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Happy New Year

I’d like to wish all my readers a happy new year.  Even the Tartan Army knuckledraggers who popped in to abuse me on this post.

2006 saw 315,496 unique visits to Wonko’s World with the number of visitors increasing from 18,760 in January to 43,618 in December.

I don’t know what it is that brings so many people here but I guess I must be doing something right!

There’s still time to vote in the Twat of the Year poll if you haven’t already done so.  It still quite close at the top and there’s still 4 hours of voting time left so it’s too close to call.

Tony Bliar   86 (22%)
Gordon Brown   79 (20%)
Minge Campbell   12 (3%)
John Prescott   80 (21%)
David Cameron   67 (17%)
Charlie Falconer   24 (6%)
Peter Hain   7 (2%)
Ian Bliar   20 (5%)
AA Gill   5 (1%)
Geoff Hoon   9 (2%)


£510 EU income tax

According to the Daily Express, the European Federation has drawn up plans to finance itself with a £510 direct tax á-la income tax.

The plans have been drawn up by eurofederalist MEP’s rom the Committee on Regional Development.

The direct tax will be in addition to reduced national contributions and will supposedly reflect the relative prosperity of each member state.  The report also says that rebates are “manifestly no longer justified” so, as the European Federation’s most prosperous member state and the second highest contributor to the European Federation’s budget despite having a 33% budget, I think we can safely say that this would cost us a serious amount of money.

Hat-tip: Blog of Kev

Saddam Hussein hanged

Former Iraqi president, Saddam Hussein, was hanged at 3 o’clock this morning.

The execution was carried out by Iraqi’s under close supervision of the Americans in an American camp.  The execution was witnessed by a handful of Iraqi’s, a representative of the Iraqi Prime Minister and a Sunni cleric.

Personally I would rather have seen Saddam rot in prison until he either died of old age or took his own life.  As it is, the muslim world now has another martyr and the threat of terrorism is higher than ever.

Still, at least Bush is happy and that’s all that matters.

Saddam will be executed within 4 weeks

Saddam Hussein’s automatic appeal against his death sentence has been rejected and his death warrant has been signed.  Under Iraqi law he can be executed at any time in the next 4 weeks.

One of the judges has apparently said that Saddam will be executed on Friday or Saturday but there is a rumour that it might even be tomorrow.

Just what we need – another martyr.

Strange Bedfellows

The Prime Minister of Somalia has driven into the Somali capital, Mogadishu, at the head of a convoy of armoured cars.

Mogadishu had, until the last few days, been under the control of the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) – a group of Islamic fundamentalists who want to establish an Islamic state in Somalia.  Earlier this week, Ethiopian and Somali troops made a concerted joint effort to drive the UIC out of Mogadishu despite Somalia and Ethiopia being long-time enemies.

The UIC now have only one stronghold in Somalia, 300 miles from Mogadishu.

Hazel Blears poll on ID Cards

Hazel Blears, Labour Party Chairman and Minister without a job Portfolio, wants to know whether you think everyone should have to carry ID cards.

Click here to get to her website, the poll is on the left hand side.  Currently it’s 46% Yes and 53% No.

Boxing Day hunts gain more supporters

Boxing Day hunts attracted in the region of 320,000 supporters this year.

The hunts were monitored by police and animal rights terrorists, the League Against Cruel Sports.

The Police used video cameras to record meets claiming that they were doing so in case things got out of hand althoug they’re probably building up a database of hunt supporters ready for the ID database.

The League Against Cruel Sports is calling for more police time and resources to be wasted enforcing the hunting ban.  As far as I know, they haven’t offered to use their own funds to pay for it though.

GP Home Visit on Christmas Day?

Source: BBC News

John Prescott, feeling unwell on Christmas Day, was visited by a doctor at his home, admitted to hospital, diagnosed with a kidney stone and discharged in the afternoon.

Getting a home visit from your GP is virtually impossible at the best of times, let alone on Christmas Day.  As for being admitted to hospital and diagnosed on Christmas Day in a few hours is similarly almost unheard of.

Could it be that our great socialist deputy prime minister had preferential treatment?  Can everyone expect the same treatment on the NHS?

BBC Scotland: Divisions rage despite the Union

The BBC News website has an article on the union in which the writer – a political editor for BBC Scotland – questions the value of the union.

The article only appears on the Scotland pages of course, we can’t have English people seeing someone questioning the value of the union after all.

The article asks “So just how should we commemorate the Act of Union – whose tricentenary falls next year?” and concludes:

In each case, we should ask: would Scotland, would the UK, be better served in these areas by sustaining or repealing the Union? Is it too much to expect a mature, evidence-based debate, relatively free from rancour and bile? Given how much is at stake, it probably is. However, I ask nonetheless.

The BBC Have Your Say can be found … nowhere.  There isn’t one.  Typical stuff from the BBC – talk about the union but only in Scotland and dont, under any circumstances, give anyone an opportunity to actually express an opinion unless it’s the “right one”.

Twat of the Year: Update

A quick update on the Twat of the Year poll – in a word: close!

There are literally a couple of votes between the top 4:

Tony Bliar   57 (20%)
Gordon Brown   56 (20%)
Minge Campbell   9 (3%)
John Prescott   59 (21%)
David Cameron   52 (18%)
Charlie Falconer   21 (7%)
Peter Hain   5 (2%)
Ian Bliar   16 (6%)
AA Gill   4 (1%)
Geoff Hoon   8 (3%)

The poll runs until the end of the year so it’s not too late to make a difference.

One member every 20 minutes

Dear Santa,

Thank you for the belated gift.  The news that Labour has lost so many members in the last few years that it averages out at one member every 20 minutes was fantastic.  I’ve obviously been a very good boy this year.

Merry Christmas

I don’t anticipate being online much over the festive period so …

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 😆

Support Testing on Animals

You can sign a petition in support of animal testing here.

21,857 have signed the petition so far – how many signatures would the animal rights terrorists get if they stopped terrorising people for long enough to set one up?

Working for the state

Since Labour came to power in 1997 and installed the Tartan Taxman as Chancellor amid claims that everyone would be better off under New Labour, the tax burden has increased significantly and we now work well over half the year solely for the benefit of the Treasury.

Income Tax has now increased to 23.6p in the pound which is 6.7% more than it was last year.  This doesn’t include national insurance which is currently 11p in the pound if you earn up to £645 per week and 1p in the pound for anything over the £645.  Income Tax is charged at 40p in the pound for anything you earn over £32,400 (rising to £33,300 next year).

Let’s use an example of someone earning £33,800 per year, an average wage for middle management in middle England.

Salary: £33,800 (£650 per week)
Allowance: £5,035
Taxable Pay: £28,765

Despite having a tax-free allowance of £5,035 per year the whole salary is used to calculate your tax bill so the 40% tax threshold will be met.

Standard Rate Income Tax: £7,646
Higher Rate Income Tax: £560
Standard Rate National Insurance: £4,025
Lower Rate National Insurance: £3

Gross Tax Bill: £12,234
Net Tax Bill (Gross Tax Bill – Allowance): £7,199

So, for someone earning a salary of £33,800 they can expect to hand almost 22% of that straight over to the Treasury before they see a penny of it.

But that’s not all the Tartan Taxman takes off you.  When you pay for your gas and electricity (and even coal) you pay 5% VAT.  When you buy pretty much anything – good or services – you will pay 17.5% VAT on it.  Then there’s tax on petrol, diesel and LPG – 13.4% VAT and around 42% duty on petrol.  You pay tax if a relative dies and leaves you a decent inheritance.  You pay tax if you buy a house for more than £120k.  You pay tax when you sell a house.  You pay tax if you give your children or grandchildren a gift of more than £100 in a year.  You pay tax if you save money in the bank.  You pay tax if you pay into a pension.  You pay tax if you claim a pension.

What does Labour have to say about this ever-increasing tax burden?  They say that every person will be £1,000 better off next year on average thanks to the tax credits system.  The tax credits system is so complicated that even the people who work for HMRC can’t tell you how it works and it requires 10’s of thousands of staff and millions of pounds just to keep it ticking over.  Where is the sense in taking a quarter of someone’s salary and then paying thousands of people to administer a system to give most of it back?  A large proportion of people on tax credits receive more than in tax credits than they pay in tax making the system even more pointlessly expensive – for people in this situation, why not just not tax them in the first place?

One thing is for sure, New Labour may have abandoned pretty much every socialist ideal they may have had but they’ve kept the important one – everyone should be as poor and heavily burdened by the state as everyone else.

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It’s official: Criticising gays is allowed

An elderly Christian couple who wrote to their council criticising it for wasting taxpayers money promoting homosexuality have been paid compensation for the police investigation that followed.

The couple believe that homosexuality is a sin and wrote to their council telling them that they were offended by their council tax being spent on promoting homosexuality and asking for christian leaflets to be placed alongside gay rights leaflets.  The council refused and reported the couple to the police for homophobia.  Two police officers interviewed the couple for an hour on their views on homosexuality.

The couple sued the council and the police but came to an out of court settlement covering their £40k legal bills and £10k compensation which they have donated to charity.

Twat of the Year

I could have sworn that I posted the poll for Twat of the Week this week but it’s not here – probably dropped my wireless connection (again), forgot to post it when it came back on and then forgot that I hadn’t done it.  Yes, my memory really is that bad. :rolleyes:

Anyway, as it’s almost the end of the year, it’s only right that we should have a Twat of the Year competition.

Please cast your vote in the poll below. Poll runs until the 31st of December and the winner will be announced in the new year.

Twat of the Year
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Parking nazi’s issue £68k in fines

Last month Shropshire County Council started their decriminalised parking scheme accompanied by a series of press releases reassuring residents that the wardens would mainly be giving people advice for the first couple of months.

In the Shropshire Star tonight, they report that wardens have issued a whopping £68,000 in fines since the scheme started in November.

How much will they start raking in when the “amnesty” is over?

Shropshire Star: Query as PM backs regional changes

A fairly heavily edited letter in the Shropshire Star tonight (bits cut out are stuck out

Query as PM backs regional changes

A poll in the Sunday Telegraph on the 25th of November asked a random selection of English and Scottish members of the public if they supported the establishment of an English parliament or English independence.

Of the English people questioned, 68% were in favour of England having a parliament similar to the Scottish Parliament and 48% were in favour of England becoming independent of the rest of the UK.

This result backs up recent surveys by the English Constitutional Convention, the BBC and ITV which all showed overwhelming support for the establishment of an English government. Following the Sunday Telegraph poll, the Sun ran a phone-in poll which resulted in 81% of Sun readers wanting English independence.

In the 29th of November, Tony Blair told the Yorkshire Post that if the English were asked if they wanted an English Parliament they would vote overwhelmingly in favour of it but in the same interview pledges his support for unelected city regions like the one being introduced in the West Midlands.

If the Prime Minister admits that what the English people want is an English Parliament then how can he get away with forcing us to have regional government instead and how can our Labour MP’s continue to support the anti-English regional policies of the Labour Party when they are not representing the wishes of their constituents?

Next year is the 300th anniversary of the Act of Union and barring a complete u-turn on current anti-English policies by all of the major parties, it will probably be its last.

Stuart Parr

Hello Nairn

Just a quick hello to my colleagues at Capgemini in North Britain.

Don’t forget to purchase a souvenier …

Bridgnorth throws democracy out of the window

Shropshire County Council is trying to replace local councils with a single unitary authority for the whole county (excluding Telford that is already a UA).

Salopians (people from Shropshire) are pretty opposed to the plans, as evidenced by independent polling commissioned by the council itself.

Some councils in the county are in favour, others are against.  One council – Bridgnorth District Council – has already rejected the proposal with the casting vote of the leader of the council being used.

That should be the end of the batter for Bridgnorth but no, the leader is on holiday over Christmas so the pro-UA councillors are calling a snap vote while she is away in the hope that they will get the right decision – ie., a vote for the UA.