The Union: Dead, Marw, Déide, Marbh, Neuvio, Marow

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A poll in today’s Sunday Telegraph shows that a massive 68% of English people believe that England should have an English Parliament and 48% of people believe that England should declare its independence.

What is most interesting is that English support for North British independence is higher than in North Britain.

The figures are as follows:

Should Scotland become and independent country?

Yes – 59%
No – 28%

Yes – 52%
No – 35%

Should England become independent of Scotland, Wales & NI?

Yes – 48%
No – 43%

Yes – 45%
No – 38%

Should England have its own Parliament with similar powers to those of the Scottish Parliament?

Yes – 68%
No – 25%

Yes – 58%
No – 31%

Should Scottish MP’s be allowed to vote on English laws when English MP’s can’t vote on Scottish laws?

Yes – 34%
No – 62%

Yes – 47%
No – 46%

Government spending per head is higher in Scotland that in England, is this justified?

Yes – 28%
No – 60%

Yes – 51%
No – 36%

Are there too many Scottish MP’s in the Cabinet, not enough it or doesn’t matter?

Too Many – 21%
Not Enough – 2%
Doesn’t Matter – 76%

Too Many – 4%
Not Enough – 17%
Doesn’t Matter – 77%

Who do you support when England/Scotland are playing a foreign team?

Scotland – 70%
Foreign Team – 14%

England – 48%
Foreign Team – 34%

The SNP are predicted win the North British elections next year and with a win will come the end of the union.  The fact that it will coincide with the 300th anniversary of the Act of Union and the 50th anniversary of the European Federation (if the UK doesn’t exist then England won’t be in the European Federation either) will make it even more meaningful.

Gordon Brown told the Scots yesterday that they didn’t want independence and neither did the English yet this is the latest poll to prove that is a downright lie.  The Welsh Assembly was established on the back of a 51% yes vote in which only 50% of the country participated.  If this is claimed as the settled will of the Welsh people then how many more polls like this is it going to take to force the Scottish Raj to hold a referendum in England?

When the union is dissolved, Labour will pay for it’s anglophobia.  The SNP have taken Labour’s majority in North Britain and the Conservatives have long been the choice of English voters with Labour relying on a combination of votes from north of the border and gerrymandered electoral boundaries to win the last election.  The Conservatives will lose their beloved union because of their unwillingness to support equality for the English.  The Illiberal Democrats are nothing and without their combined vote in England, North Britain and West Britain they will soon disappear off the political radar.


  1. Len Welsh (3 comments) says:

    It is as you say, like Monty Python’s Norwegian Blue “it’s fffing dead.

  2. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    I’m still a unionist but, as I’ve said before, not at the expense of my country. Nothing is going to stop the union from breaking up now and every MP that comes out with the “shared values” crap will pay for their disloyalty.

  3. […] Tony Blair has told the Yorkshire Post that if the people of England were asked if they wanted an English Parliament then they would vote for one.  He denied that they would vote for the breakup of the union despite a Sunday Telegraph poll showing that 48% of English people support independence. […]

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