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The case for a British Confederation

Yesterday I explained that I don’t want a vote on Scottish independence and predicted how Alex Salmond would approach “independence” for Scotland.

If I am right about my prediction of what form Scottish “independence” will take is right – ie. a confederation – then that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  The ideal way to govern the UK is with a confederation where the home nations voluntarily pool resources and responsibility for matters that they choose to co-operate on such as defence and foreign affairs.  This differs from federation or the current system of devolution in place in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in that the powers the confederal government has are passed up from the countries that are part of it rather than being passed down from a federal government.  It’s an important differentiation because it means the members of the confederation retain their independence and sovereignty within parameters agreed by those members rather than being told what independence and sovereignty they are allowed from the centre.  But such a confederation would have to be between England, Scotland, Wales and perhaps Northern Ireland, not between Scotland and “Britain”.

This isn’t just idle conjecture on my part, I have been giving the idea of a confederation thought for some time now.  Here’s how I see it working:

An elected confederal “senate” would replace the House of Lords dealing with defence, foreign affairs and whatever else is handed up to the confederal government and an independent English Parliament would govern England as a sovereign nation within the confederation.  Scotland and Wales would similarly be governed as sovereign nations by their own government.

Northern Ireland is a bit of an oddity and might not choose to take part in a confederal government in the same way.  Clearly unification with the Republic is not the answer – it would alienate and antagonise at least half the population and it’s not in the spirit of the Good Friday Agreement – so why not give Northern Ireland the same status as the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man and make it a Crown Dependency, governing itself as it does now with the confederal government responsible for its defence and jointly for foreign affairs as it is for the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man?

The confederation would be the legal successor to the union, taking over the UK’s seat on the UN, NATO, the EU and any other organisation the UK is a member of unless the members agree that one of their number should become the successor state instead such as Scotland taking over the UK’s membership of the EU as the most europhile nation in the UK.  It would also mean that the Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories (Falklands, Bermuda, etc.) would work in the same way and could even become members of the confederation on equal terms to England, Scotland and Wales.

The confederal government could be funded by subscription from its members or by direct taxation.  A customs union and Shengen-type agreement would maintain the free movement of goods and people.  A confederal government would need very few politicians, perhaps even being made up of appointees from the national governments and the national governments should be unicameral, resulting in a net reductions of politicians.

A confederation also neatly sidesteps the issue of a federation being unconstitutional under English law.  One of the key properties of a federation is that the existence of the devolved legislatures are protected by law in perpetuity.  Under the English constitution, no British Parliament may bind its successor making it impossible to legislate in this way.  A new English Parliament for an independent England wouldn’t need an Act of the British Parliament to protect its existence, nor would it need an Act of the English Parliament to do so as its existence would be implicit in the fact that England would be an independent, sovereign nation voluntarily delegating powers to a “British Confederation”.  The English and Scottish Crowns can remain united in a personal union as they did before the 1707 Act of Union and the Queen can remain Head of State either through being Head of State of the confederation or the members in their own right.

The members of the confederation would be free to pursue their own economic policies, raising or lowering taxes, increasing or decreasing spending.  Scotland can become the socialist republic it strives to be, England can continue down the road of free market enlightenment.  Scotland can go nuclear-free, England can keep the lights on.

One of the criticisms of supporters of an English Parliament is that they never come up with anything other than a nebulous idea about self-government.  In the case of the Campaign for an English Parliament that’s deliberate because, to paraphrase the Scottish Claim of Right, they quite rightly say that it’s for the people of England to determine the best form of government for themselves.  Well I’m a person of England and I think this is the best form of government for my country.  Discuss.

I don’t want a vote on Scottish independence

So it’s a couple of weeks since the SNP romped home to a comprehensive victory in the Scottish Parliament elections and there’s still no sign of an independence referendum but there is still plenty of talk about what the “independence” will be and who should have a vote.

Alex Salmond Laughing

So I sez "Aye, give us a coupla billion and we wunnae hold the referendum". I didnae expect him tae do it!

Scotland will never be independent, even if it leaves this union because the SNP intends Scotland to be a member of the EU, leaving a union it has a disproportionate amount of control over for a union in which it will be a tiny irrelevant voice.  But that’s a decision for the Scots to make and if they choose to take that path then more fool them.

Alex Salmond has already been talking down independence and suggesting what will be, in all but name, a confederation of Scotland and “Britain” in which Scotland remains in a union voluntarily and on their own terms with “Britain”.  Presumably he has looked at Dubai’s bailout of Abu Dhabi and decided to hedge his bets.

Lots of people are demanding a vote in Scotland’s independence referendum, arguing that if the union is to be dissolved then it’s not just the Scots who should  be able to vote on it.  I disagree for two very good reasons:

Firstly, whether Scotland decides to declare independence or not is Scotland’s business – a declaration of independence is an affirmation of sovereignty and you can’t affirm your sovereignty by asking for someone else’s permission.  The UK or “Britain” isn’t a country, it’s a union of countries and if one of them decides it no longer wants to be in that union, it’s nobody’s decision but their own.

Secondly, Scottish independence won’t mean the end of the union, the Brits will keep “Britain” going for as long as possible in a sad parody of its former self like Serbia federating with Montenegro and calling itself Yugoslavia not because the Serbian people identified themselves as Yugoslavian but because the Serbian political class that dominated Yugoslavia refused to accept the reality of post-Yugoslav Serbia.  The same will happen in England – the British political class will refuse to accept the reality that they have put Scotland on such a high pedestal that the union will seem irrelevant without them and will do whatever it takes to keep “Britain” in existence that little bit longer.

To ensure that Scotland stays in some form of union with “Britain”, the Scots will be comprehensively bribed.  The union started with England paying Scotland’s national debt and a bribe on top to be shared amongst the Scottish people which was promptly stolen by Scotland’s great and good and the end of the union will similarly marked by a Scottish cash bonanza at the expense of the English taxpayer.

The day after the SNP won the Scottish election, David Cameron gave Scotland a £2bn bung for no other reason than Alex Salmond had won the election.  This is the first of many bribes from the British government and it won’t just be handing over billions on pounds of English money, it will be political concessions as well – more independence, a greater say in what happens in England, more Scottish representation at Westminster, more Scots in key British cabinet positions, more British (English) government departments located in Scotland, more “respect” for Scotland.  The divorce settlement will cost England dearly if it is negotiated between the Brits and the Scots.

I don’t want a vote on Scottish independence (although I would vote yes if I did) because it’s none of my business as an Englishman living in England.  I am agnostic about the union – if the union survives or if England stays in it or not is something I won’t lose any sleep over but if the union survives and if England stays in it then it has to be on equal terms with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with an English Parliament and fiscal autonomy, just the same as Scotland.  But if the terms of the union – and England’s relationship with the other members – are to be fundamentally renegotiated then that renegotiation has to be done between England and the rest of the UK, not “Britain”.

The British can’t be relied up to represent English interests, we must have an English government to negotiate on our behalf.

CEP: Gordon Brown will make slaves of English children

The British Prime Minister has announced plans to force all English children to carry out at least 50 hours of community service before the age of 19.

Luckily, the plans are in his manifesto pledge for the next British elections and are therefore extremely unlikely to ever come to fruition for the two very good reasons that Labour is unlikely to win a general election again for a long time and they have already told us that their manifesto promises aren’t actually promises, but more sort of vague ideas of things they’d do if they didn’t hold us all in such contempt.

However, as unlikely as it is that his proposals will ever come to anything, it just goes to show the lengths this illegitimate Prime Minister will go to to grab a headline.  He is putting a promise in his British general election manifesto, on which he will ask the voters of Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath in Scotland to elect him, to compel English children to carry out unpaid “voluntary” work by making it a compulsory element of the English school curriculum.

Of course, you won’t read any of this on the BBC News website.  They have helpfully (for Gordon Brown) quoted the British Prime Minister word for word without correction:

It is my ambition to create a Britain in which there is a clear expectation that all young people will undertake some service to their community, and where community service will become a normal part of growing up in Britain.

And, by doing so, the contributions of each of us will build a better society for all of us.

That would mean young people being expected to contribute at least 50 hours of community service by the time they have reached the age of 19.

This will build on the platform provided by citizenship classes as they develop in our schools. But because the greater part of what I envisage as community service takes place outside the school day, it will require the close involvement of local community organisations and charities.

He also said the community work would be linked to a “clear system of accreditation” meaning that children who refuse to take part in the slave labour would fail or marked down in their Citizenship exams.

The following complaint has been made to the BBC:

You quote Gordon Brown saying:

“It is my ambition to create a Britain in which there is a clear expectation that all young people will undertake some service to their community, and where community service will become a normal part of growing up in Britain.”

The article explains that he would do this by way of changing the school curriculum which, as anyone with even a passing knowledge of UK politics (let alone a professional journalist) knows, would only apply to England.  Despite this clearly being an English-only proposal, there was no explanation of this on the BBC website, nor was Gordon Brown’s use of the word “Britain” when he meant “England” challenged or corrected.

There was also no mention of the fact that the British Prime Minister, representing a Scottish constituency, is making this policy that only applies to England a cornerstone of his general election manifesto when he seeks re-election in his Scottish constituency next year.

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Tory Turncoat

A lot of people I talk to were of the opinion that Camoron would ditch the proposed English Votes on English Matters/English Grand Committee idea once they got into power.  How wrong they were.

David Cameron is poised to draw back from proposing to slap an all-out ban on Scottish MPs debating and voting on so-called English-only legislation in a “compromise” move, according to a well-placed senior party source.


Mr Cameron will reject the so-called East Lothian Answer proposed by Sir Malcolm Rifkind, the former Scottish Secretary, involving the setting up of a stand-alone English grand committee.


But the senior party source claimed Mr Cameron supported the method of an English-only bill being debated exclusively by English MPs at just its key committee stage. While Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish MPs could debate and vote on the legislation at the later stages of a bill, they would not vote against what English MPs had overwhelmingly decided at the scrutiny stage of an English-only bill.

This solution, he added, would enable all MPs to have a say and a vote on a matter.

And how exactly does this address the West Lothian Question?  How does it attempt to bring any semblance of fairness, equality or democratic accountability to the governance of England?  It doesn’t of course because for some unknown reason David the fucking moron can’t get it through his thick poncy skull that SCOTLAND DOESN’T VOTE CONSWERVATIVE.  It is in England that the Conswervatives will get elected and it is English people that they need to concentrate their efforts on.

Camoron is a liability, an absolute fucking cretin.  Every time he opens his stupid mouth the Conswervatives drop god knows how many points in the popularity charts.  His only saving grace was that he appeared to recognise that the West Lothian Question is morally and democratically wrong.  Whether he still thinks it’s wrong or not I don’t know but if he does then he’s not interested in sorting it out.  For too long the English have been treated as voting fodder for the Brit-Scot Nationalists.  David “I’ve got Scottish blood coursing through my veins” Camoron is no different.  To be honest, I’d rather Liebour got back into power than that lying, turncoat piece of shit Camoron – at least when Liebour refuse to allow England parity with the rest of the UK, we can point at them and say “but that’s not fair, you gave it to Scotland”.  If the Conswervatives get in they’ll just go on about how Liebour left them in this mess and there’s no workable solution and ever so sorry but we’ll have to continue to treat you like third class citizens in your own country at the mercy of the anglophobic whims of foreign politicians because that’s good for Britain.

Britain, Britain, Britain.  Fuck Britain, I want out.

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What’s behind the promotion of Britishness?

The Torygraph, the BBC, Walkers, Stagecoach – just four companies (yes, the BBC is a company even if it does appear to be more like a government department or a branch of the Liebour Party) that are spending their own money actively promoting “Britain” and Britishness.

Why?  What would prompt Walkers – a multinational corporation – to spend £27m on a Britishness campaign?  Why would Stagecoach spend god knows how many millions on an advertising campaign saying how wonderful “Britain” is?  The Torygraph may be the mouthpiece of the Conswervatives but why devote so much time and money to promoting Britishness, especially when the Torgraph has a Scottish edition?  And the BBC – yes, it’s the British Broadcasting Corporation but they’re short of cash, cutting back on staff and programming yet they still feel it neccessary to spend money on promoting Britishness.

There is something behind this and I don’t know who it is.  It’s got to be either Liebour, the Conswervatives or Common Purpose – I can’t think who else would have the money and influence to get a multi-national corporation to spend £27m on promoting a political agenda that will probably damage their sales.

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Cameron for Scotland

David Camoron gave a speech in Edinburgh yesterday in which he extolled the virtues of the union and dashed any hopes that England under the Conswervatives might ever achieve equality.

Camoron is a tit.  A complete and utter fucking idiot.  The Tories will never be elected in Scotland yet at every possible opportunity, Camoron treks up to Scotland to tell them how great the union is and how shit the English are.  Get it through your thick skull Camoron, only England votes Conswervative.

The following statement by Camoron confirms that England will always be bottom of the Tories’ list of priorities:


This is where I stand, here in this great and beautiful capital, an English politician in a Scottish city saying clearly today and for all time that Britain comes first.

Britain comes first.  The shitty, pointless, unwanted union comes before English people being treated as equals with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  It comes before all those people who go blind because so much English money goes into subsidising the celtic fringe that there’s not enough left for the NHS in England to give the same treatment to English people that they’re paying for Scots and Welsh to receive.  It comes before all those people who needlessly die of cancer because there’s not enough money in England to pay for the cancer drugs that English people are paying for Scots to have.

And in every part of these islands I want people to hear me when I say this.

That if it should ever come to a choice between constitutional perfection and the preservation of our nation, I choose our United Kingdom.

Constitutional perfection?  Constitutional frigging perfection?  You mean English people getting treated as equals in the union?  You mean English people getting a devolved government of their own the same as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have?  Not at the expense of the union though, eh?  And anything that doesn’t keep English people unrepresented, discriminated against and continually out of pocket is a threat to the union isn’t it?

That is because being British is one of the most successful examples of inclusive civic nationalism in the world. We are a shining example of what a multi-ethnic, multi-faith and multi-national society can and should be.

What?  What the fuck?  What is so great about a union in which 85% of the population have no national government whilst the remaining 15% have 3 between them?  What is so great about a union that can only function whilst the nationality of 85% of the population has to be abolished and suppressed for it to survive?  What is so great about a union where 15% of the population are financially insolvent and have to live off hand-outs from the other 85%?  What is so great about a union where 85% of the population are racially discriminated against by the state just to preserve the union?  And what is so great about a union that NOBODY EXCEPT POLITICIANS WANT?

That means saying loudly and proudly: together, we are stronger.
Britain is one of only five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

We have a seat at the top table and are listened to in a way that other countries can only dream of.
So yes, together we are stronger.

And you know that England won’t inherit the seat on the UN Security Council do you Camoron?  No you don’t because nobody knows.  Most people in foreign countries don’t know there’s a difference between England and Britain anyway you muppet.

The City of London overtaking New York as a global powerhouse……Edinburgh’s role as a great financial centre.

Yeah, Edinburgh.  Well know international financial centre.  It’s got the Royal Bank of Scotland and … erm … yeah, Edinburgh.  London is in England Camoron, they subsidise the rest of the UK by an enormous amount.  London would benefit more from the end of the union than any other part of England.

The NHS is the best of British……created by a Welshman and benefiting from the skills of doctors trained in the great medical schools of Scotland.

Yes and if you live in England you will receive inferior medical treatment to the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish and you will pay for their superior health service.  The NHS practices medical apartheid, it’s hardly something to be proud of of and there are four national health services – one for each nation – not a single British NHS.

Britishness is also about institutions, attachment to our monarchy, admiration for our armed forces, understanding of our history, recognising that our liberty is rooted in the rule of law and respect for parliament.

Our institutions, most of which have been split up into two or more national versions.  Most institutions have seperate Scottish versions.  Is that what Camoron means?  And our history?  Who knows about our history?  Our history is being written out of history books.  Anything between the Battle of Hastings and World War 1 is out of bounds in schools now.  We even have fucking retards like No Mandate Brown claiming Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights as great British achievements.

So, to those in England who are angry about rising council tax, angry about the rising cost of living, and angry when they look across the border and hear about no prescription charges and free social care, I say this.

Don’t blame the Scots.
Don’t blame the Union.

It’s not because of the Union that your aspirations are not being met.
It’s not because Scotland is taking and not giving.
It’s because your Government is failing and not delivering.

It’s the Scottish government that have introduced all these things.  It’s the Scottish-British government that has allowed them to do this by giving them home rule and billions of pounds of English taxes to pay for it all.  We even paid for their bloody parliament building.  It is because of the union that our aspirations are not being met – it is because of the union that the British establishment won’t give us our own parliament so that we can give ourselves what the Scots have got.  We can’t afford to have what the Scots have got at the moment because they get what they want first and we get what’s left.  It’s not our government that’s failing, it’s your government Camoron.  You and your British chums are just as bad – you will not give England parity with the rest of the UK and that is why we are unhappy and that is why the union will be dead within a decade.

So yes we will take part enthusiastically in the Constitutional Commission, and I applaud Annabel Goldie for her courage and determination to do that.

So you’ll take part in the second Scottish Constitutional Convention but not in the first English Constitutional Convention?  Fucking hypocrite.

We have not leapt on the Barnett formula bandwagon.
We have not sought to exploit these matters to foster a sense of English nationalism.

And we never will, because we believe in the Union and we will never do anything to put it at risk.


Consider all our Party’s history, not just the recent past.
It was a Conservative Prime Minister, Lord Salisbury, who set up the Scottish Office.
It was a Conservative Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin, who elevated the Scottish Secretary to full Cabinet rank.

And it was the Conservative Party after the war that stood up for Scotland’s identity, and the life of Scottish businesses, against the attempts at nationalisation and centralisation by Labour.

And they still don’t vote Conservative.  And they never will vote Conservative.  What is this obsession with Scotland?

Stronger together; weaker apart.
Stronger together: let us keep that precious idea forever in our hearts.

Fuck off Camoron, just fuck off.  You are a turncoat, you are a traitor, you are a disaster.  I will never vote for your Conswervative Party and if I ever see your grinning face in my vacinity I will spit in it.  If you love Scotland so much, buy a house up there and move out of London.  We don’t want you and we don’t want your union.

How can any English person support this party?

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English Grand Committee

The media has been awash with stories of the Conswervatives “new” radical plan to save the union and solve the West Lothian Question.

It’s not a new idea though, they’ve been talking about it for a couple of years at least and even then it’s not an original idea – someone told me that it first reared its ugly head in the 1800’s!

Anyway, this is all by the by – English Votes on English Matters or an English Grand Committee (they’re basically the same thing) will not solve the West Lothian Question, will not save the union and will not make England equal within the union.  What it will do is fail miserably and expose the extent to which party politics has made an utter sham of democracy.

If the Conswervatives introduce a bill for an English Grand Committee and somehow manage to get it through Parliament, Liebour will do everything in their power to make it fail.  That’s assuming they get it through, of course, because Liebour MPs will be whipped until they’re sore to make sure that their Scottish MPs can still vote on English matters because without them they don’t have a working majority in England.

There is a marked difference in the attitudes of MPs from Liebour and the Conswervatives in response to the English Grand Committee idea.  Tories are coming out and saying something has to be done to make the system fairer because it’s not right that MPs elected in Scotland have a say on health and education in England but not in their own constituencies.  Liebour, on the other hand, are rolling out minister and after incompetent, discredited minister to say that the idea is unworkable and will lead to the breakup of the union.  They’re right but what do they propose as an alternative?  They don’t because they don’t have one.  They know that the only way to make governemnt fair in England is to give us our own parliament but that’s bad for the party so they won’t entertain the idea.  In short, the party is more important than the people and that’s the root of all the problems with the sham of a democracy in this country.

There are many problems with the idea of an English Grand Committee is that it doesn’t create a seperate English Executive.  The MPs sitting on the Grand Committee won’t be there as English MPs representing the interests of England, debating English legislation.  They will be there as British MPs representing British interests on British legislation relating to England.  They certainly can’t be relied upon to represent England’s interests, they’re the ones who’ve been letting all this happen in the first place.

This Grand Committee idea also means there’s no pot of money for England.  Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland get a wedge of cash to spend on what they want, spending on England comes from the British budget.  If the money is needed to buy a few votes then tough luck England, there’s no more money for you.

And don’t even get me started on the Speaker of the House deciding whether a bill should be certified as an English bill – the Speaker is a Scottish Liebour stooge whose partiality at times is so breathtaking that it’s a miracle that Conswervative MPs are even allowed to speak in the presence of a Liebour MP, let alone disagree with them.

So what’s the solution?  Nothing short of an English Parliament is going to work but nobody wants to give us one.  I asked a few people today – some interested in politics, some not – what they thought and the same two answers came from everyone:

  • Hold a referendum
  • Revolution

The first one is simple and every day that passes and the Scottish Raj don’t give us a referendum is an insult to every English man, woman and child in England.  The second?  I’m not suggesting that a group of armed revolutionaries should storm parliament and hang every MP that’s supported the apartheid but a short sharp revolution like the one in Ukraine followed by a snap election not long ago would suit me just fine.  We need an English Parliament and whether it’s by referendum or revolution we will have one.

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Foreign Rugby

The Great Britain rugby team beat New Zealand today.

The level of interest in the British team is so low that I didn’t even know it was happening or had taken place until it was on the news and it only made the news because the winning try was so farcical.

I wonder how much having a British team costs the taxpayer?  We already have an English team with a massive following.  The British team, by contrast, is largely unknown and of very little interest to the man on the street (or in front of the TV).

I will have to keep an eye out for any future matches – especially if they’re televised – so I can support the opposition.

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Last King of Britain?

Hat-tip: Scots & Independent

Who’s representing England?

No Mandate Brown is jetting off to Belfast today for a summit – called a Council of the Isles by an Irish minister this morning – to discuss issues such as crime and drugs.

Also attending are representatives from the Republic of Ireland, the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly, the Northern Irish Assembly, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Spot the missing country.

Not to worry though, the Goblin King will look after English interests won’t he? Or perhaps not …

Today is a special occassion

Today is the anniversary of …

  • The death of Hitler
  • The RAF bombing 2 airfields at Port Stanley in the Falklands to stop the Argies from using them
  • The death of Ayrton Senna
  • The UK’s biggest general one day strike (over a million people)
  • The banning of elections in Cuba
  • May Day riots in London in 2000

That’s from the BBC’s list but there is another anniversary which the BBC have missed and which, I suspect, will go un-noticed up and down the country.  Today is the 300th anniversary of the Act of Union between England and Scotland.  Will there be a 301st birthday or will the union be dissolved in the next 12 months?  The SNP are predicted to win the Scottish elections on Thursday and that means a referendum on independence.  A few weeks back the SNP said that it wouldn’t hold a referendum for a few years but once they’ve got a taste of power it won’t be long.

Britishness lessons in English schools

A report for the Department of Education has concluded that English schools should put more emphasis on a British identity in lessons.

Citizenship lessons are now compulsary for secondary school pupils but the report says that not enough emphasis is placed on Britishness and Gordon Brown’s mysterious values than bind us all together.

Education is devolved in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland so the Britishness lessons will only apply to England.

The “British” identity is virtually extinct in Scotland where most people consider themselves Scottish yet pupils there will continue to be taught that they are Scottish and their lessons will continue to focus on Scottish history and Scottish culture.

My kids are English and I won’t allow them to be told that that’s wrong.

Hain tells Welsh to protect union

Anglophobic bigot, Peter Hain, has followed the Tartan Taxman by warning that the union is being attacked by the Tories and nationalists.

He tells the Welsh that “the contribution of Wales to the industrial development of Britain was enormous, helping to create prosperity and to turn us into a world power.  In return, Wales has long benefited from support from the Treasury, with Welsh public spending almost £1,000 per head higher than in England.”

He repeated the Ignorant Jock‘s claim that nationalists and the Tories were trying to balkanise Britain – something Labour has already done with the regionalisation of England and the re-establishment of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as “nations” within his “nations and regions of Britain”

“By trying to whip up and then harness nationalist sentiment in England, they risk unleashing forces which can lead to only one thing: the Balkanisation of Britain. That would damage Britain and damage Wales.”

“Unless we see it off, it will prove a one-way street to the disintegration of the United Kingdom – and a one-way street to irrelevance for Wales.”

Not only is Hain a bigot but he is also a hypocrite.  He openly reminds the Welsh that they are reliant on English taxes to balance the books and that without England, Wales is an irrelevance.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Wales and in the past Welsh coal and water has helped our economy boom but nowadays Wales is a drain on English resources.

For the benefit of English taxpayers and for the benefit of Wales’ self respect, a fully federal union or complete independence is the only way forward.  The balkanisation of Britain has already happened thanks to New Labour and their anglophobic devolution project.  It’s too late to stop it happening and nationalism will keep rising no matter how many times these self-serving politicians talk about “shared values”.

The Penny’s Dropped

English wankers

If you listen very carefully you can still hear the tinkling of the dropping penny down at Downing Street.According to our leader-in-waiting, the UK is being menaced by an “opportunist group of nationalists” who are “playing fast and loose” with the union.

Apparently, “it is very important to recognise that Britishness and Britain itself is not based on ethnicity and race” but “it is founded on shared values that we hold in common: a commitment to liberty for all, a commitment to social responsibility shown by all, and a commitment to fairness to all.”

On the subject of the Conservatives “English Votes on English Laws” proposal, the Tartan Taxman said that it would pull the union apart.  However, he fails to offer an alternative solution to the West Lothian Question whereby he and his colleagues elected in Scotland can vote on matters that only affect England and not their own constituents.

Alex Salmond, the leader of the SNP, says that the Ignorant Jock is only protecting his own interests and that “he is equally blind to legitimate English grievance of bossy Scottish Labour MPs interfering in English only matters, such as health and education”.

The hypocrite then goes on to say that “it is now time for supporters of the Union to speak up, to resist any drift towards a Balkanisation of Britain and to acknowledge Great Britain for the success it has been and is.”

Balkanisation, for those of you who may not be familiar with the term, is the act of breaking up a country or region into smaller competing regions.  Labour have done just this by giving Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland back their nationhood with their own governments and breaking England up into 9 euroregions.

How dare this ignorant, hypocritical fool criticise nationalists when he is one of those responsible for the rise in nationalism and seperatism thanks to his anti-English hypocracy and discrimination.

Happy Anniversary

The Act of Union was ratified in the Scottish Parliament on the 16th January 1707.

What will you be doing to celebrate the Act of Union?

Personally, I’ll mark the occassion by calling for the repeal of the Act of Union and the establishment of a federal British government.

Thieving toads

The New Labour election fund Barnett formula has been sending even more English money to our neighbours.

The Times has today published an article explaining exactly how much of our taxes goes to our thieving, subsidy junkie neighbours leaving our health service so underfunded that cancer patients are told to shut up and die because we can’t afford the treatments our taxes are paying for in Scotland and Wales.

The Chancellor – elected to a Scottish constituency – sets the rates for the Barnett Formula and has, once again, ensured that Scotland’s loyal Labour voters receive more money than those dastardly Tory voters in England.

UK government spending in Scotland was an average of £7,248 per head compared with only £6,361 per head in England.  The difference between spending in England and the rest of the UK has jumped significantly with Wales now receiving £7,248 per head and Northern Ireland £7,597.

The Scottish Parliament has the ability to vary income tax in Scotland to raise more revenue, thereby reducing the burden on the English taxpayer but this would cost valuable votes for Labour who have only a 66 seat majority in the British parliament with elections looming in May next year.

The Conservatives have responded with an attack on Labour for their discrimination against the English which they now accept is leading to the break-up of the union.

The SNP has responded with the “oor oil” argument, again ignoring the fact that a lot of it is actually “our oil” and in spite of figures showing that if Scotland received North Sea oil and gas revenues it would still have had a £3bn budget defecit.

Labour responded by saying the SNP figures on oild had been discredited.  Because that’s relevant.

81% of Sun readers want independence

Yesterday’s phone-in poll amongst Sun readers resulted in 81% of people saying they wanted English independence from the rest of the UK.

UK Dead

The Union: Dead, Marw, Déide, Marbh, Neuvio, Marow

A poll in today’s Sunday Telegraph shows that a massive 68% of English people believe that England should have an English Parliament and 48% of people believe that England should declare its independence.

What is most interesting is that English support for North British independence is higher than in North Britain.

The figures are as follows:

Should Scotland become and independent country?

Yes – 59%
No – 28%

Yes – 52%
No – 35%

Should England become independent of Scotland, Wales & NI?

Yes – 48%
No – 43%

Yes – 45%
No – 38%

Should England have its own Parliament with similar powers to those of the Scottish Parliament?

Yes – 68%
No – 25%

Yes – 58%
No – 31%

Should Scottish MP’s be allowed to vote on English laws when English MP’s can’t vote on Scottish laws?

Yes – 34%
No – 62%

Yes – 47%
No – 46%

Government spending per head is higher in Scotland that in England, is this justified?

Yes – 28%
No – 60%

Yes – 51%
No – 36%

Are there too many Scottish MP’s in the Cabinet, not enough it or doesn’t matter?

Too Many – 21%
Not Enough – 2%
Doesn’t Matter – 76%

Too Many – 4%
Not Enough – 17%
Doesn’t Matter – 77%

Who do you support when England/Scotland are playing a foreign team?

Scotland – 70%
Foreign Team – 14%

England – 48%
Foreign Team – 34%

The SNP are predicted win the North British elections next year and with a win will come the end of the union.  The fact that it will coincide with the 300th anniversary of the Act of Union and the 50th anniversary of the European Federation (if the UK doesn’t exist then England won’t be in the European Federation either) will make it even more meaningful.

Gordon Brown told the Scots yesterday that they didn’t want independence and neither did the English yet this is the latest poll to prove that is a downright lie.  The Welsh Assembly was established on the back of a 51% yes vote in which only 50% of the country participated.  If this is claimed as the settled will of the Welsh people then how many more polls like this is it going to take to force the Scottish Raj to hold a referendum in England?

When the union is dissolved, Labour will pay for it’s anglophobia.  The SNP have taken Labour’s majority in North Britain and the Conservatives have long been the choice of English voters with Labour relying on a combination of votes from north of the border and gerrymandered electoral boundaries to win the last election.  The Conservatives will lose their beloved union because of their unwillingness to support equality for the English.  The Illiberal Democrats are nothing and without their combined vote in England, North Britain and West Britain they will soon disappear off the political radar.

Red, White and Brown

The Ignorant Jock has kicked off his leadership campaign with a speech in North Britain on Britishness.

The speech is, frankly, bizarre for someone who has constantly displayed his North British credentials and the timing is particularly strange given that next year sees elections in England, North Britain and West Britain and Labour are seriously lagging behind in the popularity stakes all over the dis-United Kingdom.

The speech is just full of Britishness and bullshit and I really can’t be bothered to pick it to pieces, especially when DK has done such a fabulous job.

Germany unveils “trans-national” regions

Germany has unveiled their planned “trans-national” regions which they will propose when they take over the EU presidency in January.  They have also promised to revive the EU Constitution which was rejected in referenda in France and the Netherlands – both pro-EU countries.

The new euroregions will cross national boundaries in an attempt to destroy the borders between member states and foster a European national identity.  A German minister called Wolfgang Tiefensee is quoted as saying “There is the great hope underlying the goal of a United Europe that we can overcome old borders.”  The best map I’ve seen today is, I’m afraid, in the Sun.  Apologies in advance for linking to the gutter press but needs must – The EU’s Mad Map.

Wolfgang, Schieben Sie Ihre Karte auf Ihren Arsch.