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We can’t afford to go to war with Syria

What this country needs is a good war … said nobody but politicians and weapons manufacturers. But it looks like we’re going to war with Syria again and by proxy with Russia also.

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The allegation levelled at President Assad is that he ordered the use of chemical weapons against the civilian population of Douma. Syria denies it, Russia is backing them (of course) and some of the evidence appears, on the face of it, to be dubious. But there is no doubt in my mind that the Syrians did use chemical weapons in Douma, a pocket of resistance that has evaded the Syrian army’s capture for a frustratingly long time for Assad. That town is now under military control after its population was shipped out following the chemical weapon attack.

There is also no doubt in my mind that Assad knew about it and that he would order the use of chemical weapons again. Which is a bit of a dilemma because using chemical weapons is very wrong and can’t go unpunished but we can’t afford to start World War 3. I say we can’t afford to start World War 3 but actually, we’ve been in World War 3 for over a decade now but it’s not conventional warfare so the general public haven’t noticed. I should probably say we can afford to start Cold War 2.

The problem with Syria is that it’s one of the only middle eastern countries that isn’t an Islamic shithole exporting terrorists to Europe and if Assad is overthrown it will become another Islamic shithole exporting terrorists to Europe. It also has the last sizeable Christian population in the region and whilst I hold all the Abrahamic religions in equal contempt, on purely humanitarian grounds it would be a disaster for them to have an Islamic administration in Syria because they would be persecuted.

I have an opinion on most things but I don’t know what to do about Syria. Something needs to be done but that something is not returning to the Cold War era where we all live in constant fear of a global nuclear apocalypse. If the west bombs Syria whilst the Russians (and Chinese) are protecting them then that’s a potential outcome. I remember the latter days of the Cold War well and that’s not something I want my kids to live through as well.

Bin Laden dead … apparently

So … that Bin Laden person, eh?

Apparently the Americans have killed Osama Bin Laden  and buried him at sea after tracking him down to a town near Islamabad.

Now, I don’t normally go in for conspiracy theories that involve the Americans as perpetrators because they generally don’t have the intelligence for deceit but this story is – if you’ll excuse the pun – a bit fishy.

Firstly, Bin Laden was found in a fortified house down the road from Pakistan’s most high profile military training compound.  Surely they’d have noticed something a bit suspicious about someone building a house 10 times the size of other houses in the area with 18ft walls and protected by armed guards?

Secondly, no Americans were killed in the raid.  Since when have the Americans been capable of carrying out a military operation without killing each other?

Thirdly, Islamabad is 900 miles from the sea.  He was supposedly buried at sea to conform with the Islamic requirement to have a burial within 24 hours.  Could they not find a shovel and dig a hole?

Finally, they apparently tracked him down after a four year intelligence operation.  Intelligence.  American Military.  Uh-hu.

If Bin Laden really is dead then it’s great news but there will be many thousands more to take his place.  Until Islam catches up with the rest of the world’s religions, we will always be at risk from this modern-day Spanish Inquisition.  These nutjobs have lost a leader but they’ve gained a martyr.  The news is about as good as it gets for Obama and the American government but it’s not likely to make the world a safer place.

I don’t doubt that Bin Laden is dead or at the very least, no longer at large.  But the circumstances of his death being described in the news?  For me it doesn’t add up.

The left shows its true colours once again

201 people were arrested during the TUC’s protest in London on Saturday.  All 201 of them were still in custody today according to the BBC.

The protest was meant to be about opposing public sector cuts but as usually the case whenever you get more than a handful of left wingers, it descended into a riot with damage to both public and private property and attacks on the police.

Class war? First Class war more like.Sadly the left is pretty much economically illiterate which is why we have this boom and bust economic cycle where socialists get into government and bankrupt the country and then capitalists spend the next few years getting us out of trouble.  I’m generalising a bit by calling Labour socialists when they’re more accurately described as social democrats (with less emphasis on the “democrat” bit) and calling the Conservatives capitalist when they’re more accurately described as social market capitalists but they still adhere to socialist and capitalist ideologies.

The simple reality is that the UK is insolvent – more money is being spent than is being paid in taxes.  National debt is over a trillion pounds (£1,000,000,000,000) and will realistically never, ever be paid off.  The “cuts” that the economically illiterate left are opposing are reductions in the increase in spending, not real cuts.  But the “cuts” aren’t enough, we really have to cut spending in real terms and quite savagely.  This doesn’t have to result in swingeing cuts to services though, or at least not to essential services.  Spending on health and education can continue as it is or even increase.  Spending on roads and social care can continue as it is or even increase.  What we need is to start all over again with state income and expenditure.  There are so many taxes and public expenditures that it’s just a complete mess and countless billions are spent on merely administering this behemoth.  We need to go back to basics and simplify and cut back the whole public sector and tax system.

The tax handbook produced by HMRC every year which details all the tax rules is now over 10,000 pages long and comes in seven volumes.  Inordinate amounts of money are spent on administering the tax system and trying to find out whether people are evading tax, let alone trying to make them pay what they owe.  The tax credit system is the very worst of  a tax system that has been allowed to grow out of all proportion – in what alternate reality does it make sense to spend money collecting tax off people and them spend even more money giving it back to them rather than just not taxing them in the first place?  The tax system needs scrapping and starting again.

Public services also need cutting back.  There is too much bureaucracy in the public sector wasting money that should be spent delivering services.  You need management in the public sector just as much as you do in the private sector but you need management that can do things, not just talk about them and a lot less management is needed.  People are assets but they’re also liabilities – the private sector understands this better than the public sector which is why private sector organisations are a lot leaner than comparable public sector organisations.  The public sector needs to be run more like a charity (a proper charity, not one of the taxpayer-funded lobby groups that call themselves charities like Common Purpose or ASH) with a constant eye on value for money and an over-riding goal of providing services to people who need them.  Public sector organisations go too far one way or the other – they’re either run as profit-making companies or they spend money like it’s going out of fashion.

The left are wrong to be campaigning for no “cuts” and maintaining the status quo in the public sector.  The only way to keep spending at the current rate is to put up taxes and that’s not a sustainable way to run the economy because the economy needs people to have disposable income to stimulate growth and without growth you have recession and then you enter the economic doom cycle of people having less money to spend which send the economy deeper into recession.

So, back to Saturday’s protests.  What were they actually about?  It was supposed to be a march and rally against “cuts” organised by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) but I saw more banners and placards for completely irrelevant issues.  There were gay pride flags, religious placards, anti-capitalists, anarchists, banker-haters, CND flags, environmentalists, anti-Tory slogans, Palestinian flags, anti-Trident posters, “class war” placards, anti-tax avoidance posters and those are just the ones I remember seeing.  The TUC are claiming it as the biggest protest since the second world war but at the upper end of their 250-500k attendees (you can’t get much more vague than a 100% margin of error) it’s about the same as the 400k+ who descended on London to protest against the ban on fox hunting and all of those 400k were protesting against the hunting ban whereas a sizeable proportion of those in London yesterday were protesting about all sorts of things.

The TUC and the media tried to play down the violence and attacks on the police yesterday, saying it was a small group of about 125 people who weren’t there for the TUC protest.  As 201 people have been arrested so far, the 125 people is obviously wrong.  I will accept that the so-called anarchists (another form of socialism) weren’t there for the protest against the “cuts” but were there to cause trouble but you have to ask yourself why it is that they only ever turn up to left wing demonstrations and not, for instance, EDL marches?  The answer is that they are they are the true representatives of the views of the left, the only difference between one of the far left extremists attacking police officers and breaking into banks and businesses and the middle aged teachers and council workers and street football co-ordinators is that they have the balls to go out on the rampage.

I have often said that we need to be more like the French (how that sticks in my throat) and learn to protest better when we don’t get our own way but these people go too far.  The like of the EDL and the Countryside Alliance protested for change in policy, these “anarchists” are protesting against society.  I don’t want a communitarian society like these left wing nutjobs.  I want a society where things get made that I can buy, where stuff happens and I don’t have to worry about it and where I can come home and look at all the shiny things I’ve got and think “yes, it was worth going out to work for all this”.  If I wanted to live in a society where everyone ignored the law and things only worked when people could be bothered I’d move to France or Spain or Greece.

There is a certain amount of irony in these protests.  The unions paid for first class train tickets for their class war warriors and the cost of cleaning up and making good the damage caused by rampaging anti-“cuts” terrorists will take even more money away from the services they supposedly want to protect.  And the money companies like Top Shop, Santander and Fortnum & Mason’s spend cleaning up and repairing their buildings after they were attacked by people demanding they stop legally avoiding paying some of their taxes can be set off against their tax liabilities.  Well done lefties, way to score an own goal.

I am sick to death of the workshy, hypocritical left demanding more and more of my money to fund their addiction to the state and the state’s addiction to my money.  I want less tax, less government and more cuts.

Burn the Quran Day

A church in Florida plans to hold a “Burn the Quran Day” on September the 11th, despite universal condemnation both at home and abroad.

The church preaches that “Islam is of the devil”.

Back in 2005, the Danish newspaper, Jyllands Posten, published cartoons depicting the muslim prophet, Mohammed.  The newspaper was threatened with bombings and the cartoonist received death threats.

The response from the “international community”?  Calls for moderation and criticism of the newspaper and cartoonist for offending muslims.

And in 2006, three boys were expelled from an Islamic school in Australia after they were caught pissing on bibles and burning bible pages.

The response from the “international community”?  Well I don’t remember seeing it on the news or in any newspapers over here.  There were no spontaneous protests from christians calling for the boys to be beheaded.  The boy’s father blamed the school.

Still in 2006, muslims protesting in London about the newspaper in Denmark publishing Mohammed cartoons waved placards calling the murder of people who insult Islam and other “anti-British slogans”.

The response from the “international community”?  Calls for moderation and criticism of the newspaper and cartoonist for offending muslims.

And a regular sight at any anti-American or anti-west protest by muslims, the burning of the Stars & Stripes:

The response from the “international community”?  I think you know the answer already.  The Stars & Stripes is second only to the bible in the list of revered objects in the USA but the “international community” seems to think it’s ok to desecrate it if you’re a muslim.

People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Another May Day, another day of terrorism

Is it really 12 months since the mayhem and violence of last years May Day?

You’ll be pleased to know that the left still haven’t lost their appetite for mindless violence and this years May Day is shaping up to be just as vicious and riotous as previous years.

In Nepal, the Maoists who have terrorised their way into the government through civil war are on the streets again with yet another list of demands. As is so often the case with the far left, they know that nobody would ever vote for their socialist extremism so they have to turn to violence to get their own way.

In Macau and Hong Kong, left wing terrorists have been fighting with riot police and in the North Caucasus region of Russia, a bomb has injured 21 people and killed a 104 year old world war two veteran.

Protesters in Greece opposed to the harsh austerity budget imposed by the European Empire have been rioting in a couple of major cities whilst Germany has seen rioting in Hamburg and Berlin.

Greenpeace: Fascist Thugs

Via Guido, it appears that Greenpeace are planning to branch out into eco-terrorism with this threat to anyone that actively opposes their eco-fascism:

If you’re one of those who have spent their lives undermining progressive climate legislation, bankrolling junk science, fueling spurious debates around false solutions, and cattle-prodding democratically-elected governments into submission, then hear this:

We know who you are. We know where you live. We know where you work.

And we be many, but you be few.

This is written by Gene Hashmi, the communications director for Greenpeace India.  If anyone knows where Gene Hashmi lives, do let me know and I’ll make sure the right people find out where this fascist little weasel lives and in case anyone’s wondering, yes, that’s a fucking threat.

And if any other eco-terrorists were thinking of having a pop: bring it on.  Seriously.

The worms are turning

You’ve got to laugh haven’t you?  Eco-terrorists from Greenpeace have managed to get themselves onto the roof of Westminster Palace and are staging a rooftop protest calling for “change the politics”.

This is what happens when governments use militant protest groups as proxies – they always end up getting out of control and turning on their masters.  The British government-supported fascist UAF were at it yesterday, directing their violence at the police who were stopping them from getting to EDL protesters.  Now the eco-terrorists, supported and nurtured by the British government and given carte blanche to break the law in the name of environmentalism, have turned on their masters

If there are any experts in the field of high-powered projection reading this, can anyone give some indication of just how much power the projector beaming the protesters’ message onto the wall of Westminster Palace will be using?

As for the protesters: take away their ladders, cordon off the area and starve the freaks down.

Fascist UAF get violent again

The English Defence League (EDL) protested in Manchester yesterday and once again the thugs from Unite Against Fascism (UAF) turned out to cause trouble.

As I’ve said previously, I have no interest in ethnic nationalism of the sort the EDL promote, but I get pretty pissed off when the fascist UAF get away with thuggery and are portrayed as “the good guys”.  They’re nothing of the sort, they’re vicious, fascist thugs that would be a proscribed organisation if it wasn’t for the number of senior police offices and politicians that were amongst their ranks.

This protest saw 700 EDL supporters turn out – many more than previous protests and thanks in no small part to the UAF thugs who turn out to cause trouble every time the EDL have a protest.  UAF had about 1,400 people – 2 UAF thugs for every EDL knuckle dragger.

But the fact that every time the UAF turn out to “counter protest” they always get violent hasn’t escaped the BBC who, for once, have been marginally critical of them.  Could it be that the fascist UAF are falling out of favour with the lefty-loving BBC?

According to the BBC, the atmosphere was “quite nasty” and the UAF thugs were the ones that tried to break the police line to get at the EDL protesters.

It’s time the police cracked down on violent left wing extremist organisations like UAF.  They use violence and intimidation to try and supress peoples’ constitutional right to protest.  They attempt to bring every protest they disagree with to a premature end by getting violent, putting the public and police in danger.  They violently attack anyone who disagrees with them and if that means attacking the police if they get in the way then they’re fair game to these violent fascists.

Off-message articles don’t last long on the BBC News website so here it is for prosperity:

More than 40 people have been arrested during two political demonstrations in Manchester city centre.

At least 2,000 people attended the protests, by the English Defence League (EDL) and members of Unite Against Fascism (UAF) on Saturday afternoon.

Witnesses said “ugly scenes” broke out between rival protestors and police.

Forty-eight people have been arrested, four among them were held on suspicion of affray. Most of the other arrests were for public order offences.

‘Nasty’ atmosphere

Other people were detained on suspicion of racially-aggravated offences or over possession of weapons or drugs.

Police and protesters in Manchester

A senior police officer said the day had “proved a challenge” for the force

Protesters were herded towards railways stations by police officers as the protests came to an end. Many of them were moved away from the city centre on buses.

One man suffered a head injury during the protests, but did not need hospital treatment, a police spokeswoman confirmed.

About 700 members from the EDL and 1,400 members from UAF were separated by a line of riot police, dogs and mounted police in Piccadilly Gardens.

Mat Trewern, from BBC Radio Manchester, said the atmosphere had turned “quite nasty” as the day progressed.

He said: “There had been some ugly scenes as protesters clashed with police, but it has started to calm down and the crowds are dispersing.

“At one point, earlier on, when it became extremely tense, members of the UAF tried to break the police line between the two groups, which in turn angered the EDL members.

Protesters in Manchester

More than 2,000 protesters were thought to have been in the city centre

“Trouble had started when 100 members of the EDL arrived at Piccadilly Gardens and they were immediately met with shouts of ‘racists’ and ‘off our streets’ by members of the UAF, who had already congregated at Piccadilly.”

He said the number of protesters from the UAF outnumbered those from the EDL by about two to one.

“The disruption in the city centre has been on a large scale, shoppers and businesses have been affected by the protests.”

Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan said the presence of so many protesters in the city had “proved a challenge” but that life in the city had gone on as normal.

He said the police reaction had been necessary in order to tackle “the few hell-bent on violent confrontation” and described some of those arrested as “agitators and trouble-makers”.

‘Violent confrontation’

He said: “I would like to thank all those people who came to Manchester today and protested peacefully for their patience and understanding.

“I’d also like to commend the vast majority for demonstrating in a peaceful manner.

Police and protesters in Manchester

Most of the arrests were for public order offences

“However, the history of protest has been marred, by those who came intent on violent confrontation.”

Greater Manchester Police confirmed a man, believed to be heading to the protest, had earlier been arrested in Birmingham on suspicion of distributing racially aggravated material.

Muslim leaders had renewed appeals for people to avoid the demonstrations.

Nanu Miah, a community leader from Oldham, said before the protests in Manchester: “We are not encouraging people to go, we don’t know who EDL is and what could happen.”

An EDL event in Birmingham in September led to counter-demonstrations and bricks being hurled at riot police. Up to 90 people were arrested.

One rule for politicians, one for the rest of us

A policeman from Newcastle has been convicted of causing death by dangerous driving after hitting a 16 year old girl who walked into the road in front of him.

The policeman was doing 94mph in a 30mph limit without his blue lights and sirens, hence the dangerous driving charge, but he was on duty and accelerating to catch up with a car that had been flagged up on his ANPR.

PC John Dougal has been remanded until the 1st of May when he will be sentenced and the judge has already told him that he’ll be going to prison.

While it was a serious error – and evidently a criminal error – to not use his lights and siren, he was a qualified advanced police driver and the girl stepped into the road in front of him.  Contrast this case with the unqualified, non-advanced driver, Lord Ahmed, who ran over and killed Martyn Gombar whilst texting from his mobile phone at 70mph – Lord Ahmed was given a 12 week sentence and served only 6 weeks.

Will PC Dougal be back home halfway through June?  Will he bollocks.  There’s one rule for politicians and one rule for the rest of us.  PC Dougal will be made an example and locked up for a couple of years while Lord Ahmed walks free after committing the same crime under far worse circumstances because he’s a Liebour politician.  Ahmed even went on to threaten a terrorist attack on the House of Commons and still he’s not behind bars.

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Why do we allow terrorists on our streets?

The G20 conference kicks off today, following a massive operation to protect businesses and property in the capital.

Companies in the capital have spent millions boarding up their buildings and putting in extra security measures to try and protect themselves against the anti-capitalist, anarchist and eco terrorists that are converging on London to terrorise the city in the name of whatever problem it is they have with the world.

The cost of policing the G20 is £7.5m with officers from neighbouring forces being drafted in to help out.  The police have given out official advice to civil servants and professionals in the city telling them not to wear ID, not to wear suits, to change their route into work if it’s near a protest site and even to stay at home if necessary.

We have a constitutional right to peaceful protest in England but we don’t have a right to terrorise the 5m people who live and work in London.  These terrorists are costing us tens of millions of pounds at a time when we can least afford it.  The police and local authorities abuse anti-terrorism laws on a daily basis for things like dog fouling and car parking offences yet they are quite prepared to allow thousands of terrorists roam around the streets of London.

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Northern Ireland: Terrorist state

A police officer has been shot dead in Northern Ireland, only two days after two soldiers were shot dead by the Real IRA.

Sinn Féin took half a day to come up with a statement that they could all agree on on the killing of the two soldiers at the weekend before they settled for saying they supported the police and that it’s not very nice to murder soldiers.  Let’s see how long it takes them to come up with a statement on the murder of a policeman if they support the police.

It’s time to cut Northern Ireland loose from the UK and make it a Crown Colony.  That way it will govern itself, raise and spend its own taxes (they get nearly £2k per head of population in subsidies from the English taxpayer so that’s a bonus) but the UK would be responsible for its defence and foreign relations.  They can then sort their own terrorists out.

I didn’t think this was a particularly controversial suggestion but it’s rattled at least one person – I made this suggestion on Facebook to Donal Blaney and he responded by removing me from his Facebook friends!  Rather amusingly, the latest post on his blog says “As a libertarian I, of course, defend their right to protest.”  Shame that libertarian ideal doesn’t stretch to defending the rights of someone to say something he doesn’t agree with.  Libertarian my arse.

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Israel self-defences UN headquarters in Gaza

Israel took a break from blowing up schools today and decided to bomb the UN’s headquarters in Gaza instead, destroying supplies stored in the compound.

The reason?  Israel claims its terrorists came under fire from inside the compound.  That’s right, Israel is now accusing the UN of harbouring militants and facilitating terrorism.  They really have got to get a grip on reality and realise they can’t just blow the shit out of anything they feel like.

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Israel engineers civilian massacre

The UN released a statement last night claiming that Israeli soldiers evacuated 110 Palestinian civilians, half of them children, into a single home telling them it was for their safety.  The brave Israeli military then deliberately self-defenced the house with their American bombs the following day killing 30 people, 3 of which were children.

This latest act of Israeli terrorism was obviously a step too far because the US Ambassador to the UN sat next to his Israeli counterpart and abstained on a vote for a UN resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire, Israel to withdraw its troops from Gaza, the cessation of smuggling weapons into Gaza and the re-opening of border crossings.

The terrorist appeasing Americans were never going to vote in favour of a resolution against Israel – they could have bombed the Vatican and the Americans would claim the Pope was a terrorist – but an abstention, whilst morally reprehensible, is a serious rebuke for the Israeli’s.

All that remains to be seen is whether Israel complies with the UN resolution or whether they continue to defy the will of the international community.

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Israel self-defences two UN schools

Israel claims that it is acting in self-defence by invading Gaza to stop the indiscriminate attacks from Hamas which are targetted at civillian areas.  So can someone explain how Israel bombing two UN schools in crowded refugee camps in Gaza – presumably deliberate targets bearing in mind the top-grade weaponry the Americans have given them over the years – is any different or somehow right?

In the 11 days since Israel kicked off, over 600 Palestinians have been killed.  During the same period, 3 Israeli civillians and 1 Israeli soldier have been killed by Hamas rockets.  In the first couple of days, the UN said that about 25% of Palestinians killed were civilians – who knows what that figure is now if they’re bombing refugee camps.

We’ll never get the truth out of Israel, Palestine, the UK, the US or any of the arab states – they have access to information but they all have their vested interests.  Israel has banned reporters from Gaza to try and keep a monopoly on information but the UN and the Red Cross are still there.  The UN has condemned Israel’s invasion of Gaza, saying the conditions there are horific.  The International Committee of the Red Cross are also very concerned about the humanitarian disaster in Gaza, something Israel denies is a problem.

The director of the UN aid agency, UNRWA, said:

You cannot conduct huge military operations in such densely-populated places without killing hundreds and injuring thousands of civilians

Funnily enough, I said much the same thing over on Iain Dale’s blog but the Israeli terrorist appeasers that prowl the comments on Tory blogs to find people to call racists and anti-semites either didn’t get the point or have such little value for the Palestinian life that they just don’t care.

How different would it be if Palestinians were Jews and Israeli’s were Arabs?

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Israel launches ground invasion of Gaza

So, Israel has finally launched its inevitable ground invasion of Gaza.  It was bound to happen ever since they got embarrassed by Hezbollah when they invaded Lebanon last year.

It’s now 8 days since Hamas broke its ceasefire with Israel.  It wasn’t much of a ceasefire anyway – Israel has been bombing Gaza and Hamas has been firing rockets in Israel for most it – but it was a relatively low-key series of skirmishes with very few deaths.

There’s no denying that Hamas broke the ceasefire although their excuse was that Israel has been launching attacks on Gaza during the ceasefire which there is also no denying.  Who broke the ceasefire first?  Who knows – both sides accuse each other.

Whoever was first to break the ceasefire is now irrelevant – the ceasefire is finished and things have escalated.  Israel’s retaliation against Hamas’ mixture of homemade rockets and other weapons of indeterminate origin and quality is, as usual, infinitely out of proporition to the threat posed.  If you doubt the scale of threat that Hamas poses to Israel you only need to look at the casualties – four Israeli’s have been killed by Hamas rockets, over 400 Palestinians have been killed by Israel and the UN estimates that as many as 25% of those killed were civillians.  This is despite Hamas rockets apparently being capable of reaching far into Israel and supposedly targeting civillian areas and despite Palestinians being used to being under regular and sustained attack by Israel.

Israel is as indiscriminate in its attacks on Israel as Hamas is in its attacks on Israel but the consequences of indiscriminate airstrikes on the most densely-populated strip of land on the planet (over 11,000 people per square mile) are far more deadly than a Hamas rocket anywhere in Israel.  Now Palestinians are going to be subject to a ground assault as well as the airstrikes that have already claimed hundreds of innocent lives.

There is only one solution and that is for Israel to withdraw from all Palestinian territory that it is illegally occupying.  It won’t be a popular move with the Israeli electorate but it’s the only solution that will ultimately be acceptable to both sides.  Israel’s occupation of Palestine is illegal, there are more UN resolutions against Israel than any other country since the UN was created and the scale of their military action in Palestine is also illegal under international law.

It’s time the pro-Israel apologists stopped trying to justify and condone Israeli state terrorism and realised that the only way the Israel-Palestine situation is ever going to get resolved is when Israel withdraws from illegally occupied Palestinian territory and allows Palestine to get on with governing itself.  The only good thing that will come out of the impending Israeli massacre in Gaza will be that it will become increasingly impossible to justify their actions.

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Animal Rights Terrorists found guilty

Four animal rights terrorists have been found guilty of blackmailing companies with associations with Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Their 6 year terrorist campaign included sending fake letter bombs, sending letters to neighbours of one man telling them he was a paedophile, criminal damage, grafitti and threats against the families of their victims.

These scum should be locked up for at least 20 years to serve as a warning to the other animal rights terrorists who think that they have a right to make peoples’ lives a living hell because they don’t agree with their views.  Some of the things these animal rights terrorists think is acceptable are frankly unbelievable and so far off any normal persons moral compass that locking them up would be doing society a favour.

I remember, a few years back, having some unwashed hippy try to get me to take a leaflet outside the NatWest bank in Shrewsbury.  There were a few of them handing out leaflets and harassing anyone who went in or out so when he tried to press his leaflet in my hand I told him very loudly to fuck off and get a job.

Anyone who believes, like I do, that finding a cure for cancer or alzheimers or other life threatening diseases is a worthy enough cause to justify testing on animals then you might like to show your support for Pro-Test.

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More on Mumbai

Well, this is the longest two hours in history.  This morning the authorities in Mumbai were saying that they’d be done and dusted in a couple of hours and six hours later they’re still going at it.

I really don’t understand what’s going on down there, there’s something we’re not being told.  I’m confident that if this was in London or Birmingham or Manchester it would have been over by lunchtime yesterday.  The SAS or someone similar would have been in there, the terrorists would be in body bags and the hostages back home with their families.  But these lot, well versed in anti-terrorism from decades of India-Pakistan strife, are still fannying round nearly two days later.

I smell a rat (and I’m pretty sure it’s not in the curry).

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Another Mumbai terrorist attack update

Indian troops are clearing the last of the terrorists out of the Taj Mahal Palace and Oberoi Trident hotels and a Jewish outreach centre where a Rabbi and other hostages have been taken.

The death toll has increased to 130 and it will no doubt increase during the next couple of hours while troops are on the offensive.

A Mauritius ID card has been found in one of the terrorists bags which would tie in with observations that several of them looked south asian.  The only clear image they seem to have of any of the terrorists doesn’t look like an Indian, more south east asian.

A couple of people have put forward a theory on who’s behind the attacks on this post but I don’t think we’ll find out for some time.  Nobody knows who Deccan Mujahaneed is and they’re not letting on what their motivation is yet.  The man making the demands to the police had to ask someone else what it was they wanted.

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Mumbai terrorist attacks update

Not a huge amount has changed overnight other than troops surrounding the two hotels where the terrorists are holding hostages and the death toll increasing.

Last night they estimated that about 20 or so people had been killed, this morning they’re saying it’s 101.  Eighteen police officers are amongst the 101 dead, including Mumbai state’s chief anti-terrorism officer.

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Terrorists attack Mumbai hotels

Just got out of a relaxing soak in the bath, went downstairs as Mrs Sane was just watching Robert Kiljoy-Sick getting kicked out of the jungle and the news came on saying that 8 hotels in Mumbai had suffered terrorist attacks.  Which was a bit of a downer and put paid to the plan to go straight to bed.
The attacks were well co-ordinated and a small-time group of Islamic terrorists called Deccan Mujahadeen have claimed responsibility.  They set off bombs in the hotels and used automatic weapons.  They apparently targeted US and UK passport holders, demanding to know who had one and taking them away.  Hostages are being held in 2 of the hotels.

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