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MyHeritage … spooky

Just uploaded a photo to MyHeritage and run a celebrity face match.

Apparently I am a dead ringer for Zac Hanson from cheesy 90’s boy band, the Hansons.  So is my 5 year old son, Joseph, which is predictable.  What is spooky, though, is that my 9 year old step-son is also apparently a dead ringer for Zac Hanson.

Yes, yes, I know what you’re thinking but no, I definitely didn’t know Mrs Sane until he was three. 😉

Durka Durka Tony Bliar Jihad #2

The religion of peace strikes again – two Asian males have driven a burning, petrol filled Jeep Cherokee into Glasgow airport.

Eyewitnesses say that the two Jihadi’s were pouring petrol onto the burning Jeep.

Blackpool Airport has been closed by armed police and Newcastle and Edinburgh Airports are on high alert.

The attempted bombings in London marked No Mandate Brown’s coronation and Traitor Bliar’s appointment as Middle East Peace Envoy.  Today’s attack marks the opening of the Scottish Parliament by the Queen.

Brown’s Rump Cabinet

No Mandate Brown has announced his Rump Cabinet.

Alistair Darling takes his place as Chancellor of the Exchequer.  The man with the dodgiest eyebrows on the planet and fellow Scot is leaving behind the Department for Trade & Industry (an area that is devolved in Scotland) that he has lorded over since 2002 for the number two spot in the Rump Parliament.

Charlie Falconer, the fat racist tub of lard, is out of the Justice Ministry, replaced by the Demon Headmaster himself, Jack Straw.  The Demon Headmaster also takes over as Lord Chancellor and First Secretary of State – a far cry from the made-up job of Leader of the House of Commons.

Geof Hoon the Buffoon takes over from non-entity, Jacqui Smith, as Chief Whip – the cabinet member who makes sure MPs do as the party says rather than what their constituents want.

Harriet Harman takes over from the Demon Headmaster as Leader of the House of Commons and Minister for Women.  Harman is also Deputy Leader of the Liebour Party having “won” the party election by getting most second-choice votes.

James Purnell has moved from the DWP where he was Minister for Pensions back to the Department for Media, Culture and Sport where he used to be Parliamentary under-secretary of state for Creative Industry & Tourism.

Des Browne – another fellow Scot – stays in the Defence Ministry and takes over the Scotland Office from Douglas Alexander who is going to be far too busy dreaming up new taxes so his beloved Scotland can have more English money.

Douglas Alexander – yet another fellow Scot – has left the Department for Transport (which is devolved in his own constituency) and Scotland Office to take over as International Development Minister.

Ed Milliband, the younger cousin of Batshit and son of a Belgian-Jewish Marxist Theorist, is taking over as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Minister for the Cabinet Office which is a promotion from “nobody” to “nearly nobody”.

Alan Johnson has been booted out of the Department for Education and Skills and the Ministry has been split into two with Ed Balls, previously a nobody at the Treasury, taking the new Department for Children, School and Families and John Denham, also previously a nobody at the Treasury, taking the new Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills.

Hilary Benn has left International Development for DEFRA – another inner-city politician to screw up the countryside.

David Milliband has been rewarded for bankrupting hundreds of English farmers and attracting billions of pounds in fines from the European Federation because of DEFRAs utter incompetence in paying out farming subsidies with a promotion to Foreign Secretary.

Alan Johnson has been moved from DfES to the Depratment of Health where he can carry out the Goblin King’s “reforms” of the English NHS (the health system in Scotland being devolved and none of Brown’s concern).

Jacqui Smith, the token woman senior cabinet member, has taken over what’s left of the Home Office from Jock Reid.

John Hutton is taking over the department formerly known as the DTI, now known as the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform from Alistair Darling.

Baroness Ashton of Upholland has taken over as Leader of the House of Lords and will be responsible for continuing the undemocratic politicising of the Upper House.

Hazel Blears, the ginger whinger, has replaced Ruth Kelly in the Department for Communities and Local Government, the deparment responsible for regional government and will also be Minister for Equality.  She will have extra time on her hands to make sure minorities are over-represented as often as possible now that No Mandate Brown is taking personal control of the balkanisation of England.

Shaun Woodward has promoted from under-secreatary for Northern Ireland to replace the bigot Hain as Northern Ireland Secretary.

Ruth Kelly has taken the Scottish Feifdom of the Department for Transport from Douglas Alexander.

Andy Burnham has moved from the Department of Health to the Treasury as Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

Peter Hain has lost the Northern Ireland Office but kept the Welsh Office and gained the Department for Work & Pensions.

Wiki: Since 1649, the term “rump parliament” has been used to refer to any parliament left over after the true parliament has formally dissolved.

Jihadi’s celebrate Bliar’s appointment

Traitor Bliar’s appointment as the joint UK, US, EU and UN Middle East Peace Envoy has been celebrated with an attempted car-bombing of a Central London nightclub.

An ambulance crew attending a fight outside a nightclub spotted the car parked illegally appearing to be full of smoke and called the police.

The explosive device apparently consisted of a gas canister, petrol and a large quantity of nails.

The Police, SOCA and intelligence services appeared to have no prior warning of the bomb.

No Mandate Brown said that we face “a serious and continuous threat” which, in British government-speak, means “we will shortly be announcing new illiberal laws to curtail your rights and freedoms as a knee-jerk reaction to divert attention from our own failings”.

Vote Wonko

Gareth has created a new Witanagemot blogging awards poll.

I won’t vote wonko try to vote wonko influence your votes vote wonko in anyway by vote wonko asking you to vote for me.

Brown appoints Regional Ministers

No Mandate Brown, the unelected pretender to the office of First Minister of England, has dealt what may prove to be England’s fatal blow.

The Goblin King has appointed a Minister for each of the made-up regions of England.  Before his coronation as unelected Prime Minister the MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath made noises about resurrecting regional government in England even though it has been thoroughly rejected by voters and declared dead by Traitor Bliar.

How dare Gordon Brown, who fought for the establish of a national parliament for his own country, presume to undermine the very existence of England.

I’ve written a more in-depth piece on this on the West Midlands NO! blog.

Durka Durka Tony Blair Jihad

Traitor Bliar, the former (it’s satisfying to say that) Prime Minister, has somehow landed the job of Middle East Peace Envoy for the UK, US, EU and UN.

Other appointments announced at the same time include:

  • Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela – US special envoy to Reporters sans Frontièrs
  • Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe – special advisor to the International Farmers Union
  • Alfred Moisiu, President of Albania – special advisor to the World Bank on free trade and the free market economy

Durka Durka Jihad Tony, let’s hope somebody does the decent thing and introduces the warmonger to Mr Semtex.

The king is dead, long live the goblin king

It’s official – the Queen has betrayed her country and England is now under the dictatorship of No Mandate Brown.

There was always the very slim outside chance that Her Majesty would send the snivelling, ignorant jock packing with his tail between his legs, a flea in his ear and a corgi hanging of his arse – but it wasn’t to be.

No Mandate Brown has already said he’ll be concentrating on social housing (which is devolved in Scotland), the NHS (which is devolved in Scotland) and education (which is devolved in Scotland). He will be announcing his cabinet throughout the day but it is well known that a couple of the top jobs – Chancellor of the Exchequer and the new Department of the Nations – have already been given to Scottish cronies and more of the top jobs are expected to go to MPs from north of the border to ensure the succession of the Scottish Raj.

You took the words right out of my mouth

Traitor Bliar has handed in his resignation to the Queen who is currently having to endure the company of No Mandate Brown who will ask her to betray her country and allow him to form a government.

Bliar didn’t speak to the reporters outside Downing Street but apparently Cherie told reporters that they wouldn’t miss them. Cherie, you saggy old trout, you took the words right out of my mouth. Now fuck off and never darken our TV screens again you malignant old hag.

Out of the frying pan …

In a carefully timed PR exercise, Tory MP Quentin Davies has defected from the Conswervative Party to Liebour.

Davies is the MP for Grantham and Stamford and a eurofederalist. He has been at loggerheads with the Tory party and Call Me Dave for a while now so his departure isn’t really a shock although where he chose to go and the reasons are strange to say the least.

His resignation letter makes interesting reading. He says “Under your leadership the Conservative Party appears to me to have ceased collectively to believe in anything, or to stand for anything”. Not many will argue there but he then goes on to say “It has no bedrock. It exists on shifting sands. A sense of mission has been replaced by a PR agenda”. Liebour has reinvented itself so many times, announcing reform after reform and spends the GDP of a small country on PR and spin.

The PR from the Liebour Party claims this is a high profile scalp but I’ve never heard of Quentin Davies before. Is he anyone important?

Twat of the Week: Tony Bliar

It was a tough decision this week but there is a winner.

For 10 years now this man has screwed over England and the English people and today – on the day he resigns as Prime Minister – Tony Bliar has been voted as this weeks Twat of the Week.

I won’t go into a rant about him or his treacherous ways here, I’m saving that for later.

Tony Blair, you are this weeks Twat of the Week.

Facebook Readers of Wonko’s World

A few “Readers of …” groups have appeared on Facebook recently and my ego was feeling left out so I created Readers of Wonko’s World.

If you’re a Facebooker (I’m guessing this is the right adjective for a user of Facebook, I did Google for it ;)) then join the group and inflate my ego. If you’re not a Facebooker then why not? You’re missing out on gems such as:

There is absolutly nothing finer then a nice pair of boobs!
Legalise chav hunting
Dora the Explorer is so an illegal immigrant
Scotland is Shit, England is better

Go on, you know you want to.

Looks like rain

You may have noticed it’s been a little damp out this past couple of days.

I got home this evening and was promptly dispatched to KFC by Mrs Sane. Over a chuffing hour to get to the KFC, a few miles down the road.

Telford is divided roughly into quarters by a dual carriageway (A442) and a motorway (M54) and getting across town at any time is usually quickest and easiest by using either or both of these roads. As the KFC is the other end of town, I set off for the M54. Big mistake.

The sliproad I wanted to get off was flooded again and so the motorway was down to one lane in heavy rain on the main route out of Telford to North Shropshire and Wales. Marvellous. It took me 20 minutes to crawl a mile between exits and then I was forced to drive off in the opposite direction because of the heay traffic. So I headed for the dual carriageway to approach from the other side.

Traffic wasn’t too bad, a little heavy but for rush hour and this weather it was ok. But as I got closer to where I wanted to be it was just as bad. In the end I gave it up as a bad lot and parked up about half a mile from the KFC and walked the rest of the way. In a t-shirt because I didn’t take a coat as I wasn’t expecting to walk half a mile in the rain.

Anyway, it’s was pretty uneventful after that. The two lads behind the counter had a bit of a laugh when I confessed to not having thought about how I was going to carry enough KFC and drinks for 6 people and an umbrella half a mile in the wind and rain.

Anyway, that’s my trip to KFC. There’s been a lot of flooding in Telford and surrounding parts as usual although on a far grander scale than we’ve had for a long time. There are some decent pictures on the Shropshire Star website although none of them do justice to some of the floods from what I hear. The town I used to live in which is 8 or 9 miles from where I live now is all but cut off I’m told. Only one road was open this afternoon and that was expected to be closed by this evening.

Some consistency please

The European Federation has banned the use of mercury in thermometers and barometers becaue mercury is dangerous and they might get broken.

In one of my previous jobs I wrote COSHH datasheets for a defence company and mercury is some pretty nasty stuff if ingested. The amount of mercury in a thermometer would make you ill if you drank it but unless you set out to deliberately poison yourself it would be pretty difficult to ingest a thermometer full of mercury and if you were trying to poison yourself you’d probably plump for a bottle of domestos and/or 50 paracetamol. In other words, the risk of mercury poisoning from thermometers and barometers is negligible.

Despite the negligible risk, the EU is banning the use of mercury putting an entire small but specialised industry out of business. They are not, however, planning to put the energy saving light bulb industry out of business despite mercury being used in the bulbs.

Compare the number of mercury thermometers per household and the number of energy saving light bulbs per household, take into account that non-energy saving bulbs are also being outlawed by the EU and which one poses more of a public health risk?

Consistency: one policy area the EU hasn’t claimed.

Twat of the Week voting

Please cast your vote for this weeks Twat of the Week award.

A reminder of the reasons for the nominations are as follows:

José Manuel Barroso
For the bare-faced audacity to lecture us on democracy whilst talking about the EU not-a-constitution that he and his fellow Federal Europe traitors are trying to force on us against our will.

Lord Adonis
No, my Lords. The noble Lord is simply out of sympathy with the concept of devolution—that may be the understatement of the afternoon. The fact is that we have a Scottish Parliament . The Executive, alas, are no longer controlled by own party, but they have a perfect right to take decisions of this kind.

Tony Bliar
There’s a million and one reasons but treason and treachery will do this time.

Gordon Brown
One word. TWAT!

There’s no business like showbusiness

Spent a few hours today at the Shropshire & West Mid Show near Shrewsbury helping out on the CEP stall.

It was a hard slog, half the visitors were either Welsh or English living in Wales. Still, we handed out at least a couple of hundred leaflets and must have spoken to over a hundred people while I was there and I only did half a day.

More foreign government

According to the press today, No Mandate Brown has offered the Treasury to Alistair Darling and a new job – Minister for the Nations – to Des Browne.

The cabinet already has more than its fair share of MPs elected in Scotland and it looks like the Tartan Taxman has no plans to break with the tradition of minority rule started by Traitor Bliar.

Brown has been coronated as Leader of the Liebour Party today but won’t be Prime Minister until the Queen gives him a warrant to form a government on Wednesday.

Bliar’s done the deal …

… but we don’t know what deal he’s done.

The Danes say the EU not-a-constitution is keeping the old constitution almost intact. Bliar says that the “red lines” haven’t been crossed and that the bits of the not-a-constitution that are bad for us aren’t in it.

The French have had the reference to a free intrenal market – what the UK actually joined all those years ago – changed to an “internal market” so that they can continue to prop up failing state industries as they do now but without having to ignore the fines the EU gives them for breaking the rules.

Angela Merkel told journalists there is “no news” on the not-a-constitution, reinforcing the contempt for public opinion and accountability that has marked the fourth recich’s presidency of the European Federation.

One piece of information that has been given on the not-a-constitution is that the voting has been changed so that all is required to pass something is a 55% majority of member states that make up 65% of the population of the European Federation. This means that the UK, which is quite often a lone voice of opposition to the illiberal eurofederalists, will be continually and consistently out-voted.

Forgive and forget …

This is an excellent example of how Federal Europe brings the continent together in peace and friendship, casting aside any previous animosity in a show of brotherly love, a Europe of equals and a continent united in common purpose.

Poland has demanded extra voting rights in the EU because they would have had a bigger population if the Germans hadn’t killed so many Poles during the war.


Belgian Police stifle free speech

Four UKIP MEPs – including Leader, Nigel Farage – were threatened with arrest by the Belgian Police outside the European Parliament building as they staged a peaceful protest against the EU Constitution.

The MEPs had taken an inflatable bulldozer with “Clearing the way for the EU Constitution” written on the side of it and had inflated it in the “Zone of Free Expression” outside the building. The Zone of Free Expression is a place where peaceful protest can take place, a haven of freedom in the EU Police State.

Not long after inflating the bulldozer and attracting the attention of TV cameras, the Belgian police turned up, switched off the generator and parked police vans in front of it so the cameras couldn’t spread the heretical message.

The local police chief refused to tell the MEPs why they were being denied the right to peaceful protest but did offer to lock Nigel Farage in a cell for 12 hours while they sorted it out.

The bulldozer has been confiscated.