Ignorance and Intolerance

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Archbishop Cranmer tells us about a muslim Marks & Spencers shop assistant who refused to sell a childrens book of bible stories because it was “unclean”.

There have been quite a few stories of late about muslim shop assistants at supermarkets refusing to sell alcohol and, in some cases, to even stack shelves in the alcohol section on religious grounds despite there being nothing in the Koran telling them not to do so.

What a lot of people don’t realise – and maybe even the muslim who refused to sell the book – is that the Old Testament is one of the holy books of Islam and that Jesus is one of their prophets.  The chances are that the book that the muslim refused to sell was full of stories about one of their prophets and stories from one of their holy books.

Stories like this show these people up as intolerant and ignorant.  They don’t do these things out of religious sensibility, they do it to take the piss, to try and provoke any kind of reaction they can use to try and portray themselves as victims.  There is nothing in the Koran that says story books about other religions are unclean or that muslims must not sell or handle alcohol.

This was a deliberate act of provocation and the employee in question should be sacked for displaying religious intolerance and for gross professional misconduct.  The employee should be charged with religious discrimination – just as a non-muslim would if they’d refused to sell a Koran to a muslim on the same grounds – and ordered to attend religious education classes.

We must not put up with this blatant religious intolerance and discrimination in our own country by adherents of a foreign religion that is incompatible with our own way of life.

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  1. maxi (4 comments) says:

    imho religion is the true root of all evil.
    these things are simply gonna get worse and worse until no one has an ounce of tolerance left.
    if i had my (rather right wing) way,id ban all religion.
    screw freedom of choice,sometimes the people simply dont know whats best for them,and far too much blood has been spilled on idealogical grounds over the years(centuries) already.

    i realise this is in itself a form of extremism,but tbh,i cant see any other logical solution.

  2. Charlie Marks (365 comments) says:

    How much of this is about distracting attention from the war in Iraq?

    People of faith that I know and have known (Muslim and Christian) have never been anything other than courteous towards me.

  3. maxi (4 comments) says:

    as an athiest,i actually find it annoying that many people try to force their religious beliefs upon me.
    you cant go to a shopping centre without guys handing you pamphlets and books,and every so often those nutcase jehovas witnesses show up at the door.

    personally i find it all to be an ass pain,seems i dont have the freedom to choose without some asshat sticking their neb in.

    and think of what a happy world we would have if there was no religion(hence no extremism)

  4. axel (1214 comments) says:

    It is just a symptom of the general discontent in the country. We all have different ways of expressing it, with me it is shouting ‘Hoots, mon!’, lifting my kilt up over my face and ‘waving’ at you.

    These Muslims have found their way of doing it and Wonko has found his. We all have our own wee ways of whining.

  5. Kevin Fulcher (20 comments) says:

    A fellow member of the church I attend, a lady, has a next-door neighbour who is a Muslim; as my friend was setting off one Sunday recently, the neighbour said to her, ‘Are you going to church?’
    ‘Yes’, my friend replied.
    ‘Then will you pray for me’, the Muslim lady enquired.
    ‘Of course’, my friend replied, ‘I do anyway’
    ‘And I pray for you too’, was the reply.
    The founders of the great world religions did not set out to create exclusive clubs of narrow-minded, fanatical devotees. People have done that for themselves. Cheers, Kevin F.

  6. Charlie Marks (365 comments) says:

    That’s a lovely story Kevin. As I have said, in my own experience people of faith are not narrow-minded or all that fanatical.

  7. Wyrdtimes (31 comments) says:

    Islam is incompatible with everything that is not islam. Built in. House of submission – House of war.

    I see Islam as another theocratic straight jacket. One in a long line of them to proclaim divine monopoly. Sadly they are still entrenched in a militant phase. Maybe because the militant phase of Islam has been designed to exist until all else is conquered.

    The very “there is one god, his name’s Allah, blah Mohammed was his messenger blah” thing falls straight on it’s arse as a Christian, Jew will give me two others and a Hindu will give me a whole bunch of ’em. Etc.

    I find Sharia and the whole concept of Islamic submission deeply offensive. I do my best to stay off the halal. I wouldn’t employ an obvious muslim.

    Islam is one of the worlds biggest lies and Christianity isn’t far behind.

  8. axel (1214 comments) says:

    Islam is probably fine, its problem is the vast amount of muslims in the world are primitive backwards savages.

    Take for example the Haj, their big pilgramage gig. How often are there disasters at that?

    It is not as if it is a surprise when it happens or a surprise where it happens. It happens at the same place and the same time every year and has done for 1400(?) years.

    And look where it is Saudi Arabia, one of the richest countries in the world, where money is of little or no concern because they have so much of it!

    Building crowd control barriers and pedestrian safety things should be a mere foot note to them and they have spent billions on it.

    Yet still the pilgrims get trampled and crushed to death.

    You can make your own conclusions from this but I think this shows the basic problems rife in Islam!

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