Fuck you Jack Straw

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Female prisoners are very different to male prisoners, and while there is a consensus that we need to be tougher on male offenders there is also a broad consensus that where possible we should punish and reform females in the community and not in prisons.

Jack Straw

What the fucking fuck?  No, seriously, what in the name of all that is fucking holy is that fucking idiot saying?  Women shouldn’t go to prison but men should, just because they’re women?  Unbe-fucking-lievable.

Is it a coincidence that the Equality Bill was passed today making discrimination against white men legal?  Is it bollocks.  Why must we endure this constant fucking battle just to be treated fairly?  Why do these people think it’s ok to treat white men like shit?

Well I’ve got a message for you Jack Straw you fucking fascist.  Fuck you.  Fuck your government and fuck your fucking illiberal, fascist fucking agenda.  I swear to god, if I ever see you in the street I’ll fucking spit on your shoes you fucking twisted, fascist bastard and if that’s all you get you’ll be fucking lucky.  There’s a special lampost reserved just for you outside parliament because come the revolution comrade, you will be the first one swinging.


  1. Andi (82 comments) says:

    That’s not Jack Straw… That’s Gandalf…

  2. Mike (11 comments) says:

    Yeah, you’re probably probably right, he is a wizard of sorts. The wanker is doing his best to make England and the English disappear.

    He really is an anti-English piece of shit.

  3. Andi (82 comments) says:

    Which is sad considering he was born pretty much on the border of Essex and London… Thankfully we won’t have these traitors for much longer… Sadly, I doubt the Tories (who seem most likely to win the next election) will really be any better…

  4. axel (1214 comments) says:

    Calm down guys, this is just a way of softening us up for releasing some bad people early because there is no room in pokey for them, the whole british prison system is a farce

    I saty we ship the crims to Estonia, it will be cheaper, cheaper by billions, we are all friends now, after the war, second war, second war, are’nt we?

    The Estonians have an ‘interesting’ view on discipline, which i think some career crims would find ‘refreshing’

  5. sim-o (1 comments) says:

    Equality Bill was passed today making discrimination against white men legal?

    That sounds an interesting interpretation of the Equality Bill. Where does it say about discriminating against white men, then?

  6. Rob (27 comments) says:

    Reply to the comment made regarding discrimination,sim-o
    discrimination by the bill is very obvious, other ethnic minorities are mentioned along with the female of the species, white males are not refered to, therefore discrimination exists by failure to acknowledge,
    I would point out also that there is considerable unrest amongst those civil servants who have been involved in the formation of this bill.
    If you think that white males are not discriminated against, read the following comment made by a police officer, ” We have to be sympathetic to the female, those are our instructions, therefore we will not take any action against the female involved, no warning, no prosecution, no action for wasting police time”, discrimination !!!!!!!

  7. Rob (27 comments) says:

    Jack Straws comments, obiviously female prisoners should be treated differently, the saying deadlier than the male is quite true, more devious, sly, and a comment made by one female, “all women are liars” is very accurate, what happened to equality for men, we let them push laws through that activly discriminat against us, try this one, you buy a property, then you have a female move in with you, you pay for the mortgage, all the bills, then after 2 years she decides to move out, she then lays claim to 50% of the value of the property you paid for, and the law gives it to her, so you pay twice for the same thing, discrimination !

  8. Bob Anglorum (86 comments) says:

    Jack Straw is a socialist weardo, he and his fellow perverts have been trying to divide and rule our nation for years. One of their methods involves setting women against men, we have to be clever enough not to fall for their bull shit. “One nation”, yes English men and English women fighting against the socialist perverts. Straws fellow pervert Red Ken Livingstone stated “the future is women and gay people”. What do English mothers think about their sons being victimised by socialist scum for being male and normal. They will fight for their sons with the men of England, not all women are stupid enough to swallow socialist garbage. This divide and rule has been introduced into England from socialist Europe, from as far back as Freidrich Engels the Jewish supremist who with the other Jewish supremist Moses Levy Mordecai (Karl Marx) promulgated in their drivle that “women are the creatures of an organised tyranny of men”. Their notion of “Equality” has a sinister ulterior motive which was stated in “The Book of the Labour Party” in 1925, which pointed out that “equality” and getting women into work “will do harm to themselves, their children and the race”. There lies the hidden agenda of the Jewish supremists who instigated the concepts of “socialism” and “equality”. If you think I am talking nonsense observe the following quotes-
    “we Jews regard ourselves as superior to all humanity and look forward not to our ultimate union with other races, but to our final triumph over them” (Goldwin Smith Oxford Prof 1981)

    “there is much in the fact that so many Jews are Bolshevists, in the fact that the ideals of Bolshevism are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism” (The Jewish Chronical, April 4th 1919)

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