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Telford & Wrekin cancel St George’s Day

Anyone looking forward to this year’s St George’s Day celebrations in the Town Park is going to be disappointed – it’s been cancelled.

According to Telford & Wrekin Council’s Arts & Culture Service Manager, the number of events the council puts on has been scaled back due to budget constraints and St George’s Day has been cancelled.  Instead, they want to start an annual festival in the park during the summer.

The Stone Cross St George’s Day parade in West Brom regularly attracts over 25,000 people who parade through the town and finish up in Dartmouth Park for music, entertainment and a market.  The parade attracts people from all over the country and provides an enormous boost to the local economy.

Since the council moved from the civic offices to Addenbrooke House, they don’t even fly our national flag any more and now they’ve decided that our national day isn’t important enough to celebrate.  There are six flag poles on the entrance to Ironmasters Way where there the council’s new offices are so there is no shortage of opportunities to fly the flag and if there is money for a summer festival, there is money for St George’s Day.

The Stone Cross St George’s Day parade is organised by local residents and funded from donations after Sandwell Council, like Telford & Wrekin, decided that our national day wasn’t worth celebrating.  If that’s the only way our patron saint’s day will be celebrated in Telford & Wrekin then we will have to organise future events ourselves.  If you’d like to be involved in organising a St George’s Day event for next year then please get in touch.

Car on fire at Forge Retail Park, Telford

Not what you expect to see when you walk out of Sainsbury’s …

It’s easy to forget that while we’re all out spending our Christmas money in the sales or sitting at home watching TV, the emergency services are still out there putting their lives at risk and saving lives.  Often both at the same time.  This was only a small car fire but a fireman still had to stand in front of the car and open the bonnet so the fire could be put out – the second picture in the gallery above was taken seconds after he did.

England 1-0 Finland at AFC Telford United

AFC Telford United hosted an England -v- Finland U19’s match last night at the New Buck’s Head.  The whole family went along to watch England score a penalty with the last kick of the game to win 1-0.

There was some great play from these youngsters which makes me think there may be hope for the future of the English football team after all!

We were right on the centre line so we had a decent view throughout the game …

The all important penalty in the dying seconds of extra time …

Election result

Well, what an interesting night (or to be more accurate, morning).  Labour have won back control of Telford & Wrekin Council after just one stint in opposition in the history of the town by taking control of 33 out of 54 seats.

No UKIP candidates got elected to the borough council but where UKIP candidates have stood before, they increased their vote.  I tripled my vote from last time and encouragingly most of the votes I got were for me alone, not me and another candidate (I was the only UKIP candidate and there were two vacancies).

The results of my election are:

Arnold England (Lab): 756
Jackie Loveridge (Lab): 746
Nicola Anderson (Con): 572
John Dixon (Con): 524
Stuart Parr (UKIP): 298

So I came last but I don’t really care.  Arnold and Jackie will do a good job – better than John Dixon who has been useless for the last 4 years and better than Nicola Anderson who lied her way through the very brief Conservative election campaign.  Of course of I would have preferred to have won or at least to have beaten the two lying Conservative candidates but that’s life.  I tripled my vote, I was just two votes short of 300 and I gave the others a run for their money.  I’m happy with what I achieved.

I think I’m allowed to announce now that I was elected unopposed to Stirchley & Brookside Parish Council so it wasn’t a complete loss!

I enjoyed this election and the count was very interesting.  Telford & Wrekin Council did an excellent job of running the election as they always do.

Election Day

It’s today!  I am standing for election today as a UKIP candidate for the Brookside ward of Telford & Wrekin Borough Council, having been elected unopposed onto the parish council as only 8 people contested the 8 vacancies.

It should be an interesting one this.  There are two seats on the borough council up for grabs and five candidates – me, two Labour and two Tories.

The two Labour candidates are the chair of the parish council and a former borough councillor who found himself co-opted onto the parish council when he lost his seat.  They’re actually nice people considering they’re Labour!

The two Tories are one of the current borough councillors and an failed former Tory candidate from 8 years ago.  The sitting borough councillor has been invisible for the last 4 years and hasn’t been seen at the parish council offices once since being elected 4 years ago.  They put out a leaflet at the last minute full of lies, claiming credit for the work of the local residents’ group – ironically delivering these leaflets claiming one of the candidates to be “a very active member” (came to 2 meetings and then disappeared off the face of the earth again) while myself and the rest of the residents’ group were clearing up rubbish on our monthly litter pick!

The Tories are fighting a losing battle to keep control of the borough council after unseating Labour who have controlled it since the day it was created but haven’t been putting in all that much effort.  Labour are pulling out all the stops and will probably win control of the council back again which is worrying.  Locally, I don’t want to try and call it.  The feedback I’ve had has all been positive so I’m expecting at least double figures on my own merit!  I’m hoping the protest vote comes to me as well – disaffected Tories won’t cast a protest vote for Labour and vice versa so I’m the only alternative.  It really is too close to call here so I won’t try!

Brookside’s Burning woman jailed

Last September I posted some pictures of the police and fire brigade attending  a fire in some low rise flats in the next street to me.

It turns out that it was started deliberately by some drunken chav who decided to set fire to her ex-boyfriend’s baseball cap and throw it on a mattress.  She was given a 32 month prison sentence on Tuesday for starting the fire.

St George’s Day at Telford Town Park

Here are some pictures and video’s from today’s St George’s Day celebration in Telford Town Centre and Telford Town Park …

Father and daughter found dead in my street

I was out walking the dog last night and there were 6 police cars a few doors down from my house.  An hour later there was just one car left that I could see and a driveway was cordoned off with police tape.  Turns out a man and his daughter were found dead last night.

The police aren’t naming them and say the deaths are “unexplained” but they said there was a fire that had gone out by itself in the kitchen and the Daily Fail are reporting the names as Tony Lineton and his daughter Kayleigh.  Apparently he worked at Fruit of the Loom.

They didn’t really socialise with other people in the street – the daughter never came out and played with the other kids – but we’ve seen them quite a few times, him carrying his daughter on his shoulders round the back of our house.  Came as a shock the first time we were sat at the table eating and this girl’s head and shoulders floated along the top of our 7ft fence!

Real shame this, she was very young and apparently only on a contact visit with her dad and was due back yesterday.

Shropshire Hospital cuts

I went to a public meeting last night at the Holiday Inn in Telford on the proposed changes to hospital services in Telford.

The main shocker of the night was that David Wright MP not only stayed after the photographers had left but what he said while he was in the meeting actually made sense.

In Shropshire we have two main hospitals – the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital (RSH) and the Princess Royal Hospital (PRH) in Telford.  In addition to the two general hospitals, there’s the specialist orthopædic hospital at Oswestry and a handful of cottage hospitals.  The RSH and PRH are where all the main hospital services are – A&E, vascular, pædiatrics, maternity, etc.

Shropshire is unusual in having two general hospitals, especially for the relatively small population of the county.  We gave up 10 of our cottage hospitals to get a general hospital built in Telford so it came at a price.  But now the hospitals are running out of money thanks to the British government’s cuts to the English NHS and services can’t be sustained at both hospitals.

A year ago there was a proposal to move services from the PRH to the RSH which were shelved because of the opposition.  It wasn’t the first time moving services from Telford to Shrewsbury was suggested either – whenever money is tight the hospitals trust has always chosen a starting position of keeping all services in Shrewsbury.  This time, however, the proposals are a little more balanced with some services moving from Shrewsbury to Telford and others moving from Telford to Shrewsbury.

If the proposals go ahead, consultant-led maternity services will be moved to Telford rather than Shrewsbury where they are currently provided.  Consultant-led pædiatrics will also move to Telford, reflecting the fact that there are far more children in Telford than Shrewsbury and more social deprivation which leads to poor health in children.  Acute surgery will move to Shrewsbury and both hospitals will retain A&E services.

The hospital at Telford is a much newer building than Shrewsbury and there is a lot more room for expansion at the Telford site.  The RSH was built in the 60’s and parts of the building are structurally unsound according to a report that the hospitals trust have just released.  The report dates from 2007 so cynical types might wonder why the report has only just been released when it backs up their proposals and why the imminent condemnation of parts of the RSH wasn’t a problem a year ago when they wanted to consolidate services in Shrewsbury.  But that doesn’t change the fact that the RSH is structurally unsound in places and there is no money to fix it up (especially not after Gordon Brown took £1bn out of the English NHS’ building fund as one of his final acts as Chancellor).

Telford has the largest population in Shropshire by a considerable margin and the fastest growing population too.  It makes sense to put services where they will be most used and that’s at Telford, especially in the case of maternity and pædiatrics.

The four consultations being held in Shropshire are finished now and the next three are being held in Mid-Wales.  The RSH – and to a lesser extent, the PRH – provide services to patients from Powys where there is no general hospital.  Some of the services the hospitals in Shropshire provide are only sustainable because Powys is in their catchment area and Powys health board pays for patients that are treated in Shropshire but I don’t agree that this entitles people in Powys to a say in how our hospitals are configured.

People in Shrewsbury seem to have latched onto the extra 18 miles Welsh people will have to travel for some services as an argument for keeping all services in Shrewsbury.  From what people who have been to the other public meetings have said, there seems to be an attitude in Shrewsbury that they have an entitlement to keep all services in the town and that any cuts should be made to the PRH which they see as a subordinate hospital to the RSH rather than one half of the same service.  In fact, one very brave man from Shrewsbury announced to the 200 or so people in the room that everything should be moved to Shrewsbury because it’s the county town.  He did make it out in one piece but that’s possibly more to do with the fact he made a sharp exit than the restraint of the people in the room!

I asked a question around the contribution to the running costs of the hospitals from Powys health board.  Whilst the health board pays for treatment of one of their patients, the hospitals cost money whether they’re used or not – how much is Powys health board contributing to the running costs of the hospitals and the reconfiguration of services?  The answer I got from the CEO is that they’re not contributing to the reconfiguration of services but they provide approximately 10% of patients and about 10% of the hospital trust’s income.  What he didn’t mention, though, was that the patients that come to Shrewsbury do so because their treatment is something that can’t be done in a cottage hospital or GP’s surgery – in other words, they are the expensive treatments.  The current CEO’s predecessor told the Shropshire Star that treating Welsh patients costs the hospitals £2m per year because Powys health board doesn’t pay the going rate for treatment so unless something has changed since 2008, he misled the meeting last night.

The question that got the loudest applause was when one lady – a former nurse – stood up and asked why we are taking Mid-Wales into account when they get a lot more money than we do in England.

Outside the meeting a group of communists were handing out “no more cuts” trades union propaganda.  I handed mine back and reminded them we don’t have any money.  The man walking past me at the time was slightly less polite to them.

In an ideal world we would retain a full range of services at both hospitals but there isn’t enough money to pay for them so until the Brits stop using our money to subsidise the celts, we have to accept that there will be cutbacks to our services in England and this proposal – despite being far from ideal – is the best solution for the whole county.

Then you go an spoil it all by saying something stupid …

Telford & Wrekin Council have been deciding what services and budgets to cut after the British government cut their block grant by more than expected.

What they were talking about on local radio the other day was a bit of a mixed bag.

One good idea was requiring parents to opt in to free school milk.  Telford & Wrekin is one of very few English local authorities where all children are entitled to free school milk but one third of milk they buy in for schools is thrown away because the kids don’t want it.

Another good idea was switching off lights on rural roads and main roads outside of residential areas between midnight and 5am.  The Leader of the Council said on the radio that he has often wondered why we have lights on throughout the night on every road but not on motorways.  It’s a very good point – major roads and rural roads don’t need to be lit all night except around junctions and residential areas.

But then they spoiled the good ideas with a bloody stupid one – cutting the road and footpath repair budget again.  There isn’t enough money spent on repairing roads and footpaths already and spending less is a false economy.  Not repairing damaged pavements leaves the local authority open to legal action and it’s council tax payers that foot the bill.  But the main problem is with the roads.

If you don’t repair potholes before the winter the holes fill with water and then the water freezes.  When water freezes it expands which damages the road even more and makes the next repair even more expensive.  Cutting funding for road and footpath maintenance  doesn’t just cost more in the long term, it costs more in the short term – it will take literally only one or two years to see the increased costs cancelling out any savings from not spending as much on maintenance.

Brookside’s Burning

Well, not quite but there was a fire a short time ago in a block of flats in the next street to me.

Seven police cars, two fire engines, a paramedic car and two ambulances – the most exciting thing to happen to Brookside since … a fortnight ago when serial arsonists were lighting fires around South Telford every day and the fire brigade was patrolling the estate every night.

Here are some pictures …

No restrictions on using the pictures for personal use, for non-personal use please ask.

Brookside Health & Harmony

I’ve not long got back from stewarding a community event in Brookside, Telford called “Health & Harmony”.

I’m still none the wiser at where “Harmony” comes into it but the “Health” bit was covered off by the free fruit smoothies that were given out, the healthy eating advice and the demonstrations by Telford Thai Boxing club.

The event was organised by Brookside Improvement Group, which I’m a member of.  As the officially recognised residents group for, it’s important to get feedback from as many residents as possible and this event was used as an opportunity to get some feedback from residents.  There were some excellent suggestions such as a community garden and improving playgrounds.  One of the best suggestions was simply putting a cigarette bin outside the shopping arcade so smokers have no excuse for dropping their cigarette butts on the floor outside – it’s cheap and has an immediate benefit.

Of particular benefit, I think, was getting feedback from the locals that congregate outside the shopping arcade drinking.  They don’t look particularly nice and they discourage some people from using the shops but what most people don’t realise is that they clean up around the shops and see off the younger drinkers that cause trouble.  Most of these people don’t have jobs and want something to do with their time – just like the local kids.  They want organised activities, something to do during the day other than sitting around drinking.

Most people were critical of the estate and for the same reasons – it looks old and tired, there’s too much rubbish around – the same criticisms you’ll hear about any 40 year old housing estate.  But most people also had something positive to say – the sense of community where they live, the greenery and one woman who had moved away for 15 years before coming back said “it felt like coming home”.

One of the main attractions was the Brookside’s Got Talent competition.  Two of my kids (the youngest two) did a dance they learnt at Telford Academy of Performing Arts and came in second place.  There was almost no talent contest after the person who promised to provide a karaoke machine let us down but luckily a local DJ stepped in at the last minute and gave a couple of hours of his time for the event.

Special thanks is also due to Tesco in Madeley and the Co-Op in Stirchley, both of which provided the ingredients for the smoothies and to the supermarket in Brookside that donated bottled water, tea, coffee, milk, sugar, squash and other essential supplies to the event.

You can’t fix stupid

I was just getting dinner out of the oven when #1 son came knocking on the kitchen window and presented a crying 6 year old boy.

After talking to him it turned out that his mum had gone shopping and packed him off to his friend’s house.  He’d changed his mind halfway to his friend’s house and decided to go back home only to find that his mum had already left.  Knowing that his dad didn’t finish work until 8pm he walked to his grandparents’ house which is a few doors away from us but a good 10-15 minutes walk away from where he lives.

His grandparents weren’t in so I got him to take me to his dad and uncle’s house on the off chance but there was nobody in.  So next stop was the friend’s house he was meant to have gone to but there was nobody there either!

Dreading the thought of having to phone the police to come and take him away until his mum or dad could be found, I asked him if there was anyone else he could go to nearby.  Thankfully there was – an auntie.  So he took me to his auntie’s house which co-incidentally happened to be a house I lived in when I was a kid and luckily his cousin was there.

So this lad was returned safely to his family but how different it could have been.  A 6 year old shouldn’t be walking around a housing estate by himself – anything could have happened to him.  Lucky he ended up here rather than being intercepted by a gang of feral youths or a kiddie fiddler.  With all the stories in the news just lately about kids being abused and murdered, what was the lad’s mother thinking leaving a 6 year old to walk to a friend’s house while she went shopping without even checking if the friend was in or that he’d got to where he was meant to be?

Vote Blists Hill

Here’s a request from Blists Hill Victorian Town, part of the Ironbridge Gorge museums.  We spend quite a lot of time at Blists Hill and we find something new every time.  They rely on donations and volunteers to keep the museums open and the money will come in useful!

I hope that you can help.  As you may be aware, Blists Hill Victorian Town in Ironbridge has reached the Short-list of the Art Fund Prize for Museum of the Year 2010, the largest arts prize in Britain.

The Museum is up against some significant competition including the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford and Ulster Museum, part of the National Museums of Northern Ireland.

Ironbridge has to prove strong support from its visitors and friends if it is to stand a chance of winning the £100,000 prize and you can help by voting on the Art Fund Prize website until 18 June 2010.  As a charity, Ironbridge does not receive any statutory funding from either central or local government and if the Museum was fortunate enough to win the prize, it would use the funds to create a new education and gallery space in the Museum of Iron for the many thousands of school children who visit each year from Shropshire and beyond.

Please can you vote by following the link – it should only take about 30 seconds and you can win a great prize just for voting.  If you can leave a nice comment too, that would be great!

Please can you also share this request with family, friends or, even better, your work colleagues.  We’d like to think that a vote for Blists Hill Victorian Town is a vote for Shropshire and the West Midlands too.

You can chart our progress by clicking

Busy, busy, busy

So, how’s your St Georges weekend been so far?  Ours has been busy (not to mention expensive) and it’s not over yet!

Yesterday Mrs Sane and I went to my sisters’ pub for a 3 course St Georges Day lunch.  The garlic mushrooms with tomato and goats cheese probably weren’t very English (although garlic was cultivated in England as early as the 16th century) but the venison, mushroom and bacon pudding main course is pretty English (and so amazingly gorgeous they said it’ll probably stay on the menu). And what can be more English than apple crumble and custard?

Today we went to Telford Town Park where Telford & Wrekin Council had organised a St Georges Day celebration for the first time.  There was a falconry display, a one-man band, plays, morris dancers, a fantastic and enthusiastic storyteller, crafting, hog roast, ice creams, flag making, stilt walker and some other stuff that I can’t think of.  And, of course, then town park itself which occupied the kids for a good hour or so.  We even met BBC Radio Shropshire presenter and tweeter Johnty O’Donty in person at last.

Tomorrow, #2 son will be at the Albrighton St Georges Day parade with 1st Brookside Scouts and while he’s there the rest of us will be at Blists Hill partaking in their annual St Georges Day festivities.

Telford & Wreking Council

Some people shouldn’t be allowed to breed, let alone run major engineering projects.

Quite a few schools in Telford are being rebuilt and one of them is a few miles away from where I live.  The council have chosen a hill covered in woodland as the site of the playing fields for this new school.  Work has already started on preparing the site in the form of hacking down the decades old (if not older) woodland from all over the hill, including the sides.

The feel of the whole area is different now the trees are gone and feels a lot worse.  It’s bright and airy but it’s lost its character.  But there’s a problem which the highly paid and highly qualified consultants and engineers seem to have missed.

There are houses at the bottom of the hill and the hill is very steep.  What happens next time it rains heavily – an April shower perhaps – when you cut down all the trees off the side of a steep hill?  Ask anyone from Boscastle, they’ll tell you.

Regionalisation putting lives at risk again

Yesterday I got a call from Mrs Sane who was out on the road asking me to phone the police for her and tell them that some clever person had lobbed a traffic cone off an island onto the dual carriageway below and that just after the cone was a broken down and the two were causing a danger.

I phoned West Mercia police and asked to be put through to the control room at Telford and they duly put me through to the communications centre in Worcester.  I explained which dual carriageway it was (the A442) in Telford and which interchange had the problem.

“Would you say it was Shifnal to Telford or Shifnal to Bridgnorth?”  Completely different bit of road, not a dual carriageway and miles away from where I said it was.  I explained, yet again, where it was and that it was only a quarter of the way from the police station and that the local police will know exactly where I’m talking about.

“What’s nearby, so I can tell them?” Arrrrgh! I told him to trust me, just to put down what I had told him and the local police who, as I’d just mentioned, were only a quarter of a mile away, would know where I was talking about.

He finally accepted it and after a couple of minutes taking my home address and phone number and asking me if I wanted a reference number for the call I managed to get him off the phone.  All in all it took me a good 10 minutes to report a dangerous obstruction on the main arterial route through a busy town at rush hour and all because it’s no longer possible to speak to your local police station thanks to pointless regionalisation of public services.

Scum Sucking Tories

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.  My MP (until May if he manages to hang on that long) David Wright has landed himself in a spot of bother with his inappropriate use of Twitter.  It was inevitable really, he’s been at it for some time now.

There’s been a bit of a tweetmeme going on throughout the day with people explaining why they’ve never voted Tory/Labour using #ivenevervotedtory and #ivenevervotedlabour hashtags.

But David Wright, a junior minister in the Treasury for a few years now, had to take it too far with the comment “#ivenevervotedtory because you can put lipstick on a scum-sucking pig, but it’s still a scum-sucking pig. And cos they would ruin Britain”.

I noticed the tweet earlier but I was out with my kids and so I didn’t make anything of it but it’s ok because Tory Radio noticed it and took a screenshot (above) and then Iain Dale picked up on it.

David deleted the tweet an hour after it was posted and apologised but then, bizarrely, subsequently claimed that his Twitter account had been tinkered with!  But here’s the funny thing: it’s exactly his normal style and exactly the sort of juvenile insult he comes out with aimed at the Tories all the time.

I’ve started favouriting some of his more interesting tweets such as this inciteful comment on George Osbourne in Parliament:

Georgey Porgey looks like he is holding in a big fart

Whether he looked like he was holding in a big fart I don’t know but is this an appropriate comment from an MP, let alone a Minister in the British government?  Since December he’s drunk-tweeted me, insulted me and even tried to intimidate me to stop me from asking him questions about Labour laundering taxpayers money through the unions to get state funding for the party and whether he’s a union-sponsored MP (he refuses to tell say).

But rather than take it on the chin after apologising, he quickly changed his story and said his Twitter account had been hacked.  Absolute nonsense if you ask me!  Iain Dale is now calling for support for the Tory PPC for David’s Telford constituency, Tom Biggins who already has a big advantage over David Wright in that he’s not Labour and he’s not David Wright but David does have some support still in the sinkhole housing estates that make up the bulk of his constituency.  I want David Wright out of office as much as the Tories do but I won’t be voting for Tom Biggins who’s been parachuted in from Whitchurch, still in the county but a good hours drive away.  I will be voting for – and actively supporting – the UKIP candidate, Councillor Denis Allen who has lived in Telford for years, has been a councillor in Telford for years, has served as Mayor of Wellington in Telford and is currently Deputy Mayor of Telford & Wrekin Borough.

I have a great deal of respect for David Wright for being an early adopter of Twitter amongst MPs and the fact that despite a mutual loathing he still talks to me on Twitter, even if trying to get him to answer a question is like trying to nail jelly to the wall.  But he really doesn’t help himself with his failure to understand what is and isn’t an acceptable thing to say and do as an MP.  Every day he tweets he says something inappropriate and people have warned him about his tweeting activities but he plods on regardless writing gaffe after gaffe and inevitably has attracted the attentions of the rabid Tory Twitterati and bloggers, some of whom have regular slots on national news channels and columns in newspapers, who will doubtless hound him until he resigns or something more exciting comes along.

David will be desperate for a proper politician to do something daft in the next day or two to take the heat off him, let’s hope they’re all on their best behaviour at least until the end of the week!

Shropshire Star: Man sends out council ‘fine’ over bin upset

The Shropshire Star evidently thought my wheelie bin “upset” was newsworthy as well as the BBC …

Man sends out council ‘fine’ over bin upset

A Telford man has sent his own “funny” fine of £75 to the council over his wheelie bin being left in the street.  He said he was annoted that the bin was never returned and blocked the street.

Stuart Parr of Brookside, in Telford, said he was tired of refuse collectors leaving his wheelie bin on the road.

Mr Parr alleges his bins are taken from a designated spot in his garden and not put back in the same place, resulting in him trying to fine Telford & Wrekin Council.

He said: “I am fed up of having to get up and drag my bins back after they just leave them on the street.

“They are leaving them on the road rather than on the pavement.  So I sent them a funny fine.  I didn’t get a formal response from them but I know they got the fine because I know someone who works there and they told me they got it.

“I got a phone call to say they would make sure it would not happen again.  Then last Thursday they emptied the bins in the road and left them in my street at the end of the drive.

“When my wife came home and wanted to get the car in she had to stop in the road and move the bins before she could park, they were blocking the road – it’s an irritation.”

Telford & Wrekin Council cabinet member for the environment, Councillor Steve Bentley, said: “I can confirm we have received a complaint from Mr Parr.

“We are now working with our contractors to try and help resolve matters to his satisfaction.”

Just to clarify something which neither the BBC or Shropshire Star have made clear: the road outside my house is no more than a car and a half wide which means that when the bins are left in the road – particularly when they’re left “double parked” with the next door neighbours’ bins – they are causing an obstruction.  I recently spent 10 minutes being entertained by a fire engine trying to do a three point turn in our cul-de-sac after being sent the wrong way by its sat-nav.  The road was designed – like so many others in the 60’s and 70’s – for Mini’s, Fiat 125’s, Renault 5’s and the like and not for modern cars.

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Must be a slow news week

I thought the media silly season was over now the British government are off their 3 month holidays but apparently not.  Either that or my wheelie bin story is more interesting than I thought.

On Tuesday a BBC reporter turned up at my house unannounced wanting to talk to me about the wheelie bins.  He left a card so I called him back and he came round and interviewed me about it yesterday lunchtime.  At lunchtime today I got a call from the Shropshire Star asking some questions about it and for a copy of the fine I sent to the council back in June.  Now I’ve just had the guy from the BBC on the phone again saying the Press Association wants to talk to me and can he pass my phone number on?


I’m on the BBC News website!

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