Britishness lessons in English schools

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A report for the Department of Education has concluded that English schools should put more emphasis on a British identity in lessons.

Citizenship lessons are now compulsary for secondary school pupils but the report says that not enough emphasis is placed on Britishness and Gordon Brown’s mysterious values than bind us all together.

Education is devolved in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland so the Britishness lessons will only apply to England.

The “British” identity is virtually extinct in Scotland where most people consider themselves Scottish yet pupils there will continue to be taught that they are Scottish and their lessons will continue to focus on Scottish history and Scottish culture.

My kids are English and I won’t allow them to be told that that’s wrong.


  1. billy (1 comments) says:

    You don’t suppose that England has a higher proportion of non English than Scotland has non Scots etc.? I’ve always thought that being British is a cop out for being non English in England.

  2. tommy3lions (9 comments) says:

    Aye, my Kids are Englisc too and will be learning Engliscness at home, they will also be corrected in the junk their school will no doubt tell them.

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