Shropshire Star: Query as PM backs regional changes

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A fairly heavily edited letter in the Shropshire Star tonight (bits cut out are stuck out

Query as PM backs regional changes

A poll in the Sunday Telegraph on the 25th of November asked a random selection of English and Scottish members of the public if they supported the establishment of an English parliament or English independence.

Of the English people questioned, 68% were in favour of England having a parliament similar to the Scottish Parliament and 48% were in favour of England becoming independent of the rest of the UK.

This result backs up recent surveys by the English Constitutional Convention, the BBC and ITV which all showed overwhelming support for the establishment of an English government. Following the Sunday Telegraph poll, the Sun ran a phone-in poll which resulted in 81% of Sun readers wanting English independence.

In the 29th of November, Tony Blair told the Yorkshire Post that if the English were asked if they wanted an English Parliament they would vote overwhelmingly in favour of it but in the same interview pledges his support for unelected city regions like the one being introduced in the West Midlands.

If the Prime Minister admits that what the English people want is an English Parliament then how can he get away with forcing us to have regional government instead and how can our Labour MP’s continue to support the anti-English regional policies of the Labour Party when they are not representing the wishes of their constituents?

Next year is the 300th anniversary of the Act of Union and barring a complete u-turn on current anti-English policies by all of the major parties, it will probably be its last.

Stuart Parr

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