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Shropshire Bad

Well. My first guest-post at Wonkoville. It’d make a change if I was going to say something nice (by way of variety), but I’m not. I’m going to have a little moan about Shropshire Council and a man called Paul Masterman.

The following story was in a recent issue of Private Eye:


Is there anywhere the outsourcing tentacles of Westminster council’s “communications” team, headed by Alex “Chicken-Wrestler” Aiken, do not reach?

After Richmond, Merton, Hillingdon and the Isle of Wight, WCC has added Southwark council to its portfolio. Westminster was brought in to conduct a “review” of the Lib-Deb/Tory council’s PR machine last year after it was revealed the council was spending more than £5m on spin – which clearly wasn’t working. More than 20 jobs were duly axed. Westminster has now found Southwark a new communications supremo: one Paul Masterman, formerly of Shropshire county council.

Masterman sounds just the man for the job. He left Shropshire last year after being caught instructing council employees how to cheat in an online poll. BBC Shropshire had organised the survey to gauge local opinion on whether the county and district councils should merge into a “unitary” authority (the government subsequently decided they should). In furthering the county council’s campaign in favour, Masterman encouraged hundreds of council employees to vote Yes – and explained to them how to bypass the BBC website’s “cookies” set up to prevent multiple voting. Masterman was suspended and resigned before a disciplinary process was completed. Perhaps Southwark could put him in charge of postal voting.

So this bloke orders council employees to waste their time skewing a BBC website poll. Not only is it a misuse of council equipment, its a waste of money: its our tax money that pays these people. Add to that the fact that the BBC website poll doesn’t count for squat anyway, and it makes it even more of a gross waste of time and resources.

The really narking thing about this is that the bloody little coward resigned before a disciplinary process could have made him face a more humiliating final curtain. And now he’s been given a top job directing communications for another council. If his track reccord is anything to go by, it won’t be long before he’s either booted out or forced to leave this one either.

The slipperier you are, the further up that greasy pole you can climb, it would seem. After all, no politico wants to slip back down the pole: at the bottom are the feral and angry jaws of the taxpayer whose money is so lavishly wasted by these arsebiscuits.

We do seem to have more than our fair share of them round here too. What ever happened to “Concrete” Keith Austin and Micheal “The Traitor” Frater, I wonder.

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Going on my jollies

I’m off on my jollies for a week, see you soon.

There might be a guest post or two while I’m away so keep checking.

If anything goes dramatically wrong, please contact a Witanagemot blog (list in the sidebar).

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Police force EDP to remove English flags

The English Democrats Party, campaigning in Henley, have been forced by the Police to remove a table bedecked with red and white bunting, citing a local by-law that they have so far failed to provide any details of.  As the English flag is their logo, this makes it understandably difficult for them to go about their business.

This mysterious by-law banning the use of the English flag doesn’t seem to apply to the local CofE church though, the table the EDP had set up was in full view of the church proudly flying the English flag.

It also apparently doesn’t apply to the “butcher’s apron” – red, white and blue bunting is apparently all over the town.

The full story is in the Brussels Journal:

English Democrats Harassed by Police for Flying the Flag

From the desk of A. Millar on Fri, 2008-06-27 17:10

Threats of prosecution or fines for flying the England flag in England is not new, and perhaps it should come as no surprise, then, that the English Democrats party – which uses the flag in its promotional material – is reporting that it has become a target of such intimidation. Yet it is different for one very significant reason: that there has been a longstanding, unspoken rule that political parties in Britain should not be harassed by the police, particularly when campaigning. We accustom such behavior with dictatorship, not democracy.

The incident occurred when candidate Derek Allpass and his team were out campaigning on June 21, for the Henley by-election (held June 26). They had set up a table with promotional material, and strung bunting sporting the red cross of St. George around it. However, the team was soon approached by the police and the Town Clerk, the latter of whom allegedly told Allpass, “we don’t want that flag here in Henley.” Darren Riley, the Party’s Kent Chairman, responded by pointing a church that was close by, and likewise flying the England flag (because it was under the denomination of the Church of England), and remarked, “if you don’t want England’s flag flying in Henley you had better take this up with the Vicar too.”

Nevertheless, the authorities claimed that the display of the flag by the English Democrats breached a by-law, and instructed them to remove both the table and bunting. The by-law in question has yet to be shown to the party, though as the town was also strewn with red, white, and blue bunting (signifying the United Kingdom, as opposed to England), one can only wonder how peculiarly specific it must be. There were several witnesses, and the party intends to issue the Town Clerk with a Section 65 Race Relations Act Questionnaire if the by-law does not state what was claimed.

The English Democrats team complied with the request – though not before taking photographs of the display – and continuing their campaigning. Henley is a Conservative safe seat, and was held by Boris Johnson until recently, who prompted the election when he resigned to concentrate on his position as London Mayor.

And the British foreign minister, David Milliband, has the nerve to appear in front of TV cameras and criticise the Zimbabwean tyrant, Robert Mugabe, when agents of the British state are harassing an English political party for displaying the English flag?

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Tories take Henley, BNP beat Liebour

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – nobody stands a chance of winning a by-election but the Conswervative at the moment.

John Howell took 56.95% of the vote and ended up with nearly a 10,000 vote majority.

Liebour came fifth and lost his deposit, being beaten by the Illiberal Dumbocrats, the Green Party and the BNP.

UKIP came a disappointing sixth but they won’t be as disappointed as the English Democrats who came 8th behind the Monster Raving Loony Party.  The Miss Great Britain Party, bizarrely, put up two candidates for the same election.  I don’t think they quite get how it works because their combined vote would have put them above the English Democrats in 8th place.

If the last few election results are anything to go by, Liebour are likely to find themselves in third place at the next general election.

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West Mercia Police lied about attempted child abduction

Bit of a strange one here.  A couple of weeks ago a rumour circulated very quickly in Telford of an attempted abduction in the local Chavda supermarket of a young girl by a couple of Poles.

The Police immediately issued a statement which was published in the local paper, the Shropshire Star, saying it was just a rumour and reassuring residents they had nothing to worry about.

Funny that because I’ve just been told today that one of the doctors at the surgery my cousin works at was actually in the supermarket at the time, that the police were called and sealed the building and that they found a young girl in the toilets with two Romanians and a bottle of hair dye which they’d already started using.

So why did the police lie and tell us that there was nothing to worry about when really we should all have been on our guard in case there were any more of them?  I’d quite seriously like to know actually, I have young children that need protecting from threats like this.

Could it be anything to do with Hazel Blears’ instructions to local authorities and press that they should practice self-censorship on stories that might cause ethnic tensions?

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Number 10 promoting Liebour websites again?

I’ve just had an email from the Number 10 propaganda department telling me about all the wonderful things our Prime Minister has been doing.  One of the things in it was a link to an “EU Summit minisite”.

I clicked on the link to see what it was all about and it came up with the address  A government blogs website?  Looks interesting.  So what’s at  A 123-reg holding page.   123-reg?  Since when has the British government used 123-reg for their websites?  Suspicious (out of character I know), I popped onto a whois website to check it out.  The domain is registered to a Simon Dickson, address unknown because he’s apparently a “non-trading private individual”.  Strange, because this website is being promoted as a government website and it has the headers and footers of the Prime Minister’s website.

So who is Simon Dickson?  I’ve found a reference to a Simon Dickson who happens to be a Liebour Party donor.  Co-incidence?  It’s not as if they haven’t got form for this sort of thing, after all.

The surname is “Dickson”, not “Dixon”.

Edit 2:
Simon Dickson says, in the comments, he has no links to Liebour.

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I’m doing the lottery this weekend!

Not last night but the night before, two dead men came knocking at my door I was out walking the dog when I was treated to the sight of a couple of chavs in their poxy little hatchbacks racing two-abreast round the perimeter road of the housing estate I live on.  They were still two-abreast as they went over the brow of a hill, completely blind to whatever may have been over the hill … such as a bus at the bus stop – the bus stops I’ve moaned about on here before because they put them opposite each other so they block the road.  There wasn’t a bus there, which was lucky.

Anyway, I didn’t get the reg plate of either car because they were going too fast but they made the mistake of racing back again and I did get one number so I reported it to the police.  While I was on the phone I had a general whinge about people using the road as a race track, in particular the one motorbike that enjoys racing up the road at 6pm every evening pulling wheelies and I commented that it was a miracle nobody had died or been seriously injured there.

Last night, as I arrived home, the air ambulance had just landed round about where I was when the aforementioned chavs had come tearing past.  A kidney donor motorcyclist had come off their bike and obviously done themselves some serious damage.  Sadly, it wasn’t the prick who keeps racing round pulling wheelies.  The air ambulance broke down yesterday after attending that call and as of this morning still wasn’t operational putting lives at risk for the sake of what was, in all likelihood, someone riding his motorbike too fast.

But that’s not all.  Yesterday at work I jokingly commented to a colleague that some people make me want to switch off the servers and go home.  Minutes later I got a call from Mrs Sane to say my daughter had gone missing while they were waiting to fetch one of my sons from his classroom.  I rushed out to help look for her and what happened when I was out?  Yes, the servers went down!  It wasn’t me, I promise.  My daughter was found safe and well hammering on the door having walked home because she couldn’t find her mum or brothers, bless her.  Is it any wonder I’m going grey?

So I’m doing the lottery this weekend and fully expecting to have all 6 numbers and be a multi-millionaire on Saturday night.  Put your charity requests in the comments so I have something to do when I give up work. 😉

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Harman wants companies to discriminate

Straight from the horses mouth, Harriet Harman wants companies to practice discrimination when considering similar applications for jobs:

They might think we don’t want an all male team.

We’ve got a new post coming up, we’ve got equally qualified men and women going for it, we are going to pick the woman because we want to have a more balanced top team.

Under a new law that she wants to bring in, companies will be banned from any form of age discrimination but will be allowed and encouraged to take into account sex and colour when considering two people with similar qualifications for a job to ensure that they have a “balanced” workforce.

Once again, the young white Englishman is going to be discriminated against to meet arbitrary quotas.  Already the police, fire service, local authorities and British government departments run racist recruitment campaigns that ban white English men from applying but now they are going to extend that same racial and sexual discrimination to the private sector.

Is it any wonder so many people are joining the fucking BNP?  It’s the same hand-wrinnging liberals that complain about the BNP that are causing the problem in the first place.

We have got to get rid of this illiberal, racist fucking scum.

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Stuart Wheeler loses court case

Stuart Wheeler has lost his court case to stop the ratification of the EU not-a-constitution.

Sadly (but not surprisingly) the judge ruled that the British govenment was perfectly entitled to lie in its manifesto and that the contract it makes with the electorate in the run-up to an election isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

The result was expected but there was always that little glimmer of hope that the judge would rule that it is wrong for te British government to lie, that changing the way the EU constitution implements its changes and giving it a new name doesn’t make it a different thing entirely, that they were acting unlawfully when they debated and voted on a bill that was sub-judice and that Gordon Brown showed such contempt in attempting to ratify the EU not-a-constitution before he’d made his judgement that he needed bringing down a peg or two.

Sadly, this is not the case and the judiciary have once again failed to protect us from the treasonous politicians that pass for a government.

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European Parliament votes for metric road signs

A friend of mine has just got back from a week in Strasbourg and said the thing that stuck most in her mind from the whole trip was the vote on the harmonisation of road signs which would have the effect of changing all our road signs to metric.

Only 8 MEPs voted against the measure and that includes the UKIP MEPs that were present (not a full compliment on that occassion).

Don’t panic, it doesn’t mean that the signs will be changed any time soon – the bill will go to the European Commission who will figure out how they can implement it and that will take some time and we have a derogation on introducing metric road signs already.  But only 8 MEPs voted against the measure.  Where was the media coverage of our own MEPs voting to change our road signs to metric?  There was nothing – a complete blackout.

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West Mercia Police

Minutes after receiving an acknowledgement from West Mercia Police for my Freedom of Information request on Common Purpose, someone from West Mercia does a Google search for me and takes a look at this blog.

The guidelines published by the Information Commissioner say that FOI requests should be identity and motive blind so why are West Mercia Police trying to find out who I am before dealing wih my request for information?

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Wimbledon is upon us again – another few weeks of boredom and seemingly endless coverage of some people hitting a ball at each other at 3,000mph.

Andy Murray was in the papers at the weekend telling us how terribly upset he is that people think he’s anti-English because his gran lives in Newcastle and it was only a joke when he said he was supporting anyone playing England in the World Cup and please could we not call him a Scottish wanker and support him at Wimbledon.

Haha, very funny.  Twat.


Anyone but Murray


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That explains it

I wondered why so many people were coming here looking for information on Common Purpose and now I think I know.

I had a phone call this evening from a complete stranger telling me things about Common Purpose and the existance of a list of people who are taking an interest in Common Purpose that has been sent to Freedom of Information officers telling them that the people on the list are making vexatious requests.

Inquiries are being made to verify the existence of this list and to find out how much truth there is in the rumour that information is being shared illegally by local authorities and Common Purpose.

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No Democracy for Zimbabwe

Morgan Tsvangirai has pulled out of the presidential election run-off in Zimbabwe to protect his supporters from the torture and murder that Mugabe’s supporters have been dishing out.

Sanctions aren’t working – they’re hurting Zimbabwean people but not Mugabe, he still has the support of the military, the police and ZanuPF milita.  What is needed is military intervention.  A couple of thousand troops could sort Mugabe and his lot out in a few weeks and allow free and fair elections to take place.

We’ve got thousands and thousands of troops costing billions of pounds fighting a false war in Afghanistan and Iraq which will never end.  It’s time to pull out, let the jihadi’s blow themselves to pieces and concentrate our efforts on people who want our help.

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Shetland Island declares independence

The owner of the Shetland island of Papa Stour (renamed by it’s owner, Forvik) has declared its independence of the British government and the EU.

A lot of Shetland Islanders believe that the legal status of the Shetlands is that of Crown Dependency as they have never formally been incorporated into the UK.  The islands were given to King James III as a guarantee for a marriage dowry by King Christian of Denmark and Norway and were affirmed as a Crown Dependency on a couple of occassions.

Shetland Islanders – and the owner of Forvik, Stuart Hill, particularly – believe this is still the official status of the Shetlands and so Hill has declared independence from the British government and Federal Europe and staked a claim to the seabed and waters in a 200 mile radius around Forvik.  Most North Sea oil and gas would, in the event that Shetland became independent, be in Shetlands waters.  A large chunk of the rest would be in English waters if an English government asserted our rights to the territorial waters that the British government gave to Scotland under the Continental Shelf Act.

The calculators will be running hot at the Treasury today.

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Damn Ruskies

The Netherlands’ performance in the first three games of Euro 2008 was a small consolation for England getting knocked out in the qualifying stages and now those damn Ruskies have spoilt it!

Russia, unbelievably, beat the Netherlands 3-1.

Ah well, no more football for me.  The Dutch are the only team in the competition I could bring myself to support.

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BBC Wales’ anti-English slur

Tonight’s episode of Dr Who, broadcast on BBC1, had a scene which portrayed the English as racists, likening them to the Nazi’s.

The scene in question shows an Italian family being loaded into the back of a truck to be taken to a forced labour camp.  The Italian man says “you know how it is, England for the English” and one of the other characters then made a reference to Nazi forced labour camps.

Dr Who is made by BBC Wales and the actor playing Dr Who is a Scot.  Throughout the series and in previous series, they have been consistent in their use of “Britain” and “British”.  I don’t recall hearing “England” or “English” used once in this series.  If they were consistent they would have said “Britain for the British” but they didn’t so it is reasonable, I think, to assume that it was a deliberate slur on the English by BBC Wales.

I have sent the following complaint to the BBC:

I watched Dr Who tonight and was disgusted by the portrayal of the English as racists, likening us to the Nazi’s.

The scene I refer to is where the Italian (?) man is being taken away to a labour camp and says “you know how it is, England for the English”.

If Dr Who wasn’t consistent in it’s use of “Britain” and “British” throughout every series then I might have let it pass but I think this is the first time I’ve heard the word “England” or “English” in this series of Dr Who and its use was entirely derogatory and offensive.

The fact that Dr Who is made by BBC Wales and its main star (although not in this episode) is Scottish only makes it worse.  Do you have an anti-English racism problem in the BBC?  It certainly seems so.

If you would like to make a similar complaint, you can do so by clicking this link.

Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Tom Wise, the independent MEP has been arrested for allegedly obtaining money by deception.

Wise was elected as an MEP for UKIP but was expelled from the party last year.

The fact he’s now an independent MEP and nothing to do with UKIP hasn’t stopped Illiberal Dumbocrat blogger, Norfolk Blogger, from using the story for a bit of UKIP bashing:

UKIP MEP arrested

Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving fellow. Talk about crooks on the gravy train. Let’s hope the electorate see UKIP for what it really is.

We’ve all seen the Illiberal Dumbocrats for what they are – a bunch of lying, illiberal eurofederalists who are determined to sell England to Federal Europe.

My comment on Norfolk Blogger’s post has still not been approved …

Update 2:
The comment has now been approved, along with a few other comments criticising him for lying.

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Judge reminds Gordo he’s not above the law

The High Court judge hearing Stuart Wheeler’s legal challenge to the British government’s refusal to hold the promised referendum on the EU not-a-constitution has written to the Treasury’s lawyers asking them to delay ratification of the not-a-constitution until after he has given his judgement.

This is a long overdue slapping down for El Gordo who clearly thinks he’s above the law but it’s a shame the judge didn’t go further and summon the Treasury’s lawyers to explain why both the Commons and the Lords continued to debate and vote on a matter that was sub judice.

I hope the judge is pissed off enough to drag this out for as long as possible or, even better, find in favour of Stuart Wheeler.

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We’re dooooooooooomed

A report from the US National Snow & Ice Data Centre says that 2008 started with more Arctic sea ice than the start of 2007 but it is now down to the area covered this time last year.  It says that the extra ice was thin so it melted quickly.

The BBC is trying to turn this into a doom and gloom story about climate change with a dodgy prediction that the Arctic will be ice free by 2013 – something that would cause a 7 metre rise in sea levels.  Which is absolute bollocks, of course.

Scientists have already admitted that the next decade will see global cooling and that average temperatures for the last few years have decreased.  We also know from historical records that the “record low” amount of Arctic sea ice the BBC refers to is still bigger than it was a thousand years ago when the Vikings settled Greenland.

So, the facts are:

  • There was more Arctic sea ice at the start of the year than there was at the start of last year
  • There is currently the same amount of Arctic sea ice than there was at the same time last year
  • The average temperature of the planet is decreasing and is expected to continue decreasing for the next decade
  • There is more Arctic sea ice than there was a thousand years ago

Only a committed climate change propagandist could come up with a doom-laden prediction out of something positive.

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