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Give me a fucking break

Sony has issued a worldwide recall of its new game, LittleBigPlanet, in case it offends muslims.

They were warned by a beta tester that one of the backing tracks, written by a Somali muslim, contains two phrases that are in the Koran and might be considered offensive by fundamentalist muslim nutjobs.

Sony release a game last year with a scene where you could shoot people up in Manchester cathedral but they didn’t withdraw the game after they got complaints.  Yet here they are, without even getting a complaint, withdrawing a game because it’s got some words out of the Koran in it.

Apparently putting bits of the Koran to music is offensive because they’re words of god.  But Jesus was supposed to have been one of Allah’s prophets so his words were the words of god as well so why is it that muslims don’t start jumping up and down when they puts Jesus’ words to music?  Or any part of the Old Testament which is one of the holy books of Islam?  Why?  Because it’s not offensive, it’s just an excuse to have a fucking whinge and take the piss.

Manzoor Moghal, of the Muslim Forum think-tank, explained that words from the Koran should not be set to music because the words are seen to have come directly from God.

He added: “We must compliment Sony for taking decisive action by withdrawing these games immediately, and releasing a version that is not offensive to Muslims.”

Yeah, well why don’t you just fuck off and live in a cave somewhere if you’re that bothered about being offended by the infidels?  If you don’t want to listen to the soundtrack of the game, don’t buy it.  If you hear it and it offends you then go somewhere where you won’t hear it.  Or alternatively, get a fucking life.

Someone remind me why we constantly pussyfoot around these people instead of depriving them of oxygen.

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Thank you my Lords

The House of Lords has rejected 42 days internment for “terrorist” suspects by 309 votes to 118 – apparently the biggest defeat in the House of Lords in living memory.

If proof was needed of the importance of an independent upper house, unaffected by the whims and whips of party politics, this is surely it.  Despite the hysterical wailings of Jacqui Smith, the power-mad fascist Home Secretary, the Lords’ vote not only reflected the will of the majority of the electorate but it was also the right thing to do.

Career politicians like Jacqui Smith will quite happily throw away centuries old civil liberties to appear to be doing something about the supposed threat from terrorism and to tighten the British government’s stranglehold over us.  Thank god the unelected House of Lords once again showed our elected representatives how to do the right thing.

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Eco-terrorists planning another camp

Earth First, a militant group of eco-facist anarchists, are planning another eco-terrorist training climate camp in Norfolk.

According to Communist Socialist Unity, the camps “have the climate camp vibe and lots of good workshops for political education”.

I think I’ll pass.

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Eco-terrorists think they’re above the law

Eco-terrorists causing an nuisance at a “climate camp” at Kingsnorth power station have had some of their cars towed away by the police.

Kent Police said they asked the eco-terrorists to move two cars from the entrance to the power station for safety reasons because they were blocking the only gateway onto the camp site but instead of moving their cars they brought more along to block the entrance forcing the police to tow them away.

Environmental extremists seem to think that if they call their flea-ridden tents a “climate camp” they are entitled to pitch them wherever they want even if that means, for example, cutting a hole in the perimeter fence around an airport to gain illegal entry or setting up camp on private property.  They think that because they’re doing it in the name of saving the environment they can break the law, ignore the police and put lives at risk.  They think that because the British government is legitimising the eco-terrorist agenda as an excuse to raise taxes and destroy the economy to pave the way for a pan-European soviet republic that they are above the law, just like the politicians that have been feeding them lies about climate change.

Kent police have 1,400 officers on standby from 26 police forces at a cost of £1m just to police the eco-terrorists protest, which is against E.ON demolishing the dirty coal-powered station and replacing it with a cleaner coal-powered station that they claim will be 20% cleaner.  The plans have been approved by Medway Council and are awaiting final approval by the British government.

I wonder what would happen if those of us who beleive that the climate change propaganda is load of bollocks set up a camp in favour of cheap, safe and reliable power instead of unreliable and expensive “renewable” energy?  I don’t expect we’d last five minutes before the police moved us on.

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Absolute power corrupts absolutely

Public bodies used “anti-terrorism” laws to make over half a million requests for information like phone and internet records last year.

In 2006 only 350,000 requests for information were made by public bodies, in 2007 that had risen to 519,000.

The legislation that lets public bodies such as local councils get this information and carry out surveillence is the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) which was brought in to help tackle serious and organised crime and terrorism.  Since then it has predictably degenerated into a free for all with councils using it to mount surveillence operations on people suspected of not picking up dog shit and parents they suspect of lying about being in a school catchment area.

And while all this happens we are told to trust the state with these powers.  We are told that we don’t need to worry that the British government now has the power to detain somebody for a month and a half without charge on suspicion of terrorist offences because it’ll only be used in extreme circumstances and only for real terrorist offences, not the multitude of offences under the Terrorism Act that aren’t terrorism but are covered by the internment law.

We are told not to worry about having more CCTV than any other country in the world because it’s just for our protection, to keep our streets safe.  But CCTV is now being used to prosecute motorists for parking offences without anyone having to put a ticket on the vehicle and potentially weeks after the alleged offence has occured when the driver will have forgotten what the circumstances were.

The police routinely collect fingerprints and DNA samples of everyone they interview and keep those details forever.  The law had to be changed to allow them to do this because they illegally kept details for hundreds of thousands of innocent people that they had obtained under a law that required them to remove the details if the subject was innocent.

We are all to be required to submit our biometric data – fingerprints, iris scans, DNA – to a centralised database so that the British government can use ID cards to track our movements.  Don’t worry about the fact that fingerprints and iris scans can be falsified very easily if you wanted to put in the effort or that you can buy card readers off the internet now that will read an ID card.  Don’t worry about the fact that you can buy a card reader off eBay that will read the contents of the ID chip on a passport from inside a sealed envelope.

Just how fucking stupid do you have to be to believe that all this is for our own good, for our protection?  What kind of a retard genuinely believes that every new law that infringes civil liberties won’t be abused from the day it becomes law?

We are the most illiberal, spied-on state on the planet yet we let the power-mad despots running the country pass more and more of these laws.  We can’t even go to London and protest about it any more because the police will shove cameras in our faces and arrest us for terrorist offences!

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Liebour coward criticises David Davis

Tony McNulty, the Liebour Home Office minister who helped bully and bribe the recent “anti-terrorism” legislation through the British Parliament, has criticised David Davis for resigning and forcing a by-election to give the electorate their only chance to have a vote on the abolition of civil liberties.

McNulty says that David Davis should have made his arguments in Parliament instead of allowing voters to have a say.  He went on to say “It does not need David Davis to give the country permission to have a debate on the issues”.  No, so whose permission do we need?  David Davis and many other MPs made arguments against the legislation in the British Parliament but Liebour bullied their own MPs and bribed others into backing their illiberal constitutional abortion.  The country certainly hasn’t been allowed a debate on the issues – we’ve been dictated to by power-mad facists desperate to abolish civil liberties and human rights to secure their Orwellian dictatorship.

McNulty says that while No Mandate Brown can be likened the dashing romantic hero of sorts, Heathcliffe from Wuthering Heights, David Davis is more like Homer Simpson.  I don’t have a particularly high opinion of David Davis after his shameful abandonment his principles for political gain – just like so many Liebour politicians have done over “anti-terrorism” measures – but Home Simpson?  Actually, that might not be quite the insult McNulty intended.  Homer Simpson always ends up doing the right thing after all.

On the Simpsons theme, who would you compare the Liebour cabinet to?  El Gordo would have to be Mr Burns of course, the despotic old man whose brain is on another planet.  Harriet Harperson would have to be Mrs Krabappel, the deperate old trout and what about McNulty?  Nelson Muntz perhaps?

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Keep banging the drum George

You’d have thought George Ashcroft would have enough to do with his time as a borough councillor, assistant to the local Conswervative PPC and cabinet member for regeneration on Telford & Wrekin Council but apparently not.

This letter is in tonight’s Shropshire Star:


Stuart Parr says that he is becoming quite worried as to the views I hold.

I would be more concerned with the loss of innocent life at the hands of terrorists. Those at risk from terrorism warrant not a single mention in Stuart’s apparent defence of freedom.

Even if he were correct in his rather extreme interpretation of the Terrorism Act, civil liberties exist to protect and enhance innocent life and should not be viewed as absolutes in and of themselves.

Stuart Parr stood last year as a UKIP candidate. Yet the sole UKIP MP, and a former Tory, voted with the Labour Government on 42 days, as did the Conservative Anne Widdecombe and the 10 Ulster Unionist MPs.

Clearly the argument has yet to be won, as there are still those who would put the “rights” of terrorist suspects ahead of the right of the law-abiding and peaceful majority to live in peace and free from the threat of serious terrorist attack.

Cllr George Ashcroft
Conservative Member
Brookside Ward, Telford

What I find most bizarre is that George actually trusts the Liebour Party despite his claims to despire them.  He trusts No Mandate Brown – the despot who runs the country without a mandate – not to abuse the “anti-terror” legislation that allows them to criminalise vast swathes of the population and detain them for a month and a half without charge or evidence for going about their legitimate daily business.

And I really don’t understand why George feels the need to point out at every opportunity that I was a UKIP candidate in the election that he was elected in.  Perhaps he thinks it will make people think that my disagreeing with him is sour grapes or perhaps he secretly wants me to remind people that he was the local organiser for the BNP until a couple of years ago and stood – unsuccessfully – for the BNP in Telford on more than one occassion.

This line shows how George’s mind works:

Clearly the argument has yet to be won, as there are still those who would put the “rights” of terrorist suspects ahead of the right of the law-abiding and peaceful majority to live in peace and free from the threat of serious terrorist attack.

A suspect is, of course, someone who is suspected of a crime and is innocent until proven guilty.  So what George is saying is that the rights of someone who hasn’t been convicted of a crime but who the police have an as-yet unfounded suspicion of having committed a crime are less important than someone else who hasn’t been convicted of a crime who the police don’t currently suspect of having committed a crime.  What he is, in fact, saying is that your constitutional rights and liberties are only valid if a policeman doesn’t suspect you of being guilty of an offence under the Terrorism Act which may, or may not, actually be terrorism.

Yes George, the argument has yet to be won but when you see how quickly this law is abused as every other “anti-terror” law is abused perhaps you will see sense and join the peaceful, law abiding majority who think that our constitutional rights and liberties are more important than a Westminster power grab.

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That’s the way to do it!

About 90,000 Spanish lorry drivers started a protest at rising fuel prices at midnight last night.

Some trucks trying to cross picket lines have had their windscreens smashed and their lights ripped out and tyres slashed.

French fishermen were, a week ago, ramming yachts in harbour during a protest at rising fuel prices.

There are protests all over Europe – including here in England – at rising fuel prices and the French and Spanish are once again showing how it should be done.  I wouldn’t normally condone the use of brute force in a protest but there is a lot at stake here – food and fuel prices (the former is linked to the latter) are spiralling out of control and very soon people are going to start finding themselves in the position where they can’t afford to buy even basic food items.

English hauliers blocked the entrance to the refinary at Ellesmere Port the other day but it went virtually unreported – the national media ignored it and the only reason I knew it had happened was because my local paper covers Ellesmere Port and local hauliers were involved in the action.  There appears to be a deliberate media blackout of English fuel protests.

The head of the Spanish transport association federation said:

We are the ones who move the goods that this country needs to keep working.  If we stop because we haven’t got the money to buy fuel then the country will stop.

Bang on and exactly the point I made last week.  If hauliers went on strike – and this means getting the likes of Eddie Stobbart and Christian Salvessen on board – for a week, the country would be crippled and the British government would either have to forcibly break a legal protest by siezing the trucks and using the army to tranposrt food to supermarkets or they would have to do the decent thing and reduce fuel duty.

Giving in to protesters or bringing in the army to confiscate privately owned trucks – which would Gordo choose?  Of course, causing disruption to food or fuel supplies is now classed as terrorism and if he gets his way on Wednesday, any protesters could find themselves detained without charge for a month and a half.  Would Gordo have 90,000 lorry drivers locked up for a month and a half for exercising their constitutional right to free assembly and protest?  Is the Pope catholic?  Does a bear shit in the woods?  Does a Glaswegian drink 14 pints of whiskey before starting a riot and then vomiting on a policeman’s trousers?  Of course he would – there is no room for dissent in the Brownian Republic of New Britain.

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Israel pulls out of Gaza

In the face of international pressure – including the Americans – Israel has pulled its ground troops out of Gaza.

In total, one Israeli civillian and two Israeli soldiers have been killed.  The Palestinian death toll is estimated at 112, an unspecified number of which were civillians.

Israel’s illegal offensive started on Wednesday following the death of an Israeli civillian from a rocket fired by a Palestinian militant.

A statement from the US said “The violence needs to stop and the talks need to resume” and Condoleezza Rice, US Secretary for killing muslims, said “We’re encouraging Israel to exercise caution to avoid the loss of innocent life”.  Fucking hypocrite.

Federal Europe criticised Israel’s “disproportionate use of force” and Turkey – which is one of Israel’s only arab allies – said there was “no humane or legal justification for the attacks on Gaza”.

If this was perpetrated by any other country but Israel, America would have invaded by now.

See Also: The price of an Israeli life

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The price of an Israeli life

How much is one Israeli life worth?  About one hundred Palestinians, apparently.

Earlier in the week Palestinian militants fired a rocket into Israel and killed one Israeli.  The retaliation by Israel in Gaza has resulted in about 100 Palestinian deaths, including some young boys playing football in a field.

Gaza is the most densely populated plot of land on the planet – firing a missile into Gaza City is like dropping a grenade into a tin of Sardines with the intention of missing the fish.  The general attitude of the Israeli military toward Palestinian life is similar to that of Australians toward Aborigines in the first half of the last century, when they were classed as animals and it was legal to hunt them.  The civillian deaths in Palestine aren’t collateral damage, it’s punishment.

Whether you support Israel and it’s illegal occupation of Palestine or not, there is no way you can reasonably justify the deaths of 100 Palestinians in response to the death of one Israeli.  It’s not self-defence, it’s morally and legally wrong.  Deliberately targeting civillians is prohibited by the Geneva Convention and international law says that the response to an attack must be in proportion to the threat.  A group of militants in Gaza firing rockets into Israel is not the same as a land and air attack by the Israeli armed forces.

There is only one way that the conflict in Palestine and Israel will ever end and that is for Israel to pull out of Palestine.  That is never going to happen whilst the Americans continue to support Israel.

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You must be joking … right?

I thought I’d mistakenly typed the wrong url in and got a spoof version of the BBC News website when I read this but no, it’s not a joke.

Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, says that adopting Sharia Law in the UK is inevitible and we should just get on with it.  He says that nobody should be forced to choose between cultural loyalty and state loyalty.

Cultural loyalty, that’s hit the nail on the head.  Immigants moving to this country expect the state to bend over backwards to accommodate their alien culture and they’re not disappointed.  The only time they have a problem is when they expect us, the natives of this once green and pleasant land to change our way of life to accommodate them.  I wouldn’t move to Saudi Arabia and expect them to adopt English law so that I can sit in my front garden in Riyadh with a bottle of Stella in my hand and my wife sitting next to me in a bikini.  Their culture and law forbids it and as much as I may think their reasons for doing so are utter bollocks, it’s their country and they should have to change for me.  So why shuold we change for people moving into our country?

Forget about chopping off the hands of thieves, the public lashings and stoning of adulterers and concentrate on the “civil” aspects of Sharia Law – divorce, finances, etc. because they’re the ones that aren’t quite so morally reprehensible to the civillised world.  There is nothing wrong with taking out a bank account that doesn’t pay interest if that’s what you want – the banks would love us all to give them our money without them having to give anything back in return.  The right of a man to divorce a woman without her even knowing about it isn’t the way we do things and we don’t do bigamy but it’s not a major no-no like shagging your sister or mutilating women’s genitals.  But whether it’s morally acceptable or not doesn’t matter.  We have our own culture, our own customs, our own religion and our own way of life.  We might whinge about how shit things are from time to time (or most of the time in my case) but this is no reason to capitulate to the advancing Islamic caphilate and adopt a barbaric, mediævil theocratic legal system.

Dr Williams should remember that his duty is to this country, the Church of England and to the Christians living in this country.  I’m not a Christian but our society is based on Christian values and it should continue to be based on Christian values, not on the values of a religion that practices female genital mutilation and the murder of raped women, tells its followers to kill non-believers and has brought suicide bombers to the world.

Fuck Dr Rowan Atkinson, fuck multi-culturalism and fuck Sharia Law.  This is England and if you don’t like it then fuck off somewhere else.

There, I feel much better now.

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We’ve heard it all before and we still don’t want it

The British government is still determined to press ahead with plans for 42 day internment for “terrorist” suspects.

As I’ve pointed out, several times before, anti-terrorism laws have so far caught 0 terrorists but have been used to arrest, detain, harass and deny liberty and fundamental constitutional rights for many innocent people.

The Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, has proposed that the amount of time a “terrorist” suspect can be detained without charge be extended to 42 days from the current limit of 28 days.  This would give us the rather dubious honour of being the only developed nation on the planet to allow its citizens to be detained without charge for more than 28 days.  The law of that beacon of liberty and democracy, Zimbabwe, allows someone to be detained without charge for 9 days with a further 21 days allowed by Presidential decree.  Most developed nations allow only 3 days of detention without charge – even France, which has suffered far more attacks than England, only allows 4 days and Greece, which has an active terrorist organisation inside its own borders carrying out intermittent terrorist attacks, allows only 6 days detention without trial … even for terrorists!

Current a “terrorist” suspect can be held for 28 days without charge.  To get the extra 14 days, MPs would have to vote on a request for an extension by a chief constable and the Director of Public Prosecutions.  The “terrorist” suspect would be held while MPs took a vote.  MPs will have 30 days to make their decision.  Do the maths.

Jacqui smith is going to give a briefing to Liebour MPs on Tuesday evening.  Why just Liebour MPs?  Don’t all MPs need to know why the Home Secretary believes that the state needs to be able to lock people up without charge for 6 weeks, especially when only 6 out of 71 responses to a Home Office consultation fully supported the plans?

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Ministry of Truth unveils further attempt to deprive us of our liberty

Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, has pronounced that the state should be allowed to detain “terrorism” suspects without charge for 42 days.  The 28 day limit that we currently have is already longer than any other developed nation.  The British government has already admitted that there have been no occasions when the current 28 day limit has not been sufficient.

I sent the following email to my Liebour MP, David Wright, this morning:

Dear David,

I see that your government is due to announce its plans for increasing the unlawful and unconstitutional detention without charge of “terrorist” suspects.

The “anti-terrorism” laws that your government brought in have been abused systematically and have failed to catch a single terrorist.

Walter Wolfgang was physically removed from the Labour Party Conference and refused re-entry under the Terrorism Act

A woman and man were arrested and detained under the Terrorism Act for reading out the names of dead soldiers near Downing Street

A man was arrested and detained under the Terrorism Act for carrying a blank placard outside Parliament

Several people have been put under house arrest after being found innocent in a court of law under the Terrorism Act

As of last year, 300,000 people were stopped and searched under the Terrorism Act but not one of them was a terrorist
Those are just a few examples of the abuse of the Terrorism Act and the illegal and unconstitutional curtailment of civil liberties in the name of “anti-terrorism”.

Your Prime Minister says that it’s necessary for your government to curtail my rights and liberties so that terrorists can’t change my way of life,  Well guess what – my way of life has been changed for the worse because of your government’s “anti-terror” legislation.

I urge you strongly not to support this illegal and unconstitutional attempt to advance the police state.


The British government has previously tried to increase the limit to 90 days but this was beaten down to 28 days.  Protest is effectively illegal outside the British Parliament now so the only way to stop this illiberal move is to convince enough MPs as possible to oppose it.

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Get a Fucking Life

An English teacher sentenced to 15 days in prison in Sudan for allowing her pupils to name a teddy bear “Mohammed” is now facing calls for the death penalty from dress wearing jihadi’s.

Whilst it seems to be perfectly acceptable for the jihadi’s to call their sons Mohammed, a teacher who’s been in the country for a couple of months allowing children to call a teddy bear Mohammed should be punishable by death.

If ever there was justification needed for curtailing the rise of Islam in this country, this has got to be a fine example.

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Detention without charge

The British government has decided that it now wants to hold “terrorist suspects” for 58 days without charge.

A few months back Liebour tried to change the amount of time someone could be held without charge from 2 weeks to 3 months.  Thankfully this was blocked but a compromise was reached allowing suspects to be held for a month without charge.  Now the One Eyed Wonder of Wankistan wants it increased to 2 months.

As I’ve pointed out in the past, the “anti-terror” laws in this country are wide open to interpretation and have been abused many times since their inception.  A woman was arrested outside Downing Street for reading out the names of dead soldiers and a man was arrested for carrying a blank placard within 1km of Parliament – both under anti-terrorism laws.  Walter Wolfgang, the elderly Liebour supporter who was manhandled out of the Liebour Party conference last year for saying “nonsense” when Jack Straw was talking bollocks, was banned from returning to the conference under anti-terrorism laws.  At the same conference every delegate was stopped and searched before entering and a delegate taking pictures of the stop and search had his camera taken from him and the images wiped – again, under anti-terrorism laws.

Anti-terrorism laws seem to have been used for everything except actually arresting terrorists.  Lord West, the unelected Liebour Minister for Security, said that he was not convinced that the limit needed to be extended until Gordo the Goblin King hauled him into his office and told him that he had to change his mind.  Like the good little mindless, spineless, Liebour drone that he is, he is now in favour of the proposals … again.

There is one concession in the proposals – the period of detention without charge (which is unconstitutional, incidently) would only be changed from 28 days to 58 days if a state of emergency was declared.  A bit like the state of emergency that General Musharraf declared in Pakistan when he thought he might not be president for much longer perhaps?  How reassuring.


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What a co-incidence

A quick scan of the BBC News website this morning turned up a story about the British government’s intention to try and increase the amount of time they can hold someone suspected of terrorism without charge from 28 days to 56.

Offences under the recent anti-terrorism laws include carrying a blank placard within 1km of Parliament and reading out the names of dead soldiers outside Downing Street.  Heinous crimes I’m sure you’ll agree.

Entirely co-incidently and not at all carefully planned to support the latest attempt to deprive us of our liberty and rights, the head of MI5 has this afternoon announced that up to 2,000 people are a threat to the UK because of their support of terrorism.

Any mention of this purely random co-incidence on the BBC?  Have the two stories been linked in any way?  Of course not, the Biased Broadcasting Corporation is faithfully carrying out its role as New Liebour propaganda machine.

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Martial Law in Pakistan

Pakistan has been placed under martial law after General Musharraf decided not to take the risk of losing a legal ruling on whether he can stand as president in an election whilst remaining head of the armed forces.

Musharraf siezed power in a military coup but because it suited the Americans – he allowed them to use Pakistan in their invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan – blind eyes were turned and he’s still in power now.

Supreme Court judges were due to rule next week whether it is lawful for Musharraf to be president and head of the armed forces at the same time.

Rather than wait for the outcome of the Supreme Court hearing, Musharraf has declared a state of emergency, suspended the constitution, taken private TV and radio off air and put troops on the street.  Troops have been stationed inside the Surpreme Court and outside TV stations.

General Musharraf would do well to remember that the Americans turned a blind eye to the Taleban taking over Afghanistan when it suited them and they were fighting the commies.  As soon as they were no longer useful they dropped them like hot cakes and later … well, we all know what happened later!

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It’s for their own good?

Israel is planning to cut the amount of power it supplies to the Gaza Strip claiming that because it has declared Palestine as “hostile” it is not bound by international laws requiring it, as an occupying power, to supply utilities to the civillian population.

The view of the “international community” is that Israel still has its obligations but, of course, Israel is about as interested in the “will of the international community” as Graham Norton is in girls.  As long as America supports them – which they will – then they will continue with human rights abuses in Palestine.

Israeli officials said that power will be cut completely, initially for 15 minutes after every rocket fired into Israel, with the period increasing over time.  General Vinali said he hoped that gradual disconnection from the power grid would encourage Gazans to produce their own electricity but doesn’t appear to indicate how long he estimates the power station to survive before being blown up by Israel in the name of counter-terrorism.  Israel regularly destroys infrastructure and then complains about the Palestinian government’s inabaility to prevent militants from attacking them.  A power station is unlikely to last for any significant amount of time and building a power station would need the Israeli’s to lift the unilateral economic sanctions it has placed on Palestine in order to withhold emergency aid it is given by various countries and organisations, including the UK and UN.

The UN has previously warned Israel that collective punishment on Palestinian civillians by cutting vital supplies and services is not acceptable.  Israel is the worst offending nation in history for ignoring UN resolutions and warnings – one of the excuses the Americans used for invading Iraq.

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Durka Durka Sweden Jihad

An audio message has appeared on the internet, apparently recorded by Abu Omar-al-Baghdadi who the Americans believe is leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, offering a reward for the murder of Lars Vilks.

Vilks is the Swedish newspaper cartoonist who chooses to express his right to freedom of expression by publishing cartoons of the muslim prophet Muhammad and whose cartoons caused “spontaneous” worldwide protests last year.  The protests were so spontaneous that they happened several months after the cartoons were published, all happened at the same time and the ring-leaders even managed to find plentiful supplies of Swedish flags to burn.

Anyway, I digress.  The Jihadi’s have offered a $100,000 reward for his murder and $150,000 if he is “slaughtered like a lamb”.  I don’t prescribe to the increasingly vocal minority who want an outright ban on Islam in England but I do believe that it’s time the establishment stopped perpetuating the myth that Islam is a religion of peace (it says that to be a good muslim you have to kill non-believers for a start, we’re lucky that most muslims don’t follow their religion too literally) stopped elevating the “muslim community” above other “communities” and stopped giving state support to muslim religious groups.

If you want to see the latest picture to offend the peace-loving Jihadi’s, click here.

Pros and Cons of Invading Iran

The Americans have declared the Iranian Revolutionary Guard – the religious army of Iran – a foreign terrorist organisation.  This is, of course, a prelude to American freedom fighters going in to save the world and liberate the Iranians from their oppresive government.

According to the BBC, the Revolutionary Guard is estimated to have 125,000 troops consisting of ground troops, air force, navy, intelligence and special forces.  They also control another group called the Basij Militia which consists of 90,000 regular soldiers, 300,000 reservists and potentially 11 million more that could be called up in time of need.

The Revolutionary Guard is seperate to the regular Iranian Military which consists of 350,000 ground troops, 18,000 naval troops and 52,000 air force troops.

The Revolutionary Guard are responsible for law and order, border controls and some naval security.  They are a branch of the Iranian government controlled by the ruling clerics.  They are, in effect, the religious army of Iran.

So, that’s 810,125 troops in the Iranian military with 11 million potential conscripts.  The Americans have 1.4 million active troops with 1.259 million reservists.  That’s a shade under 2.66 million troops.  There are 160,000 troops in Iraq and 15,000 in Afghanistan.  There are 1,065,600 troops currently on board ships or manning military bases in their own territory.  There are more troops manning military bases overseas with the top five countries accounting for 147,600 troops.  I haven’t been able to find out how many troops they have deployed elsewhere in the world but just these commitments come to 1,388,200 which leaves a potential fighting force – if all reservists were called up – of 1,271,800 troops.

Whilst these figures might suggest that the US, with it’s “superior” technology, has the upper hand a few things have to be taken into account.  Firstly, it would be an invasion of a country halfway round the world.  Logistically, this is difficult enough but Iran is one of the largest countries in the world in terms of both surface area and population.  An “advantage” of 400,000 troops in an invasion of this size is worth jack shit – Iranian troops will be fighting on their own territory and with the help of hundreds of thousands of religious nut-jobs who will be more than happy to become a martyr to stop the zionist invaders.

Invading Iran would be the ultimate act of folly for the lunatic warmonger, George Bush.  Not only would an invasion make the Soviet balls-up of Afghanistan in the 80’s look like a playground squabble, but the American military would be devastated, putting their own national security at risk.

So, pros and cons of invading Iran.  Pros – the Americans wouldn’t be in a position to spread “peace” and “democracy” around the world for a very, very long time.  Cons – global economic meltdown when the Americans spend 75% of the GDP on defence trying to get themselves out of the shit they got themselves into by invading in the first place and the power vacuum leaves the door wide open for another insane warmonger to establish themselves as the worlds policeman.

Which is the lesser of two evils?  Tough call.

(The above figures are all available through Wikipedia with references to offical sources)