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Yesterday, while the country was observing a 2 minute silence to remember our war dead, a group of muslim extremists calling themselves Muslims Against Crusades were burning poppies and shouting “British soldiers burn in hell”.

Muslims Against Crusades inciting hatredNot that you would have known this yesterday if you relied on the BBC News website for your news – until lunchtime today the story was censored by the BBC and it’s only been mentioned today because the BBC have been able to bury it in a story about the English Defence League.

Only one line in the middle of the story “EDL founder charged with Muslims poppy protest assault” – mentioned almost as an aside – is about the disgusting behaviour by Muslims Against Crusades yesterday.  The rest of the story is about six members of the English Defence League (including their leader) being arrested for affray after shouting abuse at the scum inciting hatred against our soldiers.  The fact that two Muslims Against Crusades scum were arrested is mentioned as an afterthought, almost as if it’s a vaguely related bit of information that doesn’t really matter.

The Muslims Against Crusades scum are entitled to their opinions and to voice those opinions provided that they don’t cause a public disorder when they’re doing it.  We still have some semblance of free speech in this country which is why they’re here in the first place rather than some disease-ridden, oppressive shithole muslim country.  But the EDL also have a right to their opinions and to voice their opinions and they’re also entitled to fair and unbiased reporting by the BBC but they certainly haven’t got it.

The BBC is legally obliged, under its charter, to be fair, honest and impartial.  They censored a front page news story because it was about muslims behaving like animals and then when they eventually reported on it a day later it wasn’t about their behaviour, it was about the EDL kicking off at them.  Not fair, not honest and not impartial.


  1. Stan (222 comments) says:

    A quick google will show you that Muslims against Crusades consists of the same 40 or so individuals that also formed Al-Muhajiroun, Al-Ghuraaba and Islam4UK – or to put it another way, less than a quarter of the number of people who turned up to protest about a mobile phone mast being erected just outside my brothers village.
    Much as I find their protest offensive, I’m not sure they warrant any space on the bbc at all.

  2. Revenai (5 comments) says:

    If the situation was to be reported at all, Stan then it should be reported fairly.That means the offensive behaviour of the muslims should have as much coverage as that of the EDL – it did not, and that means the BBC is failing in it’s charter responsibility of fair and unbiased reporting.

    But then, that’s not a surprise is it.

  3. Stan (222 comments) says:

    I’m not really sure that the article is biased to be honest. It just seems to be a bunch of bullet points placed in order of legal importance (Assault/affray/public order). What it seems to lack however, is any sort of opinion.

    I googled “Muslim poppy protest” and the first 3 UK newspaper reports were from the Daily Mail, the Telegraph and the Metro. The Mail never mentioned the EDL at all and the other two made a brief mention of them but only to say that the two groups were kept apart from each other. All three mentioned the arrests, but in such a way as to suggest that it was Muslims that were arrested. What there was however, was plenty of opinion.

    Call me Mr Picky but I think that I’d rather have a bunch of facts put in front of me so that I can form my own conclusions rather than a bunch of opinions with half the facts missing.

  4. Tony Shepherd (3 comments) says:

    Stan is on the money here. Wonko, as usual you are way off beam.

  5. axel (1214 comments) says:

    is this any different from mods vs rockers, chelsea vs milwall or rangers vs celtic?

    2 sets of assholes, rubbing each other up.

    the fact that both sides have each found something to annoy different large sectors of tghe population, is unusual and also quite entertaining but it is in essence just a cheap headline

  6. Tony Shepherd (3 comments) says:

    Good point Axel.

    The only difference is that in this case the two sets of assholes are much smaller in number and therefore even less significant than the sets of assholes you identify. Oh, and even less human.

  7. revinkevin (176 comments) says:

    You may be interested in the following FOI Request to the Biased Broadcasting Compnay:

  8. jameshigham (87 comments) says:

    Short bit of deportation will sort that out.

  9. Stan (222 comments) says:

    “Short bit of deportation will sort that out”

    I agree, but I’m not sure that any other country would want the EDL : )

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