Histon? Who are they?

! This post hasn't been updated in over a year and I've changed my opinions on many things over the years. Deleting things I wrote years ago would be like ripping pages out of a diary so I'm not going to do it despite the fact that some stuff I've written in the past will probably be used against me during elections by UKIP hating fascists. You should read this bearing in mind that what I thought in the past might not be what I think now.

I can honestly say, I’ve never been excited about a football match that didn’t involve a team I support but I’ve just been on the edge of my seat watching Histon play Leeds.

Watching a team I remember being one of the best in England go down 1-0 to a non-league team is great but wathing them consistently out-played by the underdogs was excellent.  Histon deserve their FA Cup third round place.
Histon played brilliantly and the game reminded me of why I prefer lower league or non-league football to premiership football.  Can you imagine someone like Arsenal or Chelsea playing like Histon just did?

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  1. Alfie the OK (19 comments) says:

    Histon piston Leeds United…. so to speak.

  2. axel (1214 comments) says:


    where is it even?

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