Animal Rights Terrorists found guilty

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Four animal rights terrorists have been found guilty of blackmailing companies with associations with Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Their 6 year terrorist campaign included sending fake letter bombs, sending letters to neighbours of one man telling them he was a paedophile, criminal damage, grafitti and threats against the families of their victims.

These scum should be locked up for at least 20 years to serve as a warning to the other animal rights terrorists who think that they have a right to make peoples’ lives a living hell because they don’t agree with their views.  Some of the things these animal rights terrorists think is acceptable are frankly unbelievable and so far off any normal persons moral compass that locking them up would be doing society a favour.

I remember, a few years back, having some unwashed hippy try to get me to take a leaflet outside the NatWest bank in Shrewsbury.  There were a few of them handing out leaflets and harassing anyone who went in or out so when he tried to press his leaflet in my hand I told him very loudly to fuck off and get a job.

Anyone who believes, like I do, that finding a cure for cancer or alzheimers or other life threatening diseases is a worthy enough cause to justify testing on animals then you might like to show your support for Pro-Test.

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  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    Maybe they could be seen as good people because they are trying to limit the population, by allowing the continuation of existence of illnesses?

    This fits in with my idea of ‘Minority Wars’, we could have a Lefty feeder league, where the Socialist Workers batter lumps out of the Revolutioary Communists, sort of like the early 80s but without Adam & The Ants.

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