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! This post hasn't been updated in over a year. A lot can change in a year including my opinion and the amount of naughty words I use. There's a good chance that there's something in what's written below that someone will find objectionable. That's fine, if I tried to please everybody all of the time then I'd be a Lib Dem (remember them?) and I'm certainly not one of those. The point is, I'm not the kind of person to try and alter history in case I said something in the past that someone can use against me in the future but just remember that the person I was then isn't the person I am now nor the person I'll be in a year's time.

An Englishman’s Castle has been kind enough to reproduce a list of words and phrases that are now considered offensive by the British Sociological Association.

The list of racist, disablist and sexist terms include:

  • Old Masters
  • Immigrants
  • Developing nations
  • Black
  • Patient
  • The Elderly
  • Special Needs
  • Civillisation
  • Seminal
  • Disseminate
  • Chinese Whisper

I’ve checked the list and there’s quite a lot of words missing that were previously offensive, such as:

  • Jihadi
  • Rag Head
  • Golliwog
  • Nignog
  • Puff
  • Arse Bandit
  • Old Fogey
  • Bint
  • Bird
  • Old Dragon
  • Ball and Chain
  • Spick
  • Wop
  • Trouser Press

On balance it looks like we’ve made a net gain.

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  1. axel (1214 comments) says:

    What about Porridge Wog? 😀 I gather that is allowable?

    I know, I am not a ‘patient’ at my out patient clinic, I am a ‘Service user’ although that will be changing as ‘user’ is not regarded positively amongst us

    What or who is a Trouser press?

    My favourite is ‘self Medicant’ which is gobblidiegook for junky, the junkies dont care but the drunks, who also come under this umbrella term are mortified

  2. MArk Wadsworth (2 comments) says:


    Again, what is a trouser press?

  3. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Trouser press … you know how parents do that really irritating thing where they say something that their kids say and nobody but the other one gets it? #2 son has this habit of calling his brothers names such as “thicko” and “idiot” and “fatty” so Mrs Sane and I have managed to get him thinking that “trouser press” and “g string” are insults as well and he invariably calls them “trouser press” making himself look like a fool.

    Mrs Sane says that someone told her last night shops aren’t allowed to describe thigh high boots as thigh high any more in case it upsets someone for whom they aren’t thigh high.

  4. axel (1214 comments) says:

    What about Spazzy Mong?

    It is how i refer to myself and the other Service users and no one has complained

  5. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    Spazzy mong isn’t on the list either so I guess that’s ok.

    I checked and Fucktrumpet isn’t on there either, which should please the ginger one.

  6. steadmancinques (34 comments) says:

    Axel, I thought ‘Porridge Wog’ was a corruption of ‘porriwog’, which is a name I believe they use somewhere north of the Watford Gap for that creature which those of us with the Queen’s English refer to as a tadpole.

  7. axel (1214 comments) says:

    I dont know, it was what i was referred to, when i lived in Kent for a few years.

    North of watford but south of the tweed?

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