Terrorists attack Mumbai hotels

Just got out of a relaxing soak in the bath, went downstairs as Mrs Sane was just watching Robert Kiljoy-Sick getting kicked out of the jungle and the news came on saying that 8 hotels in Mumbai had suffered terrorist attacks.  Which was a bit of a downer and put paid to the plan to go straight to bed.
The attacks were well co-ordinated and a small-time group of Islamic terrorists called Deccan Mujahadeen have claimed responsibility.  They set off bombs in the hotels and used automatic weapons.  They apparently targeted US and UK passport holders, demanding to know who had one and taking them away.  Hostages are being held in 2 of the hotels.

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  1. instructions for backgammon (1 comments) says:

    26/11 was the day when we heard that our Metro City Mumbai attacked by the terrorists. Even nobody believes that why they attacked on TAJ HOTEL. I think we have to think that what are the reason behind all the attacks and eventually the term comes to our mind is “PAKISTAN”.

  2. banking deals (1 comments) says:

    How can it possibly be overplayed? People have been murdered by terrorist lunatics. It can also initiate an even deeper rift between India and Pakistan (who both have atomic bombs).

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