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Swine Flu – 3 new cases, 2 cured

The Scottish couple who were the first in the UK to be diagnosed with swine flu have gone home today, covering their faces so as not to spoil their newspaper deal.

The Chief Medical Officer for England says that they won’t be routinely screening people returning from Mexico, even though that’s where the virus is coming from.  This is really quite unacceptable – we’re an island, we can close our borders and isolate ourselves rather than risk letting a virus that we don’t understand take root in the population.  Stopping British Airways from continuing its flights to Mexico City would be a good start.

There are now 8 confirmed cases of swine flu in the UK, 2 of which are no longer infected.  Most people have little or nothing to fear from swine flu, it’s really just the elderly and infirm and the very young that are at risk and there is plenty of medication available to treat it as long as any epidemic remains manageable.  But there is no excuse for sitting back and letting the virus spread whether we’re geared up to cope with it or not.

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Is swine flu the excuse Gordo needs to cancel elections?

At first I thought this swine flu thing was just scaremongering by the media but now I realise that it’s serious – probably more serious than even the Daily Mail could imagine.

Check your spam folder for online pharmacy emails and order in as much Tamiflu as you can lay your hands on.  Get down to your local hardware store and buy all their stocks of face masks.

The prime minister has said Britain is “among the best prepared countries in the world” to deal with the outbreak

As if Jonah talking about swine flu wasn’t dangerous enough, this is almost exactly the same thing he said as the recession kicked in and now we’re being told that we’re probably going to be hit the hardest.

We’re doooooooooooooomed.

Being serious for a moment, there are very few cases of swine flu and no deaths outside of Mexico and the British government reckons it has enough flu medication to treat 30m people.  Four UK airlines have stopped flying to Mexico, two are flying holidaymakers out of Mexico but British Airways is still flying to Mexico City 4 times a week.  Banning travel to and from Mexico for a bit might help prevent the spread of swine flu, as would banning anyone who’s recently been to Mexico from coming into the country.  The technology is there at all ports, it is possible to enforce such a ban if one was ordered.

On a number of occassions recently I have speculated that El Gordo would cancel the election next year “in the interests of national security”.  He’s certainly got the ambition to do it, Liebour have passed legislation to allow it, all he needs is an excuse.  The recession and a few carefully engineered riots about rampant unemployment would give him the excuse to declare a state of emergency.  There’s an EU election in June which Liebour may finish as badly as fourth in.  An outbreak of swine flu with an exaggerated statement on the risk of congregating in public places or unnecessary travel from some sock-puppet health quango would give him an excuse to postpone the EU elections in June.

I’m naturally cynical, especially where the one-eyed Scottish idiot is concerned, but is his obsessive lust for power so great that he would allow a highly infectious disease to spread around the country through inaction and criminally stupid policies just to stay in Downing Street?  Is he that insane?  I wouldn’t put it past him.

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Another petition to sign

The petition calling on El Gordo to resign now has over 25k signatures.

But it’s spawned another petition calling for him to carry on leading our great country which I would urge you to sign.  I don’t imagine the petition will be there for long so I’ll list the names below …

  • Brad Owen
  • john fisk
  • Ashie
  • Joy Wendy Endcomes
  • Andrew Neil
  • Charles Ponzi
  • D N Disnigh
  • Noki Aitonthehead
  • I. Wright
  • Mr N.O. McMandate
  • Ivor Broquen-Printer
  • Mr. P. Iss-Off
  • Mr S Meargate
  • Dustin Mihands
  • Gordon Smallcock
  • Mrs Tricoteuse
  • Prof L. Igate-Tosser
  • Nick Robinson
  • Asif Ali ZARDARI, President
  • Sarah Brown
  • Gordon pension robber Brown
  • All your friends at the BBC
  • A.S. Long-As-It’s The Wright Thing
  • Juan Ay-Jocque
  • Billy Nomates
  • I.T. Beganinamerica
  • Simon Scrotum
  • No More Return To Boom And BUST
  • Karl Marx
  • Dolly Draper
  • Orson Carte
  • Phil McHunt
  • Imoff Tofrance
  • Nucking Futter
  • R Ving-Lhuun
  • Mr Bunk Spubble (Labour supporter)
  • it’s oor oil
  • Andrew Marr
  • F*ck off back to Scotland
  • Arthur Brown Penis
  • Do you think you’ll manage to get to 10 REAL signatures?
  • Referee R.ndum and U. Ropevote
  • Mr Barnett Dividend (Scottish Labour)
  • Nicola O’Connor
  • Wayne Kerr. Go Gordon your doing a grand job!
  • Vaal Ewes
  • Seymour Jocksin-Cabinet
  • Bob Roberts Hamster
  • Betty Swallocks
  • Rock Ing-Horse
  • M. Outhbreather
  • Hugh R. Slicker
  • Ilick Windows
  • Blair mayne UUPCON
  • I Hate Broon
  • Robert Barking-Roberts
  • K Y Jelly
  • Toenails Robinson
  • Jacqui Five-Bellies
  • google ho-tel
  • Jim Hacker’s Dangly Knackers
  • Stalin
  • Hugh Janus
  • Josef Fritzel
  • My mate Gordo and me shag sheep at the weekends
  • Esan Utter
  • Iain Dale media whore
  • Frankie McCheesecake
  • Phil MacAvity
  • Monk d’willy da honk
  • 1eyed Scottish IDIOT
  • HARRIET (too big for my boots) HARMAN
  • Jonah Broon
  • C.U. Jimmy
  • U MacMesick
  • B Ukake-Smith
  • I.F. No-Job
  • Tony Blair
  • Napoleon,Snowball,Squealer and the rest of the pigs from Animal Farm
  • Aime Wright-Burke
  • Adolf Hitler
  • Gordon FitzPeter
  • Peter FitzGordon
  • Gote Farqhuhar
  • Mike Hunt
  • Rufus T- Smee
  • Damian McSmear
  • Another fat faced bogey eater
  • I’m going to emmigrate if Brown still leads the UK in a week
  • Len dusafiver
  • Titanic Captain
  • prudence mcnutter
  • Yuri Wright -Tosser
  • Mr. You Don’t Stand a Chance.
  • His Holiness Pope Tony; purveyor of snake oil and associated transitory miracles
  • Cyclops McFuckup
  • R.E. Sign-u-tosser
  • Ian Brady
  • King Cnut and you have something in common
  • Zanu Liebour
  • Ivor Hardon
  • Hugh G. Rection
  • B.Uggeroff
  • Sir Fred Goodwin (thanks for the knighthood)
  • Paki Shop Owner
  • Ayatollah Hogmanay
  • Tony ‘I got out with at least some credibility’ Blair
  • Chipped Wheelie Bin
  • F Cough andie
  • Brownisahoon
  • Piss Off Brown!!
  • Fidel X Penses
  • Tony (I’m back and available for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs) Blair
  • Gay Gordons Syphilitic Knobcheese
  • ALan Duncan Comic Genius
  • Polly the Tuscan
  • S Nottgobbler
  • Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
  • Iwillnotlethousepricesgetoutofcontrol
  • Guido Fawkes
  • G B Rownsakundt
  • Paul Uppal
  • Winston Smith

One or two of those might be down to me.  Ahem.

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Another one bites the dust

Telford & Wrekin Council has lost its second Chief Executive in 3 years and once again I can honestly say good riddance to bad rubbish.

Three years ago Michael “The Traitor” Frater left to mismanage Nottingham City Council and was sacked after less than two years after rubbing the officers up the wrong way.  Frater the Traitor was a card-carrying Liebour supporter and so is his replacement, Steve Wellings.

Wellings is one of the highest paid council Chief Executives in the country earning a recession-defying £160k a year – about £1.50 for every man, woman and child living in the borough.

I’ll keep some fond memories of Steve Wellings, the fondest of which will be the look of utter disgust on his face as he held one of my West Midlands NO! leaflets between his thumb and forefinger and the filth look he gave me at the election count last year when I said hello to him (he wouldn’t speak to me).

That’s another red out of the council, only a few hundred more to go.

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Equality, New Liebour style

Harriet Harperson, the Minister for Equalities & Women, wants to force companies to publish reports on their gender pay gap.  As most of the trade and industry portfolio is devolved, Ms Harperson’s pledge to “narrow the gap between rich and poor and make Britain more equal” probably only applies to England.
According to Ms Harperson, there is too much sexual discrimination and there is “no excuse for having unfairness when times are difficult”.  This is coming from the Minister for Women who is almost certainly a woman, whose shadow counterparts are women and whose Ministry for Equality has no male ministers and no Minister for Men.

Will Ms Harperson also require companies to publish reports on the special interest employee groups they have for women, ethnic minorities and gays?  And will the Ministry for Equalities & Women be producing a report on itself, the lack of any male ministers for women and equality and the absence of a Minister for Men?

There’s only one way to find out …

Dear Ms Harperson,

I note with interest that you are to introduce a bill requiring companies to report on their gender pay gap and other inequalities.

Will you be producing a report on your own ministry which has no Minister for Men and, indeed, no male ministers at all?



And because I was a bit premature with the send button …

Dear Ms Harperson,

Further to my previous enquiry regarding your new equality bill, does it also apply to Scotland or does your pledge to “narrow the gap between rich and poor and make Britain more equal” only apply to England?  If it only applies to England, why did you give the impression that it applies to the whole of the UK?



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Family Courts to hold public hearings

From today family court hearings will be open to the public and journalists, even if children are involved.

Journalists and members of the public will be able to sit in on divorce and custody hearings, getting to hear details of financial settlements, affairs, marital breakdown and parents’ relationships with their children.  Hearings will only be held in private if a judge can be convinced that holding them in public will prejudice the case.
The reason given for opening up the hearings is that it will make the family court process more open and result in less mistakes.  From my own first hand experience trying to get my step children protected from their violent alcoholic father for a couple of years, what causes a lot of the “mistakes” is the guidelines that are handed down to judges taking away their discretion and forcing them to make bad decisions.

The British government makes every effort to keep every element of the personal and professional lives secret but when it comes to us plebs, every element of our lives has to be laid open to scrutiny by everyone and anyone at any time.

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Petition the PM: Resign

A petition worth signing: We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to resign.

There are many reasons why we might want Brown to resign, but rather than having lots of narrow petitions on this topic (most of which have been rejected), I wanted one for all of us.

Click on the boot to sign the petition …
Hat-tip: Daily Referendum

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How’s your St Georges Day been?

I’ve had a great St Georges Day.  I took the day off work – as I do every year – and had a busy day.

This morning I went and got my hair cut and saw lots of English flags on cars and houses and people wearing Cross of St George lapel badges.

I went to the florists and bought a fresh red rose for my wife and my daughter and then we went to Blists Hill museum for a couple of hours and had fresh Victorian-style fish and chips cooked in beef fat.  God, they were fantastic.

Took #4 to nursery where they had Happy St Georges Day posters up and were colouring in pictures of George and the Dragon and English flags.  The eldest 3 didn’t do anything about St Georges Day despite doing St Paddy’s Day, St David’s Day, Holocaust Memorial Day and Chinese New Year which was disappointing but they’ll be getting a Section 65 Race Relations Act questionnaire to explain why.

Tonight I’m going to a St Georges Day meal organised by Telford & Wrekin UKIP with a brass band and a comedian.

Oh yes, and the Shropshire Star will be running my Red Audi L311 XPV, you’re a wanker story as a follow up to a local lad getting a driving ban after videoing himself driving dangerously and posting it on YouTube.
An eventful and productive St Georges Day.

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Happy St Georges Day

Happy St Georges Day

Happy St Georges Day

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We’re fucked

El Gordo had an easy time for his decade as Chancellor with the global economy booming and he still managed to fuck the economy up.

Today’s budget was a proper socialist budget – people who work for a living are going to see their tax burden go through the roof while unemployed people and the dregs of society will be getting money thrown at them.

There’s the obligatory “green” taxation of course – nearly £2.5bn on green measures and a target to reduce carbon emissions by 34% by the year 2020 at an unspecified multi-billion pound cost to businesses and taxpayers.  Like Canute commanding the tide to turn back, El Gordo and Darling will pass new laws to command billions of years of climate change to stop what it’s doing and spend billions enforcing their new laws.  The cost will no doubt be recovered by taking dragging Gaia through the courts for not reducing her carbon footprint to an acceptable level.

High earners will have to hand over half their earnings over £150k in state theft income tax to try and raise a bit of cash to pay for the glorious revolution.  In reality it’ll drive high earners abroad or into the hands of tax avoidance specialists who’ll help them legally launder their wealth through trust funds and limited companies.  Co-incidentally, a cabinet member’s salary is £141k, just shy of the new tax bracket so the only minister who might make be making the sacrifice is Comrade Brown who’s on £194k per year.
Statutory redundancy pay is being increased by £30 per week, under-25’s who’ve been out of work for over a year will be offered a job or training with extra benefits on top of the benefits they get for unemployment and training and an extra 54,000 sixth form places will be created to keep kids in education a bit longer costing the taxpayer money instead of working and paying taxes.

A £2k scrappage allowance is being introduced for people buying new cars and part exchanging a 10 year old car.  The taxpayer will contribute half of the £2k allowance and the car industry – which is asking for bailouts itself and in the case of Jaguar/Land Rover has already been given a few billion by the European Empire – will have to fund the other half.  This will, apparently, stimulate the motor industry.

There’s a 2p increase on petrol as usual, to start in September.  That’s 2p on fuel duty, plus 15% VAT plus the increased price of pretty much everything that you buy in the shops because of the increased cost of transport.

But it’s ok because Darling – whose qualification for running the economy is that he’s a marxist solicitor – says that after a 3.5% shrinkage of the economy this year, the economy will grow by 1.25% next year and 3.5% the year after.  And let’s face it, he’s done such a stirling job this last year and marxists have done a fantastic job of running ruining economies over the years that we could never doubt Comrade Darling’s wise words.

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Who’s the Daddy?

A committee of MPs has produced a report saying that the British government get more involved in the parenting of “disadvantaged” children.

The report is looking at disadvantaged children in social care but the term “disadvantaged” has plenty of scope for expansion into other areas – children with learning difficulties, children with behavioural problems, children from poor families.  Anyone familiar with George Orwell’s 1984 will see yet another parallel between the Orwellian society in 1984 and England under Liebour where children are indoctrinated with propaganda and end up shopping their parents to Big Brother for thought crimes.  The British government’s current healthy eating propaganda programme (in England only and which fails to promote a healthy, balanced diet) provides materials to primary schools telling children to challenge their parents if they prepare a meal that the British government has deemed to be unhealthy.
Far from taking a more active role in parenting, the British government needs to poke its nose out of our private lives and get on with what it’s actually there for – to make sure we’re safe and to provide essential services.  We don’t need to be told how to live our lives, what to eat, what to drink, what to think.  We need the state to basically just fuck off and die and leave us to live our lives.

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Red Audi L311 XPV, you’re a wanker

About 4 weeks ago, I was walking #2 to cubs with #4 in tow when some wanker in a red Audi, registration number L311 XPV, came tearing round the perimeter road at 60mph+.  The speed limit – on account of the road being around the outside of a housing estate with houses and junctions on both sides of the road – is 30mph and has those stupid speed blisters.  If this kidney donor had hit one of the speed bumps at the wrong angle at that speed he could have been off the road and up the pavement and if he didn’t kill himself doing it, I’d have ripped him a new arsehole.

I heard him coming up the hill and got my phone out to record him.  From cresting the hill to disappearing round the corner took 4 seconds.  This is an unbelievably dangerous speed.

To my amazement, the Police have said that they won’t do anything about it because they can’t see the number plate on the video, even though I read it out on the video as he screamed past.  You can’t see the number plate because he was driving too fast for the camera to catch it.

Anyway, seeing as how it won’t be used as evidence, here’s the video on YouTube.

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Telford’s Burning

I went for my daily walk from the office to the shopping centre in town today and as I was walking over a bridge over the railway I smelled smoke, looked over the side and saw that there was a fire under the bridge somewhere near the tracks.

The two people in front of me didn’t seem interested so I phoned the fire brigade.  They asked me where I was so I explained that I was on a bridge over the railway.  They asked what part of the town I was in and I told them I didn’t know because I was walking so they asked again which part of town I was in.  Funnily enough, I still didn’t know.

So I gave directions from the nearest point they would be able to get a fire engine to and went on my way, calling in at the train station on the way to let them know about the fire.  Quarter of an hour later, the fire brigade rang to ask where the fire was because they couldn’t find it.  The fire station is literally no more than 3 or 4 minutes from where the fire was but it took them a quarter of an hour to get there.  I gave the same directions to the fireman on the phone who said “ah, I think we’re at the wrong bridge”.

The thing is, there isn’t another footbridge over the railway for miles so I have no idea where they went!

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Police arrest 114 suspected ecoterrorists

Police have raided a private school and arrested 114 suspected ecoterrorists who they suspect of planning to storm a coal power station.

The problem is, of course, that a judge has already given a green light to ecoterrorists who want to cause tens of thousands of pounds of criminal damage in the name of saving the planet.  If the police can prove these suspected ecoterrorists were, indeed, planning to break into and shut down a power station then what hope is there of a conviction when six months ago, a judge ruled that ecoterrorists can lawfully break into a power station, cause tens of thousands of pounds of damage and shut it down because of the harm it does to the environment.

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CEP: Gordon Brown will make slaves of English children

The British Prime Minister has announced plans to force all English children to carry out at least 50 hours of community service before the age of 19.

Luckily, the plans are in his manifesto pledge for the next British elections and are therefore extremely unlikely to ever come to fruition for the two very good reasons that Labour is unlikely to win a general election again for a long time and they have already told us that their manifesto promises aren’t actually promises, but more sort of vague ideas of things they’d do if they didn’t hold us all in such contempt.

However, as unlikely as it is that his proposals will ever come to anything, it just goes to show the lengths this illegitimate Prime Minister will go to to grab a headline.  He is putting a promise in his British general election manifesto, on which he will ask the voters of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath in Scotland to elect him, to compel English children to carry out unpaid “voluntary” work by making it a compulsory element of the English school curriculum.

Of course, you won’t read any of this on the BBC News website.  They have helpfully (for Gordon Brown) quoted the British Prime Minister word for word without correction:

It is my ambition to create a Britain in which there is a clear expectation that all young people will undertake some service to their community, and where community service will become a normal part of growing up in Britain.

And, by doing so, the contributions of each of us will build a better society for all of us.

That would mean young people being expected to contribute at least 50 hours of community service by the time they have reached the age of 19.

This will build on the platform provided by citizenship classes as they develop in our schools. But because the greater part of what I envisage as community service takes place outside the school day, it will require the close involvement of local community organisations and charities.

He also said the community work would be linked to a “clear system of accreditation” meaning that children who refuse to take part in the slave labour would fail or marked down in their Citizenship exams.

The following complaint has been made to the BBC:

You quote Gordon Brown saying:

“It is my ambition to create a Britain in which there is a clear expectation that all young people will undertake some service to their community, and where community service will become a normal part of growing up in Britain.”

The article explains that he would do this by way of changing the school curriculum which, as anyone with even a passing knowledge of UK politics (let alone a professional journalist) knows, would only apply to England.  Despite this clearly being an English-only proposal, there was no explanation of this on the BBC website, nor was Gordon Brown’s use of the word “Britain” when he meant “England” challenged or corrected.

There was also no mention of the fact that the British Prime Minister, representing a Scottish constituency, is making this policy that only applies to England a cornerstone of his general election manifesto when he seeks re-election in his Scottish constituency next year.

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Liebour scared of the BNP

The corrupt media bought into the left wing lie that the BNP are a far right party but many bloggers know the truth – that the BNP are a far left party, more akin to Liebour than the parties on the right – and try our best to make sure as many people as possible get to know the truth.

Labour and BNP - peas in a podThe left’s propaganda is further discredited by Harriet Harperson’s admission that Liebour is scared of the BNP.  Harperson says that the BNP “are a bigger threat than they have been before” and are so scared of losing votes to the far left BNP that they’re using a different election slogan in areas where BNP have a lot of support, are working with (ironically) with anti-fascist groups and even have anti-BNP battlebuses.

You will note that there are no such concerns from the right of centre Conswervatives or UKIP, nor is there a sustained campaign against the BNP from any party other than Liebour.  Now that support for Liebour has collapsed, the left will be casting their protest votes for the BNP.

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Three strikes and you’re out

Bob Quick, the Met Police’s chief anti-terrorism officer, has resigned after his latest act of stupidity.

A long-planned anti-terrorism raid had to be brought forward, putting unprepared officers at risk, because the muppet walked up Downing Street with briefing papers for the raid clearly on show for photographers.

Quick was the senior officer who authorised the raid on Damian Green MP’s office in parliament and then complained that the Tories had mobilised the gutter press against him in a witch hunt.

There’s no doubt that Quick had been a competent copper for the first 30 years of his career but his recent promotion was obviously one too far.

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Thieving Bastard Politicians

For once the lying, crooked, thieving bastard politicians in the Liebour Party have been eclipsed by an even bigger bunch of lying, crooked, thieving bastard politicians.  Unbelievable, I know, but true.

Sinn Féin’s 5 MPs have claimed £21k each for the last 4 years – a total of over £400k – in second home allowances for flats in London even though the thieving bastard terrorists refuse to take their seats in Westminster because they won’t pledge their alleigence to the Queen.

There’s only one way to stop these lying thieving bastard politicians from being such lying thieving bastards and it involves a good length of rope and a lampost.

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One rule for politicians, one for the rest of us

A policeman from Newcastle has been convicted of causing death by dangerous driving after hitting a 16 year old girl who walked into the road in front of him.

The policeman was doing 94mph in a 30mph limit without his blue lights and sirens, hence the dangerous driving charge, but he was on duty and accelerating to catch up with a car that had been flagged up on his ANPR.

PC John Dougal has been remanded until the 1st of May when he will be sentenced and the judge has already told him that he’ll be going to prison.

While it was a serious error – and evidently a criminal error – to not use his lights and siren, he was a qualified advanced police driver and the girl stepped into the road in front of him.  Contrast this case with the unqualified, non-advanced driver, Lord Ahmed, who ran over and killed Martyn Gombar whilst texting from his mobile phone at 70mph – Lord Ahmed was given a 12 week sentence and served only 6 weeks.

Will PC Dougal be back home halfway through June?  Will he bollocks.  There’s one rule for politicians and one rule for the rest of us.  PC Dougal will be made an example and locked up for a couple of years while Lord Ahmed walks free after committing the same crime under far worse circumstances because he’s a Liebour politician.  Ahmed even went on to threaten a terrorist attack on the House of Commons and still he’s not behind bars.

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IPS hands out £650m contracts for ID cards database

The Identity and Passport Service (IPS) has awarded £650m of contracts to CSC and IBM to build its national identity register even though the Tories said they will repeal ID card and national identity register legislation when they win the next election.

Orwell ID CardThe IPS have justified pissing £650m up the wall because they need to record biometric data for the new biometric passports the European Empire has told them they have to issue so they may as well make it ready for ID cards as well.

The ID database is going to be linked to the DWP’s Customer Information System (CIS) which contains cradle to grave information about every citizen and is used and abused by other British government departments, such as the Ministry of Justice, HM Court Service, HM Revenue & Customs, the NHS and local authorities (link 1, link 2, link 3).

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