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The BBC says the English don’t want devolution

The BBC is asking “Why don’t the English want more power” in response to the Scottish independence referendum in defiance of the evidence that actually they do.

In an article promoting the balkanisation of England into artificial regions, they make the ridiculous claim that 19% of English people support regional government and only 15% support an English Parliament. Toque has been keeping tabs on English Parliament opinion polls since 2002 and not once has support for an English Parliament dipped that low – in fact, in a 2007 ICM opinion poll for the Telegraph 15% supported English independence. Are we to believe that just because people have stopped asking the question in the last year and a half, the support for an English Parliament that has consistently been between more than 50% and almost 70% depending on the question asked has suddenly nosedived to just 15%? That’s rubbish and the BBC know it which is why they’ve left it unsourced.

You can gauge the support for an English Parliament quite easily by just asking any random sample of people – your family, friends or work colleagues – whether they think England should have its own government like Scotland does and unless your circle of friends are ill-informed hardcore British nationalists, most of them will say yes.

The case for an English Parliament does need to be made again because there hasn’t been an effective campaign highlighting the issues and the solution since the Campaign for an English Parliament collapsed into a mere parody of itself a few years ago but support for an English Parliament is still high. Support for regionalisation is still low but increasing in Yorkshire and Cornwall where Labour and Mebyon Kernow respectively are peddling their divisive, anti-English politics.

The message for Yorkshire and Cornwall – and elsewhere in England for that matter – is that an English Parliament and regional devolution aren’t mutually exclusive. There is no reason why Cornwall or Yorkshire shouldn’t have an assembly of its own if that’s what the majority of people there want but that power has to be devolved democratically from an English government, not given away by the British government to frustrate the wishes of the English people. A Cornish Assembly or Yorkshire Assembly could never compete with the Scottish Parliament or Welsh or Northern Irish Assemblies let alone a G20 country but England in its own right would be a G8 country, one of the largest economies in the world. The British government won’t devolve meaningful power to a region and that’s one of the reasons why the regional assemblies were rejected by the electorate but a devolved English Parliament with greater autonomy for county or regional government under that English government could deliver local decision making where it’s more efficient or a national approach isn’t appropriate without breaking up England.

The message for the BBC is that we do want our country back and you can quote all the dodgy, unsourced statistics you want and give as many column inches to the regionalists as you like but you won’t change the facts. The majority of people in England want an English Parliament.

Complaint to the BBC about “far right” label

I was browsing the BBC News website this morning and started to read an article on the “far right” English Defence League (EDL).

The BBC has an obsession with the term “far right”, applying it to any organisation that speaks out against unfettered immigration and criticises Islam or multiculturalism.  In general, I think the BBC is a good thing but their institutional left wing bias really gets on my tits so I’ve sent this complaint:

It is increasingly common to find protest groups and political parties referred to by the BBC as “far right” when they hold views that are not mainstream.

The term “far right” is not a synonym for “different” or “extreme”, it refers to an extreme right wing ideology.  In Europe, the right wing of politics is conservative, liberal, generally christian and monarchist.  Racism is considered to be a trait of far right politics (although the same is equally true of the far left) but by no means the sole or overriding defining criteria.

The BBC labels the BNP as “far right” yet the BNP is a nationalist socialist party advocating nationalisation of industry and illiberal curtailment of freedom of the press.  Yes, they are racist but they are not conservative or liberal.  They have some traits of the far right but their core ideology is a national socialism which is very much a left wing ideology.  In reality, the BNP are a far left party.

The BBC also – bizarrely – refers to the EDL as “far right”.  The EDL is not a political party, nor is it a political organisation.  It has no political ideology at all and campaigns only against Islamification and unfettered immigration.  Whilst the cause of, and answer to, Islamification and unfettered immigration is politicial, so is the cause and answer to high fuel prices and food prices yet the motoring organisations and charities campaigning against those aren’t given left/right wing political labels.

Finally, why do you not use the term “far left” in the same way that you do far right?  I appreciate that the BBC is awash with Guardian-reading communists but there are prominent organisations like the laughably named fascist group “Unite Against Fascism” who are quite evidently far left extremists bent on violence and the suppression of freedom of speech and suppression and advocates of the sort of far left society that George Orwell warned about.

So my complaint is three-fold really and there are therefore three questions that I want an answer to:

1.  Why do you mis-label left wing organisations such as the BNP as “far right” when they meet only peripheral right wing criteria that can be equally applied to the far left and their core ideology is left wing?
2.  Why do you label apolitical organisations like the EDL as “far right” when they have no political ideology?
3.  Why don’t you label left wing extremists like UAF as “far left” in the way you label what you insist on calling right wing groups as “far right”?

Lest the BBC forget …

Yesterday, while the country was observing a 2 minute silence to remember our war dead, a group of muslim extremists calling themselves Muslims Against Crusades were burning poppies and shouting “British soldiers burn in hell”.

Muslims Against Crusades inciting hatredNot that you would have known this yesterday if you relied on the BBC News website for your news – until lunchtime today the story was censored by the BBC and it’s only been mentioned today because the BBC have been able to bury it in a story about the English Defence League.

Only one line in the middle of the story “EDL founder charged with Muslims poppy protest assault” – mentioned almost as an aside – is about the disgusting behaviour by Muslims Against Crusades yesterday.  The rest of the story is about six members of the English Defence League (including their leader) being arrested for affray after shouting abuse at the scum inciting hatred against our soldiers.  The fact that two Muslims Against Crusades scum were arrested is mentioned as an afterthought, almost as if it’s a vaguely related bit of information that doesn’t really matter.

The Muslims Against Crusades scum are entitled to their opinions and to voice those opinions provided that they don’t cause a public disorder when they’re doing it.  We still have some semblance of free speech in this country which is why they’re here in the first place rather than some disease-ridden, oppressive shithole muslim country.  But the EDL also have a right to their opinions and to voice their opinions and they’re also entitled to fair and unbiased reporting by the BBC but they certainly haven’t got it.

The BBC is legally obliged, under its charter, to be fair, honest and impartial.  They censored a front page news story because it was about muslims behaving like animals and then when they eventually reported on it a day later it wasn’t about their behaviour, it was about the EDL kicking off at them.  Not fair, not honest and not impartial.

Biased BBC: no mention of climate change fraud

Don’t you just love the BBC?  Balanced reporting?  Na, that’s something for amateurs.

The BBC News website is reporting that “three UK groups studying climate change” have pronounced that “the science underpinning climate change is more alarming than ever” and are warning that carbon emissions must be cut.

These three groups say that persistent droughts in Australia – you know, that huge continent in the southern hemisphere that’s been mostly desert for the last few thousand years – are because of man-made climate change.    They also warn that the Maldives – the island chain that is asking for billions of pounds in international aid to combat climate change because it is sinking – could soon disappear under the sea because of man-made global warming.  They go on to say that evidence for “dangerous, long-term and potentially irreversible climate change” is growing.

So who are these three groups?  Well, there’s the Met Office – a British government department with a huge climate change budget that was part of the IPPC report on climate change that has been proven to have been based on fraudulent data and predictions.  Then there’s the Royal Society, also with a huge climate change budget, that has been criticised for bullying and unscientific behaviour in closing down debate that doesn’t support climate change theory.  The third is the Natural Environment Research Council, a British government funded quango with a huge climate change budget and is responsible for advising the British government on crackpot climate change policies.

So no vested interests there then.

The science if fraudulent and the only thing that is growing more alarming is the way the lies and fraudulent data and predictions these “scientists” are paid to make up are actually still being taken seriously, even when their own words have exposed them.

Balanced reporting from the BBC?  Don’t make me laugh.  There’s not one single mention of the fact that the “science” these British government funded global warming propaganda merchants are quoting is a fraud.

Telford wants to be a speed camera pioneer

Telford & Wrekin Council are on the offensive promoting their plans to put average speed cameras on the A442 dual carriageway through the town and surprise, surprise, the BBC have stepped in to do their propaganda work for them.

The A442 dual carriageway – more commonly known as the Eastern Primary locally – is one of the safest roads of its type in the country.  The number of accidents and casualties was very low for a busy 70mph dual carriageway with lots of junctions running through the middle of a town.  But the “experts” at the council weren’t content with having one of the safest roads in the country, they had to mess with it.

A couple of years ago they decided to change the layout of the road, making some of the dual carriageway a single carriageway creating filter lanes.  They also dropped the speed limit from 70mph to 60mph.  A year or so later and the number of accidents is down but the number of casualties is up which means that the accidents that are still happening are involving more people and/or vehicles and the road is more dangerous than before they buggered about with it.

The sensible thing to do would be to put the road back the way it was and make it safer again but local authorities aren’t sensible so what they’re actually planning to do is put up more signs and install average speed roadside tax collectors “safety” cameras.  Signs such as this one on the side of the road in question, telling you may accidents there have been on the road:

Yes, that’s a Ford Ka embedded in the road sign.

The BBC failed to mention the fact that the council had made the road more dangerous in their piece which devoted about three quarters of its 1 minute 44 clip to promoting the speed cameras and included footage of another stretch of the A442 that isn’t in Telford and is about 5 or 6 miles from where the speed cameras are planned.  Peter Roberts, the anti-road pricing campaigner and head of the Drivers Alliance, got a few seconds to put across the sole voice of reason just before they switched to a picture of a roadside memorial to someone killed in an accident.

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Liebour think tank says Britishness won’t unite us

The Joseph Rowntree Trust, a Liebour think tank, has concluded that “a fixed notion of Britishness” will not help to unite the population of the dis-United Kingdom.

The report says that ideas like swearing allegiance to the Queen, Britishness lessons and a Britishness Day public holiday won’t help people feel British, making an arse out of No Mandate Brown’s pathetic obsession with ramming Britishness down English childrens’ throats.

The BBC has devoted over half of its article on the Joseph Rowntree report to the previous report by another Liebour think tank, Civitas, that recommended teaching pro-British propaganda to English children and quoting that report’s author several times.

Education and communities and culture are devolved meaning that any decisions on the teaching of British propaganda in schools or indoctrinating children will apply only in England.

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BBC Wales’ anti-English slur

Tonight’s episode of Dr Who, broadcast on BBC1, had a scene which portrayed the English as racists, likening them to the Nazi’s.

The scene in question shows an Italian family being loaded into the back of a truck to be taken to a forced labour camp.  The Italian man says “you know how it is, England for the English” and one of the other characters then made a reference to Nazi forced labour camps.

Dr Who is made by BBC Wales and the actor playing Dr Who is a Scot.  Throughout the series and in previous series, they have been consistent in their use of “Britain” and “British”.  I don’t recall hearing “England” or “English” used once in this series.  If they were consistent they would have said “Britain for the British” but they didn’t so it is reasonable, I think, to assume that it was a deliberate slur on the English by BBC Wales.

I have sent the following complaint to the BBC:

I watched Dr Who tonight and was disgusted by the portrayal of the English as racists, likening us to the Nazi’s.

The scene I refer to is where the Italian (?) man is being taken away to a labour camp and says “you know how it is, England for the English”.

If Dr Who wasn’t consistent in it’s use of “Britain” and “British” throughout every series then I might have let it pass but I think this is the first time I’ve heard the word “England” or “English” in this series of Dr Who and its use was entirely derogatory and offensive.

The fact that Dr Who is made by BBC Wales and its main star (although not in this episode) is Scottish only makes it worse.  Do you have an anti-English racism problem in the BBC?  It certainly seems so.

If you would like to make a similar complaint, you can do so by clicking this link.

It’s not evidence, it’s data

Last night BBC News did a piece on a Canadian Arctic mission that has released video footage of large sections of ice breaking away which the BBC describes as evidence of climate change.

Now let’s be very clear about this – it’s not evidence of climate change, it’s data. Yes, it may indicate that the climate is changing (which of course it is) but it’s just data. The ice could have broken away for a number of reasons. It may have been as a result of climate change, tidal factors or maybe even little green men from Mars. What the data shows is that large blocks of ice are breaking away from the main continent, it doesn’t provide evidence of anything other than the fact that the ice is breaking away.

The BBC went on to tell us that the oldest ice is melting and that this is a terrible thing. But the Arctic ice is an environmental anomaly – it’s a freak leftover from the last ice age and it’s only a fluke that it’s still here now. Despite the prophecies of doom and dire warnings that the permafrost is melting and the ice caps are receding, they are still a long way off where they were during the medieval warm period or the time, about 2,000 years ago, when the vikings colonised Greenland and Newfoundland when it was warm enough to support grape vines for wine productions.

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Question Time

Question Time has “the three men who want to be the next mayor of London” going head to head.

Three men? Last time I checked there were a number of candidates, not just three. And they can’t use the argument that they’re the only three in with a chance because the Illiberal Dipshit candidate stands about as much chance as a ghost’s fart in a force 10 gale.

Got to love that BBC impartiality promoting the two and a half party system.

In response to a black woman’s question as to why the BNP weren’t on the stage to defend themselves, Ken Livingstone said they shouldn’t be there because they aren’t a legitimate party and they’re associated with violence and back in the 90’s when the BNP opened their headquarters there were 6 racist murders nearby. What an anti-democratic twat.

Update 2:
Ken Livingstone admitted to having conned the government on the Olympics, knowing that the taxpayer would end up spending billions more than he said just so he could get extra money for London.  The man’s a fucking crook!

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Scandinavian nomad hasn’t noticed global warming either

Watching BBC Breakfast this morning I had to have a little chuckle to myself.

Strange, you might think, because BBC Breakfast is a serious programme but I did find occasion to laugh during an interview with the stars of a documentary on nomadic Scandinavian reindeer herders.
So what was so funny about the reindeer herders? Nothing really but what I found immensely funny was when one of the presenters asked one of the guests “And have you noticed a change in the climate recently?” and she replied “Errrrm, no, not really. It’s been more cold in the last 2 years actually”.

Oh how I laughed. There he was with a smug grin plastered all over his face thinking he was in line for a gold star for promoting global warming propaganda but then this nomadic woman who actually spends all day, every day (apart from when she’s on the telly) out and about north of the arctic circle tells him that it’s all normal. He just hesitated and moved on to something else.

Real Life 1, Climate Change Propagandists 0.

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10 year old story used as Climate Change propaganda

The global warming propagandists are plying their trade again with the BBC more than happy to spread their propaganda for them.

According to this piece of startling, in your face reporting, the Wilkins Ice Shelf “hangs by a thread” and this huge piece of ice the size of the Isle of Man is on the brink of coming loose from the rest of the continent.

Amazing. I can’t find the BBC report on it re-attaching itself to the rest of the ice which is what must have happened because the Wilkins Ice Shelf collapsed in 1998 breaking off the 1,100km2 piece of ice.  Unless there happens to be another Wilkins Ice Shelf that is co-incidently about to face the same fate of course.

The climatologist using this piece of 10 year old “news” to perpetuate the global warming myth is Dr David Vaughan, Lead Author of the IPCC’s report on climate change – the “independent” group of climatologists and scientists paid by governments to “prove” climate change is caused by humans and that excessive taxation and deliberate, co-ordinated suppression of the global economy is the only way to stop it happening.  He is also the recipient of grants from DEFRA and Federal Europe, both of which are part of the global warming scam.

The BBC, demonstrating it’s usual unbiased style of reporting, says:

A chunk of ice the size of the Isle of Man has started to break away from Antarctica in what scientists say is further evidence of a warming climate.

No mention of Duncan Wingham, Professor of Climate Physics at University College London who is not paid by world governments to say humans are causing climate change who, in February 2005, talked about the Wilkins Ice Shelf and other ice shelves collapsing and gave his considered opinion (based, ironically, on Federal Europe’s own satellite data) that it wasn’t because of global warming.  He pointed out, in fact, that using data covering the whole of the Antarctic and not just the sticky out bit that’s easy to get to and subject to a different climate to the rest of the continent, you can see that the amount of change to the continent is roughly balanced out continent-wide and as expected for natural climate change.  “The Antarctic Peninsula is exceptional because it juts out so far north”.
He went on to point out that the US monitoring station at the South Pole had recorded a one degree drop in temperature since 1957 and that the ice cap covering Greenland is a left-over from the last ice age and the only reason it’s still there is because Greenland is so far north.

Wingham finishes by saying:

Sparse data from subs in some parts of the Arctic do seem to show a thinning trend, but our preliminary observations using satellite data point to large growth and decay from year to year and place to place, by as much a meter in just a few years. Here too natural variability is considerable. No one doubts that the ultimate fate of Arctic ice looks a grim one, but I believe we have too few data to be confident of how fast it will meet its fate.

So, the north is warming and the south is cooling.  The unnatural – perhaps naturally unsustainable – ice cap over Greenland is receding but still nowhere near the much smaller surface area it covered when the Vikings named it Greenland after the general greenness of the island rather than the whiteness of the ice cap that … erm … wasn’t there.

Whatever happened to the “consensus” of the “scientific community” that showed “unequivocal” and “undeniable” evidence of man-made climate change?  I thought the argument was won and wasn’t open for debate any more?

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Biased Broadcasting Corporation

Why does the BBC continue with the pretence that it is a non-partisan, unbiased public service broadcaster?

It has a general bias toward the British government of the day (inevitable when it relies on them for its funding) and a natural bias toward left wing politics on account of the amount of bearded hippies and university drop-outs it employs.  When you have a nominally left-wing Liebour government in power at Westminster, a nominally left-wing Plaid/Liebour coalition in Cardiff and a far left SNP government in power in Edinburgh, the BBC collectively creams itself over the number of left-leaning bandwagons it can hop onto.

The BBC has long been a proponent of a socialist federal European superstate – a natural position for an organisation that’s institutionally socialist (a far worse accusation than institutional ageism, sexism or racism for most right thinking people).  But is there more to it?

A story in the Sunday Times yesterday reveals that the BBC has received £141m in loans from an EU sockpuppet, the European Investment Bank (EIB).  The EIB is an EU-backed bank that gives below-commercial rate loans to qualifying borrowers.  What do you have to do to qualify for one of these cheap loans?  The EIB has this to say of itself:

[…] an autonomous body set up to finance capital investment furthering European integration by promoting EU policies

The loans have been made to BBC Worldwide, the BBC’s commercial arm, over a period of 6 years.  BBC Worldwide isn’t responsible for public service broadcasting but is still part of the corporation.

The public service broadcasting part of the BBC – the “customer-facing” bit that’s paid for by the taxpayer – had received £1.4m in grants from the EU propaganda fund over the last 3 years.

Bizarrely, one £25m loan was taken out to buy wordwide distribution rights from itself.

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Spot the difference

I’ve criticised the BBC News website in the past many times for not having an English Politics page when they have Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish pages and for the way they keep talking about Britain and British when they mean England and English.

Take a look at these two screenshots:

bbcnews_scot.png  bbcnews_eng.png

Notice the “Rescued Briton abandons yacht” headline?  And the first paragraph from the story?  “A British yachtsman is forced to abandon his new yacht after suffering a fall during a solo Atlantic crossing.”  Nothing of the sort on the Scotland page though – it’s Scotland, Scotland, Scotland.  And the irony of the Also in the News story surely won’t go unnoticed – “US library has change of heart over calling Scots authors English”.

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What’s behind the promotion of Britishness?

The Torygraph, the BBC, Walkers, Stagecoach – just four companies (yes, the BBC is a company even if it does appear to be more like a government department or a branch of the Liebour Party) that are spending their own money actively promoting “Britain” and Britishness.

Why?  What would prompt Walkers – a multinational corporation – to spend £27m on a Britishness campaign?  Why would Stagecoach spend god knows how many millions on an advertising campaign saying how wonderful “Britain” is?  The Torygraph may be the mouthpiece of the Conswervatives but why devote so much time and money to promoting Britishness, especially when the Torgraph has a Scottish edition?  And the BBC – yes, it’s the British Broadcasting Corporation but they’re short of cash, cutting back on staff and programming yet they still feel it neccessary to spend money on promoting Britishness.

There is something behind this and I don’t know who it is.  It’s got to be either Liebour, the Conswervatives or Common Purpose – I can’t think who else would have the money and influence to get a multi-national corporation to spend £27m on promoting a political agenda that will probably damage their sales.

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Not in my name

The One Eyed wonder of Wankistan, Prime Minister unelect, leader of the rump cabinet, Gordon “No Mandate” Brown, is travelling to Lisbon today to sign the EU not-a-constitution.

The EU Constitution was rejected by the French and Dutch in referrenda and has now been repackaged into another treaty that is 96% identical but has a different payload.  Instead of replacing existing treaties with a new one, it is amending existing treaties – the same acts of treachery but a different method of committing them.  The main differences between the constitution and the not-a-constitution are the bits about flying the flag and playing the anthem of Federal Europe.

The Goblin King couldn’t make the official signing to get his picture taken with all the other traitors signing away their own independence because he was busy getting his bollocks kicked over, amongst other things, signing the EU not-a-constitution.

The BBC shows its usual impecible impartiality on this page with one comment opposing the EU not-a-constitution and four supporting it.

Gordo may be signing the EU not-a-constitution but not in my name.

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What a co-incidence

A quick scan of the BBC News website this morning turned up a story about the British government’s intention to try and increase the amount of time they can hold someone suspected of terrorism without charge from 28 days to 56.

Offences under the recent anti-terrorism laws include carrying a blank placard within 1km of Parliament and reading out the names of dead soldiers outside Downing Street.  Heinous crimes I’m sure you’ll agree.

Entirely co-incidently and not at all carefully planned to support the latest attempt to deprive us of our liberty and rights, the head of MI5 has this afternoon announced that up to 2,000 people are a threat to the UK because of their support of terrorism.

Any mention of this purely random co-incidence on the BBC?  Have the two stories been linked in any way?  Of course not, the Biased Broadcasting Corporation is faithfully carrying out its role as New Liebour propaganda machine.

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BBC Bias on Brown’s speech

The BBC is never usually this blatant in their bias towards the ruling Liebour dictatorship but this just takes the piss.

In their reactions to No Mandate Brown’s speech they chose:

Four Liebour MP’s
Seven union leaders
Two hippies (Greenpeace & CND)

The only negative reaction was, of course, from the two hippies – everyone else was gushing at Britishness Brown’s speech.

The BBC isn’t even trying to cover up their bias any more, thiey may as well put banner on their website saying “Vote Liebour” or “Gordo the Goblin King for President”.

BBC starts ID card propaganda

The BBC has started publishing the British government’s ID card propaganda.

There is a link on the BBC News website tonight entitled “Fingertip search: How biometric border controls are tackling illegal immigration”.  The article is talking about what the British government says is going to happen in the future assuming they manage to get biometrics working properly and not what is happening now so the headline is, unsurprisingly for the BBC, completely misleading.

On Planet Home Office, what is going to happen is that everyone who wants to come into the country will have to have a biometric passport and they’ll be validated before they even leave their own country.  Those without biometric passports will go to a consulate and have their fingerprints scanned which will then be sent over here electronically and checked against a biometric database to see if they’ve already been refused entry or if they’re undesirables within 5 minutes.

On Planet Earth, immigrants will just go to another EU country and stroll through border controls because we aren’t allowed to close our borders to our masters on the continent.

On Planet Home Office, immigration officers will do spot checks on factories with portable biometric scanners and check the people working in the factory to make sure they’re allowed to work here.

On Planet Earth, council officers, police officers, traffic wardens and any number of people will have handheld biometric scanners with which we will be required to validate our identies against a national database which is open to businesses and the establishment alike.

Of course, one of the supposed benefits of ID cards is to tackle illegal immigration but people coming into the country will only have fingerprints verified (which are so easy to forge, even I know how to do it) whereas English people who were born here will have to provide iris scans, fingerprints and DNA samples.

Is the BBC fit for purpose?

The BBC seem to be incapable of performing their duties as a public service broadcaster just lately.

Their role, as a taxpayer-funded public service broadcaster, is to provide honest, quality, factual and unbiased programming.  They are specifically prohibited in their charter from following a partial agenda, including that of the British government.  They are most certainly not permitted to rip off the taxpaying public.

A few days ago it emerged that the BBC have been ripping off members of the public by faking winners for competitions including Comic Relief and Sport Relief.  Those charities will now suffer from the adverse publicity surrounding the BBC’s corruption in the phone competitions they ran in their name.

Almost ignored in the mainstream media was the bollocking the BBC got for deliberately excluding UKIP from debates on Federal Europe, instead inviting mildly eurosceptic or pro-EU reformists onto shows to tell us all how the EU is mostly misunderstood and could be transformed miraculously from a corrupt, undemocratic organisation into an open, democratic, honest organisation that will end wars forever and spread peace and prosperity around the globe.

They have now been given a talking to about their anti-SNP agenda.  In a programme on Scottish independence, Newsnight told viewers – and Alex Salmond, the SNP Leader and First Minister of Scotland – that they contacted the 25 biggest companies in “Britain” and the top 25 companies in Scotland and all of them were opposed to independence.  It was later discovered that most of the 50 companies involved refused to even discuss the subject, let alone condemn the SNP or Scottish independence.

The BBC rarely speaks out against the EU, in part thanks to the massive amount of funding it gets from Brussels for informational programming (more commonly known as “propaganda”) but mostly because of the British government’s pro-EU agenda.  They rarely speak out against the blatent and sustained discrimination against English people, again, because of the British government’s anti-English agenda.

The BBC is fast losing the trust of ordinary people and has proven itself to be far too politicised to be able to carry out its obligations under its charter.  So what is the solution?  We need a public service broadcaster and we need one that isn’t in the hands of Rupert Murdoch but we also need a broadcaster we can trust.  Taking the BBC out of the control of MPs is the obvious answer but who do you give it to instead?  The civil service is so politicised that they, too, cannot be trusted to run the BBC in the interests of the public.  Handing it over to private business to run is also no good because they’ll run it for commercial and personal interest just like MPs do.

For once, I don’t have an answer so I’ll leave it open to the comments.  How do we maintain the BBC as a taxpayer-funded, public service broadcaster, but restore its apolitical, impartial status and once again make it a service that can be trusted?

Flood Warning for Southern Britain

The Biased Broadcasting Corruption Corporation is doing No Mandate Brown’s work for him again.

The Scottish weather presenter on BBC Breakfast this morning declared that there was a flood warning for “Southern Britain”. Where is this “Southern Britain?” I hear you ask. The map pans out to reveal heavy rain sweeping across … England and Wales.

Yet another entirely made-up term invented to promote “Britain” and avoid referring to England. Did the Scottish weather presenter refer to his own country as “North Britain”? Did he buggery.