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David Camoron gave a speech in Edinburgh yesterday in which he extolled the virtues of the union and dashed any hopes that England under the Conswervatives might ever achieve equality.

Camoron is a tit.  A complete and utter fucking idiot.  The Tories will never be elected in Scotland yet at every possible opportunity, Camoron treks up to Scotland to tell them how great the union is and how shit the English are.  Get it through your thick skull Camoron, only England votes Conswervative.

The following statement by Camoron confirms that England will always be bottom of the Tories’ list of priorities:


This is where I stand, here in this great and beautiful capital, an English politician in a Scottish city saying clearly today and for all time that Britain comes first.

Britain comes first.  The shitty, pointless, unwanted union comes before English people being treated as equals with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  It comes before all those people who go blind because so much English money goes into subsidising the celtic fringe that there’s not enough left for the NHS in England to give the same treatment to English people that they’re paying for Scots and Welsh to receive.  It comes before all those people who needlessly die of cancer because there’s not enough money in England to pay for the cancer drugs that English people are paying for Scots to have.

And in every part of these islands I want people to hear me when I say this.

That if it should ever come to a choice between constitutional perfection and the preservation of our nation, I choose our United Kingdom.

Constitutional perfection?  Constitutional frigging perfection?  You mean English people getting treated as equals in the union?  You mean English people getting a devolved government of their own the same as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have?  Not at the expense of the union though, eh?  And anything that doesn’t keep English people unrepresented, discriminated against and continually out of pocket is a threat to the union isn’t it?

That is because being British is one of the most successful examples of inclusive civic nationalism in the world. We are a shining example of what a multi-ethnic, multi-faith and multi-national society can and should be.

What?  What the fuck?  What is so great about a union in which 85% of the population have no national government whilst the remaining 15% have 3 between them?  What is so great about a union that can only function whilst the nationality of 85% of the population has to be abolished and suppressed for it to survive?  What is so great about a union where 15% of the population are financially insolvent and have to live off hand-outs from the other 85%?  What is so great about a union where 85% of the population are racially discriminated against by the state just to preserve the union?  And what is so great about a union that NOBODY EXCEPT POLITICIANS WANT?

That means saying loudly and proudly: together, we are stronger.
Britain is one of only five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

We have a seat at the top table and are listened to in a way that other countries can only dream of.
So yes, together we are stronger.

And you know that England won’t inherit the seat on the UN Security Council do you Camoron?  No you don’t because nobody knows.  Most people in foreign countries don’t know there’s a difference between England and Britain anyway you muppet.

The City of London overtaking New York as a global powerhouse……Edinburgh’s role as a great financial centre.

Yeah, Edinburgh.  Well know international financial centre.  It’s got the Royal Bank of Scotland and … erm … yeah, Edinburgh.  London is in England Camoron, they subsidise the rest of the UK by an enormous amount.  London would benefit more from the end of the union than any other part of England.

The NHS is the best of British……created by a Welshman and benefiting from the skills of doctors trained in the great medical schools of Scotland.

Yes and if you live in England you will receive inferior medical treatment to the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish and you will pay for their superior health service.  The NHS practices medical apartheid, it’s hardly something to be proud of of and there are four national health services – one for each nation – not a single British NHS.

Britishness is also about institutions, attachment to our monarchy, admiration for our armed forces, understanding of our history, recognising that our liberty is rooted in the rule of law and respect for parliament.

Our institutions, most of which have been split up into two or more national versions.  Most institutions have seperate Scottish versions.  Is that what Camoron means?  And our history?  Who knows about our history?  Our history is being written out of history books.  Anything between the Battle of Hastings and World War 1 is out of bounds in schools now.  We even have fucking retards like No Mandate Brown claiming Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights as great British achievements.

So, to those in England who are angry about rising council tax, angry about the rising cost of living, and angry when they look across the border and hear about no prescription charges and free social care, I say this.

Don’t blame the Scots.
Don’t blame the Union.

It’s not because of the Union that your aspirations are not being met.
It’s not because Scotland is taking and not giving.
It’s because your Government is failing and not delivering.

It’s the Scottish government that have introduced all these things.  It’s the Scottish-British government that has allowed them to do this by giving them home rule and billions of pounds of English taxes to pay for it all.  We even paid for their bloody parliament building.  It is because of the union that our aspirations are not being met – it is because of the union that the British establishment won’t give us our own parliament so that we can give ourselves what the Scots have got.  We can’t afford to have what the Scots have got at the moment because they get what they want first and we get what’s left.  It’s not our government that’s failing, it’s your government Camoron.  You and your British chums are just as bad – you will not give England parity with the rest of the UK and that is why we are unhappy and that is why the union will be dead within a decade.

So yes we will take part enthusiastically in the Constitutional Commission, and I applaud Annabel Goldie for her courage and determination to do that.

So you’ll take part in the second Scottish Constitutional Convention but not in the first English Constitutional Convention?  Fucking hypocrite.

We have not leapt on the Barnett formula bandwagon.
We have not sought to exploit these matters to foster a sense of English nationalism.

And we never will, because we believe in the Union and we will never do anything to put it at risk.


Consider all our Party’s history, not just the recent past.
It was a Conservative Prime Minister, Lord Salisbury, who set up the Scottish Office.
It was a Conservative Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin, who elevated the Scottish Secretary to full Cabinet rank.

And it was the Conservative Party after the war that stood up for Scotland’s identity, and the life of Scottish businesses, against the attempts at nationalisation and centralisation by Labour.

And they still don’t vote Conservative.  And they never will vote Conservative.  What is this obsession with Scotland?

Stronger together; weaker apart.
Stronger together: let us keep that precious idea forever in our hearts.

Fuck off Camoron, just fuck off.  You are a turncoat, you are a traitor, you are a disaster.  I will never vote for your Conswervative Party and if I ever see your grinning face in my vacinity I will spit in it.  If you love Scotland so much, buy a house up there and move out of London.  We don’t want you and we don’t want your union.

How can any English person support this party?

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  1. Chris Abbott (8 comments) says:

    His obsession with Scotland is because he’s a nasty Little Scotlander, Wonko. And sadly he’s making his party unelectable. “Sadly” because this current lot need ousting.

  2. George Ashcroft (122 comments) says:

    I’ll be round with a Conservative membership form for you tomorrow. Two O’Clock be ok?

  3. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Haha, I’ll be at work then George. Make it later in the evening and I’ll have a CEP and UKIP membership form waiting for you. :p

  4. M Anderson (47 comments) says:

    I agree with all of your sentiments! I think millions of other English men and English women will as well.

    I always said that the cameron idiot was a stooge just like Hague, Duncan Smith, and O’ Meara, opps I mean Major, before him.
    I think Chris is right. Cameron is a nasty, arrogant, vindictive pr*ck!


    “This is where I stand, here in this great and beautiful capital, an English politician in a Scottish city saying clearly today and for all time that Britain comes first.”

    It is pretty obvious that an imperfect union is not a union at all.

    “English politician”? Oh for crying out loud! An English politician with scottish blood running through his veins? I think he’s lost the plot. Or is the fool just trying to appeal to everyone? It never works.
    “…for all time…Britain comes first” Ha! ha! What is the point of saying that? The ponces in Edinburgh might like to hear it; the glasgow people won’t!

    Cameron is certainly not English no matter what he says to the contrary. Going on about his scottish and welsh ancestors ha! ha! Methinks Cameron is a little insecure regarding his membership of the keltoi club! Why would he mention it every chance he gets? What? Does he think that the scots and welsh will vote for him if he keeps mentioning it? A few might; but 99% won’t! That is why the tories are in the wilderness in scotland AND wales.
    I might remind Cameron that he just lost a lot of English votes! I dont think he cares. Who knows, maybe the whole aim of his waffling was to stuff the tories up. If the English arent going to vote tory they might just vote new labour right? Either that or the tories think that not enough English people care about what we care about and it wont make a difference to their overall vote in England.

    “And in every part of these islands I want people to hear me when I say this.
    That if it should ever come to a choice between constitutional perfection and the preservation of our nation, I choose our United Kingdom.”

    Oh I see. Mr Cameron is stating that he would rather settle for The English nation being disriminated against than give up the non existant, so-called union. Of course what he really means is that he is going to make out he favours “the union” because that means scotland, wales and n ireland can carry on stealing English tax payers money via the Barnett formula. It also means that scottish welsh and n irish beggars can continue to make laws for England. All in all Cameron is just like Gordon Brown. He may aswell sign the scottish claim of right to, the fuckin’ bastard!
    I had to laugh at the “preservation of our nation” bullshite! If Cameron is so British why does he constantly harp on and on and on about his scottish blood and welsh relatives? As with other idiot politicians he is an “English politician” when it suites him and full of scottish blood when it doesnt! I think he is full of shite myself!

    “…being British is one of the most successful examples of inclusive civic nationalism in the world. We are a shining example of what a multi-ethnic, multi-faith and multi-national society can and should be.”

    What rot! There are places in “the country” where certain people can’t go. Such as English people wearing England national football team shirts in scotland. Remember the English seven year old who was thumped because he had an England shirt on? Remember the disabled English bloke who was knocked out of his wheelchair because he was wearing an England shirt?
    What about the Oldham riots? What about Toxteth? What about the poll tax riots? And answer me this Cameron? Why do the BNP even exist if “Britain” is so wonderful? Why do Muslims threaten to take the law into their own hands? Why does Westminster have an exclusion zone and heavy security? Why do ethnic groups keep to themselves if “Britain” is such a “shining example of what a multi-ethnic, multi-faith and multi-national society can and should be?”
    Britain is not united at all.
    Multi faith? What? Like Glasgow’s sectarianism? What about Northern Ireland? The people there were blowing each other up, shooting each other, knifing each other and generally hating each other’s guts until only recently. How is that related to the shining example of what a multi-ethnic, multi-faith and multi-national society can and should be? It isn’t! Of course they still hate each other’s guts in NI, they have just realised that it’s easier to keep it low profile, i.e. think of all the tourist money we can make. It beats selling drugs!
    As for multi national serendipity, it doesnt exist either you plum! Which is why you have at every attempt gone on and on about your own ancestors. You making the claim that “we” can all get along together when you have also made snide, immature comments about “ignorant”, “sour” little Englanders is absolutely ridiculous. Unless of course you do not include the English in your “we”! Of course it would be very nice if you were to grow a backbone and some balls and tell us whether this is true or not. Personally, I couldn’t care less whether you like or approve of the English or not you jumped up windbag. I have seen that photo of Ken Clarke and you. You know, the one where he is sitting behind you laughing his head off. It is so obvious that he is laughing at you. You know it to because you have the look of a frightened rabbit on your mug! The photo is hilarious! It sums you up you f*ckin’ two faced dirtbag. I have to state that I would love to meet you just so I could say “go on then call me an ignorant, bitter Englishman”. I think you would look just like you did in that photo! Absolutely pathetic!
    Just one more thing. Cameron, there are four nations in “Britain”, not three. You can waffle immature shite about English folk all you like; just remember one thing. We are still here and we are still going to be here next year and the year after that. We have long memories! Just remember that.
    I wonder why the English want to go it alone? Read above.

  5. David B. Wildgoose (25 comments) says:

    The Conservatives need 11% more votes than Labour just to draw even with them. They can’t win the next election by picking up an extra seat or two in Scotland and Wales, they have to win in England.

    And Cameron’s such a twat I can’t see them doing that. The only reason why there doing as well as they are at the moment is the sheer awfulness of NuLabour.

    The economy is tanking along with house prices, 10 years of economic mismanagement have left government finances in complete disarray and the one silver lining is that it is all falling on the man reponsible, Crash Gordon himself.

  6. axel (1214 comments) says:

    I agree!

    Up here we have a valid political alternative to the mainstream(Lib, Lab, Torie), we have the SNP (Oh Joy!(Sarcastically)) and I dont think cameron appreciates what this means.

    In England discontent with the government manifests itself with support for the opposition (Lab/Torie), so he is the only winner with poor government ratings but he has not understood that the SNP provide a ‘valid’ voting alternative to him or brown and that is why he is uphere campaigning, he thinks he needs to profit from the incompotence of westminster.

  7. Cheryl (12 comments) says:

    Why do you hate non-English British politicians. Infact Cameron is pro-English; he will cut money from Wales and Scotland. It’s a shame really that he is. Therefore only answer is UKIP. They will give you St George’s Day as a national holiday. Happy now?

  8. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Cheryl, Cameron said he will “ring fence” the budgets for Scotland, Wales and NI so only England will face budget cuts.

    I already know the answer is UKIP, that’s why I joined them a couple of years ago.

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