Scout chapel de-christianised

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According to the Daily Mail, an open-air chapel at Belchamps Scout Centre in Essex has been cleansed of christian symbols to make it more inclusive.

The chapel was built in woodland by volunteers between the two world wars and has been used by Scouts, Brownies, Guides and even couples getting married, regardless of their religion.  However, sandal-wearing, lentil eating lefties have decided that the wooden cross, pews and altar were offensive to other religions and didn’t encourage inclusion of non-christians so they’ve been demolished and replaced with a campfire.

Nigel Ruse, the manager of the Scout Centre, said “The updating of the chapel was done to turn it into a place of worship for all faiths and not to exclude any one from Scouting.  This is a case of taking Scouting-forward.”

Part of the Scouts’ pledge is to do their duty to God.  It doesn’t say which God and the women who has been holding services there for the last 7 years said “It’s a really special place. We all make a promise to do our duty to God, whatever God that may be.”

I’m not religious and I’ve never been a Scout but I find this offensive.  This is a christian country.  The Church of England is the state religion – it’s part of our constitution.  One of the clauses of Magna Carta establishes the Church of England as the state religion of England and forbids any other religion holding the same status.  Not only are the Scouts being offensively politically correct but they are sticking up two fingers at one of the oldest laws on our statute books.  This is disrespectful to our heritage, to our constitution, to the majority who follow the christian faith and to followers of other religions who are assumed to be so narrow-minded as to take offence at symbols of the christian faith.  Do these englightened, progressive cretins not realise that the Old Testament of the christian bible is a holy book for muslims and jews and that Jesus is one of their holy men?


  1. Alan Douglas (4 comments) says:

    I bet if anyone, let alone a Christian, “took offence” at the symbols of the Muslim or other faiths, they would be prosecuted under the race relations laws. So how come all these arseholes taking offense at the cross are not being nailed ? (Pun intended)

    Alan Douglas

  2. wonkotsane (1133 comments) says:

    The worst thing is, I bet they didn’t get any complaints.

  3. Stuart (1 comments) says:

    Wonkotsane – That’s where your wrong actually.

    Many people within the local area involved within Scouting have written to complain about the moving of the Chapel.

    It’s currently a very lively issue and ecrtainly has caused a stir both locally and within our County as a whole.

    It’s also worth bearing in mind that Scouting is a multi faith, International movement. The moving of the Chapel wasn’t done to hide Christianity it was done to include other faiths.

  4. Karl (40 comments) says:

    Pass me another boy-scout would you Stu? I think I split this one..

  5. Hereward arise! (4 comments) says:

    “The moving of the Chapel wasn’t done to hide Christianity it was done to include other faiths.”

    I hate it when people with hidden agendas lie through their back teeth! Don’t you?
    Of course it’s being done to get at christianity! Marxists and other assorted loony left fruitcakes love to use the excuse “well it isnt fair to everyone and we shall not tolerate it”.
    Everyone knows they’re just being vindictive and lusting after power and their new world view!
    I just wish the yellow cowards would admit it.

  6. Ryan (4 comments) says:

    Ive worked at this campsite and i can tell you this report is a load of bull. The chapel was taken down because it never got used by any faith and so was pointlessly taking up space. The issue of non-christian inclusion never came into it. The staff are not “lentil eating lefties” and you should get your facts straight before you start writing things like this. this isnt an example of PC gone mad at all, its simply true that whilst scouting is technically a christian organisation the majority of the people in it (mainly the cubs and scouts themselves) are not religious. This innocent act of simply trying to make the campsite as good as it can be for everyone (by providing more space for camping) has been used by Fanatically-Conservative Radical-Righties to inspire anger and intollerance in people who read and believe these articles.

    Stop spewing intollerance, racism and Lies.

    You Dildo

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