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Dear Neighbour, you’re a wanker

I’m quite a placid person, despite the occasional often ranting outburst on this blog but there are times when someone pisses me off and makes me ranty in real life.

At half 8 tonight I finally had enough of listening to the incessant revving of a car engine and went to investigate.  Surprise, sur-fucking-prise, if it isn’t the same arsehole from up the road that I had to go over to a few months ago when he was hammering the shit out of the car at night.

I was polite and told him that I could hear him revving his car over the top of my telly in my house.  Then he shrugged his shoulders and revved the engine again so I practised some anglo-saxon words on him, got out my phone and made a point of counting the numbers to his house.  He stopped.

If you live on a housing estate, you have to accept the fact that you can’t batter cars with hammers or rev your engine at night when your neighbours’ kids are in bed and you also have to accept the fact that if you do batter cars with hammers or rev your engine at night when your neighbours’ kids are in bed, said neighbours are quite likely to come round to your house and shout at you.

Busy, busy, busy

So, how’s your St Georges weekend been so far?  Ours has been busy (not to mention expensive) and it’s not over yet!

Yesterday Mrs Sane and I went to my sisters’ pub for a 3 course St Georges Day lunch.  The garlic mushrooms with tomato and goats cheese probably weren’t very English (although garlic was cultivated in England as early as the 16th century) but the venison, mushroom and bacon pudding main course is pretty English (and so amazingly gorgeous they said it’ll probably stay on the menu). And what can be more English than apple crumble and custard?

Today we went to Telford Town Park where Telford & Wrekin Council had organised a St Georges Day celebration for the first time.  There was a falconry display, a one-man band, plays, morris dancers, a fantastic and enthusiastic storyteller, crafting, hog roast, ice creams, flag making, stilt walker and some other stuff that I can’t think of.  And, of course, then town park itself which occupied the kids for a good hour or so.  We even met BBC Radio Shropshire presenter and tweeter Johnty O’Donty in person at last.

Tomorrow, #2 son will be at the Albrighton St Georges Day parade with 1st Brookside Scouts and while he’s there the rest of us will be at Blists Hill partaking in their annual St Georges Day festivities.

CEP: Another poll showing 7 out of 10 want an English Parliament

Another poll showing 7 out of 10 want an English Parliament

The Campaign for an English Parliament welcomes the findings of the ICM poll commissioned by Power 2010 which confirms that 7 out of 10 people support for an English Parliament.

This result backs up last year’s poll for the Jury Team and the last two independent polls commissioned by the Campaign for an English Parliament, all of which came out with the same figure. The people of England want an English Parliament, it’s a mystery why the British parties go to such great lengths to deny us the same right to self-determination they gave the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish.

Hundreds of thousands of people – perhaps even millions – will celebrate St Georges Day today and over the weekend with local councils, companies, societies and individuals organising fun days and parties. What better way to finish off the St Georges Day celebrations than an announcement from the leaders of the big three parties that they are listening to voters in England and will hold a referendum on creating an English Parliament like they did in Scotland and Wales? They’re all promising change, this is change we want.

To reinforce their message, Power 2010 beamed an English flag with the slogan “Home Rule” onto the side of Westminster Palace tomorrow. The Brits won’t be amused!

CEP: What are you doing for St Georges Day?

CEP: What are you doing for St Georges Day?

St Georges Day 2010 is almost upon us (it’s Friday, in case you didn’t know) and we’re interested in what you’re planning to do to mark the day.

It was St Georges Day that first led me to discover the Campaign for an English Parliament all those years ago.  I was looking for St Georges Day events in and around Telford but there weren’t any.  The CEP explained why, quite bluntly – the Brits don’t like England.  It sparked my interest and lead to me joining the CEP, becoming an avowed English nationalist, joining the CEP and eventually being voted onto the National Council.

A lot’s changed in that time and one of those things is that Telford & Wrekin Council are finally, after years of nagging, marking St Georges Day.  They’re doing it on Saturday rather than St Georges Day but at least it means more people can go.  That’s where I’ll be on Saturday with my family.

I have the day booked off work on Friday as I do every year (my unofficial St Georges Day public holiday) and I’m taking my wife to my sister’s pub for a St Georges Day lunch (they’re doing traditional English food and beers all week for St Georges Day).  On Sunday we’re planning to visit Blists Hill who are doing special St Georges Day events all weekend, starting Friday.

But enough about me! What are you doing for St Georges Day? If you haven’t got anything planned, check out the St George Holiday website and if you know of any events that they don’t know about, let them know.

Let’s talk about immigration

If there’s one topic that can cause heated discussion, it’s immigration.  For too long it’s been a taboo subject and public criticism of unfettered discrimination has been left to the far left BNP, assorted nutjob organisations on the fringes of mainstream politics and a relative few individuals prepared to put their heads above the parapet.

But there has been a change lately and immigration is no longer the taboo subject it was.  It seems that the more full the country gets, the less jobs and houses there are to go round the people that already live here, the more people talk about the proverbial elephant in the room.

The facts are quite simple.  At this point in time, according to the Office of National Statistics, there are 2.45m people living in the UK that don’t have a job whilst there are only 480k job vacancies.  That’s 5 people currently living here, relying on unemployment benefits, for every job vacancy.  In 2004 there were half a million homeless people in England alone and the figures are rising year on year.  According to Property World, we need to build a quarter of a million new houses every year just to keep up with population growth and currently about 100,000 per year are being built.

So there aren’t enough jobs for the people already living here, nor are there enough houses.  But the British government still allowed a quarter of a million immigrants to move here in 2008.  Where will they live?  Where will they work?  Or, as they have to have somewhere to live and work before they can move here (EU citizens excepted, of course), where are the homeless people already living here going to live and where are the unemployed people already living here going to work?

We cannot sustain economic immigration and it will be a number of years until we are able to do so.  Unemployment and homelessness needs to be down to the 10’s of thousands before we can sustain economic immigration.  It’s not about race or religion or skin colour or any other minority qualification, it’s about maths and logic.  The country is full.  The country is broke.  We can’t afford to pay people not to work because the jobs they could have been doing have gone to people moving here from another country.

The LibLabCon are talking about a fairer society in their general election campaigns but there is nothing fair in increasing the already unsustainable competition for the woefully inadequate supply of jobs and houses.  It’s unfair on everybody who lives here, whether they can trace their ancestry back to the Anglo-Saxon settlers or whether they’re first generation immigrants who’ve been here barely 12 months.  The unemployment and homelessness crisis that’s exacerbated by immigration affects us all.

The BNP and their racist clones aren’t the solution to this problem.  Closing our borders to all immigration and “sending the darkies home” isn’t the answer.  The only party with a sensible and fair policy on immigration is UKIP – ban all economic immigration for 5 years and then introduce a points-based system for all immigrants, including those from the European Empire.  That gives us 5 years to get people already living here into jobs and houses and then allow only the people we need to come and live and work here.

Merlin Entertainment recognises Dyspraxia

We’ve just returned home from a long weekend darn sarf for a visit to Legoland and Chessington.

Legoland was a bit of a disappointing day out because the queues for everything were just enormous.  Traffic was backed up for miles just to get in the car park.  We had to queue for ages with our advance tickets to get them changed into normal tickets to get through the turnstiles.  All the rides had long queues – the shortest queue was about 15 minutes, the longest was a couple of hours.

Chessington Gate HouseFrom an entire day in Legoland we managed to go on 3 rides because #3 has Dyspraxia and can’t queue for long enough.  While we were waiting for a Legoland maintenance person to come and help us bump start the car (accidentally ran the battery down too far while we were having lunch) a member of staff asked Mrs Sane what sort of day we’d had.  She said it had been a bit disappointing and why and the member of staff said that we should have said when we arrived there because they know children with Dyspraxia can’t queue for long and allow them to queue jump.  A bit late to find out at 6pm!

We went to Chessington World of Adventures on Saturday and headed straight for customer services.  We explained what had happened at Legoland, they took our details and gave #3 a queue jump wrist band.  They recognise things like Dyspraxia and other illnesses that can cause distress or agitation when queueing as a disability which is great and made all the difference for our day out.  The system they operate is pretty fair – on the most popular rides, if you jump the queue they write the time you would have got on the ride if you’d queued and you can’t go on any of the other most popular rides until that time.

Where Legoland was a day of dragging a very unhappy, bored and agitated 7 year old (and his sister) around the park, Chessington was completely different.  We got to go on most rides, we didn’t have to keep dragging him back into the queue or try and find ways of constantly occupying him for half an hour or more.

It’s fantastic that Merlin Entertainment recognises the difficulty kids with Dyspraxia have with queueing and offer this queue jumper service.  It made our day and we’d definitely go back to one of their attractions.  In fact, before we decide to go to anything similar I’ll be checking if they do the same thing.

Brown Calling Election for May 6th

Vote UKIPNo Mandate Brown has announced that he will be asking the Queen to dissolve parliament tomorrow and call an election.

He is expected to announce a May 6th election.

I can’t wait to see the smug grin wiped off McBroon’s gurning face and the deflated look on Camoron‘s face when he realises that he hasn’t got a majority.  I’m predicting 3 seats for UKIP this time round, I’ll tell you which 3 another time.

Is it any wonder people are turning to the EDL?

Is it any wonder English people of all colours and religions are supporting the English Defence League?

Over 4,000 people gathered at an English Defence League demonstration in Dudley to protest against the planned £18m muslim mosque which over 20,000 locals previously objected to in a petition.  The protesters were herded into a large fenced-off car park surrounded by police whilst local fascists and muslims threw bottles and bricks over the fence.  The police stood and watched them do it right up until the EDL protesters pushed over the fences at which point the police ran away.

I’ve read on another website that an EDL marshal was stabbed and another had a glass bottle put in his neck.  The EDL website reports that a marshal was hit by a bottle, which would appear to give some legitimacy to the story.

I’m still not interested in ethnic nationalism or race politics and I’m not about to march with the EDL but it pisses me off that English people exercising their constitutional right to free assembly are treated this way and put in danger by the police while violent left wing fascists and muslim extremists are allowed to roam the streets, incite violence and murder and attack people who oppose them.  I’m half tempted, next time they’re in the area, to go along to one of these protests with a camera and see what happens first hand.

And just in case you’re wondering, there were 9 arrests at the protest: 3 EDL supporters (out of 4,000) and 6 UAF fascists.  The UAF arrests were for possession of offensive weapons and drugs.

Greenpeace: Fascist Thugs

Via Guido, it appears that Greenpeace are planning to branch out into eco-terrorism with this threat to anyone that actively opposes their eco-fascism:

If you’re one of those who have spent their lives undermining progressive climate legislation, bankrolling junk science, fueling spurious debates around false solutions, and cattle-prodding democratically-elected governments into submission, then hear this:

We know who you are. We know where you live. We know where you work.

And we be many, but you be few.

This is written by Gene Hashmi, the communications director for Greenpeace India.  If anyone knows where Gene Hashmi lives, do let me know and I’ll make sure the right people find out where this fascist little weasel lives and in case anyone’s wondering, yes, that’s a fucking threat.

And if any other eco-terrorists were thinking of having a pop: bring it on.  Seriously.

So much for Christian charity

Mrs Sane had to take the dog to the vets this morning.  When he did his business on his morning walk it was full of blood which isn’t a particularly good sign so we called the emergency vet recommended by our normal vet.

It cost £109 for a consultation – triple the normal amount – because it’s Easter Sunday.  Plus £23 for a couple of injections and some rehydration powder.

I thought Easter was supposed to be a time for Christian charity?

Happy Easter

Look after my eggs, I'll be back in a couple of days