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Unelected quango spends £1.3m of taxpayers money

Last year Telford & Wrekin Council, under the previous Liebour administration, launched a company by the name of Transforming Telford to perform some of its statutory obligations.

I’ve mentioned the funny story around the company before but I’ll touch on it again because it’s a brilliant example of residents getting one over corrupt civil servants. The company was supposed to be called Telford First and had been operating in a shadow form, in secret, for over a year when a resident (John) spotted a reference to it in the £50k variances in the council budget. He did some digging and found that this company had spent thousands of pounds of taxpayers money but appeared to have done nothing. The “company” refused to publicise itself and both they and the council were withholding information. Eventually, John went to the local paper and outed them and they announced they would be starting trading the following Monday. But they hadn’t registered their company name at Companies House. So John – along with another resident called John – registered the name Telford First Limited with Companies House and told the council they could have the name back if they just came clean with residents and told them what this company was doing and how much it was costing. You’ll notice that I called the company Transforming Telford at the start of this post – the council, naturally, chose to maintain the veil of secrecy.

Anyway, that’s the brief history of this quango (which is part owned by the unelected regional development agency, Advantage West Midlands). I put in an FOI a few months ago to the council, which they have finally replied to, asking how much money this quango has spent and received. They have received almost £1.3m of taxpayers money and just over £74k of private money. They’ve spent their entire income which includes £112k on press and media yet the only adverts anyone has seen for them are job adverts offering hughly paid jobs to budding quangocrats.

The big question is, if private enterprise is only stumping up 5% of the funding, why are only 2 of the board members representatives of the taxpayers giving this quango 95% of its funding? Why is this almost exclusively publicly-funded quango controlled by unelected bureaucrats and businessmen when they are making such a pitiful contribution to the coffers?

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Liebour Lovefest

Traitor Bliar held his last cabinet meeting today before he finally does the decent thing for the first time in his career and resigns.

He pledged “unswerving support” for No Mandate Brown during the Liebour lovefest in which ministers gushed at each other and generally reminisced about how great the last few years have been on their planet, wherever the fuck that is.

Fatty Prescott, who is resigning with Princess Tony, said he would “leave office with his head held high”.  Shame nobody will notice on account of the 5 chins that fill the half inch gap between his jowls and the flap of lard filled skin that hangs off his neck.

The Demon Headmaster said that Bliar would be remembered as one of the most successful Prime Ministers ever who had tackled racial and gender prejudice and created a society “at ease with itself” and not, as everyone else keeps saying, as a lying, cheating, war-mongering, coniving little shit.

No Mandate Brown said people would “look back in 100 years time and see the achievements Tony Blair has made”.  They’ll look back at the uncontrolled immigration responsible for English being an ethnic minority in 2107.  They’ll look back at the dark days before President Bliar brought the country into the light of European Federalism.  They’ll look back and give thanks that Lord Bliar of Twatsville resisted the unreasonable demands of the regions not to have their country broken up for the good of the European Federation.

William Hague, I think, sums up Bliar’s career pretty well:

Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague, for the Conservatives, said Mr Blair had “amazing” political talents and had been “good at winning elections”.

But he added: “I think he has been a much better party leader than prime minister.

“He wouldn’t get a standing ovation from most of the country.”

More PC shit

The DTI is using taxpayers money to fund a “task force” to investigate barriers to black and ethnic minority businesses.

Apparently, black and ethnic minority business owners find it harder to get finance for their business than white people born here.

The “task force” looks like being another one of these unelected, taxpayer funded regional quangos if this is anything to go by:

Tom Riordan, the chief executive at the Yorkshire regional development agency, Yorkshire Forward, with be the deputy chair.

“I welcome the opportunity to contribute to this agenda and I am delighted Yorkshire Forward has agreed to lead in supporting the task force,” Ms Malik said. “Ethnic minority businesses make a significant contribution to GDP so it is important they are supported and encouraged to flourish.”

Mr Riordan said: “If the English regions are to achieve their economic potential, then we need to create the conditions for [black and minority ethnic] businesses to grow and prosper. To do so, we need to make sure they have access to the same levels of support as any other business. I intend to make sure that the task force has a real impact on the delivery of business support across England.”

Could it be that asians are a credit risk?  Could the fact that a lot of asians use more than one name and freely share their identities be a reason why banks are reluctant to loan them money?  I know from personal experience that this happens and it happens often.  I’d be interested to see some sort of statistics on the demographics of bad debts, in particular whether black and ethnic minority groups are statistically more likely to be bad debtors that white English people.  If this is the case then the “discrimination” is perfectly justified and the British government has no place interfering.  Credit Reference Agencies and Banks have built up their credit scoring systems over decades using their own experiences to identify which people are likely to be a higher risk.  Who knows best – banks and credit reference agencies or oppressively-PC civil servants and special (ie. self-) interest pressure groups?

Got to be Gordon Meme

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Two things Gordon Brown should be proud of

  1. Not only holding on to his job but his nickname of “Iron Chancellor” when he’s overseen the introduction of a record number of new taxes and incompetence such as telling the world that he’s selling half our gold reserves months in advance, thus devaluing the price of gold and getting half of it’s previous value.
  2. Sticking with Liebour and Traitor Bliar in clear defiance of logic and common sense.

Two things he should apologise for

  1. Voting on English laws.
  2. Breathing.

Two things he should do immediately when he becomes PM

  1. Take part in the English Constitutional Convention and sign an English Claim of Right.
  2. Resign and call a general election.

Two things he should do while he is PM

  1. Sack Charlie Falconer.
  2. Call a referendum on an English Parliament.

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CEP Press Release: Gordon Brown must drop his Claim


Wednesday 20th June 2007
For immediate release


Gordon Brown must drop his Claim

“How can Gordon Brown, who took this oath, become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?”

When Gordon Brown was an ordinary Scottish MP he signed the declaration of the “Scottish Claim of Right”. This document was a public oath committing those who took it to put the interests of the people of Scotland before all other considerations.

Now Gordon Brown is to become Prime Minister for the whole of the United Kingdom, the Campaign for an English Parliament is calling on Gordon Brown to publicly declare that he will not put the interests of any one part of the United Kingdom above any other part of the United Kingdom.

The Claim of Right, signed by Gordon Brown in 1988, read:

We, gathered as the Scottish Constitutional Convention, do hereby acknowledge the sovereign right of the Scottish people to determine the form of Government best suited to their needs, and do hereby declare and pledge that in all our actions and deliberations their interests shall be paramount.

CEP Chairman, Scilla Cullen, said, “There is another nation within the UK- that of England. Will Gordon Brown extend to its people the right of self-determination that he espoused for his own nation when he signed the Scottish Claim of Right?”

CEP Vice Chairman, Tom Waterhouse, said, “The Claim of Right was a public oath, and those who took it pledged to put the interests of the Scottish people before all others. How can Gordon Brown, who took this oath, become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom? He must declare that he will put the interests of the whole of the UK before those of Scotland”.

National Council, Campaign for an English Parliament


Our country, our honours, our decision

Salman Rushdie has been given a knighthood in the Queens Birthday Honours list.

The author of the Satanic Verses is now Sir Salman Rushdie, not to be confused with Salmon Rosti which would be grated potato and salmon made into a kind of burger shape which would be slightly more palatable to our muslim friends than Rushdie’s knighthood.

The Iranians have had a bit of a whinge – the Iranian Foreign Minister said that “Giving a medal to someone who is among the most detested figures in the Islamic community is… a blatant example of the anti-Islamism of senior British officials” according to the BBC.  It was the Iranians who issued a Fatwah (a religious death warrant) on Rushdie after he wrote the Satanic Verses.

The Pakistani’s are the latest ones to bitch about it.  The High Commissioner in Islamabad was summoned to the Foreign Ministry so they could tell him that they were upset and the North West Frontier Province government said that the knighthood is part of “a campaign waged in Europe and the West to hurt the feelings of Muslims”.  The Pakistani Religious Affairs Minister even went as far as saying that “if someone commits suicide bombing to protect the honour of the Prophet Mohammad, his act is justified”.

At the beginning of the month, when Traitor Bliar was announcing his million pound giveaway for Islamic Studies at UK universities, he said that British politicians must listen harder to the “calm voice of moderation” of the majority of the UK’s muslims.  Try as I might, I can’t find any denunciation from the “calm voice of moderation” of the incitement to commit a suicide bombing or a call for the worlds muslims to turn the other cheek.  I’m sure they must have said something but the Islamophobic zionist press must have covered it up.

This is the problem with Islam.  The religion hasn’t really evolved much from mediævil times and still revolves around strict orthodox adherence to fundamentalist values and “honour”.  Insulting their god is bad enough but insulting his prophet is worse – bad enough to drive someone to blow up a train full of innocent people, both muslims and infidels.  There is no leniency or clemency in Islam – you break the “law” and you pay the consequences, often through mutilation or death.

Now, I don’t want to tar all muslims with one brush because I know quite a few and they’re not all deranged terrorists.  It’s fair to say that most muslims don’t feel the need to purge the earth of infidels, perform genital mutilation on young girls or stone women to death for being raped.  But it happens.  Personally I think it’s wrong but that just the way I was brought up, who’s to say that the values and morals I have are right or better than someone elses?  As long as the practices that I, and most people in this country, believe are barbaric are only performed in countries where it is considered acceptable then leave them to it, they’ll soon run out of sinners.  Or stones.

Which brings me back to this whole Sir Salmon Rosti thing in a rather convoluted way.  The Satanic Verses isn’t offensive to us and muslims are a small, albeit very vocal and pandered-to, minority in England.  Rushdie has written more than one book and his writings are, I gather, fairly well respected in certain circles.  I personally wouldn’t have considered giving Rushdie a knighthood and I’m not happy with the decision to give him one because I don’t think he’s done anything of note for England or English people.  But the committee that decides on these things obviously thought he was worth the honour and the predictable – and frankly, quite tedious – outcry from the Islamic world.

In other words, it is acceptable here for someone who has written a book that offends muslims, to receive a knighthood and as we haven’t asked any muslim countries to confer a similar honour on him then I really don’t see what concern it is of anyone other than our own people and until Islam moves on and finds a way to accept criticism in the same way that every other major religion on the planet has, there will never be an end to religiously-motivated violence.

Twat of the Week: Tony Bliar

With only days to go as Prime Minister, what better way to mark his anti-English, racist, illiberal, ineffectual leadership than with yet another Twat of the Week award?


Nobody else stood a chance really – Bliar is determined to mark the end of his leadership of the Disunited Kingdom as the single most hated figure in public office, there can be no other explanation.





Tony Bliar, you are this weeks Twat of the week.

Blair wants lunatics to run asylums

Traitor Bliar has told the Commons Select Committee – thankfully the last he will face as Prime Minister – that he supports an appointed House of Lords.

“I think if we want it to be a proper revising chamber it’s best for it to be a different type of chamber,” he said.  How about … I don’t know … a hereditary House of Lords, perhaps?  That’s different.

Electing members of the Upper House, as I have said many times before, will be a disaster for democracy.  You’d think that, as a nation, we’d be grown up enough to realise that the utopian dream of every public official being elected and every decision being taken by a referendum is just that – a dream.  The upper house does not have to be elected to improve democracy.

In a handful of bullet points I can outline my argument for a traditional hereditary upper house:

  • An hereditary upper house doesn’t guarantee any party a majority
  • Hereditary peers don’t rely on a party for their position of power
  • The party whip either doesn’t exist or is useless
  • Hereditary peers are more likely to rebel against their party on points of conscience
  • Hereditary peers are more likely to make an unpopular decision if they think it’s right because they don’t have to worry about their public image or popularity
  • Hereditary peers are part of our culture and heritage and are more likely to defend it than supress it to appease vocal minorities
  • Absolute power corrupts absolutely – people who seek power are generally unfit to wield it

When Liebour first “reformed” the House of Lords, the upper house had a Tory majority.  Less than a year later Liebour had appointed itself a majority.  How can the ruling party in the lower house being in charge of appointments to the upper house possibly be more democratic than the traditional hereditary system?  The House of Lords is responsible for keeping the Commons in check, to challenge their bills when they think that they are wrong and to scrutinise their work to ensure that they are acting in the ebst interests of the country.  An appointed upper house is like the lunatics running the asylum, the inmates running the prison, John Prescott running the pork pie factory.

There is the issue of who keeps an eye on the Lords and who makes sure they are acting in the best interests of the country.  Quis custodiet ipsos custodes – who watches the watchers – as Juneval famously said all those centuries ago.  The solution at the moment lies in the Parliament Act which allows the Commons to over-ride the upper house if they reject a bill 3 times in one session of Parliament but this is being systematically abused by this Liebour government who have used it more times to force through legislation against the will of the Lords than every previous government combined since the bill was passed into law at the beginning of the last century.

I offered a solution to this problem back when I debated the issue with Gavin Ayling a good couple of years ago now and I’ve yet to see a reasonable argument against it.  Amend the Parliament Act so that instead of allowing the Commons to over-rule the Lords in cases of dispute, the matter is simply put to a binding public referendum in which both sides submit a brief explanation of their reasons for supporting or opposing the bill in plain English.  No media circus, no spin doctors, just 100 words or less on why the voter should support or oppose the bill.

Combined with restoring the traditional hereditary upper house, this solution would engage the electorate in important decision making, force both the Commons and Lords to consider both public opinion and the value of their proposal and put the people before the party again.  Surely this is the holy grail of political reformists?

Scots band attacked

A Scottish childrens pipe band has been attacked by what the Sunday Sun newspaper described as a gang of “racist thugs”.

The band had stepped in at the last minute after an English band had dropped out of a fair but as they were doing their stuff, a gang marched alongside them singing anti-Scottish songs and the police had to be called in to offer protection.

The police are treating it as a racially-motivated crime.

This is inexcusable behaviour – they were just children.  It’s no co-incidence that this has followed more press coverage of the inequalities and discrimination faced by English people every day at the hands of this racist Scottish government.  It’s worth noting that during the 2006 World Cup, there were several occassions when English people – including a 7 year old child and a disabled man – were the victims of racist attacks in Scotland but the best the press could muster up was the phrase “anti-English”.  The Scotsman newspaper publishes more stories about anti-English racism in Scotland than the so-called “English press” but even it draws the line at referring to those brave Scottish freedom fighters who beat up English children as racists.

I just hope that this doesn’t scare off the national press from carrying further stories about anti-English discrimination for fear of stirring up more trouble, especially when Princess Tony has been making noises about more illiberal laws to restrict freedom of the press.

YouGov poll says “No Mandate”

A YouGov poll has found that most English and Scottish people believe that Gordon Brown has no mandate to govern the UK.

The poll found that on average only 33% of English people and 47% of Scots felt that Gordon Brown has a mandate to govern the country.

There is no indication as to why they feel that Gordon Brown has no mandate but there can be only to reasons really.  Firstly, he has never contested an election as leader of a party and potential prime minister and secondly, as Prime Minister of the Disunited Kingdom he is the de-facto First Minister of England but was elected in a Scottish constituency.

Hat-tip: The CEP

Snap Previews

I’ve finally (or so I thought) got the Snap Preview plugin to behave itself after re-registering countless times, disabling and enabling the plugin and fiddling with the settings.

I like the Snap Preview plugin – it gives you a small preview of the website behind a link, a bit like Vista does when you hover over a button on the taskbar.  It should display previews only for external links but for some reason, under Firefox and Safari it displays them for every link which is a bit of an irritation.

Anyway, if you don’t like the previews you can disable them by hovering over a link to make the preview pop up and clicking the small “disable” link in the top right hand corner of the preview.

More Nanny State interference

The British government is going to distribute a family survey to see if parents support a total ban on smacking children.

The law was changed a couple of years ago so that if you smack your child hard enough to leave a mark you are guilty of assault and can be banged up for it.

Of course children need protecting for child abuse but then the law already covers assault, it’s been a crime in English common law for centuries.  So do we actually need a specific law aimed at parents smacking their children?  Personally I don’t think we do.  Children are already protected by the same laws against assault as adults, it is how social services and other agencies work that needs to be changed.

The British government doesn’t particularly want to change the law to bring in a total ban on smacking children but it did say that it would ask parents when it changed the law previously and for some reason has chosen to keep a promise.  The NSPCC is calling for a total ban on smacking children and the four “children’s commissioners” – I have no idea who they are or what they do – have also called for a total ban saying that “fear and intimidation can never be a positive part of childhood”.

I smack my children if it is necessary.  I don’t do it very often – in fact, we were talking about it today as a family and my eldest (9 years old) said he couldn’t remember the last time he’d had a smack but it was definitely more than a year ago.  Sometimes a smack is needed to instill discipline in kids.  When shouting, reasoning and other punishments don’t work what’s the alternative?  I’ve seen plenty of kids whose parents refuse to discipline them and they’re all, without exception, little shits.  What hope is there for these kids as they grow into adults?  It’s not a huge leap from ASBO to mugging old ladies.

Anyway, that’s my opinion – what’s yours?  Should parents be allowed to smack their children?

President Bliar

Traitor Bliar is being tipped for the job of EU President by the Nicolas Sarkozy, the new French President.

A permanent EU President is one of the new unelected positions of power that will be created by the European not-a-Constitution.

A cynical person might be forgiven for wondering if this is why Bliar is going to sign the EU not-a-Constitution without giving us the referendum that he promised (there’s still time to vote for the traitor as Twat of the Week by the way).

Hat-tip: KeithS

Supporting an illegitimate government

Last year Palestine held elections which were accepted as free and fair elections with the only interference in the democratic process coming from Israeli troops in Jerusalem.  The election resulted in a victory for the political wing of Hamas.

Hamas is a bit like the IRA and Sinn Féin.  The IRA were the terrorists and Sinn Féin were the “acceptable” political arm of the group.  Hamas has both a militant and political wing, both of which are called Hamas.

Since Hamas were elected by the Palestinians, Israel, the US, the UK and the EU have all stopped direct aid and refuse to deal with the Palestinian government, choosing to go directly to the President who belongs to the Fatah movement.

This last week has seen what is basically a Fatah-sponsored attempted coup d’etat.  There have been gun fights in the streets, kidnappings and executions.  Hamas troops have taken back control of Gaza but the Fatah insurgency has moved to the West Bank where they have stormed the Parliament building.

The President is expected to swear in a Fatah Prime Minister and “emergency government” in defiance of last years election result.

Now all this is pretty much par for the course in the Middle East where regime changes happen more often than they change their underpants.  However, there is a legitimate government in Palestine democratically elected in a free and fair election.  What are the champions of justice and democracy doing to ensure that the legitimate, democratically elected Palestinian government isn’t ousted in a bloody coup?  Nothing.  In fact, that’s not strictly true – Israel controls Palestine’s borders and for Fatah troops to get from Gaza to the West Bank they would have to pass through Israeli checkpoints.  Known insurgents, probably carrying weapons.  That doesn’t happen if they don’t want it to.  But that’s understandable, Israel has been sponsoring terrorist activity in Palestine as an excuse to bomb them into the stone age for years but the UK and the US invaded Iraq in the name of democracy, surely they’ve got something to say about it?

Yep.  The UK, US, EU and Israel are all prepared to welcome the new “emergency government” and maybe even reinstate direct aid.  There’s a word on the tip of my tongue … yep, got it – hypocracy.

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Give me my referendum you lying scumbag

Traitor Blair has reneged on his promise to give us a referendum on the EU Constitution.

The lying, coniving, fuckwit scumbag traitor says that it’s not a Constitution, it’s an “amending treaty”.  This is, of course, a complete and utter filthy lie.  The treaty that he will agree to next week is the EU Constitution that was rejected by the Dutch and French in a referendum and that he himself declared to be “dead” minus the three quarters of the treacherous treaty that’s already been slipped in through the back door.

If Angela Merkel gets her way (and she usually does), the treaty will give the EU a “single legal personality”, introduce majority voting on more policy areas including criminal law and foreign policy and create an EU Foreign Minister and full time EU President.  Merkel also describes the renaming and repackaging of the EU Constitution as a “major concession” and says that it will only happen as long as the “substance” of the original EU Constitution treaty is preserved.  Changing the name from Constitution to Treaty doesn’t change what it is – especially when the “substance” of the treaty is the same.

Blair and the Dutch and French governments have all said that the Treaty for the EU Constitution needs to be simplified so they can bypass the electorate and not hold referenda.

The Tories have called for a referendum on “the type of Europe we want to see”, the Illiberal Dipshits are saying that “criminals and terrorists are free to bomb their way across Europe” because we haven’t handed the country over to the EU and UKIP are demanding a referendum on pulling out of the EU altogether and returning back to what was agreed to in a referendum 50 years ago – a Common Market.

Merkel – the German Chancellor and EU Chief Propagandist – says that we have to have this treaty to make the enlarged EU function properly.  One observation and one solution love – we didn’t want an enlarged EU in the first place and we can easily make the EU smaller and easier to manage for you by leaving it and spending our several billion pound euro-subsidy on ourselves.

Any further transfer of sovereignty to the EU is an act of treachery, plain and simple.  Power is loaned to government, it is not given and no government can bind its successors.  Bliar has no right to give away any more of our sovereignty to the EU – it isn’t his to give away, it’s ours.

I was promised a referendum and I expect it Blair.  Do you hear me you lying, cheating, traitor?

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Blind to benefits of the union

A new drug for Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration is available free of charge on the NHS.  In Scotland.

Wet ARMD is the most common cause of blindness in over-60’s and is caused by abnormal growth of blood vesels in the eye.  Wet ARMD is less common than Dry ARMD but vision degenerates far more rapidly in Wet ARMD.  The condition usually doesn’t result in full blindness but affects the centre of the eye leaving the sufferer with only peripheral vision.

A drug is available that can help reduce the degeneration but the National Institute for Clinical Excellence refuses to approve it for use on the NHS in England despite the Scottish Medical Consortium approving it for use in Scotland, paid for by the English taxpayer.

Redistribution of wealth

I tend not to post comments on Scottish nationalist blogs because they’re generally greeted by a torrent of racist abuse or wildly inaccurate paraphrased quotes from SNP propaganda.  However, I made an exception for Richard Thomson’s blog – Scots and Independent – because he seems to be fairly well adjusted for one of our celtic neighbours.  I don’t usally re-post my comments on my own blog but I thought this one was worth reproducing in reply to a claim that Scotland’s GDP is £111bn because of “oor oil”:

You’re making the mistake of assuming that when the division of wealth, resources and liabilities takes place prior to independence, Scotland keeps what has been so generously donated to it.

The maritime border between England and Scotland used to follow international convention which dictates that a maritime boundary is an extension of the land boundary. In the case of the Anglo-Scottish border, this meant that England’s territorial waters extended north east and north west. I believe it was in the 60s when the boundary was moved with the Continental Shelf Act (I could be mistaken on the name) to extend at a parallel conveniently placing most north sea oil and gas in Scottish waters. The English weren’t consulted on this mass transfer of resources.

Then there is the national debt. Pretty large and Scotland has had more out of the coffers than it’s put in for a long time.

You’re also assuming that as a terminally socialist country, Scotland doesn’t turn into an overburdened, border-line communist state and end up vying for bottom place with Albania.

The gravy train for Scotland started 300 years ago with the money England gave to make Scotland somewhere near solvent again after bankrupting itself trying to colonise Panama. Scotland has benefitted hugely from the English empire which was later expanded as a British empire. For the last few decades Scotland has been receiving subsidies worth billions thanks to the Barnett Formula. Until Scottish Labour took over, Scotland was in the periphery – over-represented at Westminster but always in the shadow of England.

Can Scotland suddenly go from being the proverbial kept woman to a working woman without actually becoming the other type of the proverbial “working woman” selling herself to the EU?