British government selling swine flu vaccines

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The British government has started making plans to off-load millions of swine flu vaccines it bought during the swine flu hysteria last year.

As expected, swine flu has proven to be less of a problem than seasonal flu and the third wave predicted by the “experts” and the pharmaceutical companies has failed to materialised.

There are now less than 5,000 in England with swine flu and only 360 deaths caused by swine flu were recorded in the UK.  Seasonal flu kills about 4,000 a year.

All of the deaths could have been avoided if the British government had closed our borders before swine flu had hit these shores but No Mandate Brown saw it as an opportunity to look like a capable leader, the prime minister that saved us from certain death from a modern day plague.

When El Gordo sold off our gold reserves he announced the sale well in advance and depressed the market so badly that the price of gold halved by the time he sold it, losing the taxpayer billions.  Let’s hope the same doesn’t happen with the swine flu vaccines.

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