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Harman wants companies to discriminate

Straight from the horses mouth, Harriet Harman wants companies to practice discrimination when considering similar applications for jobs:

They might think we don’t want an all male team.

We’ve got a new post coming up, we’ve got equally qualified men and women going for it, we are going to pick the woman because we want to have a more balanced top team.

Under a new law that she wants to bring in, companies will be banned from any form of age discrimination but will be allowed and encouraged to take into account sex and colour when considering two people with similar qualifications for a job to ensure that they have a “balanced” workforce.

Once again, the young white Englishman is going to be discriminated against to meet arbitrary quotas.  Already the police, fire service, local authorities and British government departments run racist recruitment campaigns that ban white English men from applying but now they are going to extend that same racial and sexual discrimination to the private sector.

Is it any wonder so many people are joining the fucking BNP?  It’s the same hand-wrinnging liberals that complain about the BNP that are causing the problem in the first place.

We have got to get rid of this illiberal, racist fucking scum.

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Chief Constable wants more over-representation for BME officers

The Chief Constable of Cheshire, Peter Fahey, has said that “whispering campaigns” might be happening to prevent black or asian police officers from getting promoted and has called for a “fairer” system to ensure more of them get promotions.

Fahey has previously called for a change in the law so that police forces will be able to operate quota on promotions to ensure that more black and asian officers are promoted.

The BBC says that only 7 out of more than 200 senior police officers are black or asian.  What they fail to mention is what percentage of police officers are black or asian.  If it’s more than 3.5% then it’s possible, based on the law of averages, that they are being overlooked but if it’s less than 3.5% then they’re already over-represented.

So what percentage of police officers are black or asian?  According to this 2006 report by the Internet Journal of Criminology it’s 3% so the 3.5% of senior police officers that are black or asian is actually and over-representation and Fahey wants to introduce more discrimination against white officers to ensure that black and asian officers are even more over-represented.

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Why do we need a specific NHS violence law?

The Ministry of Justice has decided to include Wales in a new bill to introduce specific offences relating to mental and physical abuse in hospitals.  The Welsh government said they didn’t need the law but some Liebour MPs and a peer complained and the MoJ has changed its mind.

I’ve spent a lot more than average an amount of time in hospitals and I apreciate the work that doctors and nurses do, often putting themselves in dangerous situations for the public good.  The same goes for policemen, firemen, etc.  But do we need specific laws relating to individual groups of people?

It is already against the law to physically or mentally abuse someone.  Whether that someone is a nurse, a policeman, asian or white, it is still against the law.  The problem is not with the law as it stands, it is with the way that judges are guided by politicians.

Politicians impose minimum and maximum punishments for crimes so judges can’t decide to punish somebody who’s assaulted a nurse harsher than someone who’s assaulted a drug dealer.  So when people complain that hundreds of doctors and nurses a day are being assaulted and that they’re getting away with lenient sentences, their answer is to make a new law introducing a specific offence and a different punishment.  But the crime is still the same – an offence against the person contrary to common law.

With new offences being created at an alarming rate and people falling foul of daft, ill-thought out and politically-motivated laws, what we really need is for a major cull of these offences and for politicians to butt out and let judges get on with their jobs.  There is no need for specific offences relating to specific groups of people.  There is no need for specific offences relating to “motivation”.  Offences like racially aggravated assault are no different to any other assault other than the fact that it’s politically expedient to look like it’s being taken more seriously.  Physically assaulting a nurse is no different to assaulting a shop keeper but it makes the British government look like they’re caring for people who carry out a public service.

I’m not a nurse, I’m not a doctor, I’m not a fireman, I’m not a politician, I’m not black.  I’m white and I’m English and that means that if I got mugged whilst taking the dog out for a walk or walking across the car park or sat at my desk at work, the British government considers my pain and suffering to be less important than that of a nurse or a fireman or an immigrant.  Why?

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You must be joking … right?

I thought I’d mistakenly typed the wrong url in and got a spoof version of the BBC News website when I read this but no, it’s not a joke.

Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, says that adopting Sharia Law in the UK is inevitible and we should just get on with it.  He says that nobody should be forced to choose between cultural loyalty and state loyalty.

Cultural loyalty, that’s hit the nail on the head.  Immigants moving to this country expect the state to bend over backwards to accommodate their alien culture and they’re not disappointed.  The only time they have a problem is when they expect us, the natives of this once green and pleasant land to change our way of life to accommodate them.  I wouldn’t move to Saudi Arabia and expect them to adopt English law so that I can sit in my front garden in Riyadh with a bottle of Stella in my hand and my wife sitting next to me in a bikini.  Their culture and law forbids it and as much as I may think their reasons for doing so are utter bollocks, it’s their country and they should have to change for me.  So why shuold we change for people moving into our country?

Forget about chopping off the hands of thieves, the public lashings and stoning of adulterers and concentrate on the “civil” aspects of Sharia Law – divorce, finances, etc. because they’re the ones that aren’t quite so morally reprehensible to the civillised world.  There is nothing wrong with taking out a bank account that doesn’t pay interest if that’s what you want – the banks would love us all to give them our money without them having to give anything back in return.  The right of a man to divorce a woman without her even knowing about it isn’t the way we do things and we don’t do bigamy but it’s not a major no-no like shagging your sister or mutilating women’s genitals.  But whether it’s morally acceptable or not doesn’t matter.  We have our own culture, our own customs, our own religion and our own way of life.  We might whinge about how shit things are from time to time (or most of the time in my case) but this is no reason to capitulate to the advancing Islamic caphilate and adopt a barbaric, mediævil theocratic legal system.

Dr Williams should remember that his duty is to this country, the Church of England and to the Christians living in this country.  I’m not a Christian but our society is based on Christian values and it should continue to be based on Christian values, not on the values of a religion that practices female genital mutilation and the murder of raped women, tells its followers to kill non-believers and has brought suicide bombers to the world.

Fuck Dr Rowan Atkinson, fuck multi-culturalism and fuck Sharia Law.  This is England and if you don’t like it then fuck off somewhere else.

There, I feel much better now.

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Ignorance and Intolerance

Archbishop Cranmer tells us about a muslim Marks & Spencers shop assistant who refused to sell a childrens book of bible stories because it was “unclean”.

There have been quite a few stories of late about muslim shop assistants at supermarkets refusing to sell alcohol and, in some cases, to even stack shelves in the alcohol section on religious grounds despite there being nothing in the Koran telling them not to do so.

What a lot of people don’t realise – and maybe even the muslim who refused to sell the book – is that the Old Testament is one of the holy books of Islam and that Jesus is one of their prophets.  The chances are that the book that the muslim refused to sell was full of stories about one of their prophets and stories from one of their holy books.

Stories like this show these people up as intolerant and ignorant.  They don’t do these things out of religious sensibility, they do it to take the piss, to try and provoke any kind of reaction they can use to try and portray themselves as victims.  There is nothing in the Koran that says story books about other religions are unclean or that muslims must not sell or handle alcohol.

This was a deliberate act of provocation and the employee in question should be sacked for displaying religious intolerance and for gross professional misconduct.  The employee should be charged with religious discrimination – just as a non-muslim would if they’d refused to sell a Koran to a muslim on the same grounds – and ordered to attend religious education classes.

We must not put up with this blatant religious intolerance and discrimination in our own country by adherents of a foreign religion that is incompatible with our own way of life.

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Stop Translating

Hazel Blears, the Communities Minister, is going to tell local authorities and public bodies to stop needlessly translating documents.

Documents are routinely translated into any number of foreign languages so that foreigners who don’t speak English don’t feel left out.  The City of Westminster has gone further and started translating road signs into Polish.

Blears says that there is no legal obligation to translate documents as a matter of course.

This is a rare moment of sanity in the oppresively politically correct Liebour Party.  I would go further and say that documents shouldn’t be translated into any language that isn’t native to these islands.  Nobody should be allowed to live in this country if they don’t speak English – what possible use are they to the economy if they can’t speak the language?

Don’t speak English?  Click one of these for options:

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Can I just say, “get a life”?

A black man has had a whinge that his complaint about a market trader hasn’t been taken seriously enough.

The market trader, foul heathen fiend that he is, has been selling … I can hardly bring myself to say it … Golliwoggs.

Apparently, the man brings children from ethnic minorities to Market Drayton and he thinks they might be offended by the toys.  Market Drayton is a town in a field in rural Shropshire.  Immigrant population, excluding livestock, could probably be counted on one hand.

There are a couple of options this man has.  He could try going somewhere where he won’t be exposed to a black faced child’s doll.  Africa or Asia perhaps.  Alternatively he could get a life and accept the fact that 99.9% of the population don’t find Golliwoggs offensive.

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No more muslim jokes

Yet another new offence came into being yesterday – inciting religious hatred.

The hand-wringing apologists that brought about the incitement to racial hatred laws, where you don’t have to actually incite racial hatred to commit an offence but just need to say something that someone who isn’t white and English might take offence at, have been campaigning to get the law changed so that religion is also “protected”.

Like the racial hatred bit of the law, the prosecution must show intent to stir up hatred but in reality they will just have to prove that you offended someone.

This is another one of the Orwellian though crimes which are infesting our statute books.  How long before Room 101 becomes a reality?

British government is racist

An 18 year old girl has been refused permission to apply for a job with the  Environment Agency because she is white and English.

The application form asked for ethnic origin and included “White Other, eg. Irish, Welsh, Scottish”.  The application said that preference would be given to those from minorities.  When asked if being White English ruled her out for the job, Abigail Howarth was told by Bola Odusi of PATH National Ltd, the company running the recruitment scheme, “Thank you for your enquiry unfortunately the traineeship opportunity in targeted towards the ethnic minority group to address their under representations in the professions under the Race Relations Act amended 2000.”

However, the Environment Agency admits that it has “no evidence that white Welsh, Scottish or Irish workers were under-represented” in the area where Abigail Howarth wanted to apply but claims that the Commission for Racial Equality has confirmed that it is acting lawfully in racially discriminating against white English people.

Mary McDowell from PATH National Ltd said “The White Welsh, White Irish and White Scottish is a technicality in law – if they are a minority, they are entitled to places on these schemes – they are not part of the majority group, which is White English.  “The White English in this area are the majority group and hence could not apply.”

So, the recruitment officer from PATH National was black, the Organisational Development Manager from PATH National was Scottish, the head of the Environment Agency is Scottish and the Commission for Racial Equailty is headed up by a black person and people are acting surprised because White English people are being discriminated against?  This oppresive, politically correct, racist bullshit has got to stop.  Why the fuck should White English people be prepared to be discriminated against because of their colour and their nationality in their own country?  PATH National should be immediately sacked as a public sector supplier and the staff involved in this racist campaign should be prosecuted for racial discrimination.  The Chief Executive of the Environment Agency should be hauled in front of the Parliamentary Standards Committee and the Commission for Racial Equality after which, the CRE should be wound up and all “positive discrimination” laws repealed.  You cannot positively discriminate against anyone, discrimination is exclusively a negative action and to discriminate against someone for belonging to the majority colour and nationality in their own country is indefensible.


A black binman from Burnley has been banned from wearing his Cross of St George bandana at work because it might be racist and/or offensive.

Pendle Council told Matthew Carter that they had received complaints and gave him a verbal warning.  He was told that he is not allowed to wear any clothing with a Cross of St George on it in case it offends someone.  They don’t have a problem, however, with the Skull and Crossbones bandana that he is now wearing to keep his dreadlocks from getting trapped in the machinery on the back of the bin lorry.

I wonder if he’d have got into trouble for wearing a Union Flag bandana.  Or a Stars and Stripes bandana.  Or how about a Scottish one?  The council’s operations manager goes by the name of Ian McInery … I’m sure the Scottish connection is just a coincidence.

More PC shit

The DTI is using taxpayers money to fund a “task force” to investigate barriers to black and ethnic minority businesses.

Apparently, black and ethnic minority business owners find it harder to get finance for their business than white people born here.

The “task force” looks like being another one of these unelected, taxpayer funded regional quangos if this is anything to go by:

Tom Riordan, the chief executive at the Yorkshire regional development agency, Yorkshire Forward, with be the deputy chair.

“I welcome the opportunity to contribute to this agenda and I am delighted Yorkshire Forward has agreed to lead in supporting the task force,” Ms Malik said. “Ethnic minority businesses make a significant contribution to GDP so it is important they are supported and encouraged to flourish.”

Mr Riordan said: “If the English regions are to achieve their economic potential, then we need to create the conditions for [black and minority ethnic] businesses to grow and prosper. To do so, we need to make sure they have access to the same levels of support as any other business. I intend to make sure that the task force has a real impact on the delivery of business support across England.”

Could it be that asians are a credit risk?  Could the fact that a lot of asians use more than one name and freely share their identities be a reason why banks are reluctant to loan them money?  I know from personal experience that this happens and it happens often.  I’d be interested to see some sort of statistics on the demographics of bad debts, in particular whether black and ethnic minority groups are statistically more likely to be bad debtors that white English people.  If this is the case then the “discrimination” is perfectly justified and the British government has no place interfering.  Credit Reference Agencies and Banks have built up their credit scoring systems over decades using their own experiences to identify which people are likely to be a higher risk.  Who knows best – banks and credit reference agencies or oppressively-PC civil servants and special (ie. self-) interest pressure groups?

More Nanny State interference

The British government is going to distribute a family survey to see if parents support a total ban on smacking children.

The law was changed a couple of years ago so that if you smack your child hard enough to leave a mark you are guilty of assault and can be banged up for it.

Of course children need protecting for child abuse but then the law already covers assault, it’s been a crime in English common law for centuries.  So do we actually need a specific law aimed at parents smacking their children?  Personally I don’t think we do.  Children are already protected by the same laws against assault as adults, it is how social services and other agencies work that needs to be changed.

The British government doesn’t particularly want to change the law to bring in a total ban on smacking children but it did say that it would ask parents when it changed the law previously and for some reason has chosen to keep a promise.  The NSPCC is calling for a total ban on smacking children and the four “children’s commissioners” – I have no idea who they are or what they do – have also called for a total ban saying that “fear and intimidation can never be a positive part of childhood”.

I smack my children if it is necessary.  I don’t do it very often – in fact, we were talking about it today as a family and my eldest (9 years old) said he couldn’t remember the last time he’d had a smack but it was definitely more than a year ago.  Sometimes a smack is needed to instill discipline in kids.  When shouting, reasoning and other punishments don’t work what’s the alternative?  I’ve seen plenty of kids whose parents refuse to discipline them and they’re all, without exception, little shits.  What hope is there for these kids as they grow into adults?  It’s not a huge leap from ASBO to mugging old ladies.

Anyway, that’s my opinion – what’s yours?  Should parents be allowed to smack their children?

Scout chapel de-christianised

According to the Daily Mail, an open-air chapel at Belchamps Scout Centre in Essex has been cleansed of christian symbols to make it more inclusive.

The chapel was built in woodland by volunteers between the two world wars and has been used by Scouts, Brownies, Guides and even couples getting married, regardless of their religion.  However, sandal-wearing, lentil eating lefties have decided that the wooden cross, pews and altar were offensive to other religions and didn’t encourage inclusion of non-christians so they’ve been demolished and replaced with a campfire.

Nigel Ruse, the manager of the Scout Centre, said “The updating of the chapel was done to turn it into a place of worship for all faiths and not to exclude any one from Scouting.  This is a case of taking Scouting-forward.”

Part of the Scouts’ pledge is to do their duty to God.  It doesn’t say which God and the women who has been holding services there for the last 7 years said “It’s a really special place. We all make a promise to do our duty to God, whatever God that may be.”

I’m not religious and I’ve never been a Scout but I find this offensive.  This is a christian country.  The Church of England is the state religion – it’s part of our constitution.  One of the clauses of Magna Carta establishes the Church of England as the state religion of England and forbids any other religion holding the same status.  Not only are the Scouts being offensively politically correct but they are sticking up two fingers at one of the oldest laws on our statute books.  This is disrespectful to our heritage, to our constitution, to the majority who follow the christian faith and to followers of other religions who are assumed to be so narrow-minded as to take offence at symbols of the christian faith.  Do these englightened, progressive cretins not realise that the Old Testament of the christian bible is a holy book for muslims and jews and that Jesus is one of their holy men?

Littlejohn tells it how it is

An bunch of god-botherers and navel-gazing, beared, lentil eating, hemp wearing lefty liberal apologists have decided that St George is just too offensive and needs to be reinvented so that he’s more inclusive.

A report called “When The Saints Go Marching Out: Redefining St George For A New Era” says:

“It is time that St George was reclaimed from the dragon, from past associations with racism and the far right, and from images of arrogant flag-waving”

The racism accusation is probably two-fold (it doesn’t say).  Firstly, the BRITISH National Party often fly the flag of St George.  The BNP are racist, therefore anyone who has an English flag is – by association – also a racist with a shaved head and a combat jacket.  There aren’t any calls to remove the Union Flag – part of their logo – from Buckingham Palace but lefties aren’t exactly noted for their logic skills.  Secondly, St George is associated with the Crusades.  Two thousand years ago, muslim invaders occupied the Holy Land putting non-muslims to death and generally making a nuisance of themelves.  Christian Crusaders from across Europe went to the Holy Land to fight the invaders and reclaim the Holy Land.  This is, of course, racist and deeply offensive to muslims who are still suffering from the Crusades 2,000 years on.  Gosh, I’m so ashamed to be white and English.

The report suggests that St Georges Day should be a:

“day of dissent” – celebrating “the pro- democracy Putney Debates, the equality-seeking Levellers, the anti-slavery abolitionists, the women’s suffrage movement, conscientious objectors and peacemakers, anti-racism campaigners, human rights activists and those struggling against debt and poverty”

Day of dissent?  Sounds good to me.  Putney Debates?  Let me just check Wikipedia … oh right, some constitutional debates from when Oliver Cromwell overthrew the monarchy and established a fundamentalist Christian dictatorship in England.  Actually, I suppose that’s quite relevant to modern-day England.  Levellers?  Weren’t they a band in the 70s?  I think perhaps they’re referring to the Levellers who were also involved in Cromwell’s civil war.  Are the Church planning another revolution perhaps?  Anti-slavery, womens suffrage, conscientious objectors, peacemakers, anti-racism, human rights and global poverty?  What has that got to do with being English?

Richard Littlejohn has written an excellent piece on this – take a look.

Personally, I will be celebrating St Georges Day with a day off work, a BBQ and a pint of Bombadier with a like-minded colleague.  Most of the pubs in Telford have English flags out all year round but some of them have got in English beers and are doing other things on Monday.  The council haven’t organised anything of course, they’re too busy finding new regional projects to sign up to so they can speed up the abolition of England.

Ethnic quotas for Police

I was making the kids lunches this morning half-watching BBC Breakfast and they had a Sikh and a black guy on the sofa talking about the police.

I turned it up expecting to hear some claptrap about how the police are institutionally racist for picking on the minority groups responsible for the largest proportion of violent crime per capita but it was something else this time.

It started off ok with the Sikh guy quite happy to accept that he had been refused a job with the police because he failed one of the tests – a former colleague of mine applied 3 times before passing all the tests.  Then the black guy, the chairman of the Black Police Officers Association or some such organisation, started calling for quotas to be introduced because only 7% of police officers come from black and ethnic minorities.

He doesn’t appear to have contemplated the possibility that black and ethnic minority people don’t want to join the police, an oversight that seems to have extended to the BBC who never seem to think of asking that question.

The black guy went on to say that in areas where there are a lot of black and ethnic minority people they need more minority officers because they can understand the culture and language better than white officers.  At this point the Sikh sitting next to him asked him if he was advocating black people being policed by black people and white people policed by white people.  He didn’t get a chance to answer because they conveniently ran out of time but that seems to be what he’s asking for.

So what do you think?  Should quotas be applied to artificially bump up the number of minority police officers?  Should black and asian people be policed primarily by black and asian officers?

Ethnic quotas in the Police?
Quotas should be applied
Quotas shouldn’t be applied
Minorities should be policed mainly by minority officers
Minorities should be policed by any officers
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Ethnic Monitoring in hospitals

The Healthcare Commission is calling for hospitals to monitor the ethnicity of patients because their research has shown that black and asians are more likely to be admitted to a mental hospital.

There doesn’t appear to be any suggestion that this is because of institutional racism or that black and asian patients are being targetted unfairly so I’m at a loss as to why the Healthcare Commission feels it necessary to monitor patients’ ethnicity.  Surely the only criteria that matter in assessing a patient for mental health care is whether they have mental problems, not what colour their skin is?