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Labour’s hypocritical tuition fees attack on the Lib Dems

Nick Clegg Pledge to oppose university taxThe Labour Party are asking people to share a poster on Facebook attacking the Lib Dems over their broken promise on tuition fees.

The Lib Dem manifesto for the last election promised to vote against any increase in Labour’s university tax and Nick Clegg even posed with a giant pledge card saying he would vote against it and pressure the British government for a fairer alternative. Once elected he voted to increase Labour’s university tax from £3k a year to £9k a year.

That Nick Clegg is a weak, dishonest politician goes without saying but people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones and Labour really have scored an own goal with this one. Labour contested the 2001 election saying they wouldn’t introduce the university tax and had legislated to prevent it. Like the legislation Conservative supporters are currently clinging to for dear life that David Cameron has told them “guarantees” an EU referendum in 2017, the legislation preventing the introduction of the university tax was utterly worthless and shortly after they repealed it and introduced tuition fees of up to £3k in England.

The English university tax was imposed on England against the wishes of our democratically elected representatives. Since the introduction of devolved government in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland the British government only had control of education in England so in any real democracy, only MPs elected in England should have voted on the introduction of the university tax but Labour whipped their Scottish MPs to vote it through and overturned a small majority of MPs elected in England who voted against it.

We wouldn’t have the university tax in England at all if it wasn’t for Labour’s broken promise not to introduce it and Labour’s undemocratic use of their Scottish MPs to impose legislation on England that a majority of MPs elected in England voted against. Using the Lib Dems’ broken promises on the the university tax that Labour broke a promise and broke one of the most fundamental democratic principals to introduce is frankly hypocritical and I hope that it blows up in their faces.

Lord Adonis proposes regional government in England again

Unelected Labour peer, Lord Adonis, is spearheading yet another campaign for the destruction of England by regionalisation.

Lord Adonis

78% of people don’t want regional government you say? I honestly don’t give a shit.

The Labour Party always refer to the deceitful referendum on the common market held in 1975, which nobody currently under the age of 56 was able to take part in, as giving legitimacy to our continued membership of the EU despite the majority of the population being opposed to it.  Yet the referendum on regional government held in the north east of England by his party just 8 and a half years ago which resulted in a 78% “no” vote can apparently be safely ignored.

Adonis is producing a report for Nick Clegg – another Deputy Prime Minister that wants to destroy England – on the economy of north east of England and wants regional governments in England with control over major budgets.  His vision is for a return of the unelected regional assemblies and regional development agencies that we’ve only just got rid of.  It’s a kick in the teeth for democracy and if he’s successful, another major broken promise from the British government.

Local authorities can work together perfectly well without an unaccountable, undemocratic regional quango taking powers and money away from elected representatives.  Local government is a devolved matter, the British government has no moral or democratic mandate to ride roughshod over our democratic wishes and dismantle our system of local government to suit their own political ambitions.  Labour is already behind a campaign for a regional parliament for the north of England and this renewed interest in “devolution” to regional quangos is a regionalist trojan horse.  The fact that it’s an unelected peer trying to dismantle our country makes it even more unacceptable.


Clegg’s comical timing over “wealth tax”

The timing of Nick Clegg’s suggestion yesterday that a temporary “emergency wealth tax” should be instituted so “the rich” can help fix the economy was comical.

Nick Clegg Winning Here

There’s only one “n” in wining

On Tuesday morning, the City AM newspaper revealed that a top financial sector recruitment agency in London has seen a 51% increase in French-speaking jobseekers looking to abandon France to avoid Francois Hollande’s 75% tax on high earners.  As expected, the 75% tax rate will bring in 0% tax from a great many high earners who are simply taking their money elsewhere.

Like council tax, Clegg’s “wealth tax” would tax people on the value of their assets and not their income and hence ability to pay.  Council tax is calculated on the value of your house in 1991 and whether you’re a millionaire or a retired couple who bought their house at the “right” time, you are expected to pay the same tax.  Clegg’s “wealth tax” would apply the same flawed logic that says if you own something expensive then you must have money.  It isn’t a tax on income, which can be spent, it’s a tax on the ownership of valuable things which can’t.

The suggestion that Clegg’s “wealth tax” would be temporary is as comical as his timing.  Income tax is a temporary tax, introduced in 1798 to pay for the Napoleonic Wars.  Once they get their hands on the money they won’t want to let go of it and we will be stuck with this unfair and counter-productive tax which is driven entirely by jealousy and political opportunism.

To fix the economy requires bold tax cuts, not ill thought out tax increases.  Cut tax and put more money in people’s pockets and they will spread that money around, creating jobs and reducing the drain on the welfare state which means less tax is needed to support public spending.  Big tax cuts will boost the economy and pay for themselves, big tax rises will drive the wealth creators out of the country and damage the economy.

Cleggy says discrimination against English students is right

Nick Clegg has told the Daily Telegraph that it is right English students should have to pay up to £9k per year to go to university while Scottish students should study for free.

He said that under devolution it is right that there should be differences in the two nations and he’s absolutely right – the whole point of devolution is that we have different needs and priorities but the problem is that we don’t have devolution, Scotland does. The master of hypocrisy said:

There’s no point in having devolution if you don’t have devolved and different policy outcomes and that’s precisely what we have in higher education.

You either believe in the Scottish nation, as I do, and that you have Scottish solutions to Scottish issues or you don’t.

We believe that it is quite right, as longstanding supporters of proper devolution and indeed further devolution, that you have different solutions in different parts of the country.

Interesting choice of words from Cleggover – he believes in the Scottish nation and Scottish solutions to Scottish issues but he believes in the break-up of the English nation and British solutions for English issues.

I’ve sent the following email to his office:

In yesterday’s Daily Telegraph you are quoted as saying “You either believe in the Scottish nation, as I do, and that you have Scottish solutions to Scottish issues or you don’t”.

Do you believe in the English nation? Why do you campaign for the break-up of England into regions we don’t want?

Why do you believe that you should have Scottish solutions to Scottish issues but British solutions to English issues? Why do you believe that British MPs elected in Scotland, Wales & NI should vote for increased tuition fees in England but tuition fees in Scotland should be decided by members of the Scottish Parliament?

7 out of 10 people want to either stop MPs not elected in England from meddling in English affairs or a devolved English Parliament. Why do you believe they shouldn’t have what they want but the Scots, Welsh & Northern Irish should have just that? It seems to me the Liberal Democrats should be renamed the Illiberal Hypocrites because you are neither liberal nor democrats.

Click here to contact Cleggy.

Election Prediction

The election is almost upon us and it’s time for a prediction I think: Nick Clegg will be Prime Minister.

Now, don’t get any silly ideas about the Lib Dems winning the election because they won’t.  The Tories will win the election with most seats but they won’t have a working majority and Cameron would rather go without than share power.  The newspaper ads and constant talk about how terrible a hung parliament would be confirm that Cameron is out for absolute power and nothing less.

There will be no shortage of offers to form a coalition with Cast Iron Dave but they will be rebuffed.  The party faithful will be told that it’s better to let a LibLab coalition limp along for a few months before collapsing and then the Tories can romp home to victory in a snap election.  Most of them will fall for it of course and those that don’t will accept it for the greater good.

So that just leaves the Lib Dems and Labour.  The Lib Dems will come second on Thursday, relegating Labour to third place.  Clegg will want a coalition of the left which rules out the Tories and whilst the SNP and Plaid will make gains at the election (the former more so than the latter) they won’t have enough lobby fodder for Clegg to see off the Tories so it will be a LibLab coalition with Clegg as Prime Minister.

Whether El Gordo will manage to cling on as leader after the election remains to be seen.  Mandelson is already leader in all but name and I expect him to take over the reins from El Gordo at some point after the election.  Clegg says he won’t work with Brown but once he smells victory he’ll soon change his tune.

And what about the non-LibLabCon/celtic nationalists?  Well, UKIP will come out with a handful of MPs – I think between three and five.  The BNP will retain some deposits but they won’t win and seats.  The English Democrats will spring a few surprises but won’t win any seats.  The Greens will come worryingly close to winning a seat but won’t quite make it.

Lib Dims launch “diversity fund” for minority candidates in Wales

Lib Dim Welsh Assembly member, Kirsty Williams AM, has set up a Welsh Lib Dim Diversity Fund and her colleague, Peter Black AM, is soliciting £100 donations for the fund.

The “Diversity Fund” has been set up to raise money to fund election campaigns for female, ethnic minority, disabled and disadvantaged Lib Dim candidates in Wales.

I have asked Peter Black several times on Facebook why black, female or disabled people need or deserve more money for election campaigns.  Do elections cost more money for such people in Wales?  His answer?  It’s an “internal matter” and he doesn’t have to answer to me.
Well no Peter, you don’t have to answer but by not answering you look like a mealy-mouthed politician who’s been caught out making a tit of himself in a desperate search for a good headline.  Elections cost the same whether or not you are a “minority” candidate so there is no need for extra money for any candidate.

But there’s quite an important point that I would like to make, along the lines of the one I’ve made about the Ministry for Inequality and the institutional discrimination contained within it and the Equality Bill it has produced.  By grouping all the various “minorities” together, they actually form the majority and by focussing resources, legislation and policy on them, you turn white men into the under-represented, discriminated-against minority.  This is why positive discrimination is such a fallicy.

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Liebour retains Glenrothes

Liebour have won the by-election in Glenrothes, a bordering constituency to No Mandate Brown’s Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath constituency.

When John MacDougal died earlier this year (following a visit by Jonah Brown, incidently) Liebour had a majority of over 10,000.  Their majority has now been reduced to 6,737 with a swing to the SNP of 5%.

The Conswervatives will be celebrating a glorious victory – they managed to knock the Illiberal Dumocrats into fourth place which, in Scotland, is no mean feat for them.  UKIP will also be pleased that they didn’t come last.  One day both the Conswervatives and UKIP will realise that Scotland votes for eurofederalist, supposedly socialist parties and concentrate on England where they actually achieve some success.
This is a thoroughly disappointing result to any right thinking person – the SNP were widely expected to overturn Liebour’s majority like they have done the last couple of times and there was some speculation that El Gordo might even lose his job if Liebour lost yet another by-election in their celtic heartlands.  But sadly the people of Glenrothes decided to vote for a representative of the most sleaze-ridden, corrupt and illiberal British government this country has ever known.

Thanks for nothing Glenrothes.

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Ginger coup in the Lib Dems

The Scottish Illiberal Dumocrats have elected a new leader – Tavish Scott, MSP for Shetland.

In his acceptance speech he likened himself to Olympic gold medal winner, Chris Hoy, several times, following in the footsteps of El Gordo who was using the Olympics as a platform to spout his British nationalist propaganda.  A true politician in other words.

But his appointment as leader of the Scottish Illiberal Dumocrats has a more serious side – it exposes the extent to which gingers have infiltrated the party.  Let’s look at the evidence …

Current Scottish Illiberal Dumocrats leader, Tavish Scott – ginger:

Current leader of the Illiberal Dumocrats, Nick Clegg – border-line ginger:

Former leader of the Illiberal Dumocrats, Charles Kennedy – blatantly ginger:

I can’t find any pictures of a young Minge Campbell (he’s actually more than 300 years old and cameras weren’t invented back then) so I don’t know what colour his hair was when he still had some.  The same goes for Vince Cable, his slightly more sprightly sidekick, who’s only 230 years old.

So, come the next election (if El Gordo hasn’t banned them by then), remember – a vote for the Illiberal Dumocrats is a vote for the ginger nationalists.

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Liebour double standards

Nuruzzaman Hira, a former candidate for the frankly bizarre Respect party and the equally pointless spin-off, Left List, has defected to the Illiberal Dumbocrats.

This wouldn’t be newsworthy in the slightest if it wasn’t for the response by the local Liebour nutters who said it showed a “lack of principle”.

Strange that because a lefty liberal defecting from a lefty liberal party to another slightly less lefty liberal party means that you can keep your lefty liberal principles with your new party.  Not so for Quentin Davies, the right wing capitalist Tory toff who defected to the nominally left wing socialist Liebour Party.

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Nick Clegg thinks elections are less important than the price of bread

I already wrote about the Glasgow East by-election result on the CEP blog this morning so I won’t do it again here except to comment on what an enormously stupid muppet Nick Clegg is for failing to lay the boot in to Gordon Brown like anyone with an ounce of political sense would do.

While David Cameron and Alex the Salmon are calling for leadership and general elections, Nick Clegg said:

[it is not] time to play politics with people’s lives […] when so many people are worried about the price of a loaf of bread, how to fill their car with a tank of petrol

Who agreed to Federal Europe’s suggestion that all diesel sold must contain a certain amount of biofuel, leading to worldwide shortages of cereal crops used to make bread (amongst other staple food stuffs) as poor farmers turn their fields over to biofuel production?

Who has refused to cut the duty on fuel, preferring to rake in countless billions of pounds extra in fuel duty to fund a pre-election spending bonanza next year instead of shielding us from rising oil prices?

Liebour and their unelected Prime Minister, that’s who.  I don’t think an election which gives us an opportunity to choose who we think is best for the job of running our country is playing politics with peoples’ lives.  The people running the country are directly responsible for the price of bread the price of petrol and our ability to pay for both.  Could Cleggover be more worried about how the Illiberal Dumbocrats will fare in an election based on last night’s result than democracy?  Do bears shit in the woods?

Liberal Democrats: making a mockery of politics since 1988

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Get a grip Cleggover

The Illiberal Dumbocrat leader, Nick Cleggover, says that schools “must tackle homophobia” because 2/3 of gay people in school report homophobia.

Quite a shocking statistic that.  You’d have thought it would be nearer 100% like it is with fat kids, thin kids, tall kids, short kids, clever kids, thick kids, rich kids, poor kids and pretty much any other kid that’s not “average”.

The only shocking or worrying thing about 2/3 of gay school children being bullied for being gay is that Cleggover thinks it’s unusual or deserving of special attention.  It’s no more or less of a problem than any other form of bullying in school and should be dealt with in the same way as any other type of bullying.

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Tories take Henley, BNP beat Liebour

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – nobody stands a chance of winning a by-election but the Conswervative at the moment.

John Howell took 56.95% of the vote and ended up with nearly a 10,000 vote majority.

Liebour came fifth and lost his deposit, being beaten by the Illiberal Dumbocrats, the Green Party and the BNP.

UKIP came a disappointing sixth but they won’t be as disappointed as the English Democrats who came 8th behind the Monster Raving Loony Party.  The Miss Great Britain Party, bizarrely, put up two candidates for the same election.  I don’t think they quite get how it works because their combined vote would have put them above the English Democrats in 8th place.

If the last few election results are anything to go by, Liebour are likely to find themselves in third place at the next general election.

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Liar, liar, pants on fire!

Tom Wise, the independent MEP has been arrested for allegedly obtaining money by deception.

Wise was elected as an MEP for UKIP but was expelled from the party last year.

The fact he’s now an independent MEP and nothing to do with UKIP hasn’t stopped Illiberal Dumbocrat blogger, Norfolk Blogger, from using the story for a bit of UKIP bashing:

UKIP MEP arrested

Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving fellow. Talk about crooks on the gravy train. Let’s hope the electorate see UKIP for what it really is.

We’ve all seen the Illiberal Dumbocrats for what they are – a bunch of lying, illiberal eurofederalists who are determined to sell England to Federal Europe.

My comment on Norfolk Blogger’s post has still not been approved …

Update 2:
The comment has now been approved, along with a few other comments criticising him for lying.

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Clegg: neither liberal, nor a democrat

Last year 1.8m people managed to add their names to a petition calling for road pricing plans to abandoned.  The people who run the website said that if the website had managed to cope with the load, it would have had over 2m signatures.

There are 60m living in the UK, about 45m are of voting age.  Two million of those were so opposed to the British government’s plans to introduce road pricing that they went looking for the petition and signed it.

You’d think that with that much opposition to road pricing, none of the opposition parties (except the Greens of course) would touch it with a barge pole, right?  Wrong.  Cue Calamity Clegg with his latest illiberal, undemocratic pronouncement: if the Illiberal Dumbocrats were to get into power they would introduce road pricing at an average of 8p/km with a maximum of 12p/km and charge extra for trunk roads and motorways.

Ok, let’s convert kilometres into something that normal people understand – 1km is 0.621371192237 miles so that’s going to be an average of 5p/mile or 7.5p/mile at the maximum rate.  The average commute to work in England and Wales is 13.39km (yes, census information is metricated as well now) which is 8.32 miles.  That means the average trip to work is going to cost 41.6p/day.  There are 8 public holidays a year in England and workers get an average of about 20 days annual leave so that leaves 241 working days in a year after weekends have been taken into account.  Multiply that by 41.6p gives you an average annual bill of £100.14p just to travel to work and back, assuming you don’t use a trunk road or a motorway.

Of course, this doesn’t take into account the cost of buying and having fitted a Galileo sat-nav system so Federal Europe and the British government can track your movements and send you a bill which the Department of Transport estimated to be about £600 per vehicle.  It also doesn’t take into account the cost to the taxpayer of setting up or running the road pricing scheme which the Department of Transport estimates at £62bn to set up and £8.6bn to run.

There are over 32m vehicles in the UK so that’s just shy of £2k per vehicle in setup costs, plus £600 per vehicle for the spy box plus £100 average annual commute plus £270 per vehicle annual operating costs means each vehicle would cost around £2,970 per year extra just to do an average commute without using a motorway or trunk road and without using your car to go to the shops, to go on holiday, to visit relatives, etc.

Two million people objected strongly enough to road pricing to sign a petition against it yet here we have the leader of a party that laughingly calls itself “Liberal Democrat” making it a key party policy along with regionalisation that we don’t want, European Federalisation that we don’t want, taxing flights even more heavily that we don’t want, replacing our constitution with a wishy washy lefty liberal constitution which we don’t want, more “green” taxes which we don’t want and handing over more of our money for international aid and development which we don’t want.

Nick Clegg is neither liberal, nor a democrat.  Thank god they stand about as much chance as a ghost’s fart in a force ten gale at the next election.

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Lib Dums appoint Welsh MP to English housing portfolio

The Illiberal Dipshits have appointed Lembit Öpik, MP for Montgomery, to their shadow cabinet with responsibility for housing.

Housing is devolved to the Welsh Assembly in Mr Öpik’s own constituency so his constituents were unable to give him a mandate on English housing.  I’ve just sent the following email to his constituency office:

Dear Mr Öpik,

I note with dismay that you have accepted a job in the Lib Dem Shadow Cabinet with responsibility for housing.

In your own constituency in Montgomeryshire, housing has been devolved to the Welsh Assembly.  When you were elected, you were given a mandate by your constituents on those matters that are reserved to the British government.  They did not – and can not – give you a mandate on matters that are devolved to the Welsh Assembly.

If, by some bizarre twist of fate (such as all the other parties forgetting there was an election) the Lib Dems were to win an election, how would you claim a moral or democratic mandate to interfere in English housing when you have no say on the same policies in your own constituency?  Would you be happy for an MP elected in England to have responsibility for housing in your constituency but not in their own?

Stuart Parr

I’ve also sent this to my local paper which Öpik sometimes writes for:

I read with dismay that Lembit Öpik has accepted a position on the Lib Dem shadow cabinet with responsibility for housing.

In Montgomeryshire, where Lembit Öpik was elected, housing is the responsibility of the Welsh Assembly.  When Mr Öpik was elected, his constituents elected him to represent their interests only on matters that aren’t taken care of by the Welsh Assembly.  They did not – and can not – give him a mandate on English housing.

My MP, David Wright, has no say on housing anywhere other than England – neither does Lembit Öpik.  The difference is, my MP has been given a mandate by an English electorate on housing, Lembit Öpik hasn’t.

The sooner we get an English Parliament and stop no-mandate foreign MPs from interfering in English affairs the better.

Stuart Parr
Campaign for an English Parliament

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Email to Nick Clegg

I just sent the following email to Nick Clegg after reading that he has already dismissed a suggestion that we should have an English Parliament by saying that he will devolve power to “regions and communities” rather than the our country as most people want …

Dear Nick,

Could you please tell me what plans the Lib Dems have for the balkanisation of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?

You have already stated your intention to break England up by devolving power to “regions and communities” without preserving the integrity of the nation with a national parliament so I would like to know what policy you have on breaking up the rest of the UK.

If you have no intention of breaking up Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in the same was as you intend to eradicate the English nation then could you please explain why it is more important to keep Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland intact but perfectly acceptable to balkanise England against the wishes of the electorate?


Stuart Parr

By the way, Clegg is the new leader of the Illiberal Democrats if you didn’t already know.  The Illib Dum leadership “battle” was such a non-event I couldn’t be bothered to waste my energy writing about it. 

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Another Jock Bites the Dust

Minge Campbell, the geriatric leader of the Illiberal Democrats, has finally put an end to the longest resignation in history and officially handed in his notice.

He should probably give a few weeks notice but in the circumstances – he’s 143 years old and moves with the help of strings attached to his arms and legs – they’ll probably just let him put on his slippers and shuffle off to a retirment home early.  It’ll be free, of course, and he’ll get to keep his house and all his money even though he’s rich because he lives in Scotland and only English pensioners have to sell their home and possessions to pay for their nursing care.

Anyway, he’s gone now so all that remains is for them to find another jock to take over.

Meanwhile, the bigotted tosser, Vince Cable, is acting leader of the party.  That’s the same Vince Cable who lumped English nationalists in with white supremecists and islamic fundamentalists back in September 2005.  It’s funny, I can walk from one room to another and forget what I went their for but some things – being compared to terrorists and nazi’s for instance – stick in my mind.  Funny that.

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Minge Campbell

Minge Campbell, the geriatric leader of the Illiberal Democrats, is facing not so subtle challenges to his leadership of the party.

Sir Minge said that his age wasn’t an issue but that he would make it an issue at the next election because “With Age Comes Experience, with age comes … erm … with er …”

Senility?  Incompetence?  Incontinence?  All three?  Does Sir Minge really believe that the fact that he’s a 230 year old zombie is positive enough to make one of the most pointless and ineffectual parties in history an election-winning prospect?

English nationalists risk civil war

Illiberal Dumbasscrat blog, Quaequam, is attempting to explain why an English Parliament is bad and why English people should submit to having their nationality and national identity abolished and their country broken up and lost forever.

This one is particularly entertaining in that the author really does seem to believe his somewhat bizarre claims, the most bizarre of which is “Every time an English Nationalist speaks they go on about how if we don’t have an English Parliament, we risk having a civil war,” closely followed by a comment saying that English MP’s make important decisions about Scotland all the time and citing the Barnett Formula – administered by a Scottish Chancellor of the Exchequer for the last 10 years – as an exmple!

Now, we all know that the Illliberal Dipshit’s don’t like England.  Their last three leaders have been an Irish commando, a Scottish alcoholic and a Scottish geriatric.  The Lib Dums are an irrelevance in England, the only place they have any influence is in Scotland and Wales where they traditionally vote for illiberal left wing eurofederalists.  But to suggest that every time someone complains about the British establishment’s racial discrimination against English people they are risking a civil war is simply a poor work of fiction.

The author tries to produce an air of mystery around the name, Quaequam, with this strange post – like anyone actually cares why his blog is called Quaequam!  I know that having read that you’ll be dying to know what it means and I did post a comment explaining it but it was deleted.  That might strike you as a bit childish but then the word “Quaequam” comes from a comic book and you really can’t expect much else from a grown man that reads children’s comic books.  Apart from the kind of crap he posts on his blog, I guess.