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Histon? Who are they?

I can honestly say, I’ve never been excited about a football match that didn’t involve a team I support but I’ve just been on the edge of my seat watching Histon play Leeds.

Watching a team I remember being one of the best in England go down 1-0 to a non-league team is great but wathing them consistently out-played by the underdogs was excellent.  Histon deserve their FA Cup third round place.
Histon played brilliantly and the game reminded me of why I prefer lower league or non-league football to premiership football.  Can you imagine someone like Arsenal or Chelsea playing like Histon just did?

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All animals are equal … but some animals are more equal than others

In a civillised democracy a member of an opposition political party would be commended for making public some embarrassing piece of information about the serving government.  Information relating to the employment of an illegal immigrant at the Home Office, the Security Industry Authority giving licences to illegal immigrants or a letter from the Home Secretary to the Prime Minister saying that recession might lead to an increase in crime (claims that it may have mentioned that bears shit in the woods have yet to be confirmed).

But, of course, this isn’t a civillised democracy any more.  Far from it: this is the Brownian People’s Republic of New Britain – an embryonic soviet-style police state in which the police and security services are an instrument of the ruling party and a grinning, jowly hypocrite tells us all what to do while he does the complete opposite.

The Tory MP and Immigration Spokesman, Damian Green, was arrested on Thursday night for just that though.  Civil Service bosses called in the police to investigate the source of a leak in their department, Green was fingered and anti-terrorism officers swooped.  His homes in Kent and London were searched and his office in Westminster was searched with the permission of Liebour MP and El Gordo’s sockpuppet, Speaker Micheal Martin.

It is the latter that has caused most concern because, unless there is an accusation of a criminal offence, Westminster is effectively off-limits to the police.  MPs have parliamentary privilege which gives MPs immunity from civil offences committed inside the Palace of Westminster.  The concept of parliamentary privilege is important because MPs need to be able to speak or act freely in parliament without having to worry about being sued as a result.  There is also the question of privacy – the police removed files and papers from his office in parliament which may contain confidential or sensitive correspondence from his constituents.

Of course, El Gordo says that he didn’t know anything about this in advance and nor did any of his ministers.  David Cameron did and so did Boris Johnson but the Prime Minister says he didn’t and the Home Secretary – the minister in charge of the police – says that she didn’t.  Didn’t know, my arse.  This was a parting shot from Ian Blair on his last day as head of the Met against the party he blames for his demise.  Of course the Goblin King and the facist bitch, Jacqui Smith, knew about it.
The idea that an opposition MP can be arrested by anti-terrorist police, have his home and parliamentary office searched and confidential papers taken away for examination for doing his job is truly shocking and there have been the inevitable and justified drawing of parallels with George Orwell’s 1984.  But it goes deeper than 1984, it’s just a small part of the whole rotten revolution.  Gordo and his champagne socialist co-conspirators are creating their very own animal farm with the One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan as Napolean and Alistair Darling as his Squealer.

George Orwell was a visionary and the most ironic thing is that Orwell was a Labour Party supporter for most of his life.

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Mumbai terrorist latest

Indian troops have killed the last of the terrorists holed up in the Taj Mahal Palace hotel.

The Taj Mahal Palace hotel was the last one to be cleared of terrorists earlier today.

It’s taken almost three days to clear a few terrorists out of a couple of hotels, what has actually been happening down there?

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RBS shares marginally less popular than Gary Glitter

I know it’s hard to believe but it appears that being a Scottish bank hasn’t, as previously thought, been a good enough reason for investors to plough their life savings into a bankrupt Royal bank of Scotland. Go figure.

RBS had another bumper rights issue as part of the deal with the devil Alistair Darling to get their hands on a few billion more of our hard earned cash. The idea was that they’d get loads of money of the taxpayer and then issue a few million shares to dilute the taxpayers stake in the bank to make sure the UK Treasury was a minority shareholder. Which would have been quite clever if it wasn’t for the fact that the bank is insolvent and the shares quite obviously so high risk as to be worthless as evidenced by the fact that hardly anybody has bought any of the new shares.

The upshot of this is that the UK Treasury now owns 57.9% of “oor bank”. That should please Alex Salmond.

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The BBC were bleating this morning about another promised measles epidemic (the last one they said was going to happen didn’t, I wonder if this one will) and navel gazing about the number of children that aren’t getting vaccinated.

What they failed to mention was that it was the BBC was one of the media outlets that made such a big thing about the scientifically dubious and widely disputed claims that MMR vaccines could cause autism in children that has resulted in so many children not being given the MMR vaccination.

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More on Mumbai

Well, this is the longest two hours in history.  This morning the authorities in Mumbai were saying that they’d be done and dusted in a couple of hours and six hours later they’re still going at it.

I really don’t understand what’s going on down there, there’s something we’re not being told.  I’m confident that if this was in London or Birmingham or Manchester it would have been over by lunchtime yesterday.  The SAS or someone similar would have been in there, the terrorists would be in body bags and the hostages back home with their families.  But these lot, well versed in anti-terrorism from decades of India-Pakistan strife, are still fannying round nearly two days later.

I smell a rat (and I’m pretty sure it’s not in the curry).

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Do as I say, not as I do

David Blunkett says that everyone between the age of 16 and 25 should do at least 6 months of intensive voluntary work.

An interesting proposition but not something I can see many 16 to 25 year olds going for it.  How about our MPs set an example by doing intensive volunteer work during the 6 months a year that they don’t do anything to earn their very generous salaries?  Blunkett claimed over £143k in allowances last year on top of his MPs salary of just over £63k.

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Another Mumbai terrorist attack update

Indian troops are clearing the last of the terrorists out of the Taj Mahal Palace and Oberoi Trident hotels and a Jewish outreach centre where a Rabbi and other hostages have been taken.

The death toll has increased to 130 and it will no doubt increase during the next couple of hours while troops are on the offensive.

A Mauritius ID card has been found in one of the terrorists bags which would tie in with observations that several of them looked south asian.  The only clear image they seem to have of any of the terrorists doesn’t look like an Indian, more south east asian.

A couple of people have put forward a theory on who’s behind the attacks on this post but I don’t think we’ll find out for some time.  Nobody knows who Deccan Mujahaneed is and they’re not letting on what their motivation is yet.  The man making the demands to the police had to ask someone else what it was they wanted.

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Bah Humbug

Although I’m looking forward to Christmas more this year than in the past, I’m starting to remember just why it is that I detest the run-up to Christmas.

BBC Breakfast had carol singers on this morning.  Carol singers.  A month before Christmas.  But it gets better.  Someone at work bought a Christmas chocolate log the other week and the best before date …


Out of date a week before Christmas.  That really is taking the piss.

Bah Humbug.

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Mumbai terrorist attacks update

Not a huge amount has changed overnight other than troops surrounding the two hotels where the terrorists are holding hostages and the death toll increasing.

Last night they estimated that about 20 or so people had been killed, this morning they’re saying it’s 101.  Eighteen police officers are amongst the 101 dead, including Mumbai state’s chief anti-terrorism officer.

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Terrorists attack Mumbai hotels

Just got out of a relaxing soak in the bath, went downstairs as Mrs Sane was just watching Robert Kiljoy-Sick getting kicked out of the jungle and the news came on saying that 8 hotels in Mumbai had suffered terrorist attacks.  Which was a bit of a downer and put paid to the plan to go straight to bed.
The attacks were well co-ordinated and a small-time group of Islamic terrorists called Deccan Mujahadeen have claimed responsibility.  They set off bombs in the hotels and used automatic weapons.  They apparently targeted US and UK passport holders, demanding to know who had one and taking them away.  Hostages are being held in 2 of the hotels.

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Open up, I’m from the Ginger Protection League

A man in Perthshire has been jailed for assaulting a police officer, singing Spider Pig at them and calling another one “ginger”.

Best go through all those posts and find the references to ginger strawberry blonde people before the anti-terrorist squad come knocking on the door.  Is there anything that can’t be used as “aggravation” in a crime nowadays?  Racially-motivated, gender-motivated, disability-motivated, ginger strawberry blonde motivated.  When will it stop?

Hat-tip: Axel in the comments on this post.

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Number 3 was diagnosed with dyspraxia a while ago and as he’s getting older he’s displaying all the classic symptoms, not to mention being incredibly frustrating.

Dyspraxia is a developmental disorder that affects someone for their whole life.  The symptoms include being fidgetty, a lack of concentration, having difficulty adapting to new situations, frustration (with the associated mood swings) and poor co-ordination.  Here’s an everyday example of dyspraxia in action with #3: send him to his room to get dressed, he starts to put his clothes on (eventually) and can’t find his socks.  Rather than carry on getting dressed and asking for socks afterwards he’ll sit on the floor and wait until someone comes to find him or he’ll wander off half dressed and do something else.  Once he’s figured out how he’s going to do something, if he can’t do it in that order he can’t get his head around the rest of it.

We were lucky because #3 was diagnosed early and because I’m the sort of person who makes sure that they get what I want whenever possible, we got help from the local authority.  Not too much help, mind, but they’ve made some effort.  They’ve been in to see #3 at school and done assessments and helped his teacher to come up with ways to help him.  The most simple thing was giving him a chunky, three sided pencil which is the difference between squashed spider and legible handwriting.

Like I said, the local authority have made an effort but there’s still more they could be doing.  We only know what the symptoms of dyspraxia are because we’ve been on the internet and found them out.  The realisation that we’d been punishing him or getting frustrated with him over things that aren’t his fault wasn’t a nice moment but nobody told us what to expect or how to deal with it and believe me, when a 6 year old child is standing in front of you laughing hysterically when you’re telling them off for something, it’s hard to stay calm!

Have any of my readers had to cope with a child with dyspraxia?  Got any tips?

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Erm …

Michael Jackson has converted to Islam and changed his name to Mikaeel.

That’s it.

No punchline.

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Gas & Electricity bills

Tory MP, Peter Luff, has criticised gas and electricity companies for putting up customers’ direct debits unnecessarily.

I can confirm this happens with Grittish Bass – I’ve had to tell them the last two or three times that they’ve sent a bill to reduce the direct debit because they’ve put it up for no reason.  On one occasion they actually put the direct debit up while we were in credit.

The reason why they do it is quite simple – they invest the credit balances on accounts and pocket the profit.  The direct debit amount is calculated by a computer which estimates how much gas and electric you’re going to use over the next quarter but of course, the computer will use whatever rules it’s been given to come up with a figure and the rules they’re using are coming up with artificially high figures.

There is a simple solution though – if your gas or electricity company sends you a bill with a revised direct debit that you think is unreasonable then tell them.  I’ve certainly had no problems telling them how much I’m prepared to pay, you just need to be firm when they try and persuade you to pay what they want.

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Thanks for nothing doc

The other day I went to the doctors and saw the triage nurse to ask for some antibiotics to sort out the infection in my gum.

I know I’ve got an infection in my gum because I had it about a month and a half ago and I know I need some antibiotics because that’s what the dentist prescribed me last time.  But could I get a doctor to give me a prescription?  Could I bollocks.

The nurse looked at my gum and agreed that it was red and looked infected.  She went and talked to a doctor but the answer from the doctor was “take ibuprofen and if it gets worse go to the dentist”.

Doctors aren’t dentists and I accept that but they are capable of diagnosing an infected gum, just as they are capable of diagnosing an infection anywhere else in the body.  There is no reason why I should have to pay to spend two minutes in the dentists chair just to get a bloody prescription for some antibiotics.

In case you’re wondering, it’s getting better now after 3 or 4 days of pain and enough ibuprofen and paracetamol to sedate a bull elephant.

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Sticks and stones

It’s not very often I come out in defence of an MP and even less often a Liebour MP but I have to defend Paul Flynn MP over the attempted censorship of his blog.

Flynn makes fun of his fellow MPs and gives them nicknames on his blog.  Some of the things he says about his colleagues are quite scathing although not with the same vehemence as people like the Devil or the ginger one.  But the Commons thought police didn’t like the idea of him using his propaganda allowance to pay for that sort of thing and told him, in not so many words, to stop taking the piss.

If you look at the top political blogs in terms of visitors, influence and noteriety, the only one written by a politician is Bob Piper and that’s because he’s blunt, critical and takes the piss.  It’s what people want to read, it’s what makes political blogs interesting.  People don’t want to read commentary or extracts of policy, they want to know who’s shagging who, who scratches their arse and then sniffs their fingers, who goes on 12 hour benders in the Commons bar and all that jazz.  They want to see politicians being called names and generally sneered at.

Flynn did the right thing – something you wouldn’t generally expect from a Liebour MP – and dipped his hand in his own pocket to pay the £250 a year cost of hosting his blog which means the Commons thought police have no excuse to censor him.  Interestingly, according to his blog he did this 18 months ago but the BBC are only now reporting it.  It’s common for the dead tree press and even news behemoths like the BBC and Sky to be hours or even days behind blogs but surely 18 months is a bit too long to be excusable?

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Oh dear, oh dear

Please try not to laugh, this is deadly serious.

Someone has leaked the BNP’s membership list and posted it on the internet.

Some BNP members are less than please judging by the comments on one BNP blog. Some of them are unhappy because they’re ashamed of their membership and have been outed and some are understandably worried because they could lose their jobs – such as the police officers who are banned from joining the BNP and whose names and professions are on the list.

There is open revolt on BNP blogs about this. Interesting, there are complaints about the BNP membership figures being inflated by as much as 50% and those false figures being used by Griffin to stop attempts to remove him as leader.

And in case anyone is wondering, I’ve checked the list and there are people I know to be BNP members on the list so it’s genuine.

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Some good news for a change

About 10 years ago my mum was diagnosed Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.  Needless to say, it was a difficult time for the whole family and I got through it by pretending it wasn’t happening.  She spent a couple of months in isolation in a hospital in Birmingham and had to have her heart stopped twice to bring her heartbeat under control but I still managed to ignore it!  Isn’t the human mind a wonderful thing?

Anyway, she went into remission about 8 years ago and when she went for her annual check-up today they told her that if she goes next year and everything’s ok then they’ll give her the all-clear.  Which is a weight-off my mind, obviously.

And slightly less importantly, but good news nonetheless, is that #3 has developed a healthy taste for hard rock and death metal.  He quite likes a bit of Rammstein, which is nice (yes, I know Rammstein is industrial metal before any metal-geeks feel the need to tell me off!).  Next task it go hunting for some metal tracks that aren’t about sex and drugs or contain more anglo-saxon words than a viking’s dictionary.  Any suitable suggestions for a 6 year old?

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Just imagine …

One of the kids brought home another glossy newspaper-style magazine produced by my local council’s school meals people.

Regular readers will know that I’ve complained about school meals in the past specifically about the rewards schemes they run to get kids pressuring their parents for school meals and reward children that are entitled to free school meals even though they don’t need any incentive other than the meals being free.

At the bottom of the front page of this magazine it says:

FREE School Meals.  Are your kids getting theirs? – Imagine that, no bills, no time spent making packed lunches and the guarantee your child will have a tasty, nutritious meal every day.  See back page for more details.

Sounds great!  I could spend another half an hour in bed in the morning if I didn’t have 4 packed lunches to make.  What do I do to make sure my kids get their FREE, tasty, nutritious meal every day?  Is there a form to fill in?  A number to call?

Your child may qualify for Free School Meals if they are in full time education up to the age of 19 and you and your partner work fewer than 16 hours a week; or receive Income Support, Income Based Jobseekers Allowance or receive Child Taxes Credits and have an annual taxable income of less than £15,575

Ah yes, the same old rules then.  Those of us who work full time or earn more than minimum wage are discriminated against as per bloody usual.  Tell me who’s in a better position to pay for school meals – some scrounging layabout who gets their rent and council tax paid and extra benefits for every child they have or someone who works for a living, has to pay all their own bills and earns the same regardless of how many children they have?

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