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Twat of the Week: Andrew Marr

I know I said voting for Twat of the Week would close tomorrow but I’ve got things to do in the morning and I’d probably forget.

The first Twat of the Week, as nominated and voted for by the public, is …

Andrew “There’s cruelty in Englishness” Marr!

Glaswegian Marr’s racial slur against the English in his Sunday morning politics programme last week has resulted in many complaints to the BBC and now the first Twat of the Week award of 2010.

Andrew Marr, you’re a racist, a second-rate presenter and – officially – a twat.

Twat of the Week 30-01-2010

Twat of the Week

A day later than intended but better late than never …

The poll will close Monday so get voting!

Anyone but Murray

Andy “Anyone but England” Murray is looking worryingly close to winning his first ever grand slam in Australia.

If he wins, life will be unbearable for those of us who can’t stand the tantrum-throwing, anti-English, second rate Scottish tennis player.

The BBC will devote its entire schedule to the life and times of Andy Murray, the Sun will lead the campaign for him to be given a knighthood, No Mandate Brown will declare a “Murray Day” public holiday in England to celebrate.

But there is still hope.  Using the power of positive thought we could influence the result.  Send out positive thoughts of Andy Murray crashing to a humiliating defeat throughout the day and it could make the difference.  It works for Uri Geller!

Alternatively, there’s always the tried and tested voodoo doll idea.

Shropshire Council traffic officers lying to councillors

The Department for Transport issues guidelines on village speed limits for local authorities in England.  It defines a village as a settlement with a minimum of 20 properties with a frontage on a 600m length of road.  If it doesn’t meet those criteria it isn’t a village.  Their guidelines also say that speed checks should be done and the speed limit should be set at or above the mean average speed.

The guidelines are, unusually for a British government department, quite sensible.  They are the product of the distilled wisdom of experts from the DfT, motorist groups and the police.  There’s no point classifying a settlement with 20 houses spread out over a 2 mile radius as a village because it clearly isn’t.  And there is no point putting in a speed limit that tens of thousands of drivers think is too slow because it will be ignored and the police won’t be able to enforce it.

But this doesn’t seem to have occurred to the highways people at Shropshire Council who have gold plated the DfT’s guidelines and define a village as 20 houses in a settlement, regardless of whether they front onto the road or not and have a policy of applying a speed limit at or below the mean average speed.  They also ignore completely the guidance put in on behalf of the police that says if the speed limit is being dropped below the mean average speed that engineering solutions must be put in place to force drivers to reduce their speed because the police won’t be able to police it.

Now all this is well and good as long as the council are honest about it but they aren’t.  When objections are made to these spurious speed limit reductions, they are considered by the parish council for the “village” in question.  A traffic officer for the council submits a report to councillors countering the objections but the traffic officers in Shropshire Council are lying to the councillors in their reports to cover up the fact that the “village” they are talking about isn’t actually a village – a pretty fundamental consideration when they are debating a proposal under the Village Speed Limit initiative.

Rather than repeat myself, here is the complaint I have sent tonight to one of the traffic officers who has been lying to councillors:

Dear Hugh,

I am writing to you as the responsible officer on a number of reports that have been given to councils in Shropshire considering objections to proposals to reduce speed limits in villages in the county.

In these reports you incorrectly assert that Shropshire Council’s definition of a village is the same as the Department for Transport’s definition of a village and in doing so you are misleading the councillors considering the objections and influencing their decision by providing a false statement.

The wording used is:

The Shropshire Council Village Speed Limits Policy and the Department for Transport Circular both share this same village definition of the number of houses on one or both sides of the road.
This is not correct.  The DfT defines a village as a 600m stretch of road with 20 or more properties with a frontage on the road whereas Shropshire Council’s policy requires only 20 properties in the settlement.  In the cases of Brockton, Leighton, Farley and Wall Under Haywood, for example, there are less than 20 properties with a frontage on the roads in question.  There are 20 or more properties in the settlement with frontages on other roads that may or may not feed into the road which is being considered for a reduced speed limit but this does not comply with the DfT’s definition of a village.

Whether or not a settlement qualifies as a village is pretty fundamental when considering a speed limit reduction under the Village Speed Limit initiative.  None of these settlements meet the DfT criteria of a village and should not be considered under the Village Speed Limit initiative.  Because of your false statement, the objections relating to the proposals have not been considered fairly.

Please advise what procedures are in place for the reconsideration of objections made to the proposed speed limit reductions in light of the false information given to the councils involved and what steps will be taken to ensure that councillors are not lied to in this respect in future.



Back by popular demand …

… by one person who is going to keep reminding me to do it …

Twat of the Week

First person on the list is Andrew Marr.  Send any further nominations up until Thursday, the poll will go up on Friday.

CEP: “There’s cruelty in Englishness” says Scottish BBC presenter

"There's cruelty in Englishness" - Andrew Marr, RacistAndrew Marr, the Scottish presenter of the imaginatively titled Andrew Marr Show, used his BBC1 show today to racially abuse the English.

Whilst interviewing the actor, Mark Rylance, about his new lefty liberal hand wringing play about Englishness, Marr interrupted to say “There’s cruelty in the play but there’s cruelty in Englishness too”.

The following a transcript of the relevant part of the interview:

Rylance: I think it’s about the question of what is indigenous Englishness. I think it’s clearer to look at the Welsh and the Irish and the Scottish and grasp … maybe you can’t put words to it but there’s certain kind of things that are very much part of their nation’s character and it’s harder perhaps because of our imperial past and the nature of the history of England to be pleased or proud about being English. We used to have at the Globe a lot of difficulty trying to celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday and St Georges Day without the National Front coming in you know?

Marr: Yeah

Rylance: And I remember Ken Livingstone and I think still Boris is trying to figure out how …

Marr: How you celebrate because part of this is very sort of dark and dysfunctional too isn’t it? And I mean just thinking about that ghastly story from Doncaster this week, I mean there is a certain amount of wildness and madness and cruelty. There’s cruelty in the play but there’s cruelty in Englishness too. It’s not just an easy thing to celebrate.

Can you imagine the outcry if a BBC presenter had said there’s cruelty in Scottishness or Polishness or Chineseness?

Why on earth should we allow ourselves to be racially abused by a second-rate Scottish TV presenter for the British Broadcasting Corporation? Well I for one won’t be – the following complaint has been made to the BBC regarding Andrew Marr’s racism and demanding a public apology.

On today’s Andrew Marr Show, Andrew Marr (a Scot) racially abused the English with the following comment:

“There’s cruelty in the play but there’s cruelty in Englishness too. It’s not just an easy thing to celebrate.”

Had any other nationality been described as cruel there would have been an instant apology on-air yet because it is the English he has made a racist comment about, no apology was made.

I demand an unreserved apology on-air from Andrew Marr on next week’s show for his racial slur.

The programme can be watched again on the BBC iPlayer here. Fast forward to about 24 minutes.

Google stands up to China

Google appears to have finally found some balls and has told the Chinese government that it is no longer willing to censor search results.

Google's BallsThe announcement – and the associated threat to pull its operations out of China altogether – was prompted by the hacking of two Google email accounts used by Chinese human rights activists.  Google hasn’t specifically pointed the finger at the Chinese authorities but that is obviously what they are implying.

One of the conditions on Google being allowed to operate inside China was that it would censor search results on behalf of the Chinese government.  China restricts internet access severely and websites that they don’t approve of are blocked very quickly.  I tested the response of the Chinese censors once by posting something about Tibet with a picture of the Tibetan flag here on Wonko’s World and then checked the Great Firewall of China website regularly which allows you to check if a website is accessible in China via proxies.  This blog was blocked within hours.

At the time, Google was criticised heavily for caving in and meeting the demands of the Chinese censors.  But I wonder now whether Google had a long term plan to establish itself in China, to become a dominant and recognisable brand in China as indispensible there as it is elsewhere around the world and then to start using that influence to try and end China’s censorship of the internet.

I would like to think that it was all part of a big plan but I guess we’ll never know.  Either way, it’s good to see that Google has finally got some balls.

Bercow proposes legal quotas for minority MPs

The Tory Speaker, John Bercow, has announced his intention to introduce legally binding quotas for “diversity” of candidates for political parties.

Under the rules, parties will be forced to have all black (not the rugby team), all asian, all women, etc. candidate lists to meet the quotas the fake-diversity obsessed British government forces on them.  Under Bercow’s plan, parties will no longer be able to select candidates solely on merit, the selection of candidates will have to be centralised and the democratic votes of local branches will be subject to annulment by the national party if it messes up their quota.

If the electorate doesn’t vote for enough minority candidates to reflect the make-up of the population as a whole then that’s tough shit.  If the branch members of political parties don’t vote for enough minority candidates to reflect the make-up of the population as a whole then that’s also tough shit.  If this law comes into force it would encourage me not to vote for a minority quota candidate purely on principle.

Thank god Nigel Farage will be kicking this idiot out of Westminster at the next election!

Vote for change

Dave “the Ego” Camoron has got his mug plastered on billboards all over England inviting people to vote for change … by voting for the other of the two parties that share power between them.  Some change.

No thanks Dave, I think I’ll vote for real change, not more of the same.  New Labour or Blue Labour, what’s the difference?

Vote for change - don't vote New Labour or Blue Labour, vote UKIP!

Five more years of hurt?

The Tory MP, Eric Pickles, is saying on Twitter that No Mandate Brown has told the News of the World that he will stay on for a full term if Liebour is re-elected in this year’s general election.

So that’s 5 more reasons not to vote for Liebour when Bottler Brown eventually calls an election.

Just as well El Gordo stands as much chance as a ghost’s fart in a force 10 gale.

British government selling swine flu vaccines

The British government has started making plans to off-load millions of swine flu vaccines it bought during the swine flu hysteria last year.

As expected, swine flu has proven to be less of a problem than seasonal flu and the third wave predicted by the “experts” and the pharmaceutical companies has failed to materialised.

There are now less than 5,000 in England with swine flu and only 360 deaths caused by swine flu were recorded in the UK.  Seasonal flu kills about 4,000 a year.

All of the deaths could have been avoided if the British government had closed our borders before swine flu had hit these shores but No Mandate Brown saw it as an opportunity to look like a capable leader, the prime minister that saved us from certain death from a modern day plague.

When El Gordo sold off our gold reserves he announced the sale well in advance and depressed the market so badly that the price of gold halved by the time he sold it, losing the taxpayer billions.  Let’s hope the same doesn’t happen with the swine flu vaccines.

Gordy, Gordy, Gordy! Out, out, out!

Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt, both former Ministers, have written an open letter to all Liebour MPs calling for a secret ballot on No Mandate Brown’s leadership of the party.

They say the party is “deeply divided” and that the question of McBroon’s leadership needs to be “sorted out once and for all”.

The Liebour Party is battling with crippling debts and is technically insolvent.  It is facing regular revolts from the unions that are keeping them out of the bankruptcy courts and MPs are in open revolt.  There are more unelected peers in the cabinet than there has ever been in history, making a mockery of Liebour’s claim to be the party of the working class man.  Liebour was virtually wiped out at the EU election in June last year, coming in fourth place behind the Tories, UKIP and – embarassingly – the Lib Dims.  The state of the economy would shame a third world finance minister and the Liebour propaganda machine just churns out meaningless drivel about “our message”, “shared values”, “fairness” and “getting on with the job” to mask the fact that they have absolutely no idea what to do next.

It remains to be seen whether Liebour MPs ditch El Gordo this close to an election.  Not only does it show how weak and divided they are, but surely even the Liebour Party wouldn’t dare to impose yet another no mandate Prime Minister on us without an election?  Has there ever been a case in our history where we’ve had three Prime Minister’s from the same party with only one election?  Perhaps that’s their plan – to oust McBroon, call a snap election and try and stem their losses?

I have a feeling the One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan will call an early election and hope for a career-saving miracle rather than lose a ballot on his leadership but once the election is over, he will be gone and Peter Mandelson will flounce in to take his place.  Mandelson has been hogging the limelight ever since he began his bizarre third stint in government and only yesterday he announced plans for a one-off Queen’s Jubilee bank holiday in England in 2010 despite the British Department for English Media, English Culture and English Sport being the ones running with it.

Mandelson’s leadership campaign started the minute he was brough back into McBroon’s cabinet of all the talentless.

Letter on Jack Straw’s veto of 1997 devolution meeting minutes

On 10th December I sent a letter to my MP, David Wright, about the British Home Secretary, Jack Straw, vetoing the release of minutes of a 1997 cabinet meeting on devolution via  He didn’t reply but he’s just agreed on Twitter to reply to questions I’ve asked him on Twitter and to my letter so here it is and I’ll post his reply when he replies.

Dear David,

The British Home Secretary, Jack Straw, has vetoed the release of minutes of the 1997 cabinet meeting on devolution to Scotland, Wales and “the English Regions”.

This is only the second time that a ruling by the Information Commissioner to release information has been vetoed by the Home Secretary.

What was said in a meeting about devolution that was so dangerous that it can’t be made public? What deals were done to break up England and preserve the dominance of Scottish politicians?

I think we all need to know just how much of the current discrimination and Britification of England goes back to shady deals done in that cabinet meeting and what the ultimate objective is. Is the status quo of a neutered England in a Scottish-dominated union all that was intended or was the complete abolition of England ordained in 1997? The cabinet meeting was about long term policy for the union, I think we have a right to know exactly what the British have planned for us. I urge you to speak to your Home Secretary and ask him to rethink his decision to keep this information secret.


I have to say that while I don’t rate him as a politician, he does make more of an effort on Twitter than most.

Let Islam4UK march in Wooton Bassett

British Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, has said that he will use the Public Order Act to ban the Islam4UK protest in Wooton Bassett planned by Anjem Choudary.  He said “The idea that anyone would stage this kind of demonstration in Wootton Bassett fills me with revulsion”.

Well yes, I’m sure it fills most people with revulsion but there’s this quaint concept in England called freedom of speech and even people like Anjem Choudary are entitled to it.

Let Choudary turn up with his mates and exercise their right to protest at our soldiers, just as long as everyone else who wants to stage a “counter protest” is allowed to exercise their right to protest at Choudary and his Islam4UK mates.  I’m sure the BNP and EDL will be there, not to mention the families of soldiers and ordinary members of the public who will want to turn up and support our troops.  The British government lets the violent fascists from Unite Against Fascism start riots at EDL protests so it’s only fair.

Choudary wants 500 muslim protesters carrying empty coffins in Wooton Bassett so the police won’t even have to bring their own body bags.

Global Warming in China

Beijing has been brought to a standstill after being buried under 12″ of global warming snow – the most they’ve had since 1951.

The Chinese Met Office has warned that the far north of China could be globally warmed to as much 32°C.

Airports and roads have been closed in China because of the global warming and in South Korea the global warming is causing long delays at airports where runways and planes are iced up.

My friend in Moscow tells me that the city was globally warmed to -17°C yesterday.

In November, Chinese scientists caused an unseasonal snow storm by seeding clouds with silver iodide.  Just a co-incidence, I’m sure.

Parent forces school to cancel trip

A primary school in Inverness has cancelled an adventure holiday for its pupils after the mother of a disabled pupil threatened to sue the school for discrimination because her daughter was incapable of taking part.

Rather than tell the idiot mother to crawl back under whatever rock she’d dragged herself out from underneath, Highland Council has cancelled the trip.

The British government’s DirectGov website has these guidelines on obligations for service providers under the Disability Discrimination Act:

Under the DDA, it is against the law for service providers to treat disabled people less favourably than other people for a reason related to their disability. Service providers have to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to the way they deliver their services so that disabled people can use them.


What is considered a ‘reasonable adjustment’ for a large organisation like a bank may be different to a reasonable adjustment for a small local shop. It is about what is practical in the service provider’s individual situation and what resources the business may have. They will not be required to make changes which are impractical or beyond their means.

Is there any reasonable adjustment that can be made to enable a disabled child whose mother says would be unable to take part in any of the physical activities to take part in an adventure holiday?  No, quite obviously not and Highland Council need a slap for caving in to this idiot.

Explosion in Shrewsbury

According to BBC Radio Shropshire, there has been an explosion in Shrewsbury town centre.

The emergency services aren’t giving much information but there have been injuries.  Three people have been sent to the nearby Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and one has been airlifted to Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham.  Three air ambulances and ten land ambulances are involved in the emergency.

Twitter is showing what a fantastic real-time news source it is.  According to people on Twitter it’s a gas explosion near Rowley’s Mansion, which seems to be backed up by the presence of a Transco van.

There’s a webcam image here from the Theatre Severn towards the site of the explosion.  Another webcam is located roughly opposite the site and pointed towards the Welsh Bridge and Theatre Severn.

An empty building has been destroyed by the explosion on the corner of Mardol Quay and Bridge Street – one of the busiest junctions in Shrewsbury.  The explosion has closed Frankwell, the Welsh Bridge, Riverside, Bridge Street and the streets in between.  The town centre is effectively closed and should be avoided.  The explosion was in a flat above an empty shop between Shrewsbury Hotel and a photo studio.

The explosion was strong enough to send rubble over the river, damaging the Theatre Severn.  It’s roughly double the distance shown from this webcam.

The BBC News channel was saying earlier that a person was trapped inside the collapsed building but that appears not to have been the case.


Below is a map showing where the explosion took place and some pictures of the site. Theatre Severn and the Sixth Form College are also shown on the map – both were damaged by debris from the explosion.

For more pictures, check out this BBC “In pictures” page.