The Penny’s Dropped

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English wankers

If you listen very carefully you can still hear the tinkling of the dropping penny down at Downing Street.According to our leader-in-waiting, the UK is being menaced by an “opportunist group of nationalists” who are “playing fast and loose” with the union.

Apparently, “it is very important to recognise that Britishness and Britain itself is not based on ethnicity and race” but “it is founded on shared values that we hold in common: a commitment to liberty for all, a commitment to social responsibility shown by all, and a commitment to fairness to all.”

On the subject of the Conservatives “English Votes on English Laws” proposal, the Tartan Taxman said that it would pull the union apart.  However, he fails to offer an alternative solution to the West Lothian Question whereby he and his colleagues elected in Scotland can vote on matters that only affect England and not their own constituents.

Alex Salmond, the leader of the SNP, says that the Ignorant Jock is only protecting his own interests and that “he is equally blind to legitimate English grievance of bossy Scottish Labour MPs interfering in English only matters, such as health and education”.

The hypocrite then goes on to say that “it is now time for supporters of the Union to speak up, to resist any drift towards a Balkanisation of Britain and to acknowledge Great Britain for the success it has been and is.”

Balkanisation, for those of you who may not be familiar with the term, is the act of breaking up a country or region into smaller competing regions.  Labour have done just this by giving Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland back their nationhood with their own governments and breaking England up into 9 euroregions.

How dare this ignorant, hypocritical fool criticise nationalists when he is one of those responsible for the rise in nationalism and seperatism thanks to his anti-English hypocracy and discrimination.


  1. A brummie (75 comments) says:

    Shared values is right – problem is the rest of the UK is sharing Englands wallet… time to cut them loose.

  2. sean lynch (80 comments) says:

    Obnoxious, ugly, arrogant, cheeky tw*t

  3. DougtheDug (17 comments) says:

    “And just as America is strengthened by the institutes that encourage discussion on the very idea of America, an Institute for Britishness could encourage debate on our identity, and what documents from Magna Carta onwards mean for today.”

    Alex Salmond’s right in a way, but Broon’s playing this for an English audience not a Scottish one. Look I’m really a Briton, I’m not Scottish, I’m British, British I tell you. In his references to the history of Britain, (started 1707), Broon is always referring to the Magna Carta, (written 1215), a very English document to prove how British-English are his loyalties. Notice he doesn’t refer to the Declaration of Arbroath at all. Too Scottish I’m afraid and definitely not a document supporting Britishness

    The man’s got no spine and he’s unlikeable, but if he contributes towards the breakup of the Union I’ll toast him every time I use my Scottish passport.

  4. Northwing (2 comments) says:

    It would be laughable if he weren’t serious.

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