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Did the Stephen Lawrence do more harm than good?

The latest Stephen Lawrence case has finished and his murderers are going to be sentenced shortly.  Great, let’s get this over and done with and get it out of the news.

National Black Police Association

Still no National White Police Association?

It is because of the Stephen Lawrence inquiry that an accusation of racism when committing a crime automatically makes that crime worse than if it was committed against a white person.  It is because of the Stephen Lawrence inquiry that the police have to consult “the community” if they want to do anything that specifically targets members of an ethnic minority – even if that something is a terrorist raid.  It is because of the Stephen Lawrence inquiry that black police officers have special status and are fast-tracked for promotions to fill diversity quotas.  It is because of the Stephen Lawrence inquiry that police are criticised for stop and search statistics that show them disproportionately targeting black people despite said statistics proving that black people commit a disproportionate number of crimes.

The two people who murdered Stephen Lawrence were wrong and committed the ultimate crime but why is there this fixation on it being racially motivated?  So what if they killed him because he was black?  If they’d killed him because he was short or because he had brown eyes then it would have just been a “normal” murder, their prejudice against short people or people with brown eyes wouldn’t have even been mentioned or if it was mentioned it would probably only be to prove that they were mentally ill.  Murder is murder, it is the worst crime you can commit and it doesn’t matter whether your motivation is the victim’s colour, religion, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality or any other prejudice – it’s just murder.

I’ve no doubt that racism existed in the police before the Stephen Lawrence inquiry and I have no doubt that it will continue to exist long after I’ve shuffled off the mortal coil.  The Stephen Lawrence inquiry undoubtedly did some good in tackling it but it’s done a lot of harm as well.  It’s put ethnic minorities on a pedestal where the law is concerned and the police spend an inordinate amount of time pandering to over-sensitive “community leaders”.  The special treatment ethnic minorities get at the hands of the police does nothing to promote community cohesion, it just causes more racial tension.

The pair got minimum sentences of 15 years, 2 months and 14 years, 3 months.  The judge sentencing them said that he was handing down long sentences because it was a racist crime despite the fact that they were supposed to be sentenced as if they were teenagers (which they were when the murder was committed) and under the guidelines in place at the time which didn’t impose extra punishments for racially-motivated crimes.

Thirteen years ago, before the Stephen Lawrence inquiry published its findings, everyone was equal before the law regardless of their race, colour or ethnicity.  This is no longer the case and that isn’t a positive thing.  If a crime is committed against me then it’s not right that the same crime committed against someone else with different colour skin to me is automatically considered worse and the perpetrator more severely punished if they did it because of the colour of that person’s skin.

A sensible immigration rule at last!

An Indian woman who came to live in England on a Malawian passport is fighting the British government’s refusal to allow her husband and children the right to come and live with her here.

One of the very few restrictions the ConDems have put on immigration is that immigrants from outside the EU must have a basic command of the English language before they’re allowed to move here (immigrants from EU countries can continue to refuse to learn English, hampering integration with society and putting an unnecessary burden on the state).

Vali Chapti refuses to learn to speak English but still wants to come and live in England with his wife.  He says that because he’ll be living in Leicester, he doesn’t need to speak English because there are enough people there who speak Gujurati.  He and his wife claim that refusing to allow him to move here is a breach of their human rights to marriage and family and said that if they don’t win their appeal they will take the case to “a higher court – the European Court of Human Rights”. Rashida Chapti is being helped by Leicester Labour Councillor, Mian Mayat, who is her “interpretor and advisor”.

I won’t get sidetracked on a rant about how the EU courts have primacy over our own but there is no doubt that the EU Court of Human Rights will rule against the British government.  Vali and Rashida Chapti do have a right to live together as a married couple and as a family with their seven children but they don’t have a right to do that in England.  Rashida Chapti can leave England and live with her husband and children in India any time she likes, the British government is not preventing her from being with her family.

Immigration is out of control and damaging society and the economy.  We don’t have enough jobs and houses to go around the people already living here, let alone the people who want to move here.  We don’t have enough money to provide translation services or benefits for people who are unemployable because they don’t speak English.  Racial and religious segregation – the result of multiculturalism – is damaging to society, causing social and economic problems and stirring up racial tensions.  We need a freeze on economic immigration and then a points-based system applied to all prospective immigrants (including from the EU) to ensure that people moving here have skills that we need, have a home to move into, have the means to support themselves and speak English.

Gray and Keys lose jobs for sexism, what about Loose Women?

So Sky Sports presenter, Andy Gray and Richard Keys, have lost their jobs for making off-air sexist comments.  Why?

They haven’t made any sexist comments on the air, only privately.  Someone has deliberately and vindictively leaked recordings of their private conversations to destroy them.  Why were the cameras recording private conversations and how did someone manage to accumulate a collection of recordings of off-air, private conversations and get them on the internet?

Will the presenters of lunchtime trash TV programme, Loose Women, come under similar scrutiny for their on-air sexism?  Every episode of Loose Women consists of a couple of interviews, a bit of gossip and the rest is made up of sexist comments and jokes about men.  Why is it acceptable for a gaggle of middle aged women to base an entire TV programme around slagging men off but it’s a sackable offence for a TV presenter to make sexist comments off the air to male colleagues who clearly took no offence at them?

I’ve said it before: straight, white English men are the most discriminated against section of society.

The Times warns of “culture of silence” around muslim sex offenders

So, the dead tree press has finally caught up with the internet and realised that muslim gangs are committing sex offences against white women and the police are covering it up in case they are accused of being racists.

According to an “exclusive” in the Times (behind the paywall so no link), there is a “culture of silence” around the problem because of a “damaging taboo” where police and social services are scared of being accused of racism if they speak up.

Everyone knows this is happening but most people are scared to talk about it for fear of being accused of racism.  Labour’s forced multiculturalism project included indoctrinating people with the belief that even talking about immigration, multiculturalism or immigrants committing crimes is wrong.

It’s not.

Muslim gangs committing sex offences are probably no more a problem than white gangs but the stats are suppressed so we can’t know for sure.  A lot of people will come to the conclusion that if the problem is being covered up then it’s worse than everyone thinks.  For all we know it might be and that’s the problem with officially denying something that is common knowledge.

Bercow proposes legal quotas for minority MPs

The Tory Speaker, John Bercow, has announced his intention to introduce legally binding quotas for “diversity” of candidates for political parties.

Under the rules, parties will be forced to have all black (not the rugby team), all asian, all women, etc. candidate lists to meet the quotas the fake-diversity obsessed British government forces on them.  Under Bercow’s plan, parties will no longer be able to select candidates solely on merit, the selection of candidates will have to be centralised and the democratic votes of local branches will be subject to annulment by the national party if it messes up their quota.

If the electorate doesn’t vote for enough minority candidates to reflect the make-up of the population as a whole then that’s tough shit.  If the branch members of political parties don’t vote for enough minority candidates to reflect the make-up of the population as a whole then that’s also tough shit.  If this law comes into force it would encourage me not to vote for a minority quota candidate purely on principle.

Thank god Nigel Farage will be kicking this idiot out of Westminster at the next election!

Fuck you Jack Straw

Female prisoners are very different to male prisoners, and while there is a consensus that we need to be tougher on male offenders there is also a broad consensus that where possible we should punish and reform females in the community and not in prisons.

Jack Straw

What the fucking fuck?  No, seriously, what in the name of all that is fucking holy is that fucking idiot saying?  Women shouldn’t go to prison but men should, just because they’re women?  Unbe-fucking-lievable.

Is it a coincidence that the Equality Bill was passed today making discrimination against white men legal?  Is it bollocks.  Why must we endure this constant fucking battle just to be treated fairly?  Why do these people think it’s ok to treat white men like shit?

Well I’ve got a message for you Jack Straw you fucking fascist.  Fuck you.  Fuck your government and fuck your fucking illiberal, fascist fucking agenda.  I swear to god, if I ever see you in the street I’ll fucking spit on your shoes you fucking twisted, fascist bastard and if that’s all you get you’ll be fucking lucky.  There’s a special lampost reserved just for you outside parliament because come the revolution comrade, you will be the first one swinging.

Is it cos I is white?

The Demon Headmaster Jack Straw has backed down on trying to remove the defence of freedom of speech from a new law making inciting homophobic hatred a criminal offence.

The Lords prevented the Ministry of Injustice from removing the right to freedom of speech four times before Jack Straw finally gave up.

This new law – along with the laws against inciting racial hatred – are wrong and unnecessary.  The divide the population into two – those who are automatically victims and must have special protection and the rest of the population who are automatically pigeon-holed as racists/homophobes/miscellaneous -ists/-phobes and have to prove their innocence if they are accused of offending one of the afore-mentioned “victims” because of their race/colour/sexuality.

Crimes such as murder and assault are instinctively wrong, it’s something built in as a species.  But crimes such as homophobia or racism are crimes of conscience, the imposition of a set of morals on the whole population with serious penalties for those that don’t live their lives according to the morals of others.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with homophobia or racism or other types of discrimination but I don’t think that we as a society have a right to impose that moral view on the whole population and punish people for not having the same morals.  If someone commits a crime, it doesn’t matter whether they were motivated by their victim’s colour or religion or sexuality – they have committed a crime and the crime isn’t worse because the victim was black or a muslim or gay.  If someone abused me in the street, I’m no less of a victim because I’m straight than I would be if I was gay.

This is a bad law, made marginally less bad by the intervention of the House of Lords.  We really have to put a stop to this ridiculous situation where more and more groups of people are identified as automatic victims who require specific legal protection.  It’s just wrong.

Manifesto Clubs calls on schools to stop demonising children

Three years ago one of my kids was punished for “racism” at school after he called one of his black friends a monkey when we was pulling monkey faces and making monkey noises.

The Manifesto Club has finally noticed that something is seriously amiss when primary and nursery school kids are being accused of racism and called for changes to the law that requires English schools to fill out racist incident forms every time a child says something that could be construed as racist.

Most of the children accused of racism on these forms are between 9 and 11 years of age.

For fuck’s sake

David Camoron said “twat” on the radio when he was talking about Twitter.

Whoop de fucking do.

OFCOM said it was on their list of offensive words.  If you’re offended by the word “twat” then you are, quite frankly, a twat.  How could anyone be offended by an Old English word for a forest clearing?

Camoron has apologised which just shows how much of a spineless twat he really is.

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Chris Bryant MP calls for Red Cross to be banned

Chris Bryant MP, a minister in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, says that the red cross logo used by the International Red Cross (IRC) is an offensive reminder to muslims of the crusades and should be replaced with the red crystal logo that the IRC have recently adopted.

It is believed that the red cross logo was chosen as a tribute to Switzerland’s perpetual neutrality, one of the key principles of the IRC.  The red cross has since become a universally recognised symbol of the medical profession.

The cross isn’t a reference to Christianity – it isn’t even a Christian cross – but it hasn’t stopped some muslims from feigning offence at the symbol and successfully pushing for the adoption of an Islamic red crescent as an alternative logo.  There doesn’t appear to be any corresponding call from Mr Bryant for the banning of the red crescent logo which I’m sure is just offensive to Christians and Jews as a symbol of the muslim invasion of the Holy Land.

We really must stop our politicians from apologising for the Crusades – not just because they ended 800 years ago but because they were an attempt to recover the Holy Land from Islamic invaders, not an exercise in Papal empire-building.

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Lib Dims launch “diversity fund” for minority candidates in Wales

Lib Dim Welsh Assembly member, Kirsty Williams AM, has set up a Welsh Lib Dim Diversity Fund and her colleague, Peter Black AM, is soliciting £100 donations for the fund.

The “Diversity Fund” has been set up to raise money to fund election campaigns for female, ethnic minority, disabled and disadvantaged Lib Dim candidates in Wales.

I have asked Peter Black several times on Facebook why black, female or disabled people need or deserve more money for election campaigns.  Do elections cost more money for such people in Wales?  His answer?  It’s an “internal matter” and he doesn’t have to answer to me.
Well no Peter, you don’t have to answer but by not answering you look like a mealy-mouthed politician who’s been caught out making a tit of himself in a desperate search for a good headline.  Elections cost the same whether or not you are a “minority” candidate so there is no need for extra money for any candidate.

But there’s quite an important point that I would like to make, along the lines of the one I’ve made about the Ministry for Inequality and the institutional discrimination contained within it and the Equality Bill it has produced.  By grouping all the various “minorities” together, they actually form the majority and by focussing resources, legislation and policy on them, you turn white men into the under-represented, discriminated-against minority.  This is why positive discrimination is such a fallicy.

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Institutional discrimination in the Ministry for Inequality

The Ministry for Inequality really is a bottomless pit of hypocrisy.  I sent the following Freedom of Information request the other day:

1.  What proportion of the Ministry’s employees are:
a. Male
b. Female

2.  What proportion of the Ministry’s employees are:
a. White English (or British if you don’t record English nationality)
b. White non-English (or British if you don’t record English
c. BME

3.  What plans there are to appoint a Minister for Men.  If there are
none, why not?

The Ministry for Inequality has a Minister for Women but no Minister for Men and the three Ministers for Equality are women.  As expected, the Ministry for Inequality is heavily biased against men in its workforce as well:

Dear Mr Parr


Thank you for your request for information sent on 28 April, which we have dealt with under the Freedom of Information Act.  I can confirm that the Department holds the information you are seeking.

1.  What proportion of the Ministry’s employees are:
a. Male
b. Female

Of our 118 staff in post:
42 are male &
76 are female.

2.  What proportion of the Ministry’s employees are:
a. White English (or British if you don’t record English nationality)
b. White non-English (or British if you don’t record English
c. BME

Of the staff that have declared their ethnic identity:

36 are White British
30 are from Another white backgrounds
11 are from Black African/Caribbean background.

3.  What plans there are to appoint a Minister for Men.  If there are
none, why not?

Ministerial appointments are a matter for the Prime Minister.  The second part of your question is not strictly a Freedom of Information request, however we are sometimes asked about a Minister for Men. The following is the response that we use :

“The Government recognises that there are areas in British society where men face disadvantage or discrimination but the quickest glance at our income and poverty figures will show that overall, women are the main victims of inequality in our country.

This remains true today despite the passing of the Equal Pay and Sex Discrimination legislation almost 40 years ago. For example:

Women account for over half of the United Kingdom’s population, but only make up 19.4% of MPs and 29.3% of local councillors.
Black, Asian and Ethnic minority women account for 11.6% of the UK’s female population but make up less than 1% of local councillors.
Only 11% of the directors in the boardrooms of the top 100 FTSE companies are female;
The gap between the pay of male and female workers is currently 12.6% for full times and 39.1% for part-timers.
In 2007/08 there were 106 homicides where the perpetrator was the partner/ex-partner of the victim. Of these, 72 victims were female and 34 male;
Women still shoulder the lion’s share of caring for the old and the young and 90.5% (2001 Census) of lone parents are female.”

So almost two thirds of the Ministry for Inequality’s employees are women, they have no male ministers and there are no plans to create a Minister for Men to represent the specific interests of men in the same way that the Minister for Women does for women.  White “British” (I would imagine “British” in this case mostly means English as the Ministry for Inequality is in London) employees are also in a minority if the recorded information is representative of the whole workforce.
How on earth can the Ministry for Inequality use the way people vote as justification for discrimination?  If we didn’t vote for any women in the next election, what business is that of the state?  The whole point of democracy is that we can vote for who we want, when we want.

There are plenty of women working their way up through the ranks at FTSE100 companies but large multi-nationals tend not to employ people just because they’re women, being able to run a large multi-national is usually one of the key requirements.

How much of the “gender pay gap” is down to the type of work being done rather than the fact that they’re women?

Is the Ministry for Inequality really suggesting that a Minister for Women can reduce the number of women murdered by their current or former partner?  Does Ms Harperson also have the answer to the problems in the middle east and a cure for cancer?

And the reason why 90.5% of single parents are women is because the system is institutionally biased towards women.  In cases of marital breakdown, the mother will automatically be given custody unless there is a good reason not to.

So the Ministry for Equality really doesn’t live up to its name at all.  Institutional discrimination is clearly rife in the Ministry for Inequality but they don’t seem to have any intention to clean their act up despite intending to pass a bill forcing companies to publish this sort of information.  If publicising the gender bias in the Ministry for Inequality doesn’t banish discrimination in a government department, why is it going to make a difference in a private company?

Harriet Harperson is a shamelss hypocrite.  Don’t forget to sign the petition calling on the Prime Minister to appoint a Minister for Men and deal with the gender bias in the Ministry for Inequality.

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Equality, New Liebour style

Harriet Harperson, the Minister for Equalities & Women, wants to force companies to publish reports on their gender pay gap.  As most of the trade and industry portfolio is devolved, Ms Harperson’s pledge to “narrow the gap between rich and poor and make Britain more equal” probably only applies to England.
According to Ms Harperson, there is too much sexual discrimination and there is “no excuse for having unfairness when times are difficult”.  This is coming from the Minister for Women who is almost certainly a woman, whose shadow counterparts are women and whose Ministry for Equality has no male ministers and no Minister for Men.

Will Ms Harperson also require companies to publish reports on the special interest employee groups they have for women, ethnic minorities and gays?  And will the Ministry for Equalities & Women be producing a report on itself, the lack of any male ministers for women and equality and the absence of a Minister for Men?

There’s only one way to find out …

Dear Ms Harperson,

I note with interest that you are to introduce a bill requiring companies to report on their gender pay gap and other inequalities.

Will you be producing a report on your own ministry which has no Minister for Men and, indeed, no male ministers at all?



And because I was a bit premature with the send button …

Dear Ms Harperson,

Further to my previous enquiry regarding your new equality bill, does it also apply to Scotland or does your pledge to “narrow the gap between rich and poor and make Britain more equal” only apply to England?  If it only applies to England, why did you give the impression that it applies to the whole of the UK?



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Policeman sacked by kangaroo court

A copper from Merseyside has been sacked after his name turned up on the BNP membership list that was leaked in November.

Even though the BNP, odious as it is, is a legal political party, police officers aren’t allowed to be members.  The reason the police give is that being a member of the BNP means an officer isn’t going to treat ethnic minorities the same as white people, even if said officer has already gone through the extensive psycho-analysis to make sure they’re a good little prole.

PC Steve Bettley was suspended when the membership list was leaked last year despite denying that he was a BNP member.  He has now been sacked after an investigation during which the Black Police Association were fully consulted.  A spokesman for Merseyside Black Police Association said he was “satisfied that Pc Stephen Bettley was either a member or supportive of the aims and objectives of the BNP and therefore commend the inevitable decision made by Merseyside Police to dismiss him from service”.

So he got a fair hearing then.

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Harriet Harperson replies … well, her flunky does

A month ago I wrote to Harriet Harperson after she announced that she would be launching an inquiry into the “too white” British Parliament.  I had all but given up on receiving a reply when out of the blue, one of her underlings sent a reply:

Dear Wonko,

Thank you for your email of November 14th 2008 addressed to Rt Hon Harriet Harman QC MP expressing your opinions regarding a “too white” British Parliament. Due to their busy schedules Ministers are unable to reply to all their correspondence personally.

You have asked about “proposals for ensuring that Parliament has adequate quotas of ethnic minority, female, disabled, homosexual, trans-gender and other oppressed sections of society.”

The Government’s position is that:

  • Everyone has the right to be treated fairly and to have the opportunity to fulfil their potential, but equality is not just right in principle.
  • Promoting equality is essential for individuals to fulfil their potential, for the creation of a cohesive society and for a strong economy.

In the forthcoming Equality Bill the Government has identified several grounds for protection including race, disability, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, or belief and also gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity and marital status.  For the majority of these, the protected ground is an inherited characteristic which is rarely subject to change.  They have been chosen due to wider recognition of needing protection from discrimination and disadvantage, especially when accessing goods, facilities and service.  The Equality Bill will ban unjustifiable discrimination against people.

To speed up progress in tackling the inequalities that still exist and to end inequality you have to take positive action to redress disadvantage as well as tackle discrimination. Positive action in employment terms means that, all other things being equal, you can take steps to recruit under-represented groups to your organisations or develop talent within under-represented groups in your workforce.  Such measures are voluntary and include job advertising and training.

Widening the scope of positive action will make a difference because it will increase opportunities for people from underrepresented groups. There is clear evidence that certain groups, for whatever reasons, do not get the same opportunities as others – despite having equivalent educational qualifications:

  • There is only one High Court Judge from an ethnic minority
  • Only 8% of University Vice Chancellors are women
  • Only 11% of Directors in the UK’s top 100 companies are women
  • Not a single Member of Parliament is an Asian woman

The Bill will extend positive action so that employers can take under-representation into account when selecting between two equally qualified candidates, for example choosing a male teacher if the school already has a large proportion of female teachers.

The new positive action measures will be available to all employers to use on a voluntary basis. They are not about employment quotas and will not allow people to promote one candidate above another if that person is less suitable. They can be used in all types of organisations from businesses, to local authorities through to bodies such as police services. This will allow employers to recruit more people from groups that are currently under-represented in their workforce, so that their workforce in turn better reflects the local community.

Yours Sincerely

Kimberley Reed
Government Equalities Office

I couldn’t resist replying …

Dear Kim,

I agree that everyone has a right to equality, does that mean that you are going to be creating a position of Minister for Men and introducing legislation that allows “positive discrimination” in favour of white English men or is it a case of (to paraphrase George Orwell) “all animals are equal but some are more equal than others”?

I note your comment that only one High Court judge is from an asian minority.  Perhaps you could tell me how many people from an asian minority want to be High Court judges, how many have applied with the relevant qualifications and experience and how you determine the number of people that haven’t applied because of a perceived race barrier.  I always find statistics on people not applying for something paradoxical in much the same way that statistics on unreported crimes and terrorism are paradoxical.

Your point of there being no asian women MPs is the most important one.  The electorate chooses who should be an MP and if a female asian doesn’t manage to get elected in a free and fair election then that isn’t because of racism, it’s because they’re just not the best candidate for the majority of voters.  To allow all women lists for elections serves only to undermine one of the most fundamental concepts of democracy which is that (subject to legal bars) every citizen is entitled to stand for election and sit in the Commons if elected by their peers.

Finally, a company would (and should) employ people who are suitable for the jobs on offer.  Whether their workforce reflects the ethnic makeup of the local community is an irrelevance and rightly so.  If, for example, 10% of the local community is asian and only 5% of the applicants for a job are asian, why should a company be encouraged to employ a higher pro-rated amount of asian applicants?  To consciously do that would be to discriminate against the majority of applicants who weren’t asian and discrimination in all forms is wrong.



I don’t imagine I’ll get a reply this time. 🙂

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Parliament “too white”

Harriet Harperson, the Minister for Women and Equality (there is no Minister for Men, of course, making it one of the most ironic job titles in the history of modern politics) has decided that the British government is “too white” and they must make efforts to make it more representative of the general population.

She’s even intending to launch an inquiry into why there are more white men in parliament than women or ethnic minorities and “positive discrimination” has been mooted again as a way of cheating the system to fulfill arbitrary quotas.

The last thing we need in these troubled economic times is an expensive inquiry so I’ll save the taxpayer some money by telling Harriet Harperson the answer myself, free of charge:

Dear Ms Harperson,

I read, with interest, your comments on the “too white” British Parliament and wished to offer your my support.  I appreciate that words are of no use to someone with so many jobs and so much inequality to stamp out so I will offer you some practical support.

I note that you are intending to launch an inquiry into why there are so many white male MPs in parliament.  As luck would have it, I have previously investigated this and discovered the cause of this democratic defecit.  There are a number of factors involved:

  • More white males want to be MPs
  • More white males put themselves forward for selection
  • More white males are voted to be candidates by their party
  • More white males are voted for in elecions

I hope this helps with your investigations and saves you launching an expensive inquiry into how you and your colleagues became MPs.  I look forward to reading your proposals for ensuring that parliament has adequate quotas of ethnic minority, female, disabled, homosexual, trans-gender and other oppressed sections of society.

Kind Regards,


If anyone else wants to send the findings of their own investigations, you can contact Harriet Harperson by email at

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An inexcusable insult

In the last century, millions of men and women gave up their lives to protect King, Queen and country.

Nearly a million “British” people died in World War 1 and nearly half a million in World War 2.  Whatever your views on war, these people should be remembered and buying and wearing a poppy in the run-up to Remembrance Sunday is the way that millions of people in this country do that.  The money raised in selling the poppies goes to the Royal British Legion which does a half decent job of getting the money to people who need it.

Millions of people have died in defence of this country and this is an insult.  Staff at Buckingham Palace warned not to wear poppies at state banquets in case they offend foreign ambassadors and even being threatened with the sack if they do – that is an inexcusable insult and the idiots at the Foreign Office who decided it was more important to make sure the German ambassador didn’t feel uncomfortable while he was eating his dinner than it is to remember the millions of people who’ve given their lives in defence of this country should be sent to a military field hospital in Afghanistan or Iraq where they can explain to the wounded soliders why palace staff shouldn’t wear poppies.

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Give me a fucking break

Sony has issued a worldwide recall of its new game, LittleBigPlanet, in case it offends muslims.

They were warned by a beta tester that one of the backing tracks, written by a Somali muslim, contains two phrases that are in the Koran and might be considered offensive by fundamentalist muslim nutjobs.

Sony release a game last year with a scene where you could shoot people up in Manchester cathedral but they didn’t withdraw the game after they got complaints.  Yet here they are, without even getting a complaint, withdrawing a game because it’s got some words out of the Koran in it.

Apparently putting bits of the Koran to music is offensive because they’re words of god.  But Jesus was supposed to have been one of Allah’s prophets so his words were the words of god as well so why is it that muslims don’t start jumping up and down when they puts Jesus’ words to music?  Or any part of the Old Testament which is one of the holy books of Islam?  Why?  Because it’s not offensive, it’s just an excuse to have a fucking whinge and take the piss.

Manzoor Moghal, of the Muslim Forum think-tank, explained that words from the Koran should not be set to music because the words are seen to have come directly from God.

He added: “We must compliment Sony for taking decisive action by withdrawing these games immediately, and releasing a version that is not offensive to Muslims.”

Yeah, well why don’t you just fuck off and live in a cave somewhere if you’re that bothered about being offended by the infidels?  If you don’t want to listen to the soundtrack of the game, don’t buy it.  If you hear it and it offends you then go somewhere where you won’t hear it.  Or alternatively, get a fucking life.

Someone remind me why we constantly pussyfoot around these people instead of depriving them of oxygen.

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PC gone mad…der

An Englishman’s Castle has been kind enough to reproduce a list of words and phrases that are now considered offensive by the British Sociological Association.

The list of racist, disablist and sexist terms include:

  • Old Masters
  • Immigrants
  • Developing nations
  • Black
  • Patient
  • The Elderly
  • Special Needs
  • Civillisation
  • Seminal
  • Disseminate
  • Chinese Whisper

I’ve checked the list and there’s quite a lot of words missing that were previously offensive, such as:

  • Jihadi
  • Rag Head
  • Golliwog
  • Nignog
  • Puff
  • Arse Bandit
  • Old Fogey
  • Bint
  • Bird
  • Old Dragon
  • Ball and Chain
  • Spick
  • Wop
  • Trouser Press

On balance it looks like we’ve made a net gain.

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Gordo announces new package of old measures to help with energy bills

El Gordo, the great provider, has seemingly rediscovered socialism.

According to the BBC he’s unveiled a £910m package of measures to help people pay for their gas and electricity without putting peoples’ bills up.  Typical of the lazy-assed reporting that you see at the BBC when they’re faithfully spinning No Mandate Brown’s bullshit propaganda for him, they fail to point out that most of it is old news.

Free cavity wall and loft insulation for pensioners and poor households?  That’s been available for years, even took advantage of it myself.

50% off the cost of insulation for all households?  Not 100% sure on this but I think grants have been available for some time available to everyone.

Freeze on this year’s bills for half a million poor consumers?  The social tariffs have been in for a couple of years now.

Partial reversal of cut to warm front programme giving free central heating to poorest pensioners?  Why was it cut in the first place?  The Gord giveth and the Gord taketh away.  All pensioners in Scotland are entitled to free central heating.

Cold weather payments to go up from £8.50 a week to £25 a week for pensioners, disabled people and unemployed families with children under five if temperatures drop below zero for seven consecutive days.  I’d be interested to know how many times this happens.  My guess is, on average, roughly once ina  blue moon (where does that phrase come from, incidently?).

The Goblin King says the British government aims to insulate every home in Britain (you sure about the “B” word there? Warm Front is England-only) by 2020.  Will homeowners be forced to insulate their homes with penalties for those that don’t?  What if you don’t have cavity walls or a loft or you are one of those people that believes filling cavity walls with insulation is a bad idea because cavity walls were invented to stop damp?  Not every home can be insulated and when I had my house done, Warm Front wouldn’t pay for the floor of of a bedroom we have over the top of an alleyway to be insulated so the room is still unusable in the winter.

Now don’t worry yourself about the cost either.  It’s not going to be passed on to the consumer:

I do not expect the £910m that we raise to be passed on to the consumer by the energy companies. I think that’s a very important point to make.

Oh yes Gordo, very important.  New legislation is going to be passed requiring energy companies to pay for this near billion pound social spending bonanza which will take a few months at least to work its way through Parliament so just watch your gas and electric bill rocket over the coming months to compensate for the stealth windfall tax.

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