Telford & Wrekin cancel St George’s Day

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Anyone looking forward to this year’s St George’s Day celebrations in the Town Park is going to be disappointed – it’s been cancelled.

According to Telford & Wrekin Council’s Arts & Culture Service Manager, the number of events the council puts on has been scaled back due to budget constraints and St George’s Day has been cancelled.  Instead, they want to start an annual festival in the park during the summer.

The Stone Cross St George’s Day parade in West Brom regularly attracts over 25,000 people who parade through the town and finish up in Dartmouth Park for music, entertainment and a market.  The parade attracts people from all over the country and provides an enormous boost to the local economy.

Since the council moved from the civic offices to Addenbrooke House, they don’t even fly our national flag any more and now they’ve decided that our national day isn’t important enough to celebrate.  There are six flag poles on the entrance to Ironmasters Way where there the council’s new offices are so there is no shortage of opportunities to fly the flag and if there is money for a summer festival, there is money for St George’s Day.

The Stone Cross St George’s Day parade is organised by local residents and funded from donations after Sandwell Council, like Telford & Wrekin, decided that our national day wasn’t worth celebrating.  If that’s the only way our patron saint’s day will be celebrated in Telford & Wrekin then we will have to organise future events ourselves.  If you’d like to be involved in organising a St George’s Day event for next year then please get in touch.


  1. J. Gasper (3 comments) says:

    How sad. We need it more than ever this year with things so dismal.

  2. Bob Anglorum (86 comments) says:

    Why are we all bowing to these jumped up “British” engineered local councils. They have no powers to stop the people of England from enacting any of their traditions in their country. Your obediance to them is just a state of mind, I prefere a state of fact. This is England, the nation of the English people, nation means born as one. Even a King or Queen of the English has no power to stop the nation from carrying on their traditions, the common law is supreme and the nation is supreme. The English are born as one and we own our land “Engl-land” as one, so long as you are not causing harm as determined by common law you can hold a St. George celebration anywhere you like, even in Tony Blairs back yard, since he as a foreigner can not own land in England as by common law. We should hold a celebration in every champagne socialists back yard, they do not believe in private property and I would agree all land is ultimately owned by the national community, it is Engl-land. If any local authority starts to get stroppy ask them do officialy justify their status in Engl-land by a quo warranto at common law. This means they must state where they have attained their claim to have authority. If they claim their authority is from British institutions, simply remind them that British institutions are de facto and must comply with the Treaty of Union. Any member of Engl-land can call into question a de facto/British institution. “Great Britain” was not a nation it was an international organisation under Treaty agreement. England is a nation and what was it that Alex Salmond said “a nation can do as it pleases”. So bless St. George the warrior saint and pray the English become more warrior like to defend themselves from perverts and socialists alike.

  3. Mark Page (1 comments) says:

    So what is planned for Saint George’s Day in 2014 for Telford, anything? (that’s the 23rd April 2014, not on another day close to it – it’s not Saint George’s Day on any other day).

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