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Minutes after receiving an acknowledgement from West Mercia Police for my Freedom of Information request on Common Purpose, someone from West Mercia does a Google search for me and takes a look at this blog.

The guidelines published by the Information Commissioner say that FOI requests should be identity and motive blind so why are West Mercia Police trying to find out who I am before dealing wih my request for information?

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  1. Robert Cook (1 comments) says:

    Take a look at my website, http://www.buckinghamecho.com for more information on this strange little police force- with ideas above its station. It’s third in command- Simon Chesterman- is particularly interesting, as he is an anti terrorist expert. This is in a force area largely populated by farm animals, the rural poor and the privileged . The latter group are overwhelmingly in evidence on the West Mercia Police Authority. They are most representative of the socio economic group WMC are there to serve. I doubt there are any terrorists planning attacks on Worcester. Leominster or Kidderminster. Nor do I think they are hiding out in the wilds of Shropshire.

    WMC refuse to answer any of my questions re corruption and no advice as to how I may obtain a copy of the HMIC report in Worcester CID. The press do not seem interetsed as these are the days of press release journalism- police press offices can be very awkward if journalists don’t toe the line. However, there have been two interesting cases published involving senior female WMC officers being paid off after threatening to expose corruption in professional standards- of which CC Paul West is the ultimate head.

    This department appears to have a stock phrase to repel any serious complaints against senior officers- ‘malicious and vexatious abuse of the police complaints system.’ This phrase aims to intimidate and will have that efefct on those without the knowledge, character and training to challenge the system.

    I am aware of another interesting case of alleged WMC corruption in proessional standards- with documentary evidence- concerning a female Chief Inspector and another police officer. I am a writer and bona fide journalist and abide by NUJ rules. Thus, I consider my facts very carefully. There will be more on my website, unless the police make illegal moves to shut it down. It would appear that WMC have an open file on me. Their third in command was also head of Bucks division

    TVP. TVP have also created serious problems for me, but they are a lot more up front than the very odd ‘West’s Mercia.’ However, disregarding my GP’s opinion, TVP have made a written recrd that I am suffering from menatl illness and have refused treatment. They asked me to sign a form stating that they had no secret files on me- as if I could honestly sign such a thing. How would I know whether they ahd secret files, they would not be secret if I did. After a long struggle and paying for the privilege, I achieved partial disclosure from TVP, but WMC will not budge- even though I know they have made a record about me on the PNC. They refuse to say what I have done and have never charged me with anything. I am, however, aware that there has been an investigation into me and it would appear to be ongoing.

    This all sounds seriously mad. But consider the effects of the 1993 and 2003 Police Reform Acts and the police’s almost carte blanche situation because of the hype given to anti terrorism. This is the Britain in which Dr David Kelly’s death was fobbed off by an inquiry that answered none of the key questions. The same could be said of the strange death of Princess Diana. Then there is the peculiar demise of former Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook. He was a fit man, yet died on a remote Scottish mountain, six weeks after informing the Guardian that Al Quaeda was the CIA’s file name for the Muhjadeen rebels fighting, under Osama Bin Laden, for the US against Russia in 1980. The words literally mean ‘data file.’

    Cook was vigorously opposed to the second war in Iraq- which was obviously as motivated by oil as the first one was. I will stray no further into those issues. My point is that this background makes it easy for the police to persuade the gullible, downtrodeen and worried British masses into allowing the police to intrude so much into our lives.

    By the way, ACC Simon Chesterman of WMC is my ex brother in law, therefore I am informed about these matters in more ways than one.

  2. Peter Watts (1 comments) says:

    WMC are fundamentally corrupt, in my experience. I am currently about to expose a case involving a number of incompetent, idle officers who have deliberately prevented the prosecution of offenders and attempted to defame the honest “victims” of crime, in what appears to be yet another example of WMC methods for preventing crime being reported sdo they can deceive the public into thinking that we live in a low crime area! This case goes to the top – David Shaw, has examples of corruption within the professional standards dept too and shows how WMC cover up crime involving its “informants” by attacking the integrity and virtue of decent people.

  3. Jon Plume (1 comments) says:

    I stumbled upon the previous comments by chance following an unsuccessful complaint against the West Mercia PF Inspector following the MP Mitchell affair. The West Mercia PS Dept clearly have their own agenda and appear to lack impartiality. I listed a series of individual breaches of regulations but the PS Inspector was not interested. Todays IPCC statement has made me smile. The modern Police Service is very hierarchical and advancement in rank (and current and future income) almost totally dependent on patronage. So the line between corruption and extended nepotism (ie patronage) is very thin indeed. Moreover, the pervasive cancer of Freemasonary is a major part of the modern Police, especially amongst middle to senior ranks. To take on such an organisation you need to be either very brave or stupid. I wish you all luck and continued personal safety in your quest against the West Mercia Police.

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