutely dire and lost 2-0 to Barrow but it was a good afternoon. The Telford fans were goading the Barrow fans who were already a bit hyperactive (too much Sunny D on the coach down I think) and the stewards spent quite a lot of their time down Barrow’s end in the hour preceding the game.

Just a couple of things worth noting if any Barrow fans read this:

The non-stop chants of “Who are ya” were very inspired but the fact you’d just driven to Telford and the name of the club was printed on the tickets you bought, it was a bit of a stupid question. And the immensely entertaining “You’re Welsh and you know you are” is what they sing to wind up Shrewsbury fans who live in Shrewsbury which used to be near the Welsh border a few hundred years ago.

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Second Preference Votes

Iain Dale has published the results of a survey to find out who people would give a second vote to at the next election if the voting system was changed.

Bear in mind that his readership is predominantly Conswervative supporting but the results are encouraging, especially if you’re a UKIP supporter!

In total, 63.6% of people said they would vote Conswervative if there were an election tomorrow.  Liebour only managed 9.7% which puts them in third place.

A massive 41.4% of Conswervative voters said they would give their second vote to UKIP.  Interestingly, 8.1% said they would give their second vote to the English Democrats and only 2.8% said Liebour.  And considering it was Call Me Dave that started the green obsession in Westminster, only 6.8% would give their second vote to the Green Party.
36.6% of Liebour voters said they would give the Illiberal Dumbocrats their second vote and 22.8% would give it to the Greens.

Now very interestingly, the Illiberal Dumbocrats aren’t as keen on Liebour as Liebour are on them – only 14.2% would give their second vote to Liebour but 39.4% would give it to the Conswervatives.  Not a single Illiberal Dumbocrat would give their vote to the EDP and only 0.8% to UKIP but as a eurofederalist, English hating bunch of traitors, that’s hardly surprising.

50% of UKIP voters said they would give the Conswervatives their second vote, Liebour was inadvertently left out of the list and 16.6% said they would give their second vote to the BNP.  13.6% said they would give their second vote to the English Democrats which shows that Mr Farage should listen when I tell him that UKIP needs to support an English Parliament.
Iain seems to think the most noteworthy result in the survey is that 16.6% of UKIPers would give their second vote to the BNP but then he’s not averse to publishing non-stories about UKIP and who can blame him?  I’d be worried if I was a Conswervative and that many Conswervative voters were giving support to UKIP and with Camoron‘s inaction over the EU Constitution and his eurofederalist tendencies, it isn’t going to get any better for them.  Of course, there’s no telling what the results would have looked like if Liebour was included in the UKIP poll – it might have taken some of the left wing votes from the BNP or they might have got nothing.  I’d be interested to see the results of a revised poll with Liebour in it.

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Wonder why she keeps doing it …

Via This World is Boldly Going Nowhere, a woman has been hauled in front of a judge for shoplifting … for the 175th time.
Apparently it has cost the taxpayer £700k to prosecute this woman for her unfortunate habit and yet she’s still managed to escape going to prison.

Wonder why she keeps on doing it. Complete mystery. If anyone’s got any idea then you can let the CPS know by writing in words of 2 syllables or less with a wax crayon to: Roger Coe-Salazar, Chief Crown Prosecutor, Priory Gate, 29 Union Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1PT, quoting reference “Even a fucking retard would realise that Joanne Jones will keep on nicking stuff if you don’t lock the light fingered bint up”.

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Scottish intereference in English affairs top peeve

According to a MORI poll, Scottish MPs interfering in English affairs that they have no control over in their own constituencies is the constitutional cock-up that causes most dissatisfaction.

Prompted by Gareth, I sent the following to the Ministry of Injustice:


I gather that a MORI poll has confirmed what everybody’s known for a long time but the British government refuses to accept – that English people are sick to the back teeth with MPs elected in Scotland interfering in English-only affairs that they have no say over in their own constituencies.

Apparently, 46% of people polled said that Scottish MPs voting on English-only issues is something they are not satisfied with – in fact, it topped the list.

So, what does the Ministry of Justice intend to do to balance up the constitutional abortion created by the Labour Party when they gave the Celts their own government but refused equality for England?

Stuart Parr

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What will the apocalyptic non-event for the next decade be?

In the 80s we were all going to die in an ice age.  In the 90s we were all going to die from acid rain.  In the 00s we are all going to die from global warming.  So what will the apocalyptic non-event for the 10s be?

Cast your vote in the poll below:

25 years for microwaving a baby

A Texas man has been given 25 years in prison for microwaving a baby.

Joshua Maudlin apparently has a history of lying about being mentally ill and guess what his defence was … yup, he was insane when he put his daughter in the microwave for 20 seconds causing second and third degree burns to her face and body.

Texas still has the death penalty, why wasn’t this sick bastard put on death row?

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SNP calls for independence referendum

Alex the Salmon, First Minister of ScotlandAlex the Salmon, First Minister of Scotland, has proposed a referendum on the future of governance of Scotland with two questions – enhanced devolution or independence.

The Conswervative and Unionist Party, Liebour and the Illiberal Dumbocrats have all shrieked hysterically that it’s “the wild words of a panicking man” and an “attempt to drag an unwilling Scotland towards independence”.  None of them is supporting the referendum.

If they’re all so sure that the referendum will result in a vote against independence then why don’t they support it?  It would put Salmond and the SNP in its place and independence would be off the agenda for a good 10-20 years.  If they’re so confident that the unionist agenda they are pursuing is what their constituents want then why not let their constituents confirm that in a simple referendum?

They won’t support it for the same reason they won’t support a referendum on an English Parliament – because they will lose and they will lose badly.  Why else would they vote a pro-independence, nationalist government into power?  Scotland wants independence and the British nationalists should let them have it.

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Electoral Reform

Gordo the Goblin King and his cabinet of all the talentless are giving their support to electoral “reform” that would have seen a swing of over 50 seats from the Conswervatives to Liebour, leaving them with an unassailable lead in perpetuity.

Let’s be very clear about this, politicians should have no involvement in this type of electoral reform because the only people it will benefit are those in control of the British government.

Here’s my wish list for electoral reform:

  1. Devolution for England.  The rest of the UK has it, England should have it too and I don’t mean regional devolution either, I mean national pricing.
  2. Elections for the post of Prime Minister.  Why should the office of Prime Minister be tied to the party system?  Why should independent MPs – elected for their policies and character rather than the party they belong to – be barred from leading the country?  It’s wrong, anyone should be able to run for Prime Minister without selling their soul to a party.
  3. Bring back the hereditary peerage.  The only way to ensure any chance of opposition or impartiality in the House of Lords is if they’re there by accident of birth rather than patronage of the party with a majority in the Commons.
  4. Amendment of the Parliament Act.  If the Lords reject a bill 3 times in one term of parliament then there must be a very good reason.  Allowing the Commons – who are going to vote for whatever will get them elected and/or what their party tells them to do – to simply overrule those objections is wrong.  The Parliament Act should be amended to require a binding public referendum on any bill that is rejected by the Lords 3 times in one term of parliament.
  5. Ban the whip.  MPs are supposed to be elected to represent their constituents, not the interests of their party.  Extremely poor decisions are regularly made by MPs doing what their party tells them to do rather than what they know to be right or what their constituents want.  Parties should be there to form policy, not to force MPs to vote in a particular way.

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10 year old story used as Climate Change propaganda

The global warming propagandists are plying their trade again with the BBC more than happy to spread their propaganda for them.

According to this piece of startling, in your face reporting, the Wilkins Ice Shelf “hangs by a thread” and this huge piece of ice the size of the Isle of Man is on the brink of coming loose from the rest of the continent.

Amazing. I can’t find the BBC report on it re-attaching itself to the rest of the ice which is what must have happened because the Wilkins Ice Shelf collapsed in 1998 breaking off the 1,100km2 piece of ice.  Unless there happens to be another Wilkins Ice Shelf that is co-incidently about to face the same fate of course.

The climatologist using this piece of 10 year old “news” to perpetuate the global warming myth is Dr David Vaughan, Lead Author of the IPCC’s report on climate change – the “independent” group of climatologists and scientists paid by governments to “prove” climate change is caused by humans and that excessive taxation and deliberate, co-ordinated suppression of the global economy is the only way to stop it happening.  He is also the recipient of grants from DEFRA and Federal Europe, both of which are part of the global warming scam.

The BBC, demonstrating it’s usual unbiased style of reporting, says:

A chunk of ice the size of the Isle of Man has started to break away from Antarctica in what scientists say is further evidence of a warming climate.

No mention of Duncan Wingham, Professor of Climate Physics at University College London who is not paid by world governments to say humans are causing climate change who, in February 2005, talked about the Wilkins Ice Shelf and other ice shelves collapsing and gave his considered opinion (based, ironically, on Federal Europe’s own satellite data) that it wasn’t because of global warming.  He pointed out, in fact, that using data covering the whole of the Antarctic and not just the sticky out bit that’s easy to get to and subject to a different climate to the rest of the continent, you can see that the amount of change to the continent is roughly balanced out continent-wide and as expected for natural climate change.  “The Antarctic Peninsula is exceptional because it juts out so far north”.
He went on to point out that the US monitoring station at the South Pole had recorded a one degree drop in temperature since 1957 and that the ice cap covering Greenland is a left-over from the last ice age and the only reason it’s still there is because Greenland is so far north.

Wingham finishes by saying:

Sparse data from subs in some parts of the Arctic do seem to show a thinning trend, but our preliminary observations using satellite data point to large growth and decay from year to year and place to place, by as much a meter in just a few years. Here too natural variability is considerable. No one doubts that the ultimate fate of Arctic ice looks a grim one, but I believe we have too few data to be confident of how fast it will meet its fate.

So, the north is warming and the south is cooling.  The unnatural – perhaps naturally unsustainable – ice cap over Greenland is receding but still nowhere near the much smaller surface area it covered when the Vikings named it Greenland after the general greenness of the island rather than the whiteness of the ice cap that … erm … wasn’t there.

Whatever happened to the “consensus” of the “scientific community” that showed “unequivocal” and “undeniable” evidence of man-made climate change?  I thought the argument was won and wasn’t open for debate any more?

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NUT calls for religious instruction in schools

The National Union of Teachers (NUT) has suggested that religious “leaders” – priests, immams, rabbis, etc. – should be invited into schools to provide religious instruction.

I won’t go over the rights and wrongs of the NUT getting involved in this kind of thing or the role already played by religious “leaders” in schools because His Grace has already covered that off more than sufficiently.

However, I did want to put my own personal experience across as a confirmed atheist taught in an all-white rural school.

I was 17 by the time I actually spoke to an Asian.  The town I lived in was exclusively white with the exception of a very pale half (or maybe less) caste family who lived there for a few years and a black family that lived a few doors away from where I grew up for about a year, maybe less.  I lived a very white, very sheltered childhood.

I went to a C of E primary school and a secular secondary school.  At primary school I got into trouble for not singing the hymns because I didn’t believe in God – I made my mind up early and firmly despite having a nominally religious family.

At secondary school I asked my parents repeatedly to take me out of religious education lessons because I wasn’t religious and saw no need to attend them.  They refused and I’m glad they did because religious education is important.  The morals and values that make our society work are rooted in the Christian heritage of England and even if you don’t believe in God, the way the bible tells you to live is generally the right way if you live in England.  It is morally wrong, in our culture, to murder and steal.  It is wrong to treat people badly or to be selfish.  These and other Christian morals and values are integral to English culture and society.

I don’t think it’s wrong to teach children about other religions.  I learnt enough about the major religions to recognise religious symbols and know what does and doesn’t cause mortal offence (although with some, just breathing is enough).  But I do think it’s wrong to provide religious instruction for any religion in schools, whether it’s Christianity, Islam, Judaism or any other religion.  Every child should receive the same type of religious education at school along the lines of “this is Christianity/Islam/Judaism and this is what Christians/Muslims/Jews believe”.  They don’t need to be instructed in adherence of a particular religion in school – that sort of thing is up to the parents of the child to arrange outside of the school environment.  In that respect I very much support the French approach of banning all religious sysmbols from schools.

The point I want to get across is that despite having no faith and growing up in an all-white environment, I haven’t turned into a xenophobic nazi.  Yes, I have robust views on religion but it’s not because I believe that one religion is right and another is wrong.  If I criticise Islam or the actions of a group of muslims then it’s because I think that what they’re doing is wrong, not because of their religion.  If atheists or Christians went around blowing people up or sawing their heads off because they were from a particular religion or country then I’d be equally critical.

I was brought up with a sense of what is right and wrong and that sense of right and wrong was based on Christian morals and values.  Teaching anything other than those basic Christian morals and values is unnecessary and unhelpful and prevents adherents of non-Christian religions from properly integrating with other children and, ultimately, into society.

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