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Indian troops have killed the last of the terrorists holed up in the Taj Mahal Palace hotel.

The Taj Mahal Palace hotel was the last one to be cleared of terrorists earlier today.

It’s taken almost three days to clear a few terrorists out of a couple of hotels, what has actually been happening down there?

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  1. cyberholics (1 comments) says:

    The consequences of Mumbai attacks will hurt the US and western world. This is not just a couple of hotels under attack in a faraway land. For years India talked of how Pakistan had set up terrorist camps and how these were being used to attack India, but the US and most of the westen world paid no heed.

    The attacks in Mumbai were executed by ex-SSG (Pak Army Commandos) controlled by ISI. There is also some evidence of marine training by Pak Navy this time. India will need to take a tough stand. This will lead to Pak Army being moved from the Afghan border to the border with India, taking pressure off AlQaeda and Taliban and leaving them free to target US again.

    The western governments need to stamp out the breeding ground of global terror in Pakistan quickly. Pressurise the civilian government in Pakistan to act decisively, and put increased military pressure on the Pak-Afghan border.

    Check out the attached link. Some of it can be ignored, but it is frighteningly coherent in the central theme – why Pak Army/ISI chose to attack Mumbai, and why the attackers seemed so well prepared.

  2. muslimsoldier786 (1 comments) says:

    Why india is crying?pakistan is suffering with even worse attacks on its people and army personell,recent waves of bombings in pakistan been commited by Afghans and Pro indian talibans who been funded by RAW and MOSSAD,did pakistan blame on india?no.due to these law in oder situation in pakistan,india has been benefited,coz most foreign investment diverted to india,this is indias most vital agenda how to distablize pakistan,india blames every thing on pakistan,coz india wants to lable pakistan as evil contry so it can have all the investment,ISI is fighting the hardcore Hindu secret service RAW and its counter part MOSSAD,and KHAAD,so before indian blames evey thing on pakistan ,look how india has discriminated muslims,in every expect of,education,living standards these so called DECCAN mujhahedin and INDIAN MUJHAHEDEEN are people from community who been victim of so called democracy and radical hindu extrimists,there is also rumour that those been created by RAW to use muslim names in dirty game,indian has to accept that those ppl are home grown jihadis who wanna send message across to indian goverment and its ppl.stop discriminating us and dnt judge our loyality to india,we are indian muslim and part of india,so think where it did came from…………

  3. jerry (78 comments) says:

    Real good message killing all those people,especially the foreigners that had nothing to do with the indian goverment or the oppression of indian muslims.
    Hey Wonko don’t you think you’re being discriminated?
    How about going to Brussels killing a few hundred people and sending out a message,just like the others in India?
    Muslimsoldier 786,I respect people of any religion and also think no one should be oppressed but what those few people did was disgusting and it is no way to send out a message for tolerance and respect.

  4. Stan (222 comments) says:

    I’ve been reading the blog listed above as well as a few other Indian and Pakistani blogs. It’s quite worrying how people jump to conclusions before facts are known and then use this to spread propaganda against the people they hate.
    Personally I’m like most other people in the world in that I don’t know which group was responsible, though I suspect that it was done to sour Indian/Pakistani relations. Quite effectively it seems.

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