Bercow proposes legal quotas for minority MPs

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The Tory Speaker, John Bercow, has announced his intention to introduce legally binding quotas for “diversity” of candidates for political parties.

Under the rules, parties will be forced to have all black (not the rugby team), all asian, all women, etc. candidate lists to meet the quotas the fake-diversity obsessed British government forces on them.  Under Bercow’s plan, parties will no longer be able to select candidates solely on merit, the selection of candidates will have to be centralised and the democratic votes of local branches will be subject to annulment by the national party if it messes up their quota.

If the electorate doesn’t vote for enough minority candidates to reflect the make-up of the population as a whole then that’s tough shit.  If the branch members of political parties don’t vote for enough minority candidates to reflect the make-up of the population as a whole then that’s also tough shit.  If this law comes into force it would encourage me not to vote for a minority quota candidate purely on principle.

Thank god Nigel Farage will be kicking this idiot out of Westminster at the next election!


  1. revinkevin (176 comments) says:

    And the mainstream parties wonder why the far left BNP do so well.

  2. David B. Wildgoose (25 comments) says:

    Oh well, at least Buckingham should be represented by a REAL Conservative (Nigel Farage) after the next election.

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