Three strikes and you’re out

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Bob Quick, the Met Police’s chief anti-terrorism officer, has resigned after his latest act of stupidity.

A long-planned anti-terrorism raid had to be brought forward, putting unprepared officers at risk, because the muppet walked up Downing Street with briefing papers for the raid clearly on show for photographers.

Quick was the senior officer who authorised the raid on Damian Green MP’s office in parliament and then complained that the Tories had mobilised the gutter press against him in a witch hunt.

There’s no doubt that Quick had been a competent copper for the first 30 years of his career but his recent promotion was obviously one too far.

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  2. FrankC (3 comments) says:

    And all for the lack of a briefcase or even one of those 50p cardboard and shoelace file folders.
    Not the first time this has happened. Who was the minister who did the same thing a couple of years back?

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